Skeletons Training Manual Book 2 Chapter 451

Vol 2 Chapter 451: Encirclement And Suppression

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In a chaotic secret world.

Land, sea and sky sit on a boulder.

At this time, two forces in his body were in a fierce confrontation.

To be precise, encirclement and suppression should be more appropriate.

The force that belonged to land, sea and air was quickly forced into a blind spot during this encirclement and suppression, and struggled to resist in the corner.

But that kind of resistance is quite weak.

The power of land, sea and air comes from the zero returner. Everything is taken from others. At this time, people want to take it back. It is really difficult for land, sea and air to resist.

But no matter how difficult it is, he still doesn't want to give up.

I still don't want to just lose to the zeroer.

He just lost, what will his wife do?

For his wife, he would never give up even if he tried his last bit of strength.

"A ridiculous reason!

Are you struggling with me so much for this? "

As an existence integrated with land, sea and air, the idea of land, sea and air is particularly clear.

The more clearly what the land, sea and air are thinking, the more disdainful of them.

"You should know what I have worked hard for over the past century?

I made that stupid mistake back then, turning the originally good world into this fragmented one before me.

In the past hundred years, all my hard work, what I want to do is to collect the debris, then restart the world, and return the world to its original appearance! "

"As long as the world returns to its original appearance, the sins I committed can be redeemed, and people don't need to live in this world that may be erased by the strong at any time.

They can live with dignity.

can sleep in the spacious and bright classroom, can lie on the sofa and play games, and can do whatever they want.

Dont worry about a summoned beast suddenly rushing out to kill them, and dont worry about taking a look at the summoner and killing the whole family.

Isn't this world better than this one now?

Are they happier than they are now?

Am I doing this wrong?

I worked so hard to get everyone back to that wonderful world. Tell me, what was wrong with me?

Why are you hindering me? Still hinder me with this kind of ridiculous reason!

You are just my stand-in from beginning to end. Give me something like you..."

did not finish the words of the zero returner, Lu Haikong calmly said a sentence that directly hit his soul: "You desperately want to go back to the past, for this kind of ridiculous reason?"

These words stunned the zero-returner, causing him to fall into a short silence.

Then the return to zero broke out completely, and a wave of total attacks defeated the last persistence of land, sea and air.


The sound like a twilight drum and morning bell rang from the depths of Lu Haikong's heart, causing Lu Haikong to close his eyes.

The next moment, Lu Haikong's eyes opened.

And the land, sea and air at this time are no longer land, sea and air, and the Zero who replaced him became a brand new land, sea and air.

"The last trouble is solved, now, no one can hinder me!"

Land, sea, and sky, or it should be said that the zero returner stood up from the black stone at this moment.

At the moment he stood up, the surrounding chaotic air dissipated, and the stone under him revealed his true face.

It was a block of ice, and there were two figures in the ice, one was Li Ruyu and the other was Lu Wu's sister.

The person who returned to zero frowned, and with a wave of his backhand, he directly turned the ice cube into powder.

This one destroyed Li Ruyu, and at the same time it was considered to have destroyed his past as land, sea and air. After solving this one, the Zero Returner turned and left this mysterious secret realm and returned to the alliance.

The Zero who was anxious to change the world back to what it used to be, came to the underground palace as soon as he returned to the alliance.


Tie Xiong saw Lu Haikong's figure, subconsciously got up and respectfully saluted.

The zero returner ignored him, but strode towards the center of the altar.

To be precise, Lu Wu walked towards the center of the altar and Yuhua.

"Hundreds of years, hundreds of years, I finally saw you again!"

The zero returner stretched out his hand and gently stroked Lu Wu's cheek, as if he was stroking a rare treasure.

It's not right, it's either like or coming.

Lu Wu, who has absorbed all the door fragments now, is the door to a certain extent, and he is the most precious rare treasure.

With Lu Wu, the one who returns to zero will have a door, and then he will be able to fulfill his wish for hundreds of years.

"No, no, no, it's almost, I still need to make some preparations.

The current Lu Wu is still useless to me, I need to take the last step! "

The zero returner said, pulling it to the ground, and with a wave of his hand, a crack was directly opened by the zero returner.

Countless holy lights seeped through that crack.

Well, the back of this crack is the hometown of Lu Wu's last summoned beast, the [Holy Angel Secret Realm] that no one has ever entered.

The last condition needed to activate Lu Wu's door is in it.

The zero returner directly tore the crack open and violently opened the door of the holy angel secret realm.

The moment the door was opened, the angels in the holy angel secret realm instantly noticed the existence of this crack, and the surrounding holy angels immediately gathered around to check.

Well, yes, it's checking.

The holy angels at this moment are simply coming over to see what is going on, how can there be different fluctuations in their world.

The holy angels who came here were full of curiosity on their faces and eyes, just like the silly roe deer.

However, when they came over, a terrifying force burst out.

This force directly wiped them away, turning these silly roe-deer-like angels into drops of golden liquid, and the zero-returner poured these golden liquid into Lu Wu's body.

At the same time, in the secret world of holy angels.

Yi Liya and the old father and mother's face changed.

The two who noticed the invasion came to the location of the crack as soon as possible.

They were already in a hurry, but they were still a step late.

When they came over, hundreds of holy angels around the crack had all been massacred.

Seeing this scene, Yi Liya's old father and mother were furious.

"I noticed that there are strong people on your side from the beginning, but I didn't expect to be two demigods who are infinitely close to the **** level? It's pretty good. Killing you should almost meet the conditions."

said the zero-returner, and stretched out his hand to shake the furious old father and the Holy Angel Queen over there.

The phantom of a palm appeared out of thin air, and wrapped it towards the two angels.

