Skeletons Training Manual Book 2 Chapter 453

Vol 2 Chapter 453: Season Finale

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At the moment Lu Wushuang opened his eyes, a strong sense of crisis surged into the heart of the zero returner.

"To be finished!"

He swallowed all six sacred fires in one consciousness.

Crazy refining those six sacred fires.

As the six sacred fire entered his abdomen, a powerful force poured out from his body, and the zero-returner returned to his peak state almost instantaneously.

He seized this opportunity without reaching out to Lu Lu.

This hand is the hand that just killed the six demigods.

contains the development of the zero returner, [return to zero], if he is touched, Lu Wuyi will return to his original state.

Of course, the premise is to touch it.

At the moment the zero returner stretched out his hand, a sword light appeared out of thin air, and the zero returners arm was directly cut off.

However, the zero-returner didn't care. He poked out again with his other hand and grabbed Lu Wu's face. He must seize this opportunity. Only by seizing this opportunity can he win Lu Wu.

Once Lu Wu had completely absorbed the power of the door fragments, it would not be so easy for him to take Lu Wu.

But the hand he stretched out was still blocked by Jianguang when he touched Lu Wu.

At the same time, Lu Wu also washed thoroughly.

The first thing he woke up was to look at the beep in front of him.

And the dudu at this time has disappeared in the zero-returner's attack, and all Lu Wu can see now is the residual breath of Dudu.

"You **** it!"

Feeling the remaining aura of Dudu, Lu Wu ran away completely, stretched out his hand, and the Sky Cong Yun Sword appeared in Lu Wu's hand out of thin air.

The sky cloud sword at this time is completely different from before.

Today's Sky Cong Yun Sword has reached the level of a demigod, and it is full of unspeakable extravagance and mystery.

Lu Wu held it, pierced out with a sword, and the sword qi directly tore the zero returner in half.

Ordinary people died after being chopped in half, but the epic-level powerhouse might not be able to die. As for the existence of the zero person, it is even harder to die.

In just one second, he was restored to his original shape after breaking his hand in half.

"It's a bit difficult. I didn't expect that the girl would put such a hand in the end.

In this case, I had no choice but to use this trick. "

the zero-returner said, and a giant beast appeared again behind him.

This is the beast he just used to swallow the attack of the founder of the Holy Cult Alliance, and it is also his summoned beast.

The moment this giant beast appeared, its data appeared in Lu Wu's eyes.

Name: Return to Zero Animal

Level: God level

Description: The zero returner uses the summoned beast that was made out of the door fragments, which has extremely terrifying power.

"Don't you think you are invincible if you absorb those door fragments.

The door fragments you absorbed are actually the scum I have used.

The energy of its origin is all in this zero beast.

On power, it is stronger than you!

Originally, I didn't plan to use it. After all, it consumes a lot of energy and consumes the source. But now I have no choice but to do so. "

said the zero returner, his figure gradually melted and merged with the zero beast.

At the moment the two merged into one, Lu Wu felt that the entire Holy Angel secret realm space was trembling, and a strong sense of crisis surged to Lu Wu's mind.

asked Lu Wu to subconsciously call out his pet.

In addition to the Sky Cloud Sword in his hand, the little skull, the little golden dragon, and the simple and simple came out together.

Even Ilia, who just called Masdar, is changing.

The little skeleton becomes a death **** holding a sickle.

The little golden dragon turned into a nine-clawed golden dragon, and the naive became a Bing Luan braving the cold, and the Yi Liya on the other side grew 72 wings, plus the sword held by Lu Wuhe.

Lu Wu once again formed a combination of six demigods.

However, it is also the six demigods, and Lu Wu's six demigods can obviously fight a lot.

The combination just lasted for less than a minute before it was completely destroyed, and when it came to Lu Wu's side, they were the first to attack.

Lu Wu's single-handed sword slayed directly in front of the zero beast, and cut off the long sword in his hand.

The [God's Judgment] that hadn't been used for a long time broke out, and a golden thunder directly penetrated the Zero Beast.

