Sign In Buddhas Palm Chapter 360

Chapter 361: Under the sacred mountain

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Chapter 361

Nine Swords Holy Mountain.

The Divine Sword, which had been continuously bursting out with multiple light curtains, reflected scenes of hundreds of thousands of miles, millions of miles away in front of everyone, suddenly began to shake, and then countless pictures quickly collapsed.

In an instant.

The audience was silent.

From the Nine Swords Saint Master to the several Holy Land Supreme Elders, they were all dumbfounded and unbelievable.

This divine sword was handed down by the strongest Nine Swords Jiu Li. The reason why the Nine Swords Holy Land was able to overwhelm the world and even began to refine the periphery of the sacred mountain relied on the power of this divine sword.

The divine sword is alive, if you use the holy mountain again, you can watch any corner of the Nine Sword Realm in a flash.

Of course, this is also a great consumption for the Nine Swords Lord, but now that the outside aura is inexplicably appearing, the Nine Swords Lord naturally can't take care of the consumption.

But what everyone on the court didn't expect was that when the Excalibur was about to reveal the appearance of the comer, it would collapse inexplicably?

how can that be?

Several elders of the Holy Land were puzzled.

But the Sage Master of Nine Swords had a solemn expression, faintly guessing something.

"It's a meta-mystery technique."

"This person prevented the divine sword from observing with the meta-mystery technique."

When the Nine Swords Master said this, he paused for a moment and continued: "If the Divine Sword hadn't stopped by itself just now, I'm afraid I would be in big trouble."

The words came out.

The expressions of the elders of the remaining sacred places were once again white.

The Nine Swords Lord was right. If it weren't for the sudden collapse of the picture, their minds should have fallen into that deep pair of eyes at the moment, how could they still be talking here?

"too frightening."

"Is this the meta-mystery technique that the Nine Swords Strongest had said?"

The elder Taishang with white eyebrows was sweating coldly. Compared with domains, mana, and other methods, meta-mysticism is invisible and intangible, and it is impossible to defend against. Even with a medium, it can kill people thousands of miles away.

Although Su Qin's gaze was not that exaggerated just now, it was clear that even the Nine Sword Saint Lord was terrified, not to mention the other Supreme Elders.

"However, through this matter, it should have been confirmed that this person is just a land immortal, at most a little special, a land immortal belonging to the origin of the soul." The second Supreme Elder said slowly.

If the person here is really the strongest, he should have torn the void at the first time he was prying into the sky and descended on the Nine Swords Sacred Mountain.

"Not bad."

"Although the land immortals of the original spirit line are terrifying, they are not irresistible."

Another great elder said.

If you dont know in advance, you will rush to encounter a land immortal in the soul of the soul, even if it is the Lord of the Nine Swords, you will suffer a big loss, but now that you already know that the opponent is a strong man in the soul of the soul, be prepared Later, it should be a lot calmer.

Although meta-mysticism is known as weird and unpredictable, it is not invincible.

Some primordial spirit even kills a thousand enemies and harms oneself 800. For example, Su Qin signed in on Wanjian Island to obtain the Heart Sword Technique of the original spirit, turning the power of the original spirit into a heart sword, and then using the heart sword to slay the enemy.

If you can successfully kill the opponent's soul, everything will be fine, but if you can't kill it and cause damage to the heart sword itself, then it will also be bitten on the soul of Su Qin. The soul will be weak, and the soul will collapse.

Of course, this hidden danger does not exist with the primordial ultimate move Dark Abyss.

Dark Abyss does not condense the power of ones primordial spirit into something, but forms a phantom world of primordial spirit in the sea of knowledge, and then draws the minds of others with this illusory world

As the strongest person in the primordial line, even if it fails, it will have no effect on Su Qin.

"The holy mountain and even the strong are left, once I wait to hide in a high place, even no matter how powerful the meta-mystery technique, it should be of no use to me." The Nine Sword Saint Master nodded slightly.

The sacred mountain at their feet is thousands of years long. It was refined by the strongest Nine Swords 50,000 years ago,'Jiu Li', even if it is not comparable to the nine divine swords behind the'Jiu Li'. It is better than the normal natal treasure.

Not to mention that it can completely block the primordial spirit's ultimate move, but at least it can weaken the power of the primordial spirit's ultimate move by 90%.

"what should I do now?"

"The Void Channel is there, shall I wait to pass?" Another Supreme Elder said in a deep voice.

The few people on the court are all land immortals in the Guiyuan realm, and the temptation of the void passage is too great for them, which is equivalent to further hope.

"Not urgent."

"The Nine Swords Supreme didn't leave behind the primordial treasure. If you go out rashly, who of you is confident that you can block the other's primordial mystery skills?" The Nine Swords Master glanced at several Supreme Elders and said lightly.

When several elders heard this, their expressions suddenly changed.

Even if you know that the opponent is good at meta-mysticism, what about it?

There are only two ways to fight against meta-mystery, one is to rely on the protection of the treasure, and the other is to resist.

Resistant, live.

Can't resist, die.

The few elders on the court did not have the confidence to block the deep eyes that looked like the world just now.

As for the treasures, the entire Nine Swords Holy Land does not have many treasures. If one is lost, one is missing. How could it be possible for a certain elder to carry the treasure out?

"Then what to do?"

The elder Taishang with white eyebrows said unwillingly.

The other elders also frowned slightly, obviously equally unwilling.

If the Void Channel had never appeared, they wouldn't have any other emotions. After 50,000 years, I don't know how many holy land immortals of Tianzong wizards died in Guiyuan.

But now, the Void Channel really appears in front of them, who can stop the temptation?

"rest assured."

"This person should take the initiative to find my Nine Swords Holy Land."

"By then, I will rely on the power of the holy mountain together, and for a while, I will be the strong outsider in the soul of the soul."

The Nine Swords Master's eyes flickered, and he spoke.

The Nine Swords Sacred Mountain is the absolute core of the entire Nine Swords Realm, and even has the inheritance of a strongest person. The Nine Swords Sage Lord does not believe that the other party will have no interest at all.

Outside the Void Channel.

Su Qin was listening to Chunyangzi's words, suddenly raised his head slightly and glanced in a certain direction.


A smile appeared on Su Qin's face.

With his strength, he naturally felt the sense of peeping from the glance just now.

Compared with the mighty observation and peeping of the eyes of the Demon God in the immortal gate, this sense of peeping is extremely weak.

It is precisely because of this that Su Qin directly followed this sense of voyeurism and returned the Dark Abyss with the ultimate move of the primordial spirit.

Compared with other primordial spirit killing moves, Dark Abyss is even more bizarre, killing people simply with the eyes is incredible.


"In the end it was blocked by other forces."

Su Qin shook his head slightly, thinking silently in his heart.

In fact, Su Qin was not disappointed either. The primordial spirit's ultimate move Dark Abyss was certainly powerful, but it was obviously impossible to kill several powerful people of the same level with hundreds of thousands of miles and millions of miles apart.

In Su Qin's view, even if there is no other power to stop him, the Dark Abyss can't help the other party, and at most make his mind immersed for a moment.

"Senior, has something happened?" Chun Yangzi next to Su Qin saw an inexplicable smile on Su Qin's face, and immediately asked with uneasy speculation.

"It's nothing."

Su Qin shook his head and said casually, "Let's go to the Holy Mountain with me."

PS: Ashamed, did not recover

(End of this chapter)

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