Sign In Buddhas Palm Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Distracted Return To Yuan God Ruins

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Since knowing that the "Xianmen" was the last vitality tide era, several strongest men joined forces to penetrate the void and opened up the small world, Su Qin has been quite curious about the "Xianmen".

Its just that the matter of the Xianmen is considered a big secret even among the many great religions of the Shangzong. Even if it is the Heavenly Mystery Gate, which is said to be countless for the common people, not much is known about the Fairy Gate.

But the sword spirit left by the ten thousand swordsmen in front of him is different.

As a part of the soul of the Ten Thousand Swordsman, the Sword Spirit inherited part of the memory of the Ten Thousand Swordsman. In the past, the Ten Thousand Swordsman traveled around the world and searched the world. The understanding of the fairy gate must be far more than the Tianji gate.

After all, the immortal gate was opened by the strongest, and it has the aura of the strongest to suppress it. It is not causal. No matter how the heavenly secret gate is calculated, there is definitely not much that can be known. How can it be comparable to the ten thousand swordsman who personally searched for the traces of the immortal gate. What?

"The master did find the fairy gate."

The illusory middle-aged man was silent for a long time and spoke.


Su Qin's eyes lit up.

"It's just that I don't know if the master has entered the fairy gate." The illusory middle-aged man shook his head and said, "but the master told me last time that entering the fairy gate is completely dead. Its still the case, just not reconciled."

The illusory middle-aged man imitated the tone of ten thousand kendos more than four thousand years ago, with a touch of unwillingness and helplessness.

To be able to overcome all obstacles in the age of silence, and step into the existence of the land gods, which one is not the gift of heaven? How proud of your heart? In the end, I watched as I was restrained by the environment of the world, step by step toward old age, and finally knew that I was going to die, but still wanted to find the fairy gate.

In a certain way, a warrior who became a land fairy in the age of silence, in the age of vitality tide, can at least step into the peak land fairy, not weaker than the true monarch of the East China Sea, and even hope to hit the realm of the strong.

"Ten deaths but no life"

Su Qin's face is thoughtful.

This is similar to his guess. The fairy gate and even the strong broke through the void and opened up. They must not be in the world. If you want to force into the fairy gate from the world, you must pass through the void passage.

And the void channel is filled with the power of space, the existence under the strongest is impossible to cross, and it will only be shattered under the power of endless space.

"Does the Ten Thousand Swordsman know other news about the immortal gate?" Su Qin touched his chin and continued to ask.

According to Su Qin's idea, in the future, he will definitely go to Xianmen personally and sign in all the places that can be signed in Xianmen. Therefore, he naturally wants to know more about Xianmen in advance.

"Other news from Xianmen?"

The illusory middle-aged man bowed his head and thought for a while, "The master said inadvertently that if it were not for the fairy gate, the age of vitality and prosperity would last for two thousand years."

"Several Xeons broke through the void and opened up a small world of fairy gates, but at the very beginning, what the Xeons opened up was not a small world. At best, it can only be regarded as a vast space. Although it can accommodate living creatures, but Due to incomplete rules, it is very difficult to appear a warrior.

The middle-aged man with an illusory figure slowly said.

"is it?"

Su Qin's eyes flashed.

He suddenly thought of the Temple of War.

As a space magic weapon, the Temple of War God also does not exist in the human world. However, unlike the human world, the Temple of War God is rich in vitality, but it is almost difficult to break through due to the lack of rules.

Other warriors who entered the Temple of War in history also made rapid progress after they came out of the Temple of War.

In other words, there is no breakthrough in the Temple of War.

But according to the words that Tianjizi and Su Qin said, the small world of the immortal gate obviously can make the land immortals and even the strongest cultivate breakthroughs.

"The vitality of the heavens and the earth is like a tide, there will be a decline when there is recovery, but whether it is a recovery or a decline, it is slow and gradual."

"But at the end of the last vitality tide era, after opening up the fairy gate, several Xeons forcibly used great supernatural powers to pour the small semi-rules of the world and vital energy into the small world of the fairy gate."

"Because of this, almost in a few years, the tide of vitality in the world has completely silenced"

The illusory middle-aged man said that, a hint of sarcasm appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Even if he is as strong as the Xeon, he still has selfishness. Otherwise, how could there be a fairy gate?

"That's it."

Su Qin nodded slightly.

At this moment, Su Qin already knew what kind of existence the fairy gate was.

Strictly speaking, there is no essential difference between the Immortal Gate and the Temple of War, but the space inside the Immortal Gate is much wider than that of the Temple of War.

