Skeletons Training Manual Book 2 Chapter 452

Vol 2 Chapter 452: Real Purpose

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Demigod level, a level above the epic level.

is also a level that cannot exist in the alliance world.

The Alliance World was created by another door. Although it has been growing, it still cannot accommodate the existence of this level.

If this group of demigods appeared in the Alliance World, let alone fighting, letting go a little bit would be a huge disaster for the Alliance World.

But in the holy angel world, the situation is completely different.

Although the world of the Holy Angel Secret Realm is smaller than that of the Alliance, the level is much higher and much stronger.

is strong enough for their six or seven demigod level powerhouses to make a full shot.

"It's been a long time since I tried my best, this kind of feeling is fun!"

The founder of the Saint Cult Alliance said, and at the same time he exploded with the power of his demigod to bombard the zero.

By his side, Illiyas parents who were acquaintances with him also followed.

The attributes of the three are the same, and the attacks that erupt at the same time are equally terrifying.

When was shot down, the huge holy light brightened the entire holy light secret realm a bit, which attracted the attention of the group of silly roe deers in the holy light secret territory, including Ilia.

She was greedy landing on a high tower in the center of the Holy Light Secret Realm. When she suddenly saw the Holy Light, she quickly walked to the window and looked towards the Holy Light.

The building she is in is high enough, and her own strength is strong enough.

So the distance she can see is far enough, she can clearly see the situation on the other side of the battle, and feel the burst of power over there.

"So strong!"

The power of the three holy lights is almost the most powerful power that Illya has ever seen in her life.

At the same time this force exploded, three other forces made up for it.

One is the ultimate darkness, the other is the scientific power that Ilya is very strange to, and the other is the ultimate destructive power.

Each force placed in the alliance world is estimated to be able to easily destroy a district.

Now that these forces are gathered, there is only one target to strike, and that is the Zero who has already destroyed both arms.

Under such an attack, no one should be alive.

Yes, yes!

Or in theory.

But there are some things, just cant be theoretical.

Just when everyone thought that the zero was bound to die, he suddenly shook his head, as if he was moving his muscles and bones.

As his brain turned, his broken arms grew out.

At the same time, a mysterious monster appeared behind him.

The moment this giant beast appeared, it opened its mouth and bit on the blow of the cross formed by the three holy lights.

With a "click", the Holy Light Cross was directly broken.

The giant beast gnawed it clean in two bites.

"How can it be?"

The face of the founder of the Sacred Alliance changed.

"How can it be impossible?"

At this time, a chuckle sounded in his ears, and the founder of the Saint Cult Alliance was completely panicked. He wanted to escape but was over, and put a hand on his body.

The next moment, this semi-god-level powerhouse will only have one sacred fire left.

In an instant, the existence of a demigod level was second, and this strength was no longer adequate to describe it in terms of horror.

The expressions of all those who participated in the siege to zero changed.

They realized that the strength of the Zeros may far exceed their imagination.

But now they have all started, and there is no turning back when they open their bows. They can only be those who bite the bullet and continue to fight back to zero.

However, they soon discovered that it was not that they encircled and suppressed those who returned to zero, but that those who returned to zero were fighting against them.

just killed one, the figure of the zero returner soon appeared in front of the founder of the dark meeting, raising his hand again.

The founder of the Dark Meeting thought that because of all the preparations, he avoided the zero-returner's finger, but it only delayed death for a while, and the zero-returner made another blow and took him away again.

At this point, less than a minute after the start of the war, Li Wuji had reduced the number of staff by two people.

It can be said that Li Wuji and their determination to encircle and suppress those who returned to zero collapsed instantly.


They wanted to withdraw immediately.

As a result, when they looked over the crack, they realized that the crack that had just been torn by the Zero Zero had actually healed.

"How can it be so fast..."


The founder of the Science Alliance was killed once again, and a smile appeared on the face of the zero returner: "Of course it is because you have been betrayed!"

Li Wuji was taken aback, turned his head and looked towards Zhang Yunyi.

