Senior Superstar Chapter 325

Chapter 318: Is this the old mans blessing? (Seeking monthly pass

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Chapter 318 Is this the old mans blessing? (Look for a monthly pass!)

"Guijianghu OL" is a large-scale 3D online game that focuses on the national style. It has started publicity activities in the past few months.

Over the past few months, the cool character skills and actions, the sect division based on ancient classics, various personalized BOSS monsters, and the magnificent and weird game scenes have left a very deep impression on the players who pay attention to this game. .

On the first day of the beta test, the individual and union players who had already received the activation code swarmed into the game. The number of people on the test server exceeded 500,000 in just one hour.

As soon as came up, the CG of the game showed the worldview-the aura of the nine heavens somehow dissipated, the world was in chaos, soldiers were plagued, and in troubled times, the people were not living, and demons were everywhere.

The newbie map of the game is Chang'an City. When the player starts the game, he has to explore outside the city in Chang'an City, which has been invaded by demonic energy.

But unlike the Kingdom of Shengtang, the first thing that players face after entering the game after establishing their characters is a picture of a chaotic world filled with clouds and dazzling Xiao Suo in the sky. The setting of Chang'an City is already surrounded by demons and famine in the city.

Like all online games, the player enters the novice guide mission to be familiar with the operation as soon as they come up.

Most of the players who play this game are old fritters. When playing other games, this type of novice guide basically just follows the guide without looking at the content of the task.

But in the city of Chang'an in "Silhouette Jianghu", every novice guides the task, people feel a kind of inexplicable depression.

Help the woman whose husband went out of town and has not returned to post a notice, send porridge to the child who is about to starve to death, and help the owner of the wine shop to take out the last jar of wine from the wine cellar...

Soon, some players finally reached the tenth level.

Follow the guidance of the novice guide NPC in the game, go to the city gate to find the bad guy to choose and accept the martial mission.

Its unexpected that players can finally choose from the ranger, choose the forces and sects, and learn new skills to obtain the sect-specific equipment.

After the game hit here, a large group of players finally breathed a sigh of relief and began to complain;

"Nima, finally solved the trivial problems in Chang'an City! The task chain of this game is a bit depressing!"

"TMD, is Lao Tzu here to wander the rivers and lakes, not to be the aunt of the neighborhood committee! And the atmosphere of this newbie city makes people feel desperate!"

"The game planner deliberately let it go! These NPCs are so mournful! They can't be made easier and more fun!"

With a large complaint in the game chat box, the players finally arrived in front of the martial NPC "bad handsome".

"The world outside the city is weird and unpredictable, and the road to the rivers and lakes is also full of dangers. Young man, before you choose to go out of the city to apprentice, go find a handy weapon."


Seeing the request of a bad handsome, everyone suddenly realized that they had been running in Chang'an for almost an hour, and they were still holding the basic weapon [broken wooden stick]!

"There is an arrogant old madman on the head of the city who said that he has brought light to the city. He has a good sword in his hand. Maybe he can't use it."

Following the guidance of the bad handsome, a large number of players cursed and went straight to the city.

Following the guidance, the players really saw an NPC carrying a long sword at the head of Chang'an City.

NPC is the image of an old man, looking like an old little old man. Although he is carrying a long sword, he can't see a trace of heroism, but he looks like a craftsman.

Beside this NPC, there is a giant lantern that is twice the size of the turret.

And when the player had a dialogue with the old man and made a request for a sword, the NPC gave such a dialogue.

"Do you want my sword? Yes, but you are going to find the shop for me to get 10 blaze oil."

"Are you... a lantern maker?"

"Perhaps, although my dream is to be a hero."

After having such a conversation with the NPC, the players can only go to Fangzheng with cursing.

In the dialogue with Fangzheng, he said so;

"That madman is still making that big lantern?"

"I really don't understand that lunatic. When he was young, he said that he dreamed of becoming a hero one day, but in order to save money for a sword, he made a lantern for a lifetime."

"A few years ago, when the demon cloud enveloped Chang'an, this lunatic who had passed his sixtieth year suddenly said that he wanted to chase his young ambitions and be a hero with people's hope. But he carried a long sword and didn't kill him. Quirky, but spent money and effort to make lanterns in the city. What kind of hero is this? Really ridiculous!"

"That's it. The young man has something to do, and he needs the madman's sword to go out and wander the rivers and lakes, and that old man will fulfill his madness... young man, don't want to learn from the madman not to do business and brag. Take his sword. After that, we must wipe out the spirits around the city!"

That's it, the player got the key item needed for the mission, the fire oil, and returned to the city.

After handing the fire oil to Li Shixin, the player really got the task reward-the hero's long sword.

However, unlike other missions that are aborted after receiving rewards, dialogue still occurs after getting the sword;

Player: "I heard that your dream when you were young was to be a hero? Why do you want to make this lantern? You gave up your so-called dream?"

Li Shixin: "Hahaha, neither! My dream is still to be a hero."

At this point in the dialogue, the NPC made the action of igniting fierce flame oil.

In a burst of exciting game background music, the huge lantern on the city head burst into dazzling light.

And with the lighting of the superstar lantern, the entire gloomy and depressed Chang'an City is shrouded in light!

Seeing that all the gloom in the scene was dispelled by the light, the players in the game were shocked!

Hanging on the head of the city, under a dazzling lantern like a warm sun, players received mission rewards.

