Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 1479

Chapter 1480 Second Generation Controllable Fusion Technology

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The conference ended.

After the door of the conference room opened, many shareholders who walked out of it did not look good.

Of course, there were also a few ecstatic people with satisfied expressions on their faces when they came out of the conference room.

Although the second-generation controllable fusion technology was just the icing on the cake for East Asia Energy, if this technology had a breakthrough, it would be tantamount to being able to directly utilize the abundant helium-3 reserves on the moon.

At the same time, the second-generation controllable fusion technology would be safer than the first-generation controllable fusion technology. Deuterium-tritium fusion generated excess neutrons while releasing huge amounts of energy, which depleted nuclear reactor equipment.

However, helium-3 was different. After the reaction with deuterium, the energy released would not only be much greater than the first generation of controllable fusion technology, it would also not release excess neutrons to the outside world. It would instead release harmless protons like hydrogen.

Although in their opinions, Academician Lus bet on the second-generation controllable fusion technology was a gamble, selecting the chairman itself was a gamble.

At least, betting on Academician Lu would have a higher chance of winning

After Captain Xing noticed Lu Zhou coming out of the conference room, he folded his arms and walked towards him with Shi Jin.

After seeing Captain Xing walk towards him, Lu Zhou and Ling stopped. He cast a questioning gaze at Captain Xing.

"Are there new clues in the investigation of the bombing?"

"Sort of a clue." Captain Xing continued after a pause, "I wonder if you have ever heard of an organization before."

"What organization?"

"The Spirit of The Universe Foundation."

The Spirit of The Universe Foundation?

The moment he heard the name, Lu Zhou froze for a moment. His expression gradually became serious.

He had heard of this name before.

Just a while ago, he heard Wang Peng talk about them.

"You mean The person who attacked me has something to do with The Spirit of The Universe Foundation?"

Captain Xing nodded.

"This is our hypothesis."

Lu Zhou immediately asked, "Is there any evidence?"

"There is no direct evidence, but there is indirect evidence." Captain Xing paused and continued with a serious expression, "Chairman Lius death is very strange, and we received intelligence from informants. There is enough evidence to show that, before his death, Chairman Liu had close contact with The Spirit of The Universe Foundation and reached a deal with them."


"Yes." Captain Xing nodded. "Liu Zhengxing commissioned people from The Spirit of The Universe Foundation to help investigate you, and then for some reason, they directly hired a killer to assassinate you.

"In addition, according to our investigation of Chester, he has a very close relationship with Ruzas, the hijacker on flight N-177. There are indications that The Spirit of The Universe Foundation seems to intend to commit homicide with a revengeful nature."

Both the hirer and the perpetrator had sufficient motives for the crime.

However, Lu Zhou still didnt understand what he had done to make The Spirit of The Universe Foundation target him.

"One thing I still dont quite understand." Lu Zhou continued to ask as he looked at Captain Xing, "Leaving aside the motive to kill me for the time being Why did they bother to make it a murder and not an accident? Then blame it on Liu Zhengxing?"

"Maybe they dont want to expose their existence too much." The expression on Captain Xings face was full of solemnity as he said, "This is what we worry about the most."

"If people like Liu Zhengxing are insignificant characters in their eyes, someone they can sacrifice at will just to keep a secret"

Lu Zhous face began to change. Captain Xing continued with a serious tone, "Then their penetration of our society may have reached an unimaginable level."

"I even suspect that there were people in the conference room that belong in the foundation"

The East Asia Energy Board of Directors meeting finally came to an end.

Compared with the previous conferences, this conference ended much faster. Over the morning, all the issues that should be discussed were discussed.

With the support of a large number of shareholders such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Lu Zhou, the largest individual shareholder, was elected as the chairman of East Asia Energy without any suspense, with a vote advantage of more than 70%.

After the resolution was completed, the news was published on their official website.

At the same time, the development plan of East Asia Energy for the next five years was also announced.

In the next five years, East Asia Energy would adjust its development direction from the cultivation of the stock market to the development of new technologies at the strategic level.

In particular, the second-generation controllable fusion technology would be the focus of East Asia Energys research and development.

In addition, according to the results of the voting on the board of directors, Director Song Yangwei of the Science and Technology Committee of the Board of Directors was removed. The vacated position would be held by Chairman Lu Zhou.

After the announcement of a series of news, everyone who followed the progress of the meeting was shocked.

No one expected Academician Lu to serve as the chairman of East Asia Energy himself, or for him to hold so many positions concurrently, firmly holding the power of research and development in his own hands.

What was interesting was that the feedback made by the capital market to such a result also exceeded everyones expectations.

After some volatile trading, East Asia Energys stock rose to the moon.

Not only did the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank increase its holdings, but investment companies such as the Yangtze River Delta Bank, South Africa Investment, and SoftBank Group had also given optimistic views on the future expectations of East Asia Energy.

During an interview with the financial media, Zhong Ziyu, an investment manager of the AIIB and one of the managing directors of East Asia Energy, explained his decision.

"The second generation of controllable fusion technology will completely change the worlds energy industry, just like the original generation of controllable fusion technology did.

"Once this technology makes a breakthrough, East Asia Energy will be as great as it was a century ago. Our inter-regional power grid will be further expanded and extended to farther places.

"Whether it is for East Asia Energys own interests or for the economic development of the entire Pan-Asian region, he is the best choice for chairman!"

Not only did the share price of East Asia Energy see a substantial rise, but those mining companies on the moon, especially those companies that had the ability to develop helium-3 resources, also saw their share prices jump to varying degrees.

For those shareholders who sold their stocks at the board meeting, the only thing they wanted to do was jump off a cliff.

However, those people were only the minority. Although most people said they were not optimistic, they did not sell their stocks to the bait thrown by some investment institutions and Morinaga.

Opposing Lu Zhous chairmanship was just a subconscious reaction to safeguard their own interests. The vast majority of people were quite optimistic about the future of East Asia Energy.

Why would it matter that the chairman came from a hundred years ago?

How could East Asia Energy, the giant, fall because of the inability of a certain chairman?

In any case, the entire Pan-Asian energy market was under their monopoly.

This had not changed for a hundred years

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