Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy Chapter 171

Chapter 170 The Whale Clans Attack On Galaxy City

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She did not think that Lei Luo would be able to break free from her restraints. By the time Phyllis reacted, she was already in Lei Luos arms and her clothes had all been taken off.

Phylliss cheeks flushed red as if they were about to drip blood.

Lei Luo would not stand on ceremony with her. He directly carried her and aimed his root at the entrance. He forcefully thrust his waist into her.


Phyllis cried out in pain. However, she was afraid that Wei and the others in the tent would hear her. She bit her lips and endured the pain. Soon, Lei Luo started thrusting like a pile driver.

Fortunately, Phyllis was already drenched from when she heard Lei Luo having sex with Wei. Otherwise, she would have fainted from the pain.

In another tent, the little elf Xiaoyues consciousness sensed that the Murloc Princess Phyllis was actually having sex with Lord Lei Luo.

Instantly, jealousy welled up in her heart. In her eyes, the Murloc Princess Phyllis came after her. Lord Lei Luo actually had sex with Phyllis without looking for her first.

It was really infuriating. But thinking about it carefully, it was also her own fault for not having the courage. If she had been as brave as the Murloc princess, the woman in Lord Lei Luos arms would have been her long ago.

The more she listened to Phylliss soft moans, the more unbearable it became for Xiaoyue. Finally, she could not hold it in any longer and directly rushed out of the tent naked.

Instantly, she saw Lei Luo standing at the entrance of the tent, holding the Murloc Princess in his arms. Her two snow-white thighs were separated by Lei Luo. Phylliss body was moving up and down at a very fast speed. The two of their lower bodies were closely intertwined with each other, making the sound of splashing water.

When Phyllis saw Xiaoyue, she immediately cried out in surprise and quickly covered her eyes. Xiaoyue had actually seen such an embarrassing posture. How could she continue to be a human in the future?

However, Lei Luo didnt care about it and continued to stab her with an extremely fast speed.

Xiaoyue couldnt hold it in anymore when she saw this scene. She came to Lei Luos side and blended in with him with a face full of infatuation.

When Lei Luo was conquering the Murloc princess and the little elf, the three women in the room had already woken up.

Lei Luo had no choice but to be punished by his three wives and have sex with them for a full three months. He made all five women have over a hundred orgasms in one go.

When the five women finally fell into a deep sleep, Lei Luo let out a sigh of relief.

He walked out of the tent and into the palace. Lei Luo sat cross-legged.

At this moment, he had had enough.

His soul entered the path of the sky spirit archmage, and with a rumbling sound, he stepped out of the twelfth step.

An even more terrifying power descended, enveloping his soul as endless information poured in.

In the outside world, Lei Luos body exploded with a resplendent light, filling the entire palace. Fortunately, it was covered by the palaces restriction, so it didnt spread out at all.

After an unknown amount of time, Lei Luo opened his eyes.

Is this the twelfth-level sky spirit archmage?

Lei Luo let out a long breath. He felt that the power in his body was more than ten times stronger than when he was at the eleventh level.

This was a true transformation.

From the eleventh level to the twelfth level, it was equivalent to advancing from the earth spirit archmage to the sky spirit archmage.

If that was the case, the previous him and the five girls could last for a year, now he could last for two years.

Unfortunately, the cultivation of the five girls was too low. Even if the five of them were to endure Lei Luos fierce attack together, they could only last for four months at most.

In the blink of an eye, more than half a year had passed.

Lei Luo had finished his cultivation. He suddenly sensed something and looked toward the entrance of the palace where he actually saw a pair of eyes.

Lei Luo was stunned.

He looked over carefully. On top of the restriction at the entrance, there was actually a little girl that was carved out of jade.

She seemed to be about six or seven years old.

However, this little girls life level was actually very high, and she carried the aura of a sky spirit archmage.

This was terrifying.

Lei Luo walked out. Other than this little girl, there was no one else.

"Big Brother, Im lost," the little girl suddenly said.

Big Brother?

Lei Luo was stunned.

Other than Wei and the others, this was the first time someone called him Big Brother.

However, Wei and the others were flirtatious. For example, when they flirted with Lei Luo, they would call him Big Brother, and when they were about to climax, they would call him daddy.

"Why do you call me Big Brother?" Lei Luo squatted down and asked with a smile.

"In our Immortal Palace, besides the maids, there are many Big Brothers," the little girl said.

Lei Luo didnt know what to say.

"Did you come from the entrance of the Hall of All Beings?" he asked.

"Yeah, Big Sister Judy said that we cant come here. I was curious, so I sneaked in. However, this place is too big. I got lost. I dont know how to get out," the little girl said.

Lei Luo had been using his elemental eye to look at the little girl to see if she was real or not. There was no problem. At least, she looked like a very simple little girl. Of course, unless the little girl could hide from the third layer of the elemental eye. The possibility of that was very small.

In other words, what the little girl said was true.

It cant be like Little Fire. Because her bloodline is too powerful, she was born as a sky spirit archmage, right?

Lei Luos heart moved.

If that was the case, then it could be explained.

He used his elemental eye to observe. Indeed, there was an extremely powerful bloodline in this little girls body, but it seemed to be covered by a layer of fog. He was unable to detect the true situation.

"Then Ill show you out." Lei Luo said.

"Big Brother, thank you."

The little girl smiled sweetly.

Lei Luo walked the little girl to the entrance of the palace.

"Brother, Im leaving. I wont tell anyone about your stay here."

The little girl giggled and then ran out of the open door.

Lei Luo rubbed his nose. He wanted to tell the little girl not to tell anyone. He still wanted to stay out of the limelight. After all, he was an outsider.

Thus, Lei Luo brought Wei and the other three and cleaned up. He found a random place and used the pass to leave the Palace.

Star-slaying cave abode.

Right after Lei Luo appeared, he frowned because someone was attacking the Holy Light Shield.

Its a sky spirit archmage from the whale clan!

Lei Luo felt a little incredulous.

Fortunately, he had strengthened the Holy Light Shield before he left. Although the attack was very strong, its defense was not to be trifled with. Even the attack of a sky spirit archmage was still unable to shake the Holy Light Shield.

Of course, it also had something to do with the fact that the sky spirit archmage attacking the Holy Light Shield was too weak.

He was only a fourth-tier sky spirit archmage.

Lei Luo released the five women from the Star-slaying cave abode, then left the cave and returned to the bookstore.

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