Senior Superstar Chapter 324

Chapter 317: In the most imaginary tone, put the most ruthless words!

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Chapter 317 uses the most imaginary tone and puts the most ruthless words!

Li Shixins demon wind made a fuss, and the program group finally got a response.

At around eight o'clock in the evening, the deputy director Sun Jingzhou arrived at the hospital on behalf of the program team.

Seeing Li Shixin, who was inhaling oxygen and hung up his heart rate monitor, lying on the bed, looking pale and breathless, Sun Jingzhou at this moment can't wait to give the producer who approved Li Shixin to join the show thousands of dollars!

Its a good idol development. Why is an old man coming over here? !

"Master, how are you feeling now?"

On the hospital bed, Li Shi knew it in confidence.

Hearing the movement, he slowly opened his eyes. Seeing that the person here was Sun Jingzhou, he frowned.

Different from the previous seasons, "Debut Trainee" adopted an unprecedented live broadcast in this season, enhancing the interaction between idols and fans and the immediacy of the program. So there was no script at the beginning, but after entering the second half, after the individual trainees were set up, it was obvious that the script had to be taken.

Under such circumstances, Li Shixin did not receive any arrangement from the crew.

This obviously means that I dont want to play with myself at all.

If the popularity is mediocre, Li Shixin is not happy to be more true. After all, the original intention of participating in "Debut Trainee" was to motivate Li Suzhen to have achieved.

The problem is that in the process of participating in the show, my group of fans exploded with amazing cohesion.

Xin Ye is now a big influencer with 400,000 Weibo fans. You said that if you dont bring the old man to play, you dont bring the old man to play. Doesnt the old man shame you?

I dont need to take care of the emotions of the old mans fans? !

Actually, Li Shixin didn't even think about making a C-place debut on the ground. What he did was just an opportunity to talk to capital.

But now, seeing that I was tossing in the hospital so much, the program team still sent an assistant director over, and Li Shixin was not very excited.

Obviously, this is just to find someone to deal with things casually. Still didn't put the old man in his eyes!

"Hey, Dao Sun..."

slightly opened his eyes and nodded to Sun Jingzhou "difficultly", Li Shixin struggled to get up.

"Hey hey, you lie down, old man. Don't get up."

Sun Jingzhou is the program team responsible for on-site scheduling and program progress. He usually has a lot of contact with trainees. I have spoken a few words with Li Shixin, and they seem to be familiar with each other.

There were also elderly people in the family. Seeing Li Shixin who was alive and dancing on the stage, he sighed for a moment: "My old man, you said you are guilty of it! You have come to participate in such a show where young people get together at such an old age, and now you are getting yourself up. If this is the case, you, listen to my advice, take care of yourself, and don't think about the program, ah!"

Old Fute lay down, just thinking about being able to continue participating in the show. This is so special that the old man can support his life as soon as he comes up, can it work? !

Looking at Sun Jingzhou with a grin, Li Shixin sighed slightly, stretched out his palms like dead branches, and grabbed Sun Jingzhou's hands: "Director Sun, you are not an outsider. Let me tell you the truth, I'm sick. It came from my heart. You watched the latest episode of the show. This is because the show team is targeting my old man!"

Faced with Li Shixins unconcealed dissatisfaction with the program group, Sun Jingzhou didnt know what expression he made, so he could only smile and said, Master, Im here to express condolences on behalf of the program group. I cant answer your words!

I know you cant do anything.

Li Shixin said angrily, "Director Sun, if you just want to express condolences, then the old man will not be able to talk anymore. After a whole afternoon of tossing, I am also tired. If there is nothing wrong with Sun Director, please go back. Let me rest and rest. ..."

"Then, then you are fine." Seeing Li Shixin closed his eyes, Sun Jingzhou sighed, and put the fruit basket beside his leg by Li Shixin's bed, "This is the little intention of the program crew, you..."

"Look back...wait, wait until I'm relieved, I, I'll talk to the media."

"Puff, cough, cough!"

Sun Jingzhou, who had just gotten up, heard Li Shixin dying to say this sentence, and one of them could not stand firmly and almost fell to the ground!

Sure enough, you old silver coin just wants to do things!

