Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Primordial Shadow

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The eagle only stopped rising when it was 2 kilometers above the ground. After which, it immediately flew straight ahead.

The eagle's speed was truly so fast that if it weren't for the envoy's spiritual energy holding their bodies, Yang Ming and the others would definitely not have been able to stand on the eagle's back.

After the eagle's body flew steadily, Qin Tian immediately tried to condense his spiritual energy.

He couldn't delay any longer as the envoy's face suddenly turned panicked again after a moment of calm.


But before he tried to condense his spiritual energy, the game system suddenly gave him a warning.

"You are predicted to be in danger. The system offers an aid to unlock one of the Primordial God Body skills that will unlock when you reach the realm of spiritual warrior."

(Primordial Shadow. Cost to open it: 3000 spiritual energy)

"Ha." Qin Tian was immediately shocked when he heard what the system was saying.

He then read the explanations of the skill.

"This." And he was immediately shocked once again when he read what the Primordial Shadow could do.

It turned out to be a skill that allowed him to create a shadow clone. That shadow clone had no power, but it could merge with another person's body as long as that person's cultivation was only one realm higher than his cultivation.

(Example: he is now at the fifth layer of Spiritual Apprentice, with that level of cultivation, his primordial shadow can basically merge with any body that has cultivation up to the fifth layer of spiritual warriors.)

And when his cultivation was higher, he would be able to cast more shadows.

"The skill will open by itself the moment I break through to the realm of spiritual warriors. Paying 3000 spiritual energy to open it early was clearly a futile act. But the problem is; why is the system giving me a warning? Does that mean the enemies who will come are people I won't be able to face?"

As he thought about that, he suddenly realized something he was almost never aware of in his past life.

In his past life, he grew up in an imperial sect. Even though he still had to work hard to reach the level he had reached, there was clearly a difference between having a background and having no background.

The most obvious difference, of course, is safety.

With several elders always protecting him from the shadows, even when he faced an enemy he couldn't face, he was able to retreat easily. He didn't know how many times he had experienced it, but when the strength of the elders could no longer protect him, he still died in the end.

Now he suddenly realized how many times he would have died if it weren't for the protection of those elders.

And now he has nobody to protect him. Without enough strength, when someone stronger than him wanted to kill him?

"Maybe because I relied too much on the protection of others in my past life, I ended up being unable to do anything when there was no one to protect me anymore!" He sighed.

He had always cursed heaven because he failed to become the Heavenly Emperor, but now he realized that he deserved to fail, indeed.

Every Heavenly Emperor was the main character of their era, but he had one flaw that was very fatal.

"All right, open that." He finally ordered the system to unlock the skill.

At the same time, he also condensed the remaining 1000 spiritual energy.

"Congratulations on breaking through to the sixth layer of Spiritual Apprentice. You have obtained one earth grade spiritual pill."

After that, his stats immediately changed.


"You spent 3000 spiritual energy paying for the system. The (Primordial Shadow) skill has been unlocked.)


<Nickname: Jian>

<Race: Human>

<Body: Primordial God Body>

Unlocked skills:

<Divine Perception>

<Primordial Shadow>

<Bloodline: Primordial Bloodline>

<Soul: Primordial Soul>

Cultivation Technique:

<Longevity Scripture (First Stage: Can absorb three spiritual energies in 1 second.)>

Martial Arts Techniques:

<Iron Dragon Fist (First Stage: Can release 100kg of strength with one spiritual source.)>

<Cultivation: Spiritual Apprentice sixth layer> / <Spiritual Source: 61/70>

<Spiritual Energy: 10> (Note: 100 spiritual energies can be converted into 1 spiritual source. The speed at which spiritual energy converts to spiritual sources depends on the player's talent.)

Right after his stats changed, a gray shadow with a figure similar to him but without a face suddenly appeared right beside him.

What he felt from the gray shadow was as if it was himself.

It was not an alien feeling because it felt similar to when he formed a spiritual body.

Seeing the appearance of the shadow, Qin Tian immediately turned his gaze towards Yang Ming and the others.

He could only let out a sigh of relief when he saw that they weren't making any reactions.

But when he saw the envoy's face, he found the envoy looking even more panicked.

And the envoy then turned his gaze towards Yang Ming and the others.

"Mm." He started talking. "Maybe there will be enemies blocking our path. I don't know how strong they are, but maybe some of us will die."

Yang Ming and the others who were chatting with enthusiasm immediately widened their eyes when they heard the envoy's words. After that, their expressions turned deathly pale when they heard that there was a possibility that they might die.

"Die, I haven't even officially joined the sect, how could I die here." Said the short young man with a hooked nose.

The others also wanted to talk, but the envoy suddenly spoke once more so they couldn't speak.

"Here they come!" Said the envoy. He turned his gaze downwards as he spoke.

Qin Tian followed the envoy's gaze. Because his cultivation was still low, his visibility was still a little limited. He could not see through the clouds below. But moments later, he saw seven eagles that were similar to the eagles they were riding flying towards them.

There are three people above each of those eagles. And they all have spiritual warrior cultivations. They consist of the first to the third layer of spiritual warriors.

But among the seven eagles, there is one eagle that looks a little different because of the three people who are above the eagle, two of them are in the sixth layer while the last one is in the fourth layer.

The person who is in the fourth layer still looks young. He was probably only in his 20s.

When they appeared, the envoy spoke in a low voice. "Spear Mountain Bandit!"

His expression also turned deathly pale when he saw them. The enemy that had arrived was clearly stronger than he had expected.

"...." Qin Tian

"Shit, do I have to take over the body of a bandit?"


(Note: One thing I want to convey here is that mc is not a perfect character just because he is the reincarnation of a Paragon. His failure that caused him to die was because he had many flaws, and in this story, he will learn to correct each of his flaws.)

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