At this moment, the other party responded with a charming smile.

With this smile, Li Wuji's brain exploded.

He didn't say anything that Zhang Yun also betrayed them.

Because this game was organized by Zhang Yunyi, she found them after being killed by the zero returner and proposed this plan of encirclement and suppression.

Li Wuji didn't expect that the person who proposed this plan would eventually want to encircle and suppress them.

He can't figure it out, but fortunately, he doesn't need to figure it out.

While he was puzzled, the Zero Zero had already appeared behind him, and Li Wuji's body shattered with a light touch of his finger, and another divine fire appeared.

This directly scared the holy angels and his wife.

They never thought that the alliance they joined so soon would only leave them two.

"My wife, go away, I'll come..."


The old father stood up and wanted to resist the zero-returner, and gave his wife time to get away.

As a result, he just spoke, his wife rushed up and used actions to buy time for her husband, but everything was so weak that another sacred fire appeared in the next moment.

Where is the old father directly blind.

Before he could react, before the hatred fermented, the Zero Zero appeared in front of him. With a light tap, the last demigod fell, and a sacred fire appeared out of thin air.

Illiya, who was on the tower dozens of kilometers away, was stupid when she saw this scene.

She never dreamed that she would see this scene.

One day, a demon will suddenly jump out and kill her parents in twos or twos.

This strong stimulus gave Yi Liya a feeling of collapse.

Endless anger and panic surged over, causing Ilia to sit down paralyzed.

Is there anyone, can anyone save her?

What can her Masda do? Are you free to save her?

while falling into complete despair on Ilia's side.

On the other side, after killing the last demigod, the spirit of the whole person began to decline like a cliff.

The whole person stood there panting, as if he was dying.

Obviously, the wave of powerful operations he just took took a lot of effort.

At this time, he is not exhausted, but basically he has no strength.

Fortunately, the enemy is solved.

He also has tonic supplements.

Being able to solve all these annoying flies in one breath, avoiding them coming out to make trouble in a critical juncture is a very happy thing for those who return to zero.

But the zero-returner did not forget that he was able to solve the group of people so smoothly because there was a hero.

Thinking like this, the zero returner turned his head and looked at Zhang Yunyi.

It's just that his gaze is not like looking at a hero, but at a tool.

"Thanks to you, these flies are resolved.

Then, should I say thank you to you and give you some benefits? "

the zero-returner said with an intriguing expression on his face.

Zhang Yun also lightly stroked the hair on his forehead, and said sincerely: "If you like, I hope you will keep a few people when you restart the world. This is my only begging."

Hearing this, the corner of the zero-returner's mouth curled.

"The only begging? Are these all you begging for?"

The expression on Zhang Yunyi's face was unnatural for a moment, but he quickly recovered his composure.

"What do you mean by that?"

And the zero returner did not look at her at this time, but turned his head and put his gaze on the sacred fire in his hand, the corner of his mouth raised slightly.

" Shouldn't these things be what you are asking for?

Or, to be precise, what you are asking is for me to eat these things? "

As soon as returning to zero said the words, Zhang Yun also stiffened his movements gently stroking the ends of his hair, and his figure moved at this instant.

She realized that her purpose had been exposed, and now all she could do was steal Lu Wu.

So, she went straight to Lu Wulu at this moment.

And the zero-returner at this time seems to be exhausted because of just a wave of eruption or something.

He watched Zhang Yunyi pounce on Lu Wu and didn't do anything. Instead, he played with the Shenhuo in his hand and said: "You have used Li Wuji and the others as your chess pieces from the beginning.

You know that they are not my opponents. Using them to deal with me will only cost me some energy at most.

No, it's wrong, it should not be as simple as a chess piece.

At least Li Wuji is not so easy to be used by you.

He should know your plan, and if he knew that he was going to die, he volunteered to join it.

The purpose is to consume more energy than me.

When my energy is consumed a lot, I definitely need to replenish it urgently, and it is these sacred fires that allow me to quickly replenish energy on site.