"Master Li, what do you want to do?!"

Faced with Sun Jingzhous frantic question, Li Shixin took a deep breath, which seemed to be swallowed immediately, and raised his palm tremblingly.

"Fair, fair, or fuck... fair... uh..."

After finishing a sentence, Xin Ye's head tilted and he passed.

"Doctor! Doctor! The old man with three beds is not good enough!"

Master, I beg you! Your old heart rate is stable, Super Mario is stable, so let's collect magical powers! ! !

Seeing Li Shixin lying on the bed as if he was about to die, and putting his most hated words, Sun Jingzhou wanted to cry without tears and really didn't know what to do.

Thinking about it, he directly called Li Chengdong.

"Director Li, if it doesn't work, you'd better come by yourself and have a good talk with the old man. I think this matter still needs to be communicated. Otherwise, it will really make a big noise, and it will affect our program more or less. You Say it?"

"Let him go, dont you just want to make trouble? Let him make trouble. There are still two days before the next show, at best he will make trouble for two days. As long as he can't die within these two days, he will be voted out at that time. Fall. What does he have to do with our show?"

"Oh, Director Li, I will go back first?"

"Come back, since he doesn't want to face him, just leave him alone."

"Well, that's OK. I'll go back now."

On the hospital bed, Li Shixin, who was being examined by the doctor, raised his brows as he listened to the voice of Sun Jingzhou at the door.


Are capitalists now so strong?

If you dont see the coffin, you wont cry!

Then dont blame the old man for being cruel!

Just when Li Shixin was in the hospital with the monsters, the 50-to-20 ranking battle of "Practice" has entered a fever pitch.

Under the mobilization of fifty eliminated students, a group of fans without the support of idols fought side by side with a group of sand sculpture fans.

With the professional shooting posture and the head irons of the sand sculptures, within three hours, they have achieved remarkable results!

At 9:15 in the evening, Li Shixins popularity ranking has been rising all the way, from 38 to 27!

In just four hours, it has been promoted by eleven.

But this result is pushed here, and all the reinforcements who participated in the fight have also exhausted the popular votes in their hands.

After all, the size of the fifty fans who were eliminated is that big. Otherwise, it will not be eliminated.

Li Shixins homepage, a group of young reinforcements posted emergency posts one after another.

"Sand sculptures, sisters have all voted for today. For the rest, you have to figure out your own way!"

"All fan accounts have been voted out!"

"Guardians, tomorrow if you still can't make the top 20, we will support another wave. If your old man advances, we will officially withdraw from this show. So, goodbye or never again!"

"Sister, add a WeChat, and have time to come to my uncles home to do homework and drink pearl milk tea!"

"Thank you little sisters, are you sure you don't accompany your brother until late at night?"

"Cut it, save it, uncle. Dont think we cant understand how you drive when we are young. Starting in three years, the highest death penalty is [middle finger]"

Talking and laughing return to talking and laughing. For the help of these little fans, a group of sand sculpture fans took a high look at these little dolls.

"Guying in the Hanjiang River, an old friend from the rivers and lakes, why do we know each other when we meet. Since my sister does not want to leave private photos and WeChat, then... goodbye!

"Go back and study hard! School will start soon. Have you finished your winter homework?!"

"Seriously, sisters, thanks! If you can't find an idol in the future, Lord Xin will always open your arms to you."

After a joke, the fans of the sand sculptures made a grateful formation.

In the thank you post on the whole homepage, a group of young fans finally gathered in their sign-in united front post.

"Sand sculptures, my sister can only help you get here. The next road, you go by yourself."

"Sisters, our home is gone, lets go and stop by another house! Let's make a fuss one last time, buy some time for the smelly old man!"


After completing his mission, a group of young fans scattered.

It was when Lee Shixins fans watched the friendly forces who had completed their historical missions go to other trainees to make trouble and leave at the same time.

The content architecture of Rongzhou snail NG game planning company is in charge of the online game "Cuijianghu OL", which has just been closed and tested this morning. An NPC from the Novice City caused a strong sensation among the first batch of test players.

This NPC character

'S name is Li Shixin!

PS: Dont delay reading, its not a mistake.

(End of this chapter)

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