Samsara Online Chapter 382

Chapter 385 Two Surprises On The Same Day 2

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It was mainly thanks to Yin Yue that Xie Feng began to care a little more about those young people who were not yet old enough to decide their own destinies. Otherwise, he would continue to be as indifferent to their lives as he was when he unintentionally crushed an ant.

Precisely because of this, and thanks to having chatted with her for several hours during their meetings, Xie Feng was very clear about the kind of woman she was.

Hearing Xie Feng's sincere words, Shen Xinya's eyes lit up. On her already charming face appeared an extremely beautiful smile that was capable of captivating any man's heart. She, still with her head resting on Xie Feng's right shoulder, nodded softly: "That's right... Yin Yue is very kind and sweet. Xie Feng, you may not know but she donates much of the salary my father pays her for protecting me and taking care of my needs to charity and support homes for young children who were abandoned by their families or lost their parents for different reasons. In fact, half of her monthly salary disappears due to her donations."

Xie Feng was a little surprised. He definitely didn't expect to hear that.

Although he knew that Yin Yue cared about young children because of what she had told him during the flight to Beijing about twenty days ago, Xie Feng did not think that the beautiful and mature woman actually cared about them to the extent of donating half of her monthly salary.

It should be known that, considering the fact that Yin Yue worked for the richest family in the entire Asian continent, and protecting the princess of the Shen family in that, her salary was definitely not a joke. Yin Yue was definitely a young woman in her thirties with at least several tens of millions in her bank account.

Even so, however, half of what she earned was donated out of pure kindness... Even the normally calm and indifferent Xie Feng was extremely moved when he heard about this.

Seeing that Xie Feng was speechless, Shen Xinya suddenly asked, "Hey... What do you think about big sister Yin Yue?"

Xie Feng opened his mouth and was about to answer when he suddenly felt that something was strange, so his words got stuck in his throat. He couldn't help but notice that the tone of the beautiful woman in his arms was a bit complicated when she asked that question, so apparently, it wasn't as simple as it seemed.

After hesitating for a moment, Xie Feng asked softly, "Where do you want to go with that question?"

Shen Xinya sighed softly and slowly sat up, leaving his embrace to look him straight in the eyes.

Xie Feng noticed that Shen Xinya's expression was really complicated as he looked into her eyes. There was a hint of joy, hope, longing, but there was also a hint of jealousy and impotence.

"What I mean is... Do you like her as a woman?"

Fortunately, when Shen Xinya asked that question Xie Feng was not drinking anything, or otherwise he could have spat out the liquid directly due to the shock of sheer surprise.

"What the hell?" was the only thing that came out of his mouth. He looked at Shen Xinya with wide eyes, clearly he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

Seeing him so surprised and seeing his dumbfounded face, Shen Xinya couldn't help but chuckle slightly. With a somewhat amused expression, she remarked, "Why are you so surprised? It's just a normal question, no big deal."

"No no no no no no... That question has several things wrong with it." Xie Feng shook his head like a rattle and pointed quickly.

"You think?" Shen Xinya looked at him with a defiant look and asked, "Tell me one thing; who is the man who has three beautiful women in his house, a little loli who sleeps with him, a beautiful neighbor who is among the five most beautiful women in all of China at the age of fifteen, and who knows how many more women hiding in his closet? Mm?"

"*Cough*... *Cough*... I have no words to say about that." Xie Feng blushed at the facts.

Indeed, Shen Xinya's question was extremely awkward... However, considering the currently messed up condition that Xie Feng's emotional life and relationships were in, such a question no longer seemed so weird.

"Hmph... Trying to act straight when you're clearly twisted beyond saving." Shen Xinya snorted. Her beautiful face held a hint of reproach and it looked like jealousy was about to erupt. However, to Xie Feng's surprise, she restrained herself and slowly said, "Currently, you have Xie Yao, Gu Qianxue, you have me, and I know you also have something with the Mu Family's princess, Mu Wuying... She was your girlfriend wasn't she?"