At the same time, the NPCs dialogue popped up.

"When I was young, I really dreamed that one day I could kill evil people and quell the injustices. I thought that the righteousness of a chivalrous man was based on the sword in my hand. But when I was old, I found out. The real chivalry, It's not the sword in my hand, but the thought in my heart! I'm still on the road to chasing my dreams, just changed the way. Young man, take this sword, I don't need it anymore."

Ten units of blazing oil only supported the light for a while. Chang'an City fell into the previous gloom again.

After getting the excellent quality weapon called "Heroes' Long Sword", the player has completed all the main tasks in Chang'an City, and officially walked out of Chang'an City and headed for the rivers and lakes.

When the player returns to Chang'an City later, more than half of the NPCs in the city will say the same thing.

Different from previous funerals, everyone seems to have hope.

"Have you seen the lantern at the head of the city? It is brighter than the sun after it is lit!"

"Although I still cant eat and wear warmth, there are still strangers outside the city, but that lantern is so beautiful when it lights up!"

When the player talks with the bad guy under the city gate, the dialogue becomes "Have a heart of innocence, never forget the original intention, do what you can, and bring light and hope to the world is a hero! This is what he told me Yes, he deserves to be a man!"

Some careful players have joined the martial arts and unlocked the weapon upgrade skills, and they discovered that the [Heroes' Long Sword] can actually be upgraded!

After upgrading to the purple hero quality, there will be an extra description in the weapon information bar-there are always some people who have a dream that will never be erased, and use their own way to illuminate people in the dark. They didn't have a sword in their hands, but they were real knights.

And those players who were infected by the light at the top of Chang'an City logged into the game forum, and sent screenshots of their games to the forum, and only found out when the NPC of this task was blown up...

Game planner Lou Ye, posted a post in the forum.

There, its about the story behind Li Shixin, the NPC, and the ins and outs behind this mission.

When I learned that this unforgettable character in the game originated from a real-life old man at the age of sixty-six who was struggling on the stage of "Practice", the players were boiling!

is at this time.

Lou Ye, who was saved by Li Shixin and returned to the company after his vacation, gritted his teeth tightly after watching the latest update on Li Shixin's Weibo. Take a screenshot of Weibo and post a help post on the game forum;

"Brothers, Li Shixin, the prototype of Li Shixin's heroes, now needs to vote for it. If you have time, can you extend your hands and go to the homepage of "Debut Trainees" to make a list for Xinye?"

"I wipe it! I just saw Xinye's deeds in Ye Ge's post, and I saw this! Damn, this silly beep show, such an interesting contestant even suppresses it? Go go go go! No! Is it just playing the rankings? Brothers of the Shanhe Trade Union, take a walk!"

"Hehehehe, it's time to show real technology! I have spent ten years staying up all night and brushing the dungeons. Is it a matter to make a list? Brothers of the Stars Guild, follow me!

In the hospital.

The WeChat video of Li Shixin hanging up and a group of old fans, it was already more than ten o'clock in the evening.

Thanks to his wit, he specifically called and told him.

Otherwise, a group of old fans who heard about his hospitalization on Weibo have already gathered in the small theater and are about to come to Rongzhou!

What a special risk!

patted his chest. After Li Shiconviously heard his sins, he turned on his old phone that was hot because of the long video time.

When he opened his personal trainee homepage and saw his ranking, he was shocked

More than an hour ago, it was still on the 26th popular ranking, I dont know when, it has already reached the eighteenth!

Looking at the comment area on the homepage again, Li Shixin raised his brows that seemed to be netizens from major online game guilds.

What's the special situation?

Old man, when did you have such a big appeal in the online game industry?

Could it be that the old mans talent can no longer be concealed?

Just as Li Shixin was puzzled, a private message popped up on Weibo.

"Teacher Li, I am the fool you rescued on the rooftop that day. My name is Lou Ye. I am a game planner. Hearing about the plight of the teacher, I feel full of indignation. Please feel at ease and rest your body. Dont worry about playing the rankings. I have launched a call in the player community, voted for the teacher, and pushed "Your Answer" on the music platform. My meager effort is not worth the teacher's life-saving grace, but please rest assured. Come on!"


Seeing this private message, Li Shixin raised his brows.

Is that kid on the rooftop?

As the saying goes, saving ones life is better than building a seven-level Buddha.

Is this the old mans blessing?

PS: I have seen many friends complain about the instability of the update and the problem of bounced tickets. The second stupid does not like to publish his emotions and private life, which affects the normal reading environment. But let me explain. I am here in Beilin District, Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, where the first confirmed cases were found in Heilongjiang Province. A first-level response was launched after the year. I used to work on codewords in an outside studio. During the day, I have a good environment and time to conceive and work. Therefore, normal updates can be guaranteed, but the epidemic is now serious. I went to the studio for one day yesterday, but was rushed back by the studios landlord because it is currently in community isolation and is not allowed. So I can only get home codewords. The family is relatively young, and the child was holding back at home every day and it was very noisy, so the codeword environment is a bit poor. Most of the time, it is during the day to coax the child, wait for her to sleep for one chapter, and then wait for her to fall asleep at night. Different from the previous pace of life, so the update time is a bit messy. I have no way to overcome this point as much as possible. The book's grades are very good, and one more chapter is a waste of money. I won't have trouble with money, will I? It's not that I don't want to code words, nor is it deliberately delayed. I hope everyone can understand.

(End of this chapter)

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