After all, Xianmen was jointly developed by a number of the strongest, and the Temple of War is only refined by a strong, and there will be a gap between the two.

In addition, due to the influx of immortal gates into the world at that time, the small half vitality spirit and the rules, far easier to practice than the temple of war, this is the reason why the immortal gates are called the small world.

"Heaven and man, everything I know has been told to you truthfully. As for the trust in Wan'er, it is entirely because Wan'er fits the inheritance of the master."

The illusory middle-aged man bowed deeply towards Su Qin and said, "I still hope that heaven and man will be fulfilled."

"Inheritance of Ten Thousand Swordsmen" Su Qin's eyes were calm, and he glanced at Li Wan next to him.

At this moment, Li Wan is still in a state of dumbfounded. She never expected that the Grandpa Wanjian that often appeared in her mind was the sword spirit left by the kendo land immortal Wanjiandao more than 4,000 years ago.

As for the Tang Emperor Su Yueyun and others, there was no response for a long time, and they kept looking at the illusory middle-aged man.

The old man Fei Yu and several other mythical warriors looked at Li Wan with envy.

The sword spirit is refined by a part of the primordial spirit of the ten thousand swordsman. It is taught by the sword spirit, which is equivalent to the personal teaching of a land immortal. Such a encounter is something that all mythical warriors in overseas dare not dream of.

"I hope you don't have any other thoughts." Su Qin groaned for a while, raised his right hand, and pointed at the middle-aged man with an illusory figure.

next moment.

The sword spirit left by the Taoist Ten Thousand Swordsman was transformed into an illusory divine sword again, and returned to Li Wan's body again.

Sword Spirit is refined by part of the soul of the Ten Thousand Swordsman, but it is fundamentally different from the Ten Thousand Swordsman. Strictly speaking, the Sword Spirit is no longer a Ten Thousand Swordsman, or even a human race.

Therefore, Su Qin doesn't have to worry about the rebirth of Li Wan's body by the ten thousand swordsmen.

More than four thousand years have passed, even the strongest are dead, let alone a land fairy?

In addition, Su Qin's last finger left a little means in the sword spirit body, which further cut off the sword spirit's other thoughts.

"All right."

"I will go to retreat first."

Su Qin gave Li Wan a few more words, and after chatting with Tang Huang and others for a while, he returned to the underground black towering hall.

"Finally, I can take a closer look at the changes in the land fairyland." Su Qin sat cross-legged, his mind continuously sinking into his flesh.

Lei Xuanzi came to kill, and after Su Qin Gang entered the land fairyland, he immediately left the customs and shot the enemy. As a result, Su Qin has not had time to fully experience the changes in his own strength.

"In the land of immortals, the soul can blend into the ocean of vitality in the depths of the void at any time, mobilize the power of the ocean of vitality, and always maintain the state of harmony between nature and man, which is really incredible."

Su Qin suddenly opened his eyes, staring in surprise.

He finally knew why the land gods were invincible. It turned out that the land gods had the power of the vitality ocean.

How vast is the ocean of vitality? The place where the power of vitality converges in that realm symbolizes all vital energy in the world. It is precisely because of the waves of vitality ocean that cause the tidal recovery and decline of vitality.

Although the vitality ocean power that can be mastered even if it is the pinnacle land fairy, it is only a small part of the entire vitality ocean, but it is far beyond the imagination of any mythical realm warrior.

"The land fairyland is divided into three parts: distraction, return to the origin, and **** ruins!"

"And I should be in the Distraction Realm at this moment, and the pinnacle of the Distraction Realm!" Su Qin clenched his fists, feeling the infinite power in his body, as well as the extreme abundance that almost turned into the essence of the essence. , Heart ups and downs.

The so-called distraction is the ability to differentiate the primordial spirit, which is also a method that all land gods have, as long as they are willing, they can differentiate into a primordial spirit incarnation.

However, ordinary land immortals who first enter the Divine Realm will hardly differentiate into the incarnation of the Primordial God, because the price is too high, and the land fairy who first enters the Divine Realm cannot even use the power of the Primordial God, so how can they give up? What about some primordial spirits?

Like the ten thousand swordsmen, using part of his soul to refine sword spirits is definitely not much.

"The peak of the distraction state"

Su Qin's eyes were deep and a smile appeared on his face.

The other warriors just stepped into the land fairyland, and they all entered the realm of distraction, but Su Qin was different. With the help of the connection between the golden crow divine body and the vitality ocean, Su Qin yuanshen easily penetrated into the depths of the vitality ocean until he stopped in front of the bottom layer and used there. Su Qingang entered the state of distraction, and he was already standing at the pinnacle.

