Sign In Buddhas Palm Chapter 319

Chapter 319: One Person Overwhelms The World

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"Namo Amitabha!"

Outside the city of Chang'an, an old monk with bowed eyebrows looked at Lei Xuanzi into nothingness in the flames, and couldn't help but bow his head to recite the Buddha's name.

In the tens of thousands of years of overseas heritage, the land gods are above all, let alone fall, even if they coexist in a lifetime, they are unique. In the last era of vitality and tide, land gods are also strong on the side. They have lived for thousands of years and used their methods to reach the sky.

"The Lord's strength is getting stronger and stronger..." The sixth ancestor next to the old monk was full of amazement. Even though the Ten Thousand Buddhas Palace has been passed down for thousands of years, it has countless backgrounds, and it is suppressed by a piece of Buddhist power. But it can only block a land immortal for a short time at most. As for killing... it is absolutely impossible.

Unless the buddha in the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas can come back to life, who can kill a land **** in the age of silence?

"One ancestor, do you want us to visit the world-zun?" Seventh ancestor looked at the old monk with a kind eyebrows and couldn't help asking.

Lei Xuanzi returned and reclaimed land with great mana on Thunder Island. How big was the movement? Naturally, all ten ancestors of Wanfo Hall were alarmed early.

The old monk with the kind eyebrows was the first ancestor of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall. According to legend, he had already stepped into the realm of Arhat, stopped for a moment in this realm, and finally fell down because of the impact of the ocean of vitality.

Compared with other half-step land immortals, the first ancestor of Ten Thousand Buddhas Palace is stronger. The other half-step land immortals only stepped into this level with half their feet, but the first ancestor stepped in completely, only because of the backlash of the vitality ocean. It was forcibly knocked down.

"No need."

"With the patience of the Blessed One, I must have been aware of me waiting. If I want to meet, I will be summoned. If I wait for a forced visit, it is not a good thing."

The old monk with the kind eyebrows pondered for a while, shook his head, and finally showed inexplicable awe and admiration in his tone, "I can see the Blessed One's hand in this life, even if I fall into reincarnation and cannot be superborn, it is worth it."


The other ancestors of the Great Sect of the Supreme Sect who watched the game were blank in their minds and could not say a word.

Everyone stared blankly at the man whose eyes seemed to be burning. Lei Xuanzi stepped into the terrestrial fairyland, should have ruled the world, and coerced the world for five hundred years, but the result was a fall.

Who can predict this result? Who would dare to predict?

"Invincible in this world, this is the real invincible in this world!"

An ancestor of Medicine God Valley, with trembling hands, looked at Su Qin with three-point exclamation, three-point fear, and endless enthusiasm.

Since the end of the last vitality tide era, the overseas heritage has been passed down for thousands of years. For more than 10,000 years, the land gods have been known as invincible.

But the invincibility of the land gods comes from the crushing of the great realm. For example, a land **** can smash the myth of hundreds of thousands of peaks with just a gesture.

But like Su Qin, slaying a land immortal in the same realm is truly invincible in this world.

The rest of the ancestors turned pale, especially the ancestors of the Thor, whose expressions showed extreme fear.

Lei Xuanzi stepped into the land fairyland, it should have been the thunder **** sect ushering in the prosperous age, suppressing the world, but now Lei Xuanzi has fallen, this huge gap is enough to make the ancestors of the thunder **** sect collapse.

What's more, what scares the ancestors of the Thor Sect is, how will Su Qin deal with the Thor? You know, Lei Xuanzi personally hit Chang'an City, which is equivalent to completely tearing his face with Su Qin. Now that Su Qinzhen has killed Lei Xuanzi, I am afraid that he will have to deal with the Lei Shenjiao next.

After all, although the land gods overlook the common people and don't care about the ants' thoughts, it does not mean that they can be bullied by others.

The Lei Shenjiao shot Su Qin three times and four times, and now even a land **** was dispatched. How could Su Qin easily let it go?

"The strength of the Heavenly Man of Tang is really awesome..."

An ancestor of the Snow God Palace said slowly, with an inexplicable shock in his tone.

As soon as these words came out, the other ancestors suddenly trembled.

The word awe has always only appeared on gods and Buddhas in myths and legends. The ordinary strong, even the land immortals, are at most powerful and terrifying.

Now, the ancestor of the Xueshen Palace described Su Qin as "awe". It is conceivable that in her heart, Su Qin has risen to the same level as the gods and Buddhas.

To be able to not only step into the land gods in the era of silence and dying power, but also to slay land gods with gestures. This kind of talent is not gods and buddhas, but what is it?

"Tang Kingdom Heaven..."

An ancestor whispered these four words that seemed to overwhelm the world.

Compared with the panic of the ancestors of the Thunder God Sect, the other ancestors were much more calm. After all, Lei Xuanzi was a member of the Thunder God Sect and had nothing to do with the other ancestors, and it was not because of them that Lei Xuanzi hit Chang'an City.

However, even so, the ancestors were shocked in their hearts.

Originally in their minds, Lei Xuanzi and Su Qin's fight would be at best losing both sides. After all, the fight between land immortals, even if one party loses to the other, would only retreat at most.

But now, Lei Xuanzi really fell, and the Tang Dynasty Heavenly Man used invincible capital to kill a land immortal, which is beyond everyone's imagination.

"The third brother won..."

A smile finally appeared on Tang Huang's face.

Su Yueyun and the Su family members took a long sigh of relief and almost didn't support them. The previous battle was too fierce.

