Sky War God Chapter 3905

Chapter 3568: 3 Heavy Sky Pass

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[] Ling Tian War God Chapter 3568 Triple Heaven Pass

At the moment when this strange field was released, the space had become extremely distorted, as if it were completely occupied by some terrifying power.

Ye Feng also has a very deep understanding of his own magic power, and also has a deep understanding of the power of various attributes.

In a short period of time, the energy in the body has been completely released.

The extremely terrifying aura continued to expand at this moment, making the faces of those strong men appear horrified.

At this moment, Ye Feng's eyes reflected a very powerful ruinous radiance, countless resentful spirits entwined around his body, and the terrifying aura exuding made people feel desperate.

"No, it's impossible, how can he release such power?"

Among the crowd, someone said in such horror, trying their best to operate their original power, as if to completely destroy everything.

Such a powerful force expanded in a very short period of time, exuding an extremely dangerous aura, and even caused their spirits to appear confused.

While Ye Feng was running the Heart Sutra of Hell, he was also carefully feeling the power of the Death Warrior.

Those terrifying auras even made his body tremble slightly involuntarily.

For such a long time, the Death God War Spirit has refined all the resentful spirits in the Ten Thousand Soul Banner, and even adjusted the **** pattern formation in it, fully matching the Hell Heart Sutra.

Although there is no such a reborn change as the Shenlong and the Phoenix Battle Spirits, they have already integrated their own origin power into Ye Feng's Hell Heart Sutra.

This kind of power does not require any influence from external energy. It only needs Ye Fengs magical powers to grow and the cultivation of Hells Heart Sutra to deepen. The resentful spirits in Infinite Hell are more powerful. There will be unlimited promotion.

Perceiving such a change, the power of Chaos in Ye Feng's eyes became more turbulent, and finally turned into a deadly world.

"It's worthy of being a **** of death war spirit, you can have such power, then let me see, your true strength."

Knowing the methods of the death **** war spirit, Ye Feng no longer affects him, instead, he is doing his best to release the power of his own magic way.

Mobilize the power of the magic path in the body to increase the strength of the death war spirits.

The resentful spirits in the Infinite Hell are almost endless. Ye Feng also used means before to communicate with the world in the White Jade Pagoda, continuously absorbing the dead souls from it.

But now, the power of Infinite Hell is many times stronger than when it was just opened, and how could it be possible that these people present could resist it.

I only saw that in the body of the death **** war spirit, there was an extremely powerful **** power, and a huge sickle was condensed in his hand, and the extremely terrifying breath of death was released from it.

Just seeing the appearance of the death **** war spirit has made many powerhouses pale, and their bodies are constantly trembling.

The death **** war spirit did not have any emotions, that tall body, as if without any weight, walked through the void at a very fast speed.

Such a terrifying aura made these ancient giants too unbearable, and immediately released the power in their bodies.

After the terrifying power that Ye Feng just broke out, these ancient giants were also scared to death, and when fighting, they did not dare to have any reservations.

In an instant, in the entire space, all kinds of attribute powers were flooding crazily.

These powers contain unimaginable powerful aura, and the power they can exert is even more shocking.

A series of terrifying waves of destruction are descending crazily towards the Death God War Spirit, as if to wipe him out completely.

The Death God War Spirit didn't care, as if he hadn't seen the power of destruction at all, he directly raised the extremely huge death sickle and slashed it fiercely.

At this moment, the power of death condensed into a terrifying edge, which directly landed and collided with those destruction attacks.

Such a terrifying force, more like there is no convergence, directly exudes a strong collision.

In the void, like countless explosions, the rumbling sound of terror and concussion reverberated continuously.

The terrifying power of destruction is spreading in all directions, as if to completely destroy this space.

Those ancient giants thought that they were powerful, and even if they couldn't suppress Ye Feng, they could completely suppress the Death God War Spirit.