If this is let other land gods know, their eyes will be red. You know, the cultivation of land gods is not known how many times more difficult than the myth realm. For example, the land gods who have come out of the world for thousands of years will not necessarily reach the peak of the distracted gods until they reach the end of their life.

As soon as Su Qin broke through to the land god, he was already at the pinnacle of the distraction state, which was simply shocking.

Even in the last vitality tide period, with abundant vitality and inspiration everywhere, if the gods of the Divine Realm want to cultivate to the peak of the Divine Realm, it will take a hundred or even two hundred years of hard work.

"It seems that I chose to use the Golden Crow Divine Body to communicate with the ocean of vitality, and it is right to continue to deepen with the vitality."

Su Qin looked very satisfied.

In fact, as early as when Su Qin entered the unformed source of earth travel in West Desert, he could already choose to attack the land fairyland.

Only two prerequisites are needed to hit the land immortals, one is to condense the micro-sphere, and the other is to transform into the soul.

And Su Qin was already satisfied at that time, and coupled with the source of soil travel, there was no problem in hitting the land immortals.

Even if the source of soil travel has not formed, Su Qin has enough accumulation.

Only in that way, Su Qin will definitely not be able to penetrate into the ocean of vitality with the soul, even if he finally successfully stepped into the land god, it is only the early stage of the distraction state, how can he compare to the current peak?

"The strength of the pinnacle of the Distraction Realm, coupled with other hole card means, even if I encounter the land gods of the Guiyuan Realm, I must be able to fight."

Su Qin Youran thought.

Whether it is a land **** in the Divine Realm, or a land **** in the Guiyuan Realm, or a land **** in the God Ruins realm at the peak, they are all different levels within the land **** realm. Although there are differences, they are not considered qualitative changes, at least in the points. The gap between the Divine Realm and the Guiyuan Realm is not like a moat.

As for the God Ruins Realm

The **** ruins realm among the land gods is very special.

The Ruins of the Gods are already standing on the pinnacle of the land gods. The powerful Gods of the Gods of the Ruins land has begun to touch the power of space. Although they cannot break freely like the strongest ones, they are far superior to other land gods of the Gods.

Of course, most of the land immortals of the Divine Ruins realm will not be able to contact the power of space in their entire lives. Even if they really touch the power of space with a great opportunity, whether they can step into that step and become the strongest is two different things.

"Compared with the breakthrough of realm, the improvement of the physical body is even greater." Su Qin suddenly thought of something and looked down at his hands.

Any peak myth that enters the land fairyland will usher in a skyrocket in terms of body and soul.

The primordial spirit merges into the ocean of vitality, is nourished by the ocean of vitality, and then draws the power of the ocean of vitality to replenish the body.

"The Golden Crow Divine Body is the divine body that was condensed only after the big sun figure became small."

"When the soul is pulling the fire system vitality in the vitality ocean to strengthen the physical body, it is constantly cultivating the big sun map"

Su Qin closed his eyes, and his heart sank in front of the big sun stone picture deep in his mind.

"The cultivation of the big sun map is divided into entry, Xiaocheng, and Dacheng. Among them, the big sun map of Dacheng can turn me into the three-legged golden crow of the strongest beast of the fire system."

Su Qin looked at the big sun stone map deep in his mind. There are tens of thousands of light spots on the stone map. At this moment, there are more than 500 light spots faintly shining on the edge of the stone map.

"Already lit up five hundred light spots?"

Su Qin's eyes glowed, and the smile on his face was hard to hide.

You should know that before Su Qin closed the door, the big sun map was nothing but a small one, lighting up a hundred spots of light on the edge of the stone map.

This is also the result of Su Qin's uninterrupted sign-in for decades, and finally contact with the impact of the source of fire.

But now, just stepping into the land fairyland, it instantly lit up four hundred spots of light. This change made Su Qin overjoyed.

Even if Su Qin had faintly felt the changes in the Golden Crow's body, and speculated that it was Da Ri Tus improvement by leaps and bounds, when he saw Da Ri Tus cultivation progress, he was still full of joy.

"The deep level of fire vitality in the ocean of vitality is too huge."

Su Qin sighed with emotion.

Only the fire system vitality that uses the vitality to pull the vitality ocean to replenish the physical body, it pushed his Da Suntu cultivation to such an extent.

"If my body enters the ocean of vitality and suffocates its huge fire vitality, I am afraid I can cultivate Dahitu to greatness in a short time."

Su Qin's heartbeat

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