Her last words were uttered with extreme jealousy.

Although Shen Xinya did not know how far the relationship between Xie Feng and Mu Wuying had gone, the answer was all too clear. After all, he and she were two young people with mutual feelings so it was only natural that they had already taken it a step further.

It was just that, although Shen Xinya knew it, it didn't feel good to know that her beloved not only had several outstanding women at his side; but that one of those women had taken what naturally belonged to her by nature.

As for this, Xie Feng could only apologize with a bitter smile... Indeed, if he had restrained himself earlier, if he had drawn a clear line between himself and all the women he met, honestly looking forward to the day when he would meet Shen Xinya again and thus fulfill his promise, he should belong to her alone.

However, what was done already was done and Xie Feng, though he felt sorry about it, had no regrets.

Seeing him so embarrassed, Shen Xinya sighed softly and decided to stop pushing him any further. Since she had made the decision to come to his side, she would slowly get used to having to share her beloved... Of course, he would have to tolerate her tantrums when it was necessary; this was the consequence he would have to pay all his life in exchange for enjoying so many beautiful women and being the envy of countless men.

"Forget it, I won't torment you anymore... At least, not for now." Shen Xinya giggled happily as she watched the change of expressions on Xie Feng's handsome face, who seemed to travel between heaven and hell constantly. She continued, "So? Answer my previous question. What do you think about big sister Yin Yue as a woman?"

"This..." Xie Feng thought for a moment before answering honestly. "My dear Xinya... No matter how you ask me something like this, I don't see Yin Yue as a love interest or anything similar... So, your question doesn't make much sense."

Shen Xinya rolled her eyes and tapped him on the shoulder lightly as she said, "Are you silly? Of course you don't see her as a love interest. You've only known her for a little less than a month and the number of times you've interacted with each other aren't too many either."

"Then-" Xie Feng was interrupted by her.

"However, even if you don't see her that way now, in the future it won't necessarily be that way. You just need to spend more time together~" Shen Xinya smiled playfully, her eyes had a strange glint dancing in them.

In fact, Shen Xinya's thoughts were quite simple at this moment.

Currently, there were many women behind Xie Feng; each of them more outstanding than the other. Although Shen Xinya was extremely proud of herself, and even somewhat arrogant, although she was very confident in her beauty, body, status, intelligence, and talent; she was also very clear that the women beside Xie Feng were not normal women.

As much as it pained Shen Xinya to admit it, Xie Yao was the woman who had spent the most time together with Xie Feng. Her body was extremely hot and only Mu Wuying, who had already fully matured, was capable of comparing to her. In addition, her pure and innocent face was able to attract the hearts and kindness of men naturally.

Gu Qianxue was not only extremely beautiful and with a seductive body that became hotter and hotter with each passing day; she was also the only daughter of the most powerful man in all of China. Her status was practically unsurpassed.

Mu Wuying was a woman whose beauty could rival the beauty of Shen Xinya herself and not lose in any way. In fact, the only reason Shen Xinya was currently ranked first in the beauty rankings was due to her slightly superior bearing. In addition, Mu Wuying was Xie Feng's first girlfriend, and probably his first real woman,

Apart from the three of them, there was also the newcomer Yao Mei, whose purposes were unclear and indistinct but whose beauty was high enough to rank fourth in the ranking of beautiful women even though she was only barely fifteen years old; obviously, when she fully matured her beauty might even surpass Shen Xinya. Moreover, her status was practically comparable to that of Gu Qianxue; if not superior due to her fire powers... In Samsara Online she was the Empress of Fire, adored by millions of players and whose magic attack was considered one of the highest in the world.

Shen Xinya, though confident, was not foolish enough to assume that she could casually defeat all these outstanding women without a little effort... Yes, she agreed to share her beloved; but this did not mean that everything was going to be peaceful.

She was definitely going to fight to get the top wife position, and Yin Yue could help her achieve her goal.

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