Especially when Su Qin's deity did not appear, it was even more dangerous when he only used his avatar to confront the enemy Lei Xuanzi. In the end, Lei Xuanzi's thunder blade almost cut Su Qin into two pieces, which made everyone in the Su family feel their hearts. Up.

"Uncle San is really amazing." Li Wan squeezed the long sword in her hand and blinked, not knowing what she was thinking.

"If you have such a strength as an immortal, who can be an opponent of an adult in the world?" The old man Fei Yu swallowed, feeling that the right decision he made in this life was to surrender actively on Wanjian Island. The secret of leaving the fairy gate was protected by Su Qin.

"The magical power of the day Jintong, really worthy of the fire element to attack the magical power..."

Above the height of several thousand meters, Su Qin did not leave immediately, but repeatedly swept in all directions with the power of the primordial spirit and Dacheng domain to confirm whether Lei Xuanzi had completely fallen.

After all, compared to the myth realm, the life-saving ability of the land immortal is much stronger, not to mention the physical body, it is extremely difficult to kill with only the power of the soul.

The myth of the pinnacle can be reborn, not to mention the land gods? As long as the land immortal escapes a trace of primordial spirit, it will be able to regain strength and return after several decades at most.

This is also the reason why land immortals will not fall easily in the last era of vitality tide recovery.

Even the land immortal at the peak like the True Monarch of the East China Sea would not attack other land immortals at will. Otherwise, if the other party escapes a ray of primordial spirit and hides in the dark for revenge a hundred years later, wouldnt it be a headache?

Of course, with Su Qin's strength, he didn't care how many times Lei Xuanzi was reborn, but it was always a trouble.

However, what Su Qin didn't expect was that under the supernatural power of Da Ri Jin pupil that awakened after Da Ri Tu Xiaocheng, Lei Xuanzi completely fell.

This is because Su Qin underestimated Da Ri Jin Tong.

Although Da Ri Jin Tong is not the great supernatural power of the fire system's strongest beast, the three-legged Golden Crow, it should not be underestimated. Lei Xuanzi has only first entered the land gods, plus he has been severely injured by Su Qin, how can he stop Da Ri? Where's Jintong?

Of course, whether it is Da Ri Jin Tong or other supernatural powers, it depends on Su Qin's strength. If Su Qin has the ability of an adult three-legged golden crow, under the Da Ri Jin Tong's irradiation, I am afraid the whole world will be burned into nothingness.

After confirming that Lei Xuanzi had completely fallen, and there was no more vitality, Su Qin continued to perceive his own strength carefully.

I have to say that Lei Xuanzi's strength is really good, even if he first entered the land fairyland, but with the thunder blade in his hand and the last type of thunder **** absolute knife, it is enough to compare with the powerhouse who has been immersed in the land fairyland for many years.

But Lei Xuanzi is stronger, and Su Qin is stronger.

At the next moment, Su Qin stepped out, disappeared from a height of several thousand meters, and appeared in front of the ancestors of Shangzong who were watching the battle.

"I've seen the heavens."

All the ancestors were shocked immediately, and quickly bowed in prayer.

At this moment, Su Qin is no different from gods and Buddhas in the hearts of all the ancestors, so how can they dare not worship?

"Heavens, I, I, I..." Only the ancestors of the Thunder God Sect were full of bitterness. When Su Qin appeared in front of them, these ancestors of the Thunder God Sect felt something The terrifying air machine locked them.

"You repeatedly provoke me by the Thunder God Sect, do you know the end?" Su Qin said lightly while looking down at a few panicked Thor ancestors with his hands on his back.

"Heaven and man, I know that I am wrong, and I hope God and man will forgive..." An ancestor headed by the Thunder God said quickly.

"no need."

Su Qin shook his head, with a thought, the Dacheng realm spread, only to see the vast and endless ocean of vitality looming, directly crushing several Thor ancestors to pieces.

"In three days, I will personally visit Thor Sect."

Su Qin glanced at the other ancestors, and after leaving this sentence, his figure disappeared again.

Three days later...

I will go to the Thor Cult in person...

The ancestors were shocked, and the words left by Su Qin were constantly echoing in their ears. They only felt astringent in their mouths, and they didn't dare to imagine.

With the respect of Suqin's land immortal, going to the Thunder God Sect is certainly not a so-called visit.

According to your ancestor's guess, Su Qin's trip to the Thunder God Sect in the next three days would be like dealing with Wan Jianzong, completely destroying the thunder God Sect, the great religion that has been passed down for thousands of years.

"The Heavenly Man of Tang is going to break everything and reshape the world..." An ancestor whispered.

When the other ancestors heard this, there were similar waves in their hearts.

When Su Qin destroyed the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, although it also caused overseas shocks, in the eyes of the ancestors, it was barely acceptable.

After all, although Wan Jianzong is the inheritance left by the land gods, after all, it has been too long for a strong person to be born. The sect did not have half a step of land gods to suppress, even if Su Qin did not take action, it might be thousands of years later. destruction.

But Thor is different.

The Lei Shen Sect has been passed down for thousands of years. Since the end of the last vitality tide, it has been standing on the top of the overseas. Does such a great religion mean that it can be destroyed by destruction?

It's just that when Su Qin said this, the ancestors on the court actually felt that the Thunder God Cult was going to end.

It is equivalent to Su Qin's single-handed effort to make such a great religion like the Thunder God dominate everything. Isn't this reshaping the world, but what is it?

"After today, Tang Tianren is truly invincible in the world." An ancestor sighed up to the sky and said with a wry smile.

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