Sign In Buddhas Palm Chapter 361

Chapter 362: arrival

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Chapter 362: Arrival

Holy Mountain.

is the absolute core of the Nine Swords Realm. When the Nine Swords strongest Jiu Li opened up the Nine Swords Realm 50,000 years ago, he had been in retreat on the holy mountain for hundreds of years, and then drifted away and never appeared again.

After the disappearance of the Nine Swords Strongest, several ancestors of the Nine Swords Holy Land forcibly occupied the periphery of the holy mountain and founded the Nine Swords Holy Land, the heritage of the Nine Swords Strongest, which has crushed the entire Nine Swords World for fifty thousand years.

Such a long time, it is not that no one thought of resisting the rule of the Nine Swords Holy Land, but they all failed. Even though the Nine Swords Holy Land only mastered the sporadic methods of the Nine Swords Strong, it was not something that the creatures in the Nine Swords world could resist.

"Senior, are you going to the holy mountain?"

Chunyangzi next to heard this and immediately opened her eyes wide, unable to believe it.

In Chunyangzis eyes, Su Qin was indeed very strong. With every gesture, the two disciples of the Nine Swords Holy Land turned into nothingness like ants, but if Su Qin despised the entire Nine Swords Holy Land and the Holy Mountain because of this, it would be true. Some of it shouldn't be.

Where is the holy mountain?

That was the retreat of the Nine Swords Strongest. Not to mention the many methods left in the depths of the holy mountain, with the power of the Nine Swords Holy Land alone, even if a group of Returning Origin Realm land immortals joined forces, it is estimated that there is nothing left to do.

"On the entire Nine Sword Realm, only the holy mountain interests me."

Su Qin's eyes were calm, looked in a certain direction, and said softly.

Su Qin, with the help of the Temple of War, passed through the void passage, and came to the Nine Swords Realm. The most important purpose was to sign in here.

The Nine Swords Realm has survived for at least tens of thousands of years. Even if it is not in the human world, the "Tao Yun" accumulated over such a long period of time is not known how much more than the Chang'an City Palace. According to Su Qin's guess, I am afraid that only a few places such as Xianmen can Compare with it.

However, even if the Nine Swords Realm is only developed by the strongest of the Nine Swords, it is extremely vast, equivalent to several or even dozens of Tang Dynasty. Months are years.

So, Su Qin was too lazy to search and planned to go directly to the holy mountain.

With the location of the holy mountain, the vast majority of the Tao Yun of the entire Nine Swords Realm will inevitably gather. If you sign in there, you will definitely gain a lot of rewards.

As for the other positions of the Nine Sword Realm, Su Qin will have enough time in the future, and I will find them one by one. Anyway, the void passage between the Nine Sword Realm and the human world has been formed, at least in this age of vitality tide, Su Qin has a lot of time to digest The harvest of the Nine Swords.

"Senior, the holy mountain is not a land without a master" Chunyangko stopped talking. He wasn't worried about Su Qin's safety, but once Su Qin fell to the Holy Mountain, he would certainly not end well with such a leader, and he would be liquidated by the Nine Swords Holy Land in the first place.

"It's okay."

"I know it in my heart."

Su Qin said lightly.

Nine swords world is no better than the fairy gate world. The world of immortal gates was created by the strongest people, and used to place the holy land of their own family inheritance. Under the influence of the strongest people, not only the land gods of the gods, but also the strongest people are sitting. Before, he swayed his own blood, creating one after another straight bloodline descendants, this kind of invincible'heterogene' in the Divine Ruins Realm.

Nine Sword Realm is different.

At the time of the Nine Sword Realm, the strongest "Jiu Li" opened up with great fun, and there was no special way to pull the fragments of Dao Law into it. Besides, even if the strongest "Jiu Li" really pulled the Dao Law fragments, fifty thousand years passed, It is estimated to have disappeared. The small world in the fairy gate has only passed ten thousand years, and the law of the great path has almost passed away, let alone the fifty thousand years of the Nine Sword Realm?

And under the premise of not being able to comprehend the laws of the world, the cultivation of the land immortal level, at most, stops at the Guiyuan realm.

In other words, in the Nine Swords Realm today, the strongest is only the land gods of the Guiyuan Realm. In fact, this is the same as the result of Su Qin's insight into the entire Nine Sword Realm with real eyes.

And under the premise that there is no land immortal in the **** market realm, Su Qin naturally pitches without fear. With the many cards and even methods he has now, even if he encounters a real land **** in the **** market realm, he can still face it for a while. What's more, what about the Nine Swords Realm, which doesn't even have the Divine Ruins Realm?

Of course, although Su Qin is confident, he will not ignore the Nine Swords Realm. After all, this is the world opened up by the Nine Swords Strongest. If the opponent leaves anything behind, Su Qin estimates that he will suffer.

However, Su Qin knows that even if the Nine Swords is the strongest, as long as it does not exceed the Realm of Shattered Void, 50,000 years apart, even if the real killer moves are left, I am afraid that there will be no power, even if it is right. Su Qin is threatening, but it will not be fatal.

"Let's go."

Su Qin glanced at Chunyangzi and headed directly in a certain direction.

The sudden sense of peeping just now made Su Qin directly lock the position of the Nine Swords Saint Mountain.


Chunyangzi saw this scene and immediately gritted his teeth and followed.

At this moment, Chunyangzi had no choice. After seeing Su Qin's methods, he didn't even have the idea of running away. What a joke, the aura that Su Qin showed just now, the feeling that the world is overlooking everything, in the eyes of Chunyangzi, I am afraid that only the holy lord of the Nine Swords Holy Land can still be comparable to the elders.

Fleeing in front of such an existence is simply looking for death.

As for what will happen after going to the Sacred Mountain, Chunyangzi can no longer hesitate. Even if Su Qin is suppressed by the Nine Swords Holy Land and he is liquidated by the Nine Swords Holy Land, that will happen in the future, and now Chunyangzi needs to do the most. That is how to not offend Su Qin.

"Nine swords are the strongest"

Su Qin felt it carefully, his face was slightly surprised.

In Su Qins perception, the entire Nine Sword Realm revealed a faint sword intent. Although this sword intent was extremely light, as if it had passed 50,000 years, it still hadn't dissipated, and it was full of void.

Su Qin knew in his heart that this was the aura left by the Nine Swords Xeon when he opened up the Nine Sword Realm, and only the Nine Sword Xeon, who used the sword to shatter the void, could extend his own aura for fifty thousand years.

In a way, Su Qin's observation of the entire Nine Swords Realm is equivalent to another experience of the path taken by the Nine Swords Supreme 50,000 years ago.

If for other land gods, especially the land gods of the kendo line, they will surely get the most precious treasure, but it is a pity that Su Qins path is not kendo. The Nine Sword Realm opened by the Nine Swords Supreme is just to let He was touched a little.


"The sacred mountain is in front of you."

Just as Su Qin fell into enlightenment, Chunyangzi's voice sounded cautiously.

"The holy mountain has arrived?"

Su Qin suppressed his mind, raised his head slightly, and looked at the magnificent sacred mountain that stood for fifty thousand years and resembled a divine sword in the distance.


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