Rising From The Technology System Chapter 516

Chapter 516: Invincible Return

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He felt the energy in his lower body, as if it were endless.

Randomly squeezed a fist toward a planet, forming a multicolored fist mark the size of a death star.

Moreover, a fist-print the size of this planet bombarded another planet, and the majestic force directly exploded that planet.

Guo Zhenyu hurriedly closed his fists, never daring to bombard indiscriminately!

"It seems that it is time to go back and look for Mei'er!"

He thought about it, and thousands of meters of radiating wings stretched out from behind, and with a single flap, they flew thousands of light years away.

At a distance of 10,000 light-years from the earth, he just flew there in two or three seconds.

And he found that as long as he thought of someone, that person's information and location would appear in his mind.

"Meier, not dead!"

He thought about Shen Mei'er for a while, and it immediately appeared in his mind that she was in a basement.

Suddenly, he flew over there.

It takes almost a second.


Guo Zhenyu broke into the basement directly and shouted in the direction of Shen Meier.

"Jin Woo, I am here!"

Shen Meier was ecstatic and waved to Guo Zhenyu.

However, Tuoba Leng, the boss of the ghost organization, and hundreds of transformed bodies appeared in front of Guo Zhenyu.

"Huh? Guo Zhenyu, you are not dead? Can you still find here? How did you do it?"

Tuoba Leng looked surprised, his hands clasped Shen Meier's neck unconsciously, and he hid behind her, obviously afraid of Guo Zhenyu.

Guo Zhenyu ignored him, but directly looked at Shen Meier's dantian and found that the inner alchemy there had healed a little.

He nodded slightly, now that his strength can be called against the sky, he wants to solve the problem of Shen Meier's inner alchemy.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help being angry at Tuoba Leng's conspiracy against him.

"You are called Tuoba Leng, right? I advise you to let her go quickly, maybe I can spare your life!"

Guo Zhenyu said faintly, and with a random wave of his right hand, a long knife condensed by colorful radiation rays appeared, and swept past the group of transformed people.

The speed is so fast that he can't even blink his eyes.

"Boy, you don't want to frame me, as long as I let go, you will definitely kill me!"

Tuoba Leng not only did not let go, but held it tighter.

Shen Mei'er was caught by him almost out of breath, her face turned purple.

"You, don't let it go, right?" Guo Zhenyu stared at him coldly, stepped out, and suddenly rushed out.

Cang Dang Dang Dang...

A series of metal smashed the ground sounded.

Tuoba Leng was shocked to discover that the hundreds of transformed bodies in front of him had become two pieces, with smooth fractures, which were obviously cut by a sharp blade.



A cold sweat ran down his face, and his legs began to tremble uncontrollably.

"Let it go, or don't let it go?"

Guo Zhenyu said coldly again.


Tuoba Leng couldn't help it anymore, and fell to his knees, kowtow frantically, and begged for mercy: "God, please forgive me, forgive me!"

"Damn, another name that makes me hate!"

Guo Zhenyu hugged Shen Meier and muttered to himself.

"Meier, I'm sorry, I was negligent last time. Can you forgive me?" Guo Zhenyu gently held Shen Meier's chin and looked at her affectionately.

"Zhenyu, don't blame you, thank you for all this for me!"

Shen Mei'er put her hand on Guo Zhenyu's cheek, her beautiful eyes were affectionate, and she whispered softly: "Zhenyu, will you still leave me?"

"No, never again!"

Guo Zhenyu smiled lightly, lowered his head and kissed it!

Tuoba Leng, who knelt on his knees and begged for mercy, hurriedly got up to escape after seeing the two kissing.

However, he only felt a flash of colorful light.

In the next second, a straight crack appeared in his body starting from the center of his eyebrows, dividing him into two halves.

"Meier, let's go, I'll take you to a safe place!"

After the kiss, Guo Zhenyu hugged her and flew towards Wallis base.

Within two seconds, the two entered Wallis' base.

"Boss, are you back?"

Daokesi took the lead to greet him, and when he found Shen Mei'er in Guo Zhenyu's arms, he said, "Boss, isn't this the Mei'er girl in your mouth?"

"Dokes, can you speak? This is Sister Meier, you know?"

Wallis on the side gave Dox a blank look and said.

"Huh? Boss, I feel that the radiant energy in your body seems to have reached a point that I can't understand?

Could it be that you really went to the Death Star to absorb radiant energy? "

Madman Tao came up, looked at him, and felt it.

"Well, not only did I go to the Death Star, I also absorbed the radiation rays from the entire Death Star, and killed five Federal Warships by the way, and bombed a planet!"

Guo Zhenyu said lightly, but unexpectedly the others had their eyes widened.

What does it mean to absorb the rays of the entire planet?

What does it mean to kill five federal warships by the way?

What does it mean to explode a planet!

This is simply a freak, terrifying existence, right?

"Boss, are you so good?" Daokes asked incredulously.

The others did not believe it either.

"Of course, if you don't believe me, kill the Andromeda with me and let you see how good I am!"

Guo Zhenyu said confidently.

In fact, he had already planned, that is, after reaching a certain level of strength, he would enter the Andromeda and avenge him.

As soon as the voice fell, Wallis said: "Boss, there is something, I don't know if I should tell you!"


Guo Zhenyu said frankly.

"Well, it's about your radiant clone!" Wallis considered his vocabulary and told her what Ashura had told her, and originally told Guo Zhenyu.

"Ah, I am actually a clone star?"

With an expression of disbelief, Guo Zhenyu exclaimed: "And the leader of the mysterious organization who cloned me, is it my brother?

Damn, is this a bit too outrageous? "

"Well, it's really outrageous!" Shen Meier said.

At this time, Wallis seemed to think of something, and said: "By the way, your brother, Asura, led a formation of tens of thousands of warships to seek revenge from the Universe Federation.

Would you like to check it out? "

"Oh? There is such a thing?" Guo Zhenyu became interested. Anyway, the Universe Federation not only arrested him as an experimental subject, but also tried to kill him again and again. Sooner or later, the account would be settled.

My brother happens to be there now, stop by.

So he said: "Okay, let's go and see, by the way, destroy Andromeda!"

Wallis twitched his mouth and said, "Boss, Andromeda is no better than other planets, it's not that easy to destroy!"

"Hey, Wallis, you are not right about that, who is our boss, a super power who blasted a planet with a punch.

Isn't it just a matter of a few punches to have an Andromeda? "

When Dokes heard that Guo Zhenyu was going to destroy Andromeda, he didn't mention how happy he was.

"Huh? Boss, how are we going to Andromeda, how about that battleship? Why didn't you drive back?" Madman Tao noticed the details and asked in confusion.

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