Senior Superstar Chapter 326

Chapter 319: Sexy old man, cast online! (Three more

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Chapter 319 Sexy old man, shoot online! (Three more ask for monthly pass!)

Looking at the homepage of his personal trainee, first the fans of the eliminated students helped out, and now the sand sculpture netizens and a group of game players have successfully met again. After two operations, the number of votes went up. It soared from more than 160,000 to more than 190,000. The ranking also climbed to within twenty, and Li Shixin raised his eyebrows.

Thinking of my temporary intention today, I captured fifty teenagers on the stage, let them be overwhelmed by their personality charm, and mobilized fans to help.

Recalling the crazy output of the three-inch tongue under the roof, saving the lost youth and the heroic deeds on the roof.

Li Shixin couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

Unexpectedly, two small acts of coercion would get such a return.

As long as this increase in the number of votes is maintained, let alone this round of fifty to twenty, the next twenty to ten will not be a problem.

Old man, great!


This road is getting wider and wider!

In the same ward with other patients in the same ward looking like a neuropathy, Li Shixin gave himself a fierce thumbs up, and then lay straight on the bed.

Pulled the privacy curtain above the hospital bed, and he opened the system panel that he had endured without moving these days.

After these days of pretending activities, especially after todays "Dream Pursing Heart" cut a wave of leeks on the live and live broadcast platform, the cheering value in the system has accumulated 310,000!

User: Li Shixin.

Life balance: 252 days.

Body age: 58 years and 234 days.

Current applause value: 311213 points.

Seeing that the number at the bottom of the panel swelled again, Li Shixin smiled, got up and got into the toilet of the four-person ward.

Life is short and happy, what do you want to do after you have the cheers value?

Of course, we need to support the edge!

Now that the age reduction enters the second stage, the required cheer value has doubled, and the demand for cheer value has surged. In the absence of enough cheering value to enter the account, Li Shixin is not easy to use too many resources to be a dog gambling.

So during this period of time, Li Shixin, who has always been heroic, has also become a bully and learned the habit of saving.

After opening the system panel, he didn't hesitate to extract 300,000 cheering points and put them into the age reduction options!

After the body age has entered the range of under 60 years old, the various functions of this body have been improved quite well. The lesions that had troubled Li Shixin before and severely affected his quality of life have alleviated a lot.

But senile disease still exists, such as the main excuse for this hospitalization-chest tightness caused by slow heart rate. And the symptoms of old cold legs that have accumulated over the years.

As the 300,000 cheering points turned into a trace of heat into the body, Li Shixin, lying on the hospital bed, felt erratic.

The familiar feeling of healing is like a pair of gentle and warm hands of a young girl, walking around the body in an instant, bringing bursts of comfort to every cell.


This state lasted for a while, and then slowly disappeared with the system's melodious beep.

User: Li Shixin.

Life balance: 252 days.

Body age: 58 years and 84 days.

Current applause value: 11213 points.


In the hospital bed, the tiredness accumulated over the past few days disappeared, and Li Shixin stretched out greatly.

Looking at the rest of the cheers, he smiled faintly.

Life requires support and continuity.

Life requires surprises and adjustments.

I havent had a happy ten consecutive draws in a week. This night is a quiet sick building. If I dont come, Im sorry for jumping up and down these days!


Finding a reason for himself for 10,000 tons, Li Shixin directly invested the remaining more than 10,000 cheering points into the lottery options.


Obtained Shuanghuanlian Oral Liquid X5, which explained: Although it can relieve the wind and relieve the surface, clear away heat and detoxify, it can not cure all diseases. Love hygiene, exercise frequently, wash your hands often, and be ventilated. Only in the spring and autumn can you not catch a cold!

I, you guys, every time you have the flu, you come out with your brother Banlangen to brush up the sense of existence. The son of destiny, the system blessing, do you need you?


spit out fiercely, Li Shixin threw the five boxes of Shuanghuanglian directly into the trash can under the bed.

Come again!


Obtained sanitary wipes X3, explaining: ten men with nine hemorrhoids, healed for a long time, do not heal the anus, do not heal the anus... Are you sure you do not need this soft and hygienic care?

Looking at the mediocre wet wipes in the system, Li Shixin took a deep breath.

Looking for a long time in the system, but did not find the youth mode switch button.

You are a **** system, and this old man can call the police again!

Come again!


Get Powerful Popping Candy X1, explanation: It will make your tongue strong and flexible! PS: Functional props, which can enhance the speed, intonation and pronunciation strength after eating! RAP singer, ventriloquist artist, gospel of B-BOXer!


Ignoring the description of this functional item, and reading the effect directly, Li Shixin raised his brows.

The old man is a genius, brilliant talent. The level of singing, dancing and rap has reached its peak, do you need your little system props to increase it?

However, since your height is a functional item, the old man will reluctantly accept it.

Hehehehe, it's so fragrant!

Looking at the results of the lottery once again, Li Shi confidently wrapped up the little quilt with the red cross painted on it.

A fruitful day, sleep!

Just as Li Shixin was sleeping with his head covered.

Rong shop.

It's late at night, but in the Yuedong Little Theater, it is still brightly lit.

