Rising From The Technology System Chapter 517

Chapter 517: Heavenly Dome

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Guo Zhenyu was stunned, remembering that when the battleship was on the Death Star, it was decayed into gray by the powerful radiation rays!

So embarrassingly said: "What? I accidentally drove the battleship to the Death Star and was destroyed."

"Ah, ruined?"

The Taoist lunatic exclaimed, then patted his head, and said: "It's okay, I will immediately upgrade one ship from Taoxing."

"No, no, I'll adjust this, so it's easy to operate!" Doks immediately took over the work.

After a while, a Peach Star battleship landed outside the base.

Guo Zhenyu asked Shen Meier and Wallis to take the sleeping Xia Xiyue, and a group of five people embarked on the road to Andromeda.

At this time Andromeda, the war has entered a white-hot stage.

Because of the existence of an inexplicable weapon under the Andromeda atmosphere, the warship cannot pass smoothly.

For this matter, Ashura was simply broken.

No matter what kind of attack he used, he couldn't destroy that weapon.

What's even more hateful is that there are constantly appearing Federal warships and new weapons.

Although these warships and weapons were unable to cause mass destruction to them, the frequent intrusions had drastically reduced the number of clones on his side.

This, still did not pass the loss suffered by the atmosphere.

If he passes through the atmosphere, he doesn't know what powerful weapons will be waiting for him.

"Damn it, it seems that Wallis is right, this Andromeda is not so easy to deal with!"

Asura walked around in the battleship, thinking hard about how to crack the weapon.

"It seems that Ashura is in big trouble, right?"

At this time, a familiar voice came from a distance, and Ashura was startled, and his sadness was swept away.

Rushed out of the battleship.

"Wallis, why are you here? Tell me quickly, what kind of weapon is that and how to crack it!"

As soon as Ashura saw Wallis, he felt like a savior, and hurriedly greeted her, taking her hand and asking.

"That's the celestial dome of the Federation.

It is made of the softest alloy, cuts iron like mud, strong and weak, and has good stealth performance. It does not close automatically and it is difficult for outsiders to enter! "

Wallis said slowly: "It's difficult to crack it, but it's not impossible!"

As soon as Asura heard that there was a way, his eyes were bright and he said, "Quickly talk about it, what way?"

"The method is very simple, you just need to let me do it!"

Guo Zhenyu walked out of the battleship with the others and looked at Ashura: "I heard that your kid is my brother, and I don't know if it's me?"

"Jin Woo!"

With tears in his eyes, Ashura hugged Guo Zhenyu into his arms, and said: "Good brother, I am your brother Asura. I used clones to trouble you twice before, I'm really sorry!"

"Don't be so sensational, first prove that we are brothers, otherwise don't blame me for holding grudges and trouble you!"

Guo Zhenyu pushed him away and swiped, a wound appeared on Ashura's fingertips, and then a drop of blood flew out.

"Next, Madman Peach, go, check for us, are you brothers!" Guo Zhenyu squeezed a drop of his own blood and handed it to Madman Peach, and ordered.

"Come on!" Crazy Peach ran into the battleship quickly with two drops of blood, and quickly ran out again, exulting: "Congratulations, boss, after genetic testing, you are two brothers!

Two brothers who can't kiss again! "

Upon hearing this, Guo Zhenyu's body trembled and two tears flowed out.

He hugged Ashura in his arms and said, "Big brother, you are really my big brother!"

"Well, brother, in order to stimulate your potential, so I used some special methods, I hope you can understand!" Asura said in a choked voice.

"Well, brother, let's settle Andromeda first!"

Guo Zhenyu pushed Ashura away again, wiped away the tears, spread out his wings for thousands of meters, and flew above the "Sky Dome".

"I'm going, this is?"

Asura and others were stunned by Guo Zhenyu's ultra-wide wings. He hurried forward and asked in confusion, "Brother, what have you experienced?"

"Thanks to you, I almost died. Later, I went to the Death Star and absorbed the radiation rays of a planet. Now it is terribly strong!"

Guo Zhenyu turned his head and said lightly.

"Haha, in this case, Andromeda will be handed to you, destroy it!"

Asura laughed heartily, not eager to do it for a while, watching from the side.

"Brother, is this wrong with you? Just as my brothers met each other, you gave me this dangerous job. Isn't this cheating?"

Guo Zhenyu said jokingly.

Then, he stepped on the "sky dome"!

"Huh, boy, that is the dome of the heavenly mystery, any attack can't cause harm, you..."

A federation battleship flew by, and a federation senior was standing on top of the battleship with a look of contempt.

However, before finishing talking, he found that the invincible "Dome of Heaven" seemed to him to be like a biscuits, and it was broken into **** with a click.


Asura and others were stunned.

This is too strong, right? Stomping on it with one foot is simply a god-like means.

Before everyone could react, thousands of Federal warships surrounded Guo Zhenyu, and countless lasers, neutron bombs, laser matrices, dark matter obliteration bombs, etc., vented crazily on him.

However, Guo Zhenyu's strength has reached a level against the sky.

With a wave of his big hand, a strong radiant storm blew past, sending those attacks to the land of Andromeda.

Suddenly, the Andromeda land blossomed everywhere, and it was blown to pieces.

"Quick, attack with the super sun!"

Someone screamed below.

A beam of super strong hot beam shot towards Guo Zhenyu.

The warships along the way were roasted into molten iron one after another, and the air burned violently, and the entire Andromeda sky was full of fire and smoke.

This temperature is probably equivalent to ten laser matrices.

"Radiation rays, condense me!"

Guo Zhenyu shouted, the radiation rays in his body gushing out like a torrent, forming a beam of colorful light like a super sun.


The beam of light shot towards the super sun, and the hot pillar of the super sun that was bombarded up was pressed down.


After three seconds, the super sun was completely crushed, and all the equipment that released it exploded, and the Andromeda area was plunged into a sea of fire within hundreds of thousands of miles.

All kinds of screams and howls of pain are in my ears.

"Jin Woo, help them out!"

Shen Mei'er was so soft that she couldn't listen to her, she stepped forward and suggested.

"it is good!"

Guo Zhenyu nodded, squeezed his fist directly, and blasted towards the Andromeda with a punch.

A multicolored fist print the size of a death star flew out, bombarding the Andromeda, and instantly smashed it into dregs.


Asura was so startled that he almost fell down, hurried up and asked, "Good brother, where is the Death Star you mentioned? My brother should also go and absorb the radiation!"

Guo Zhenyu spread out his hands and said helplessly: "Brother, I'm sorry, that Death Star has already been blown up by me!"

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