And this is the true purpose of you and Li Wuji. "

"You want me to swallow these sacred fires, because this sacred fire has the power to revive the land, sea and air.

As long as I swallow the sacred fire, Lu Haikong will have the hope of surviving when I am weakest, when I am really troubled. "

The zero-returner squinted his eyes and uttered Zhang Yunyi and Li Wuji's plan word by word, and his eyes narrowed at this time.

At this time, Zhang Yun has no time to listen to this.

She would have come to Lu Wu this time, and she hugged Lu Wu and was ready to leave.

But is that so easy?

Is the person who returns to zero dead?


At the moment when Zhang Yun also approached Lu Wu, the sword that had just penetrated the Zero Zeroer penetrated her heart and nailed her in front of Lu Wu.

It was Tie Xiong who had just shot through the zero returner.

This is not arranged by the zero returner.

Tie Xiong was indeed instigated by Zhang Yunyi and the others, he was really not a zero-returner.

But right now, the one who returns to zero becomes the final winner. Tie Xiong naturally knows what he should do and what he should do.

Isn't that betrayal?

He can betray those who return to zero, what can Zhang Yunyi not betray?

Even in Tie Xiong's opinion, what the zero-returner does not want is to give him a chance to reform himself. Of course he has to grasp it.

A sword pierced Zhang Yunyi's heart. Tie Xiong still felt that it was not enough. He drew out the long sword and repeated it twice.

"You dare to take action against the zero returner, it's almost reckless.

I knew from the beginning that you did not end well, and deliberately cooperated with you in acting. In fact, my heart..."


Tie Xiong has just begun to forcefully kneel and lick the zero returner, and a terrifying force erupts in his body.

Under this force, Tie Xiong died with a face full of horror and despair.

"It's really a clumsy and nauseating performance."

After giving a plain evaluation, the zero returner walked slowly in front of Zhang Yunyi and looked at Zhang Yunyi, whose body had been penetrated in front of him, and the blood spurting out from all over his body, the zero returner showed a little admiration on his face. .

"In all fairness, you can struggle to such an extent, this is the only existence in hundreds of years.

You should die without regret! "

Hearing this, Zhang Yun in front of him also grinned with the last strength: "Indeed...it should be regarded as no regrets...

Finally, I won! "

Those who return to zero are taken aback.

When was not sure where Zhang Yunyi's words came from, he suddenly discovered that Lu Wu behind Zhang Yunyi seemed to be splashed with blood.

The red blood is in sharp contrast with the jade-white Lu Wu. This picture is extremely shocking.

And those who returned to zero were shocked not by this picture, but when he saw the blood on Lu Wu's body, Zhang Yun in front of him also began to shatter like porcelain.

At the same time, the figure in the "porcelain" is also revealed at this moment. UU reading www. uukahnshu.com

The return to zero was shocked to find that Zhang Yunyi was not Zhang Yunyi at all, but a beautiful girl.

And this girl he still knew, it was Pang Dudu who should have died not long ago.

"not good!"

The zero-returner instinctively perceives something wrong.

subconsciously shot Pang Dudu in front of him, and directly smashed Pang Dudu with a single blow.

However, this hand made Lu Wu tremble in front of him.

At this time, the zero returner was completely panicked. Only then did he realize that Zhang Yunyi's purpose was originally here.

At this time, he didn't care about anything else, and quickly swallowed the six sacred fires into his belly.

He must regain his strength as soon as possible. Only by regaining his strength can he suppress Lu Wu who has not really awakened at this time.

Even if the six sacred fires are swallowed and it is possible to resurrect Lu Haikong, he must take this risk. This is the only choice he can make at the moment.

But just when he had just swallowed the divine fire into his stomach, his strength began to recover.

A voice of surprise came out from the abyss of endless despair.

"Mastar, it's you Mastar, are you here to save Ilia?"

With this sound, the contract between Lu Wu and Yi Liya was completely activated. Lu Wu, who was only trembling, gained the power to break free from the bondage. The next second, Lu Wu who turned into jade opened his eyes...

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