At the same time, the little skull also appeared beside the Zero Beast. The black sickle in his hand was waved, and a huge hole was made in the body of the Zero Zero.

Little Golden Dragon roared at the opening cut by the little skull, while Han Han expelled extremely cold ice to freeze the body of the zero beast.

Finally, a cross of Holy Light fell.

Illiya, who just joined Lu Wu's combination, hit the final blow and directly smashed the passive zero beast into pieces.

"this one?"

Looking at the Homing Beast that was just taken down, Lu Wu felt that it seemed to have nothing.

However, Lu Wu just had this feeling that the Zero Beast returned to its original heyday, and the voice of the Zero Zero rang again.

"Are you surprised?

To tell you the truth, my summoned beast is immortal. No matter what output you hit, it can be restored to its original state.

You can't kill it! "

Lu Wu Wu raised his eyebrows, and the long sword in his hand swung out again, and the same attack came again.

Guiqi Beast was crushed again.

But after being crushed, it didn't take long for the Returning Beast to recover again.

"I said, it's immortal. After two rounds of attacks from you, it's my turn now."

The Zero Zero Beast said, the Zero Beast burst out and opened its body.

This terrifying behemoth opened its body, and it wrapped the small half of the holy angel secret realm in an instant, and Lu Wu and the others were not able to escape the package.

wrapped Lu Wu under his body, and the body of Guiling Beast began to shrink, instantly trapping Lu Wu and his pet.

Lu Wu's expression changed. He just wanted to struggle, but found that his strength was a little out of control.

To be precise, it was the power of the door that had not been completely absorbed in his body.

The sudden rebellion of this force caused Lu Wu to fall into desperation.

"I have to admit that that woman is very skilled, but I am also not a vegetarian.

I am also prepared.

After all, I want to use you as a door, and how can I not leave you with some countermeasures?

The energy of the door fragments that you have absorbed is on my summoned beast, and what you have absorbed is just the skin and I have mastered the source.

So, in fact, you are just my tool.

As a tool, why do you resist my master? "

The zero returner was particularly excited at this time, and he kept shrinking his body, squeezing Lu Wu and his pet together.

Little by little, Lu Wu's pet was pressed into Lu Wu's body.

And Lu Wu also began to feel that his body became more and more uncontrollable, and he even felt that he was about to become a door.

On the side of the zero returner, there was joy on his face.

He successfully controlled Lu Wu, refining Lu Wu was right in front of him, and the door door was about to start.

His wish for hundreds of years is about to come true.

He is about to restart the world and return to the original world.

And just when he was in ecstasy, a playful voice sounded from the bottom of his heart.

"Do you really think that you can really go back to the original world?"

The face of the zero person changed.

Land, sea and air, land, sea and air!

"Impossible, I have already obliterated him, and those six sacred fires are also in my state and it is impossible to resurrect him..."

"Why should I be resurrected? I am not dead at all.

Because you and I are one body, as long as you live, I can't die. "

"No, that's not the case, you are just a stand-in..."

"Are you really sure I'm just a stand-in?"

The voice of land, sea and air rang from the depths of the soul of the zero-returner again, and these words brought the zero-returner back to twenty years ago.

Back then, his synthesis door was actually a success from a certain angle. At least he could restart the world at that time, but when he restarted the world, he discovered that he could only bring the world back to the past, and he himself couldnt. .

This caused the Zero to collapse.

His hundreds of years of hard work did not want the world to return to its original state.

He just wanted to find someone before returning to the world to become the way he is now.

If he can't go back, what is the point of restarting the world?

is also the collapse of that moment, the zero-returner will fail, the body is blown to pieces at that moment, only a trace of soul seizes land, sea and air, and then land, sea and air are born.

Therefore, the land, sea and air and the zero returner are actually one person.

is the personality of the zero returner after losing his memory. This personality condenses all the love of the zero returner for the first love, and Lu Haikong condenses the love on Li Ruyu.

Originally it was purely like this, but it was actually quite good, but with the passage of time, the memory of those who returned to zero continued to recover.