However, just after such a brief collision, the terrifying edge released by the death gods and war spirits easily cut off the power of the attributes they released.

Then those sharp powers continued to differentiate, and in the blink of an eye they became hundreds of Dao, falling on the bodies of the ancient giants.

Those ancient giants were not fools, they had already released the most powerful force in their bodies in a very short period of time.

Countless horror auras erupted, causing the surrounding space to become chaotic, and unimaginable horror powers were released in a swarm.

The stiff face of the death **** war spirit also showed some inexplicable looks, and the death power that was constantly surging in his body had reached a terrifying state.

The attack just now was indeed the death **** war spirit trying his best, but the scattered power was not irresistible.

It was precisely because of such an attack that the Death God and the War Spirits "understood" the power controlled by those strong men, and also completely disseminated the power of the death attribute.

Originally, when the domain of Death God's War Spirit expanded, he still relied on part of Ye Feng's power to make the power of Chaos the foundation of this domain.

But now its different. The Death Gods war spirits are constantly vomiting the original power between the heavens and the earth, and the resentful spirits released are constantly operating in this area, and the aura that exudes has already completely changed the environment here. .

Especially the operation of the power of hell, it also cooperates with the infernal hell, completely cutting the surrounding space.

In other words, the surrounding space has completely overlapped with the Infinite Hell, and the aura that radiates is also being continuously swallowed by the Infinite Hell.

In the long run, no matter how strong the strength of these powerhouses is, they will eventually be completely swallowed up by their souls and sink into this field forever.

Ye Feng's figure is hidden in the endless power of hell, constantly running his own spatial power, arranging more formations in the void.

A large array of gods spread out, causing this space to undergo drastic changes, as if it was about to be completely swallowed and refined.

Before Ye Feng fought with these ancient giants, the biggest restriction he received was the power of these terrifying spaces.

A large number of powerhouses used the power of space to completely seal off everything around them. Even Ye Feng would not be able to freely shuttle through the space.

However, with Ye Feng's methods at the moment, all the layouts in the space were removed by him, instead they were covered with a new space formation. Even if the previous powerhouse made the move, it would never be possible to influence Ye Feng.

That is, in this short period of time, the Death God War Spirit has made another move.

The extremely huge figure, as if completely melted into the space, disappeared without a trace, but in the void, there was still a breath of terror.

Especially those resentful spirits in Infernal Hell are swarming out, entangled those strong, making them useless.

In fact, the strength of these resentful spirits is not that strong, and the coercive power that radiates is not enough to cause harm to these strong people, at most it will only slightly affect them.

But in Infernal Hell, they have merged with the power of that terrifying hell, and the power to control is quite difficult.

Unless it is to exhaust all the power of hell, or else it is to completely wipe out their spiritual origin, otherwise, don't want them to dissipate.

Moreover, Ye Feng's journey along the way, how many wronged souls he has converged, through the refining of the power of hell, has reached a certain limit.

The power contained in it is not much different from that of the ancient giant. If Ye Feng breaks through, he can even cultivate to the realm of the ancient giant.

These powerhouses besieging Ye Feng, under the siege of these resentful spirits army, are also dwarfed and messed up.

The Death God War Spirit seized this opportunity and rushed out directly, appearing behind an ancient giant in the blink of an eye.

This ancient giant god, the body is also quite powerful, the terrifying aura that exudes is no worse than Ye Feng's strength, the power of blood contained in the body is like a huge oven.

The ordinary spirit body hasn't waited for it to get close to him, it will be burned by the power of such horrible blood, and eventually it will not leave a trace.

But at this moment, the power of **** around him is already strong to an unimaginable level. The rich **** breath is almost condensed into substance, and the power of every **** power will weaken him to a certain extent.

That is to say, at this moment, the Death God War Spirit appeared behind him, and the eerie and terrifying aura made his body tremble constantly.

The strong man's reaction was also extremely fast. In the first time, he ignited the power of blood in his body, and the terrifying power exuded even shocked many people present.