Although Li Shixin was forcefully persuaded to return to Rongdian, a group of old fans have been paying close attention to every development of Li Shixin in "The Trainee" in the past few days.

At the end of the live broadcast at noon, a group of elderly people saw Li Shixins obviously unfair mentors rating, and immediately got annoyed with crutches to the ground and sprayed the swear words learned decades ago in life.

Old man Liu Feng almost used dentures and put them in the small theater. The TV dedicated to watching the show was smashed.

After two weeks of learning, this group of old fans, with an average age of 72, has learned one of the few new skills in recent years.

After the live broadcast ended at noon, a group of old fans agreed to stay overnight tonight to help Li Shixin hit the rankings and do statistics!

"Oh! Seventeenth place!"

On the first row of the small theater, looking at the original PC notebook on the small table on the ultra-clear screen, Li Shixins ranking once again moved a step closer. The folds of the old man Liu Feng gathered together, and a blooming one appeared. Greatly happy.

"Grandson, unstable?"

"Steady! Steady! Steady!"

I was patted by my grandfather, Liu Feng's grandson grinned, and the thumb was picked up, and the rainbow fart was in place immediately: "Warrior! But my lord, it's almost eleven o'clock, we have to go home and sleep."

On the side, with reading glasses, Wu Ming, who was also playing with the yawning Chen Boshi, heard Liu Feng's grandson urging him, and said: "It's so late? Brother Feng, how many more do you have? Didn't vote for the account?"

"My sixteen accounts are all finished!"

"Sister Qiao Hong, Sister Zhang, how about you two?"

(), ():


"Hi! Forget it."

Looking at two dementia patients holding their fingers, facing a large row of account names and passwords, they were stunned by the tickled mess of notes, Wu Ming shook his head helplessly.

I saw a group of old people in the small theater full of dangdangs, and the children who accompanied them to fight for Li Shixin. Wu Ming put the laptop aside and stood up.

waved a big hand,

"The big guys are there! I just counted them. Tonight, the big guys have cast more than 2500 popular votes for Shixin. This number is five times higher than the 400 votes in the previous round. More than that! This shows that our senior management team's business capabilities have made great progress!"


A group of old men and women were very happy to hear Wu Ming's uplifting affirmation.

"Look, our senior group's combat effectiveness is not small!"

"Cut, to put it bluntly, this is the same as when we were young when we selected the cadres in the show to count votes! Still anonymously allowed more votes, I thought it was so difficult! If you know how easy it is to vote, we have long been chasing stars. Up."

"Director Zhang, you can pull it down. No one has registered your account and opened the voting channel. Miss Qiao Hong is learning fast! You are now a fairy again. Forget about who said the day before yesterday that you would hire a big post on the street. Did you vote?"

"Hey, this thing, its not difficult if you know it, it wont be difficult...it will be fine in the future, it will be fine in the future."

Seeing a group of old fans teasing each other, Wu Ming chuckled, "Okay everyone, we are too late today, that's it. Tomorrow we will still gather at ten o'clock, get more ID cards, and register for more accounts. Lets try to get Shixins terminology to the top ten! Then lets stop work today! Shixin is ranked seventeenth so far, and we are sure to be promoted this time. The big guy has worked hard!"

"Okay! Cultivate enough energy, continue tomorrow!"

Looking at a large group of old fans suddenly got up and was helped by their sons and daughters to leave the small theater, Chen Boshi, who was designated as the technical adviser of the senior squad, yawned and stood up lazily.

"Wait a minute!"

Hearing Chen Boshis hello, a group of old fans stopped: "Oh, Director Chen, what's your explanation?"


Youd better borrow your ID cards for those born after 80 years. I just checked the data. The average age of Grandpa Lis fans is asking you to use thousands of ID cards born in the 40s and 50s to an average of 33 these days. Years old!"


"What's wrong with the average age of thirty-three, doesn't this look quite young?"


Looking at a group of grandparents with inexplicable Azi, Chen Boshi came to his lips, holding back the explanation about the influence of the fan's age on the idol.

O(^)o suck~

O()o alas~

"Forget it, being a human being, happiness is the most important thing. Just be happy if you are happy."

"Cut! This kid, inexplicable!"

A group of old fans "cut" together, and they scattered like birds and beasts.

at the same time.

The program data group of "Practice Students".

A group of technicians working overtime to maintain and supervise the operation of fans, seeing Li Shixins current rankings, it hurts.

Thinking of Li Chengdongs explanation earlier today that he would completely block Li Shixin, the shit-cutter, from the promotion door in this round of voting, he grinned one by one.

"Team leader, the number of new votes for Li Shixin has nearly doubled in the past three hours! This...what can I do?"

Looking at Li Shixin's popularity even in the middle of the night, the number of popular votes still increased like chicken blood, the team leader often wiped the sweat off his face happily.

"Director Li made it clear that this trainee cannot be promoted, no...just adjust the data!"

PS: It looks like three changes, but in fact the three chapters add up to more than nine thousand words and ten thousand words. If you change it into a small chapter, you can make four changes! How many monthly tickets will not come?

(End of this chapter)

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