Samsara Online Chapter 383

Chapter 386 Two Surprises On The Same Day 3

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Of course, Shen Xinya's thoughts were not so simple.

Although she wanted Yin Yue's help to accomplish her purpose, this in no way meant that the only reason she was doing all this was for her own happiness alone.

Shen Xinya had met many outstanding men over the past ten years. As the daughter of the most talented businessman in the entire Asian continent as well as a member of the richest family, Shen Xinya had attended countless banquets and gatherings of high social standing. During such gatherings, the number of talented and skilled young masters she had met were definitely not countless, but they were certainly more than a dozen.

Although most of the sons of influential families were a talentless mess; those who did not indulge in arrogance and did not plunge themselves into a life of luxury were far better than the men of a normal family due to the high-level education they received throughout their youth.

Among these young men, many of them expressed their affection not only for Shen Xinya, but also for Yin Yue. However, they were not only politely rejected by Yin Yue; Shen Xinya herself felt that none of these men were worthy or good enough to be the man of the woman she considered her big sister.

Yin Yue was currently 32 years old and, although she was in her prime, it was undeniable that within a few years her beauty and charm would be diminishing. Even so, she did not seem to intend to have a partner; in fact, Shen Xinya had never seen Yin Yue with a man.

However, what about Xie Feng then?

Xie Feng was not only incredibly handsome; his talent for running businesses was undoubtedly amazing to the level that even Shen Xinya's father had once praised him without even knowing him. Moreover, his stable and mature personality was there for anyone to see. He was clearly extremely protective, caring for and pampering the women he loved equally without neglecting any in the process.

Such a man, Shen Xinya was sure that Yin Yue would be happy by his side.

Therefore, apart from her own goal, Shen Xinya was also doing it for the happiness of her best friend who was practically part of her family.

"Just think about it, yes?" Shen Xinya looked at Xie Feng with little puppy eyes and shook his arm gently, acting like a spoiled brat. "Yin Yue will undoubtedly please you very much. I'm sure!"

If any of the millions of men who dreamed of Shen Xinya saw her acting this way, their jaws would probably open so wide that they would touch the ground due to disbelief.

Even Xie Feng was a little shocked. After thinking for a moment, he sighed feeling a little tired, and nodded, "It's okay... Although I can't promise anything, I'll give my best effort..."

"Yay!" Like a cheerful butterfly, Shen Xinya jumped into his embrace, attaching their bodies to each other and feeling the warmth of the person next to her.

Feeling her soft body pressed against his and seeing her incredibly beautiful face just inches from him, Xie Feng couldn't help but look at her lips with a hint of longing.

How could Shen Xinya not feel his gaze somewhat burning? She looked into his eyes before gently closing hers and slightly raising her face without saying a single word.

Even without her saying anything, Xie Feng naturally understood her intention and knew that the beautiful woman in his embrace was giving him the green light to do whatever he wanted. Without even thinking about it, he aligned his face with hers and slowly began to kiss that pair of red lips without wanting to pull away.

Her lips were extremely smooth as silk. Every time Xie Feng planted small, sweet kisses on them, his own lips were more and more unwilling to pull away even for a single moment.

At first, the kiss between the two of them was extremely slow; their lips gave each other sweet, soft peck sounds, making extremely sweet sounds. However, the more they kissed, the less they wanted to move away.

Shen Xinya's heart felt as sweet as honey, she felt as if her entire existence was about to melt... After so many years, after so much suffering, countless nights of crying, and countless prayers of yearning, she had not only been reunited with the man she had loved from childhood; she could also feel the warmth of his arms and feel how sweet his lips were. For Shen Xinya, all this was like a dream from which she was unwilling to wake up.

Only she herself knew how much she had suffered after they were separated... As if that wasn't enough, when they finally met again, the cruel reality hit her hard again... The moment she learned that her beloved had already resumed his life with another woman, her heart felt as if countless knives had pierced it without any mercy whatsoever.

This was part of the reason why she was willing to accept Xie Feng having more women as well. She had already suffered so much for love; so much that she only wanted to be happy. Therefore, she decided to give it a try.

At this moment, Shen Xinya couldn't help but feel incredibly happy and satisfied with her own choice... As long as Xie Feng filled her heart with love, as long as he fulfilled her every desire without fail, and as long as he took care of her, then what was the difference between whether they were alone or accompanied by more women? If he could give her everything he would give her if they were alone, it made no difference.

As if something awakened inside her, she finally could not stand Xie Feng's little teasing.

Shen Xinya hugged his neck with her slim arms and began to kiss him hard, pressing her full lips firmly against his and finally feeling him properly.

Xie Feng, who was holding back quite a bit, responded to the desire of the beauty in his arms with tenacity by no means inferior.

Gradually, the extremely cute and sweet kiss from before turned into a tenacious and violent kiss; it was as if a tiger and a tigress were fighting for supremacy and control of something important.

Unfortunately for the beautiful tigress, she was obviously inexperienced in this battlefield so after struggling with all her might for a minute, the tiger completely overpowered her. She, with a little sorrow but mostly feeling ecstatic, let herself be carried away by happiness, delight, and pleasure; losing all will to fight and yielding her dominance to the male who clung to her with firmness and authority.

The kiss gradually began to evolve; it went from being a loving and affectionate kiss, to a lustful and dominant kiss.

Feeling the seductive body in his arms, Xie Feng couldn't help but feel his hands itch... Dishonestly, his big hands began to roam very gently and temptingly over the curves of the beautiful woman he was holding.

His first target was her smooth slender legs, feeling their velvety softness; his hands slid so easily that it was hard to believe that a woman could have such incredibly perfect skin.

His second target was her slender waist; Xie Feng gently wrapped his arms around it, feeling it sway gently just like a lovely female snake. Just feeling the seductive and enticing movements of her waist every time she danced in his embrace was enough to make Xie Feng's mind imagine countless kinky things.

Slowly the movement of his hands became more and more daring. However, she did not stop him.

Shen Xinya looked as if she had gone crazy; it was as if she had been given some kind of drug to which she had become addicted after just one taste. Her hands began to caress his face tenderly at first, however, as the kiss became wilder and as her body slowly began to heat up as well as itch from the dishonest hands caressing it, her caresses quickly became more uncontrolled.

Her slender fingers ran through his hair slowly at first and then making a mess of it, pulling harder in an attempt to hold him firmly in place; as if she was afraid he would slip away the next instant.

For a moment, they both forgot everything and focused on the person beside them.

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