The lover in his memory had a conflict with Li Ruyu, so Lu Haikong fell into conflict, and the personality that wanted to restart the world for hundreds of years was born.

Then there is the opposition of these two personalities.

The personality of the zero returner gradually dominates by virtue of a hundred years of memory, and finally even directly swallowed land, sea and air.

But although he swallowed land, sea and air, he could not completely wipe out land, sea and air.

Because he and Lu Haikong are one.

It's just that he didn't want to admit it.

And now those who have returned to zero recalled all their memories, and knew this.

But sometimes its not a good thing to know too much, and those who return to zero will be overwhelmed by this sudden truth.

"So, you can't go back to the past, you can't restart the world, and you can't find her. Give me your body and I will live for you."

Lu Haikong in the spiritual world took the opportunity to stretch out his hand.

but it was repelled by the zeroer.

"Who said I couldn't go back? I couldn't go back when I restarted it. It doesn't mean I can't go back now. Don't forget that you gave me a good son. I might be able to go back using him as a medium."

When the words of the zero returner came out, Lu Haikong's face in his spiritual world sank.

"So, there is no discussion?"

"No, you must die, this world must restart."

Lu Haikong grinned when he heard this.

at the same time slowly walked towards the zero returner.

"What are you doing?"

"You didn't like me, you killed my daughter-in-law and daughter, and now you want to fiddle with my son. Can't I just watch?"

At the same time, Lu Wu, who was surrounded by the zero returners, suddenly felt that the power that was not under his control was restored.

He began to regain control of the body, and the system began to speed up the refining speed.

Within a few minutes, Lu Wusystems completely absorbed Menshou's power, and Lu Wu's strength reached a peak at this moment.

At the same time, the body of the person who returned to zero went for a while.

The battle between the two personalities in the body seems to have come to an end.

"A substitute is a substitute, no matter how you struggle, you can only win..."


The zero returner had just finished fighting for the front from his consciousness, and a sword light directly shredded him.

But this kind of attack has no effect on the zero returner. If he wants, he can recover in minutes, like now.

But just when the zero returner is about to recover himself.

A hand stretched out, and a force was pulled from the recovering Zero Beast.

"Impossible, how could you..."

The face of the zero person changed drastically.


In his exclamation, Lu Wu bit into this force. This surging force began to flood into Lu Wu's body, and the system began to absorb it frantically.

With the continuous absorption of the system, the body of Guiling Beast keeps shrinking.

In less than half an hour, this behemoth was completely swallowed by Lu Wu, and the zero returner that merged with it also fell out to reveal his figure.

And at this time, Lu Wuzai fell into a deep sleep after absorbing the power of the zero returner.

His deep sleep this time was to absorb the power of the door. If no accident, when he wakes up, he should have fully grasped the power of the door.

When the time comes, he will be able to change the world and bring people back to life.

The book is over.

Well, another book is finished.

Let me say something, so to speak, first of all, thank you all for accompany me here.

I know that many people come here by force.

After all ~wuxiaworld.online~ the last paragraph is really not a scenery, many of the original things are gone.

The cultivation of pets, the warm and daily plot, etc., are gone.

Some are just crazy pushing the main line, and several plots are still written in a mess.

I can't stand it myself, and I guess it would be tiring for you to walk with me.

Alas, I am incompetent, kneeling down and bowing my head sorry.

cannot give you a good ending.

I guess a lot of people have already begun to scold "trash laughing" right?

But I cant help it. There have been too many things recently, and I didnt think I could find someone, maybe I would get married. All kinds of messy things came together, and I couldnt handle it.

Then various problems appeared.

Not only the little skull, but also the one next door has a problem, and I dont know if that one can go to the end.

Alas, my brain hurts.

If that book can't go to the end, I may leave the starting point, or even leave the web post. After all, after writing for so many years, and still such a bird, I may really not be suitable for this industry.

In addition to the recent various web-related issues, I dont know how long this bowl of rice will last.

Alas, forget it, dont say it, go, you can pay attention to my job number (search for an angry laugh), and look back and have time to post some extra videos and the like, if that book is bashed, you guys Maybe you can only see me there...

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