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Chapter 172 Finding Trouble With The Immortal Can

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The technique that this nameless mage had used to capture the enemy was definitely something that only a mage above level ten could do. If there really was a sky spirit archmage above level ten in this Galaxy City, even if he had a hundred guts, he wouldnt dare to come.

One of the eight branches of the Whale clan didnt have a sky spirit archmage above level ten. Now, he had actually offended a tenth-level sky spirit archmage. Once this existence wanted to destroy them, the eight branches of the Whale clan would definitely be in a terrible state.

Lei Luo grabbed his Royal Highness the Sea Kings neck with one hand and cast the Soul Absorbing Codex without hesitation.

After a while, Lei Luo narrowed his eyes and threw his body to the side.

With the power of a tenth-level sky spirit archmage, a mere fourth level from the Whale clan had no way to enter the path of the sky spirit archmage because he had directly sealed his soul with the Devil Soul Curse.

Just like that, this powerful level four sky spirit archmage from the Whale clan had completely lost his life force. Then, he was thrown to the ground by Lei Luo.

This terrifying scene scared the Whale clan mages. Their entire bodies trembled, unable to move. It was as if their bodies had been completely frozen by a five-star power. Very quickly, their bodys life force was completely cut off. It was as if they had been scared to death. They were all turned into corpses.

This was naturally lei Luos masterpiece.

"The Gods cave abode has the remains of a god. Tsk, Tsk, this Whale clan is really bold. They actually dared to pay attention to the remains of a god. Arent they afraid of being discovered by the God?"

Lei Luo recalled the information he had obtained from the soul of the Whale clans fourth-level sky spirit archmage, the Sea King, and revealed a curious expression.

He had originally thought that it was just a cave dwelling left behind by a powerful god. He had not expected that there would be the remains of a god inside.

The meaning was completely different.

If it were him, he would definitely not do this. The Sea Kings consciousness could do it. There were celestials in this world, but those celestials were not true gods. It was just that their bloodline was very close to that of gods.

But who knew how many high-level sky spirit archmages there were in this celestial clan.

"Looks like Ill have to make a trip to the Nirvana world."

Lei Luo rubbed his chin.

He had killed a sky spirit archmage of the Whale clan, and the Whale clan would not let it go.

The best way was to mess up the Whale clans plan and make them unable to take care of themselves. That way, they would not be able to find trouble with him.

As for destroying the Whale clan?

Lei Luo wouldnt do that.

That would be too ostentatious. Only a fool would do that. One had to keep a low profile. Even if one possessed great power, one couldnt lose oneself.

Who knew if there were any sky spirit archmages above level 10 among the Whale clan.

Perhaps that Sea King didnt know.

Therefore, secretly making trouble was the best choice.

It was best to find a way to tell the Dragon clan about the god remains. Then, the Dragon clan would find trouble with the Whale clan. That way, everything would be perfect.

Okay, lets do it!

Lei Luo quickly made a decision. Moreover, he still had a trump card. If he encountered an enemy he couldnt defeat, he could use the token to hide in Immortal Palace.

As long as he kept a low profile and didnt make a big fuss, he should be very safe in the dark.

Immortal Divine Sect.

In the Immortal Palace.

"Ancestral spirit, the Whale clan sent a message from the world saying that the Soul Beads of the Sea-taming Whale clans sky spirit archmage, His Royal Highness Sea King, and more than six hundred earth spirit archmages have all been shattered. They want us to investigate what happened," a sky spirit archmage said to the immortal ancestral spirit who was sitting cross-legged.

"Whats the exact situation?" the immortal ancestral spirit asked.

The Whale clan was very powerful and could not be underestimated.

"The Whale clan used our Galaxy World to capture a Murloc clan fugitive, and this fugitive escaped under the protection of the nameless mage in Galaxy City. Therefore, the Whale clan dispatched a sky spirit archmage to enter our Galaxy World," the sky spirit archmage said.

Generally speaking, when a sky spirit archmage from the outside world entered the Galaxy World, they would have to greet all the powerful local forces. The Whale clan would naturally greet the Immortal Divine sect as well.

"The Whale clan will send a sky spirit archmage to capture a fugitive. It seems that this fugitive is not ordinary."

The immortal ancestral spirit said in a deep voice, "However, nameless is a human. Why would he protect a Murloc?"

"It is very likely that the nameless mage is also someone from the outside world. There must be some inside information that nameless doesnt know about. Perhaps, we can use this opportunity to deal with nameless. This way, we can take the Star-slaying cave abode for ourselves," the sky spirit archmage said.

The Immortal Divine sects home was not indifferent to the Star-slaying cave abode. It was just a small world, and it was very attractive to any powerful mage force.

However, it was also occupied by nameless, and it was held back by the Tiandao Divine sect and the Sky Spirit Pavilion, so it was difficult for them to make a move. But now, it was different. They had a reason.

The origin of this nameless mage was unknown and his identity was unclear.

"Alright, Ill leave this matter to you."

The immortal ancestral spirit nodded.

He was very displeased that a foreign sky spirit archmage had occupied the Star-slaying cave abode. Especially a human mage who had occupied the Elf clans cave abode.

Since the Elf clan ancestors cave abode could be occupied by humans, why couldnt the Immortal clan occupy it?

"Palace master, dont worry. Ill take care of this matter."

This sky spirit archmage was very confident.

Because he was one of the three great sixth-level sky spirit archmages of the Immortal Divine Sect.

Galaxy City

Although Lei Luo had decided to go to the Nirvana world, he didnt plan to go for the time being. He still had to settle one more thing.

The fact that the familys sky spirit archmage was able to enter Galaxy World this time had something to do with the Immortal Divine sect. Otherwise, the Whale clans Sea King, a foreign sky spirit archmage, wouldnt be so rampant and attack Galaxy City wantonly.

From a certain point of view, he, Lei Luo, was also considered an outsider.

However He was a sky spirit archmage who had attained the realm of a sky spirit archmage in Galaxy World, so he could definitely be considered a local sky spirit archmage.

The actions of the Immortal Divine sect had clearly betrayed him to the Whale clan. Therefore, Lei Luo felt that it was necessary to give the Immortal Divine sect a little warning. Otherwise, after he left, this Immortal Divine sect would do something small again.

It wouldnt affect anything, but it would annoy him.

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