Sign In Buddhas Palm Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Ten Thousand Swordsmen

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Chapter 321: Ten Thousand Swordsmen

When the ancestors of Shangzong and other mythical warriors who watched the battle were trembling for the strength of Su Qin's horror.

Su Qin has already returned to the palace.

Tang Emperor Su Yueyun and others immediately surrounded him, and stopped talking, staring at Su Qin closely.

"Ask directly if you have any questions." Su Qin smiled mildly. After entering the land immortal realm, his every move is in harmony with the world, even if there is no aura, it makes people feel palpitation.

The stronger the strength, the clearer the experience.

"Brother, what appeared in front of us during this period of time is" Tang Huang hesitated for a while, but still asked cautiously.

"That is an incarnation of me." Su Qin said calmly.

Before becoming a land god, Su Qin might need to conceal the existence of the avatar. After all, avatars have always been only owned by the real land gods. Under the land gods, the power of the primordial **** himself is not enough, how dare to differentiate into the primordial god?

That is, Su Qin relied on the [Magic Mind Differentiation and Parasitic Dafa] and countless pills to supplement the soul, and then he dared to try to separate the incarnation in the mythical realm.

As for now, Su Qin has completely stepped into the land immortal, there is no need to conceal the existence of the incarnation, because there is no need to conceal it.


Tang Huang blinked.

"Don't worry, the incarnation is me, there is no difference." Su Qin patiently explained.

"My lord, has the land **** of the Thunder God Sect completely fallen?" The old man Fei Yu tentatively asked when he saw that the others did not ask any questions.

"Falled completely." Su Qin nodded slightly.

After completely burning Lei Xuanzi into nothingness with Da Ri Jin Tong, Su Qin also stayed for a while, scanning constantly with the power of the primordial spirit and Dacheng domain, and finally opened the eyes of truth, confirming that it belongs to Lei Xuanzis aura. Completely wiped out before leaving.

How can Su Qin know something that even the lower three realms of warriors know?

"It's fine if you fall." The old man Fei Yu and several other mythical warriors suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

Originally, they were worried that Lei Xuanzi would escape from a ray of soul and get revenge in the future. Now it seems that Su Qin has wiped out their worries long ago.

"Uncle San, you are really too strong, even Grandpa Wan Jian can't match you" Li Wan said excitedly.

"Grandpa Wanjian?"

Su Qin was taken aback for a while.

The next moment, Su Qin slowly looked at Li Wan, preparing to say, looking at the extremely illusory sword intent in Li Wan's body.

This sword intent was when Li Wan was taken away by Wan Jianzong, and the sword ancestor was put into Li Wan's body to make the seizure of the house more smooth.

This sword intent was understood by the ancestor of the sword from the nine thousand-zhang sword peaks on Wanjian Island. It is said to be one of the inheritances of Wanjiandao people, and it is extremely precious.

When Su Qin brought Li Wan back, he also carefully checked the illusory sword intent, and did not see anything. This sword intent was already extremely illusory. Even if it was parasitic in Li Wan's body, it would last for hundreds of years at most. Hundreds of years later, this sword will completely collapse.

However, at this moment, when Su Qin completely stepped into the realm of land gods, and then came to watch this illusory sword intent, he discovered a scene that he had never seen before.


A hint of coldness appeared on Su Qin's face, he raised his right hand and pressed it lightly.

In an instant, the illusory sword intent in Li Wan's body was pulled out by Su Qin abruptly.

The sword intent is illusory, constantly rolling, and finally turned into a middle-aged man with an illusory figure and sword-like eyes.

"Ten thousand kendo people?"

Su Qin looked at the illusory middle-aged man and said lightly.

Although Su Qin had never seen a person from Wanjiandao, he was extremely convinced at this moment that the illusory middle-aged man in front of him who was forced out by him, even if it was not a person from Wanjiandao, had a lot to do with the person from Wanjiandao more than four thousand years ago. .

Otherwise, apart from kendo land gods and thousands of kendo people more than four thousand years ago, who would exude such a pure sword intent?

"The master has fallen a long time ago. I am just a sword spirit left by the master." The illusory middle-aged man sighed and said truthfully.

The so-called sword spirit is a sword spirit land **** who separates a part of the power of his primordial spirit and refines it according to the method of refining magic weapons.

In a way, the sword spirit is already an independent creature, and has nothing to do with Wanjiandao people, but may inherit part of the memory of Wanjiandao people, and then form a brand new life.

Sword Spirit is not a human race, it is more like a spiritual life.

Of course, there are many ways to give birth to sword spirits. The most common one is that a divine sword has experienced thousands of years, and a kind of spirituality is born naturally, and under infinite time accumulation, it gradually becomes a spirit.

It's just that the sword spirit condensed by the latter takes too long, at least ten thousand years, and the breath of the illusory middle-aged man in front of him is from the same source as the ten thousand swordsman. It can only be the ten thousand swordsman. Part of the soul is refined.

"Sword Spirit?"

Su Qin narrowed his eyes slightly, but he believed most of it in his heart.

Ten thousand kendo men are land gods who lived more than 4,000 years ago. Logically speaking, they have long been dead, so how can they live to the present?