The moment the palm was wrapped, the power of the zero returner was completely revealed.

is basically the same strength as Illiya's old father and mother, and they are both at the level of a demigod.

But they are both demigods, and the power gap between the three is indeed huge.

The strength of the first two is also worth entering this level, and the zero returner is already the pinnacle of this level.

A squeeze, directly exerting huge pressure on Ilia's parents.

The two struggled to explode the holy light, and made a golden mask all over them, trying to resist this pinch with the mask.

But their hard resistance, in front of the zero returner, seemed vulnerable.

He just applied a little force, and a crisp cracking sound rang.

Can not bear!

At this moment, the two powerhouses of the demigod level clearly understood.

They can't bear this wave of attacks from the Zero Zero.

If this goes on, the two of them will get cold.

And just when they were panicking and desperate, suddenly, a crisp sound of "click" rang.

Immediately afterwards, the big hand that was facing them shattered out of thin air.

"what's the situation?"

The two angels were taken aback, and then reacted fiercely to look at the one who returned to zero.

I saw that behind the zero returner at this moment, Tie Xiong, who should have been standing there like a pendant, was holding a long sword in his hand and directly pierced the zero returner at this moment. body of.

Obviously, this sword just saved the two holy angels.

There was a relatively long period of confusion where the Zero who was pierced by this sword was nailed.

After waking up and realizing what had happened, the zero-returner reacted completely differently from the general attacked person.

was not in a hurry to get out of Tie Xiong's attack range, nor did he slap Tie Xiong with a backhand, but turned his head slightly to look at Tie Xiong, his eyes narrowed.

"You surprised me!

actually knows how to use the power of the door to cover his breath, and make a silent shot. The moment I shot is where my energy point is, it is fast and accurate.

interrupted my attack with a single blow, which was great, but I was curious.

Who gave you the courage to shoot at me? "

Behind him, Tie Xiong's face was blue, his eyes dodge a little, his arm holding the long sword and even his whole body began to tremble slightly.

He could not respond to the zeroer's words, but someone responded for him.

"I gave it!"

With these simple three words should be followed.

A figure slowly walked out of the crack opened by the zero returner.

The moment he saw the man, a hint of surprise appeared on the face of the zero returner.

Because, in his memory, this person should be dying, and he was killed by himself.

As a result, he did not expect that not only did the other party not die, but the people who had instigated him would dare to stand in front of him now.

This makes the zero returner even more surprised and puzzled.

"How did you instigate him? Who gave you the courage?"

On the other side of the crack, Zhang Yunyi, who should have died long ago, smiled sweetly: "It is not so much I instigated him, it is better to say that you persecuted him.

You have no chance of giving him alive at all.

Once you restart the world, only you will survive in the whole world.

Except you, everyone is going to die, he is no exception.

Knowing that he is going to die, how far do you think he needs to betray you?

Just give him courage!

As for, you ask me where does my courage come from? "

Speaking of this, Zhang Yun also paused slightly and narrowed his eyes.

In the next second, an old figure appeared behind the zero returner out of thin air, and the opponent sent out with a backhand slap, and directly shot the zero returner pinned by the long sword.

At the moment when the zero returner flew out, countless beams of light appeared out of thin air.

These beams of light turned into a prison and nailed the zeros together.

At the same time, a pure black long sword appeared, and it pierced directly into the prison formed by the beam of light. The Angel of Zero penetrated and locked him inside.

At the same time, the act of the beam of light.

Things like drones appeared one after another.

pointed the camera-like blasthole at the zero returner, and the next moment one after another antimatter shells hit the zero returner.

In an instant, three powerhouses of the demigod level appeared.

performs a wave of output to the zero returner.

At the same time they appeared, the Zero had also recognized them.

These three are the founders of [Sacred Church Alliance] [Dark Meeting] [Science Alliance].

These three were all taken care of by him before. They should all be dead. I didn't expect them to appear at this time.

This slightly changed the expression on the face of the zero returner.

He started to become a little dignified, and it is not the three in front of him that he is afraid of now.

But he clearly knows that all three of them have appeared, and there is no reason why he can't come out.

That one is the most difficult one to deal with.

Sure enough, the Zero had just had this tension, and a destructive force erupted around him.

The previous burst output of the three demigods did not cause much damage to the zero returner, and now this destructive force burst directly tore the two arms of the zero returner.

At the same time, an old man.

This one is the highest leader of Yuan Laoshan, Li Wuji.

At this point, all the highest-ranking people in the entire alliance have assembled.

At this moment, the zero returner also understood, and all this in front of him was a conspiracy against him.

This group of people sat and watched him calculate and guide, in order to wait for this moment, seize this opportunity to give him a fatal blow.

Without any accident, the woman named Zhang Yunyi probably played a very unusual role in this conspiracy. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

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"Zero, you have ravaged the Alliance for hundreds of years.

How many people are scattered because of your wife, and how many cities are destroyed because of you.

Your zero organization is full of evil, and you even want to destroy the world now, **** you! "

"You have been making trouble for hundreds of years, so today you can be completely honest here!"

"In any case, you can't get out of this secret world today.

The two holy angels over there, please join us and help us to destroy this demon! "

Iliyas parents saw this situation, the two looked at each other, hesitated a little, and finally stood up to unite with Li Wuji and others.

At this moment, the zero returner is in a very dangerous situation.

Six demi-god-level powerhouses surrounded and suppressed. He was also disbanded with his arms. If one is not good, he is afraid that he will die here.

However, in this dangerous situation, the zero returner seemed unusually calm: "It seems that you have wanted to kill me for a long time!

Then, if you can do it, come on! "

The four of Li Wuji looked at each other without talking nonsense.

In an instant, six demi-god-level powerhouses exerted their power at the same time, and a terrifying attack fell on the zero returner...

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