Sign In Buddhas Palm Chapter 359

Chapter 360: look

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"The world... the breath outside the world?"

The tall figure sitting cross-legged whispered to himself, and there was a look of uncertainty in his eyes, as if he felt something extremely incredible.

"Holy Lord?"

"what have you found?"

Under the tall figure seat, the pupils of the Taishang of the Nine Swords Holy Land shrank and asked immediately.

Although the Nine Swords Realm is a small world opened up by the strongest Nine Swords,'Jiu Li', when the Nine Swords went to the void outside the realm, they did not leave a way to leave the Nine Swords Realm, so all beings in the Nine Swords Realm For tens of thousands of years, they have been trapped in the Nine Swords Realm.

For ordinary creatures, even those peak myths, the Nine Swords Realm is not much different from the human world, and even because of the small world, the Nine Swords Realm will not experience the silence of vitality. But in the eyes of a real land fairy, the Nine Sword Realm is no different from a cage.

The strongest Nine Sword'Nine Li' didn't know what method was used to keep the vitality spirit machine in the Nine Swords realm in a sufficient state, but the cultivation of the land immortal level, the vitality spirit machine alone is far from enough, the land gods are even more It requires an insight into the laws of the real heaven and earth, especially when the land gods of the Guiyuan realm enter the realm of the gods...

And the Nine Swords Realm is just a small world opened up by the strongest, not a real big world like the human world, naturally there is no great law.

Therefore, even if sitting on the countless resources of the entire Nine Swords Realm, even the inheritance left by the Nine Swords Strongest "Nine Li" has begun to touch, but due to world restrictions, the strongest of the Nine Swords Holy Land is only the Guiyuan Realm. Land fairy.

This has been the case for tens of thousands of years, and there has never been a change.

Therefore, all the land immortals in the Holy Land of Nine Swords are all eager to get rid of the world of Nine Swords and go to the rumored world.

Although there are ups and downs of vitality in the human world, at least it will not be as hopeless as the Nine Sword Realm, and there is no change in sight.

When the Nine Swords Strongest'Jiu Li' led countless human beings into the Nine Sword Realm 50,000 years ago, he never thought of letting these creatures leave. In the Nine Swords Strongest's eyes, these creatures were nothing but his loneliness. At that time, whatever you want to do at will, just fend for itself.

"Through the Divine Sword, I noticed the appearance of outside aura..."

The Nine Swords Lord is tall, he stared at the divine sword that was trembling in front of him, and said in a deep voice.

Fifty thousand years ago, the reason why the masters of the Nine Swords Holy Land occupied the periphery of the sacred mountain and founded the Nine Swords Holy Land is because of this divine sword.

Through this divine sword, the saint masters of the Nine Swords Holy Land can faintly radiate perception to the entire Nine Swords Realm. Although it is not a complete picture, they can still clearly discover the aura that is obviously different from the world itself.. ....

"Outside the atmosphere..."

Several Supreme Master Qi Qi of the Nine Swords Holy Land was shocked, and his faces were full of horror.

"Could it be the return of the Nine Swords Strongest?" One of the holy places was too ugly, and his voice trembled slightly.

The Nine Swords Realm was created by the Nine Swords Supreme, hidden in the depths of the void. Except for the Nine Swords Supreme, other existences, even if they are the same, are difficult to find.

Although the strongest can shatter the void and survive in the depths of the void, the void is vast and vast. Wanting to find the Nine Sword Realm with such precision is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.

Just like this, this grandmaster wondered whether it was the return of the Nine Swords Strongest.

Only the Nine Swords Strong can find the position of the Nine Swords Realm so easily and enter it.

"Nine swords supreme..." A trace of fear appeared on the face of another Taishang.

Nine Swords Holy Land occupies the holy mountain, known as the inheritance holy land of the Nine Swords Supreme, but in fact, the Nine Swords Holy Land forcibly occupied the holy mountain after the Nine Swords Supreme had left.

If the Nine Swords Supreme really returns, I am afraid that the first one will find the Nine Swords Holy Land for liquidation.

"It's over..."

The third sacred place is too high and his face is ashes ashes.

They are just returning to the Yuan realm land gods, not even the God Ruins realm, how can they beat the Nine Swords to the strongest?

"It's not the strongest of the Nine Swords..." The Nine Swords Master took a deep breath, glanced at the remaining pale-faced Holy Land Taishang, and shook his head.

