Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy Chapter 76

Chapter 76 The People Of The New World Had Arrived

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The imperial capital, within a small world.

Naturally, Lei Luo did not know that after he had put away the Devouring Treasure Box, the origin of the world had been revived and the magic elements had been replenished, alarming the forces of the human alliance on the other side of the New World.

Otherwise, he would have been anxious.

He was only a grade-3 mage god. Although he could be considered as one of the top mages in the Human Mage Alliance in the New World, he was not one of the top mages. There were definitely many who were stronger than him.

After all, it had been a long time since Zhebes era. The Human Mage Alliance must have become even stronger.

After Lei Luo handed over the authority of the Small World to Ailo and Wei, he did not care about anything else. He began to cultivate quietly again.

Learning about the situation in the New World, he felt a little anxious.

That world did not only have archmages at the level of archmages, there were even more powerful ultimate archmages.

Moreover, they were ultimate archmages that only other races could possess.

Why had Zhebe reincarnated and used the Devouring Treasure Box to obtain the opportunity to break through to the level of archmages?

It was because in the New World, the human race, who were outsiders, had natural shackles. They were restricted by the rules of the New World and could not break through the limits.

However, the indigenous races of the new world did not have such shackles.

The Human Mage Alliance who did not know about the New World could not find a way to break the elemental shackles of mages and walk a path to surpass the gods.

While Lei Luo was in closed-door meditation, the Faroe Kingdom had welcomed a period of faster development. The breakthrough of mages had become easier, and there were more elemental mages.

There were also more advanced elemental mages and peak elemental mages.

Meanwhile, Wei and Ailo began to recruit suitable academics among the students and entered the Small World to train them.

In the second year, Ailo practiced the Spirit Replenishing Codex and eventually broke through to the ultimate mage realm with the help of the Devouring Treasure Box.

He became the third ultimate mage in the Faroe Kingdom.

Eight years later, a peak elemental mage from the purple-gold Mage Guild in the south broke through to the realm of an ultimate mage on the summit of the Divine Sun Mountain. The world underwent drastic changes and shook the surrounding hundred miles.

When the news spread, the world was shocked.

This was the first ultimate mage to be publicly born in the middle-earth, other than the two ultimate mages that could be verified by Lei Luo and the Sky Wolf King Zhebe more than ten years ago.

This meant that an ultimate mage was no longer a legend, but something that could be touched.

This made countless junior mages excited, and they put in even more effort into learning magic.

Half a year later, a powerful peak elemental mage had successfully broken through to the level of an ultimate mage after surrendering to the Fog Temple of the Faroe Kingdom. On the day of the breakthrough, a powerful dark magic shot into the sky, tearing it apart and splitting the clouds, it shocked many mages who had been invited to observe.

At this point, the middle-earth had entered the era of ultimate mages.

In the next few years, no less than ten ultimate mages were born.

Even the northern border, the Western Region, the Southern Wilderness, and the Eastern Sea had similar ultimate mages born.

However, despite the seemingly brilliant magic scene, it could not conceal the great danger of breaking through from a peak mage to an ultimate mage. Countless peak elemental mages died in order to forcefully break through to the level of an ultimate mage.

In the blink of an eye, thirty years had passed.

In this Old World, ultimate mages were no longer legends.

Similarly, only the strength of an ultimate mage could be considered a true top-tier mage force.

The Faroe Kingdom was still the most powerful force. Its reputation suppressed the entire middle-earth. No one dared to disobey because of the existence of the gray-robed mage.

Although the gray-robed mage had not appeared for many years, the legend of the gray-robed mage had always been around.

On a hillside in the east, dozens of miles away from the capital, stood five figures.

These five people had restrained their auras, but their temperaments were still different from ordinary people. At a glance, it was obvious that they were not ordinary people.

Especially the young man in white who was surrounded by the four others. His face was particularly delicate, and he carried a sense of pride.

"I didnt expect that there would really be a peak-level ultimate mage in the middle-earth. According to the information we have, the war between the Faroe Kingdom and the werewolves took place thirty years ago. At that time, the origin of the Old World had not yet been awakened."

The young man placed his hands on his back and looked down at the huge Sword Scar Lake in the distance. His gaze carried a sense of scrutiny.

Since the situation in the New World had improved and the wolf clan had temporarily retreated, the Human Mage Alliance had had the energy to pay attention to the Old World.

In addition, the needle on the Prophet Compass had already exceeded 2, so the twelve top factions of the Human Mage Alliance held a memory session and decided to reopen the border gate.

"Young master, this person has been hiding in the middle-earth for more than 30 years. He clearly has a motive. I suspect that the revival of the Old Worlds origin is related to this. If we can capture him, we might be able to interrogate him and uncover some secrets."

A middle-aged man wearing a green mage robe spoke in a deep voice.

"Its this person who has the strength of a peak-level ultimate mage. With the young masters strength as a pseudo-mage god, its enough to suppress him."

A blue-clothed woman spoke with a delicate smile.

"Have you heard of the legend of the Devouring Treasure Box?"

The white-clothed young man, Frank, frowned slightly and suddenly said, "The Legend of the Devouring Treasure Box?"

The few people present were a little confused.

In the New World, because of the Devouring Treasure Box, all the major forces were engaged in fierce battles and wars. In the end, a large number of ultimate mages and even mage gods had died.

The existence of the Devouring Treasure Box became taboo. The major forces destroyed the relevant information one after another.

The white-clothed young man, Frank, had accidentally learned about the legend of the Devouring Treasure Box from an ancient book. It was said that the reason the Old World was lacking in elements was because of the Devouring Treasure Box.

Now that the origin of the Old World was recovering, did it mean that it was related to it?

Therefore, Frank was very interested in this.

Frank smiled. Seeing that the others did not know about the legend of the Devouring Treasure Box, he did not say anything else. However, his eyes were shining with a shrewd light.

As the White Moon Palaces fastest genius mage who had broken through to the pseudo-archmage realm in the past thousand years, he was known as the hope for the future.

But he was nothing. Even if he had great confidence, he would not easily provoke this ultimate mage of the Faroe Kingdom. He did not even know his background, yet he dared to say that he had captured him and interrogated him. That was too arrogant.

"Young master, the people from Golden Cloud Temple seem to be here as well," the woman in blue said.

"Dont bother about them. Lets enter the capital first and take a look. Dont reveal any flaws. Just treat us as the citizens of the Faroe Kingdom," Frank replied.

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