Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy Chapter 172

Chapter 171 One Move To Subdue The Sea King

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Belson was reading in the bookstore.

There was a hint of anxiety between his brows because the sky spirit archmage of the human race had already left and the whale mages outside had been attacking the Holy Light Shield for more than a month.

At first, the people of Galaxy City were still very panicked, but after the mages outside could not shake the defensive formation, they were relieved.

As the whale clan’s attack came too suddenly, many residents of Galaxy City were still blocked outside. Not only that, the gathering places around Galaxy City had been completely destroyed by the whale clan.

Although the whale clan could not break the defensive battle, they could force Galaxy City to hand over the Murloc princess Phyllis. Otherwise, they would kill all the residents of Galaxy City one by one.

Although many residents of Galaxy City hoped that the City Lord of Galaxy City would hand over Princess Phyllis, Belson knew that he could not make the decision on this matter. This was because Phyllis was accepted by that powerful human mage. Unless that senior gave the order, he had no right to hand Phyllis over.

Moreover, he did not know where Phyllis was.

Belson suddenly saw Lei Luo walking out from the backyard and immediately said in surprise, “Senior?”

Lei Luo asked, “What’s going on outside?”

Belson hurriedly explained the situation.

“So, the whale clan has killed many residents of Galaxy City?”

Lei Luo frowned.

Galaxy City was under his protection, but so many people had died.

Wasn’t this a slap to his face?

Outside Galaxy City.

Hundreds of Sea-taming Whale mages were gathered. All of them were powerful mages above the earth level, and the leader was a sky spirit archmage.

“Your Highness, it seems that Galaxy City will not hand over the Murloc Phyllis. If this drags on, it will be very disadvantageous to our original plan of the world,” a whale clan mage who overthrew the land spirit said respectfully.

Living beings with God’s bloodline were very rare. In the past ten thousand years, the whale clan had invaded countless worlds and destroyed many clans with God’s bloodline.

Of course, there was another clan with a powerful bloodline, which was the Dragon clan. The Divine Dragon bloodline and God’s bloodline were equally powerful.

However, even if the Whale clan had the guts, they would not dare to approach the Dragon clan.

This was because the Dragon clan was definitely one of the most powerful clans in this world. It was said that the weakest ones were at the beginning of the archmage level. As long as they reached adulthood, they would possess the combat strength of a sky spirit archmage. It was also said that there were many powerful peak sky spirit archmages in the Dragon clan.

If they provoked the Dragon clan, the Whale clan would definitely suffer a tragedy.

Therefore, the Whale clan only dared to attack a weak clan like the Murloc clan, which had God’s bloodline.

“Then we can only rely on the power of the Immortal Divine sect?” the clan’s sky spirit archmage, His Highness the Sea King, said in a deep voice.

He hadn’t expected that the defensive array of Galaxy City would be so powerful that even a fourth-level sky spirit archmage like him couldn’t break it. Of course, he definitely hadn’t realized that this wasn’t a defensive array. It was just a rain shield cast by the mages. Otherwise, he would have been scared away long ago.

“But the price of the Immortal Divine sect is not low,” the whale mage who was a peak earth spirit said.

“That’s nothing. As long as the plan succeeds, everything will be worth it,” the Sea King said.

At that moment, the Holy Light Shield that enveloped Galaxy City cracked open, and two figures walked out.

They were Lei Luo and the Murloc Princess Phyllis.

“Has your Galaxy City finally thought it through? If you’re willing to hand her over, you should have done so long ago. All these people didn’t need to die,” a whale clan mage said with an imposing manner.

In his opinion, now that Galaxy City had come out, it definitely couldn’t withstand the pressure and was prepared to hand over the people.

“You should be the sky spirit archmage of Galaxy City, the nameless mage, right?”

The Whale clan’s Royal Highness the Sea King stared at Lei Luo, ignoring the Murloc princess beside him.

The information the Immortal Divine clan had taught him about the nameless mage was very detailed, so he recognized him at first glance.

Although he could not sense Lei Luo’s true strength, he had continuously attacked the defensive formation for more than a month, killing more than a thousand people from Galaxy City. This nameless mage did not say a word, which showed that he was afraid of the Whale clan’s forces.

“You shouldn’t have killed people. Now, I can only kill you and take revenge for these souls that died in vain.”

Lei Luo sighed.

“Nameless mage, you want to kill me? Do you know what my cultivation level is? A fourth-level sky spirit archmage, how ridiculous. It seems that I must let you see my strength.”

His Highness the Sea King laughed wildly.

In Galaxy World, on the sky spirit rankings, this nameless mage from Galaxy City was ranked eighteenth. He was suspected to be a third-level sky spirit archmage.

Even though it had been decades since he had first appeared on the list, for a sky spirit archmage, every step should take at least a few hundred years, and at most a few thousand years. Thus, his fourth-level sky spirit archmage’s strength was firmly superior to this nameless mage’s.

It was precisely because of this that the Sea-taming Whale clan had sent him over.

“What strength do you have?”

Lei Luo shook his head and reached out with his hand. It was as if he had pierced through the void. The hand that was condensed from magic power had actually passed through a thousand meters and arrived in front of His Highness the Sea King in an instant. Then, it grabbed onto his neck.

Even if His Highness the Sea King reacted, he couldn’t dodge at all. It was as if the void around him had been frozen. He could only watch helplessly as a terrifying hand stepped out of the void and grabbed his neck.

Instantly, an intense suffocating feeling enveloped his body and even his soul.

In the next moment, the Sea King had been grabbed by Lei Luo and brought before him.

A strange and terrifying trace actually formed in the void. It was as if the Sea King had been forcefully dragged over, leaving behind a trace in space.

After a while, it disappeared.

This scene scared all the Whale mages.

A magnificent fourth-level sky spirit archmage, a peerless mage, was actually grabbed by the neck and grabbed?

Not even the ability to resist?

Wasn’t this too terrifying?

Of course, their fear was not just a little bit inferior to the Sea King’s fear. The Sea King was scared out of his wits.

“Aren’t you a little weak?” Lei Luo held the Sea King’s neck and said calmly.


The Sea King was so scared that he couldn’t speak. He could only make gurgling sounds from his throat. His body and soul were trembling because he knew that he had met a legendary tenth-level sky spirit archmage.

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