If it is a sword spirit, it makes sense.

Sword Spirit is not a ten thousand swordsman, nor is it a human race, but a spiritual life, which naturally can easily live for thousands of years.

"What is the purpose of Ten Thousand Swordsmen leaving you?" Su Qin asked indifferently with a calm expression.

"The master hopes to pass on his inheritance." The middle-aged man with an illusory figure said immediately, very cooperative.

Su Qin's strength, even the 10,000 swordsmen of more than four thousand years ago, may not have been able to fight, let alone a mere sword spirit in it?

Therefore, if a middle-aged man wants to survive, the only thing he can do is answer any questions Su Qin has.

"Let's pass on?"

"Isn't Wan Jianzong the inheritance of Wan Jiandao people?"

Su Qin is noncommittal.

The Ten Thousand Sword Sect that he destroyed with his own hands, naturally knew that the Ten Thousand Sword Sect was the sect established by the Wan Sword Taoist people.

"Ten Thousand Sword Sect?"

The illusory middle-aged man shook his head and said: "Wan Jianzong is not the inheritance left by the master. He is just a descendant who discovered the cave house left by the master, learned a little bit of the master's tricks, and then said without embarrassment, claiming to be the master. The established sect."

Speaking of this, the middle-aged man showed a trace of contempt.

"That's it."

Su Qin felt thoughtful on his face when he heard this.

This can also explain why Wan Jianzong is so weak. Even the strongest sword ancestor of the sect is only a metamorphosis of the soul.

You must know that even if the Heiyuan Sect, who has never given birth to land immortals, has the first ancestor who is comparable to the half-step land immortal, how could there be only one sword ancestor in the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, the inheritance sect of the land immortal of kendo?

You must know that if a land fairy really leaves the inheritance sect, it will inevitably set up a lot of heritage, and even specially select some guardians to promote its strength to the half-step land fairy realm, and then make it self-proclaimed Sleeping, waking up when the sect encounters danger.

But Wan Jianzong

Ten Thousand Swordsmen are land gods more than 4,000 years ago. Compared with other land gods who have been sitting for a long time, they are already extremely young. How can they be without resistance in front of Su Qin?

You know, when Su Qin destroyed the Ten Thousand Sword Sect at the time, even the primordial spirit had not yet transformed. If Ten Thousand Sword Sect really had a half-step terrestrial immortal level powerhouse sleeping, even if Su Qin used many cards to forcibly destroy the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, he would still pay the price. .

Half-step land gods are inferior to real land gods, but after all they have a glimpse of the nature of land gods, and they are above the myths of ordinary peaks.

And when Su Qin was talking with the sword spirit left by Wan Jiandao, the people next to him were dumbfounded.

The news that the illusory middle-aged man said is definitely the big secret of the overseas martial arts world.

Especially the elder Fei Yu, he never thought that Wan Jianzong was not the inheritance sect left by Wan Jiandao people, it was just that the magpies nest was occupied by posterity.

"It's no wonder that the witch king from the Wumen sect hit the Ten Thousand Sword Sect three thousand years ago, but finally stopped in front of the nine thousand-zhang sword peaks. Perhaps at that time, the witch king had discovered that the Ten Thousand Sword Sect was not the true inheritance sect of the Ten Thousand Swordsman. The door, only then left unhappily."

Between the electric light and the flint, the old man Fei Yu flashed one thought after another.

"Then you entrusted in Li Wan's body, the purpose is only to teach her the inheritance of ten thousand swordsmen?"

Su Qin looked at the illusory middle-aged man with a smile.


The illusory middle-aged man looked solemnly and solemnly said: "Although Wan'er's talent is only the body of the sword heart, her understanding of kendo is incredible, much stronger than that of the sword ancestor."

"The sword ancestor has studied for hundreds of years without getting started, but in Wan'er, he has surpassed it in just a few years." When the illusory middle-aged man said this, his tone suddenly became fanatical.

With Li Wan's aptitude, if he step by step and accept the inheritance of ten thousand swordsmen step by step, at most 400 years, he can surpass the sword ancestor and attack the land of immortals.

As for whether he can step into the land of immortals in the end, no one can guarantee this. Even the Wanjian Taoist who entered the land of immortals was a fluke and cannot be replicated.

In fact, even in the last era of vitality tidal recovery, no one can believe that they will be able to become a land god.

To step into the realm of land immortals, talent and understanding are important, but luck is also indispensable.

"is it?"

Su Qin's Dacheng domain was enveloped, covered by the power of the primordial spirit, and after confirming that the illusory middle-aged man had not lied, he continued, "The last question."

"Heaven, please speak."

The illusory middle-aged man quickly said: "As long as I know, I wont hide it."

"Did the Ten Thousand Swordsman ever enter the fairy gate back then?" Su Qin said with a deep light in his eyes.

For thousands of years overseas, every land fairy born will travel the world in his old age, search the world, find the fairy gate, and try to use the power of the fairy gate to go one step further and live another life.

Ten thousand Kendo people are naturally no exception.

And Su Qin was curious about whether the Taoist Wan Jian had ever entered the fairy gate in the past?

"The fairy gate?"

The face of the illusory middle-aged man changed slightly

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