Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Advanced Ultimate Mages Approaching The Imperial City

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"Yes, Young Master."

The few ultimate mages quickly nodded in agreement.

Thus, the group left the hillside, bypassed the Sword Scar Lake, and headed towards the imperial city.

At the same time, a few figures came to the side of the Sword Scar Lake on the other side.

"Master, its the people from the White Moon Palace."

The one who spoke was an old man in a black robe.

The one who was addressed as Master was a 30-year-old man who wore black a robe with gold edging. His eyes appeared extremely cold.

"Frank, I hope that he wont interfere with my plans. Otherwise, Ill let him know how powerful I am," the master, Fettney, said with a cold smile.

They were both human geniuses from the New World. Naturally, there was competition between them. Moreover, it was extremely intense. Everyone wanted to surpass the other party.

"Master, what should we do next?" the black-robed elder asked.

"Of course, we should create some commotion and force that ultimate mage from the Faroe Kingdom to show his face. As long as he shows his face, I will be able to capture him. I will force him to reveal the whereabouts of the No. 1 Golden Cloud Token and the blood descendant of the immortal clan!" the black-robed man with golden edges, Fettney, said indifferently.

This time, in addition to investigating the reason for the recovery of the worlds origin, they had come to the Old World to retrieve the No. 1 Golden Cloud Token and the blood descendant of the immortal clan.

After losing the No. 1 Golden Cloud Token, the magic inheritance of the Golden Cloud Sacred Hall had been greatly affected.

After all, the Golden Cloud Sacred Halls main method of imparting magic was to rely on the Golden Cloud Token.

Once he had lost the No. 1 Golden Cloud Token, the Golden Cloud Law Codex would lose its inheritance.

If he could find the No. 1 Golden Cloud Token, his position in the Golden Cloud Sacred Hall would be completely stable, and he wouldnt have any problems becoming the next sacred Lord.

Therefore, he had to retrieve the No. 1 Golden Cloud Token at all costs.

A mere ultimate mage subverting him with his pseudo-archmage magic was enough to suppress him.

"Duran, why dont you test the foundations of the Faroe Kingdoms capital first?"

Fettney looked at the expressionless middle-aged man beside him, whose muscles were stiff.

"Yes, Master."

The middle-aged man responded dully. However, the magic power in his body suddenly shook and soared into the sky. The powerful will of a high-level ultimate mage turned into a hurricane and enveloped the imperial city in the distance.


The sky and earth shook and the wind and clouds changed. It was as if a huge mountain had descended from the sky. Countless people in the imperial city seemed to be in a panic.

In an instant, the originally noisy imperial city lost its voice.

"Fettney, this fool, has indeed never let me down."

Having already entered the imperial city, Frank, from the White Moon Palace, raised his head to look at the sky, a playful smile appearing on his face.

Without needing him to make a move, he could use Fettney to probe the true background of the Faroe Kingdoms ultimate mages.

In the current middle-earth, ultimate mages were no longer a legend.

Therefore, as the center of the capital of the Faroe Kingdom, the capital also had ultimate mages, and there was definitely more than one of them.

In the Palace of the Dharma God, mage Bossa was one of the ultimate mages guarding the capital of the Faroe Kingdom. Mage Bossa, who was originally an ordinary but third cultivator of virtue, became an elemental mage, an advanced elemental mage, and a peak elemental mage. He had various opportunities, and in the end, he had become an ultimate mage.

Later on, he was recruited by the royal family of the Faroe Kingdom and became one of the three ultimate mages in the Palace of the Dharma God of the Faroe Kingdom.

As for the other two ultimate mages, Bossa had never seen them before. He only knew that they were related to the legendary ultimate mage in the gray robe of the Faroe Kingdom.

At this moment, he felt the terrifying will of the ultimate mage that was as oppressive as a dark cloud. His expression turned extremely ugly.

That was because he was only a first-level ultimate mage. Compared to such a high-level ultimate mage, the difference was too great.

However, there was nothing he could do. He was the ultimate mage that protected the kingdom. This matter concerned the safety and danger of the imperial city. He could not pretend that he had not seen it.

This was the imperial city, the center of the world. Even the gray-robed mages of the Faroe Kingdom were called upon.

Perhaps at this moment, the gray-robed mage was watching.

He absolutely could not back down!

"This is the capital of the Faroe Kingdom. Your Excellencys suppression of the capital is a provocation in the eyes of the Faroe Kingdom!"

Bossa hurriedly released the aura of an ultimate mage to protect the entire capital.

"A puny junior ultimate mage, who gave you the courage to question me?"

The terrifying figure of the ultimate mage let out a loud voice, and a powerful pressure surged towards Bossa.


The formless ultimate mages will clashed, and Bossa lost completely.


Bossas entire body trembled, and the magic in his body was instantly scattered. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, his face as pale as paper.

At this moment, countless people in the capital fell into a state of unease.

How long had it been since the capital had faced such a threat?

Many old people seemed to have returned their thoughts to more than thirty years ago, the most desperate and helpless moment. In the end, it was the gray-robed mage of the Faroe Kingdom who had suddenly appeared and defeated the Sky Wolf King of the wolf clan. He had even used powerful magic to destroy a million werewolves.

"The ultimate mage of the Faroe Kingdom will definitely protect the capital!"

This was the thought of many elders.

They firmly believed in this.

After thirty years of development, the Small World was no longer as barren as before. Instead, it was lush with vegetation and many buildings had appeared.

There were many more people here. It was just like a small town, with more than a thousand people living there.

This was the result of the hard work of Ailo and Wei.

In the beginning, they had trained the students of the Hiro Magic Academy. Later, they found children with high magic talent and good backgrounds from the common people and brought them in for training.

Every year, a batch of them would be brought in.

The first few batches had already grown up, and their magic realms were not low. The lowest were elemental mages, and even a few outstanding ones had broken through to become ultimate mages with the help of the Devouring Treasure Box.

Now, in the entire small world, excluding Ailo and Wei, there were more than ten ultimate mages.

During these thirty years, Lei Luo rarely appeared. Even if he did, he would not appear in front of others. Only Ailo and Wei had the chance to see him.

"Master, something bad has happened. There was news from outside. A very powerful ultimate mage has arrived outside the imperial city. The guardian mage, Bossa, had not even made a move and was injured by the opponents aura. It is very likely that he is a high-level ultimate mage."

Ailo was cultivating when suddenly, the voice of his eldest disciple, Colossie, came from outside.

Colossie had also broken through to the level of an ultimate mage.

"High-level ultimate mage, where did you come from?" Ailo said in surprise.

In the middle of the land, aside from him and his mother, who were high-level ultimate mages, there shouldnt be anyone else who could surpass a fourth-level ultimate mage.

Princess Wei had also received the news and rushed over.

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