Even if it is the strongest of the Broken Void Realm, it will only have five thousand years of life. After five thousand years, even if the flesh is hard to decay, the soul will follow. Perhaps the legendary soul of the strongest person can exceed five. The limit is a thousand years, but it is absolutely impossible to survive fifty thousand years.

Besides, if it is really the return of the Nine Swords Xtreme, the entire sacred mountain should rise at this moment and return to the palm of the Nine Swords Xtreme.

According to the ancient books recorded by countless ancestors of the Nine Swords Holy Land, the Nine Swords Sacred Land had refined the entire sacred mountain into a supreme treasure. Even though the Nine Swords Sacred Land has been continuously refined for fifty thousand years, it has only been refined. Less than a ten thousandth of the sacred mountain is outside.

But even so, the Nine Swords Holy Land also relied on this to dominate the world for fifty thousand years.

"Not the strongest of the Nine Swords?"

The elders of the Holy Land looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as it is not the strongest of Nine Swords, everything can be restored, and there is still room for maneuver.

"Is it a coincidence that a certain strong man discovered the Nine Sword Realm?" Another Holy Land elder guessed.

"It shouldn't be the strongest either." The Nine Swords Master hesitated for a while, and said slowly.

"See it for yourself."

Nine Swords Holy Land's gaze turned slightly, and he looked at the divine sword in front of him again.

At this moment, the Nine Swords Lord raised his right hand and solemnly placed a little on the sword.


The entire divine sword suddenly uttered the sound of a sword cry, and then, a light curtain was exposed on the sword body, and pictures gradually appeared in front of everyone.

These pictures, from front to back, quickly spread in a certain direction, as if a scene from a very distant place was reflected on it.


A huge and majestic palace appeared on the screen, and behind the palace was a dark void passage.

"Void Passage."

"This is a void passage!"

"Sure enough, it's an outside atmosphere."

Several elders of the Holy Land saw this scene, and their heartbeats suddenly accelerated.

Since the Void Channel has appeared, it means that if they follow the Void Channel, they can leave the Nine Sword Realm.

This is simply an unprecedented hope for the land gods who are stuck in the Guiyuan realm on the court.

"And this huge towering palace, should it be a treasure?"

"It's not a treasure. The breath of the treasure shakes the world. This should be a large or even super large space magic weapon."

The Holy Land Supreme Elder who first spoke solemnly said.

Generally speaking, large-scale space magic weapons are worth looking for, and as for super-large space magic weapons, even the most powerful ones can't compare with their natural treasures.


"Even if it is really a super large space magic weapon, how can it block the observation of the Excalibur?"

A holy land elder with white eyebrows snorted coldly and said.

After discovering the void passage, the elders of these holy grounds also realized that the existence who sneaked into the Nine Sword Realm should not be the strongest.

The Xeons shatter the void between their hands and feet. They don't need a void passage at all, and they don't need to pass through the void passage through the protection of a super-large space magic weapon.

"I'm still worried about it."

"If it is really the Xeon, the entire Nine Sword Realm at this moment should have long been surrendered to the vastness of the Xeon, which is like the breath of heaven and earth. How could it be possible for me to wait here to discuss it?"

The more the sacred elders talked about, the more confident they were.

In their opinion, it should be someone who is lucky to find the Void Channel, and then follows the Void Channel into the Nine Sword Realm.

Only the background of the Nine Swords Realm, even if they encounter the gods of the gods, they can resist a few times, as for the gods of the gods, they don't pay attention to it.

"Let's see, who is the "lucky guy" that brought me a void passage..."

All the elders of the Holy Land continue to watch the picture.

But at this moment, images continued to emerge, and two figures appeared in the final image.

These two figures, one slender and tall, and the other standing there respectfully, seem to be answering some questions.

"it's him!"

Even the Saint Master of Nine Swords, his gaze was instantly focused on that slender figure.

Just when the Holy Master of Nine Swords and all the elders of the Holy Land looked at this slender and tall figure together.

This slender, tall figure seemed to sense something, and raised its head slightly, with deep eyes, looking towards them.


The Lord of Nine Swords and all the elders of the Holy Land only felt that they saw a pair of eyes that looked like a vast world. Under the eyes of these eyes, including the Lord of Nine Swords, everyone on the field began to plunge into darkness quickly.

Hum! !

In an instant.

Excalibur began to tremble violently again.

Scene after scene continued to collapse and torn apart.

When the picture completely collapsed, the Nine Swords Saint Master and others suddenly woke up, their faces turned pale, and their expressions showed shock.



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