The power of qi and blood condenses into a substantial flame, which explodes continuously, dissipating the power of the surrounding hell.

Those resentful spirits were shocked by such a force, and they did not dare to come closer.

However, the death **** war spirit did not have any fear, waving a huge sickle in his hand, and directly slashed it, as if to completely destroy him.

The strong man also burst out his own powerful force, collided with the death war spirit, and wanted to completely tear the death war spirit.

In an instant, two terrifying attacks collided, and the sound of rumbling concussion rang through, and the power of destruction spread in all directions.

Under the influence of such a force, the surrounding **** power is constantly tumbling, as if to completely swallow the destructive power.

At this moment, the power emanating from the void has reached an unimaginable terrifying point, and the powerful power contained in it has shocked everyone present and speechless.

The power controlled by the death **** war spirit has become extremely fierce, as if to completely wipe out all the lives between the heaven and the earth.

The powerful pressure that that terrifying sickle exudes at this moment made everyone present feel the powerful edge contained in it.

That is to say, at this moment, the extremely terrifying power of death shuttled through the void and directly descended on that strong body.

The incomparably scorching power of Qi and blood did exert an unimaginable effect, but at this moment the terrifying aura emanating from the void was completely suppressed by such a force.

Such a powerful force of death directly penetrated all the defenses in his body and descended inside his body.

It is precisely this way, a force directly cut off all the vitality in his body, trying to completely wipe out his soul.

At this time, the breath of the death **** war spirit had reached a level that ordinary people could not imagine, and the coercive force exuded even shocked everyone present.

In any case, they couldn't think that Ye Feng would be able to exert such a powerful effect just by summoning such a phantom.

Even to say that such a terrifying aura has brought everyone present to an extremely terrifying point, and it is impossible to imagine how Ye Feng cultivated such a powerful force.

On the contrary, after Ye Feng saw such a scene, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The death **** war spirit also has a pivotal meaning to him, and at the first time it has completely condensed the aura in the body.

Then Ye Feng's divine good fortune sword, first condensed, but the power of good fortune on it had been completely covered by the breath of death.

Ye Feng pushed a terrifying divine sword with the power of the magic path attribute, which also made its power reach an extremely fierce level.

At this moment, the long sword in Ye Feng's hand was not the origin of the life force of heaven and earth, but the destination of all the power of death.

Just a light wave can sweep up an extremely terrifying storm of death, raging crazily between the heavens and the earth, exuding a powerful force that ordinary people can't imagine.

That is to say, in this short period of time, the aura radiating from the void has reached a point that ordinary people can't reach, such a terrifying force even exceeds the limit that this world can withstand.

The terrifying aura that the space burst into instantly made everyone present shocked and speechless.

The terrifying space storm is constantly surging in the void, and the pressure on those strong is extremely huge.

However, Ye Feng and Death God War Spirit did not have any fear, and they were still trying their best to run the power in their bodies.

It's like saying that the aura they control at this moment has reached an extremely terrifying point, and will seal and suppress everything in the void in the shortest possible time.

It was at this moment that the aura radiating from Ye Feng's body had already reached a point of absolute horror, and that kind of sharp power surpassed everyone's imagination.

In a very short period of time, countless bright stars burst out of the void, directly covering the entire field.

The complexions of those strong men have also become quite ugly, constantly mobilizing the power in their bodies, wanting to completely destroy the space created by Ye Feng in the shortest possible time.

It's just that the power they possess is not enough to change the overall environment. Instead, it makes Ye Feng's strength surge crazily at this moment, and it is possible to explode extremely terrifying aura at any time.

Those horrible death sword lights flashed continuously in the void, cooperating with the death gods and war spirits to harvest the lives of those strong men one after another.

The power of **** controlled by Ye Feng played an unimaginable role at this moment, as if to completely refine the entire space into the infinite hell.

The death **** war spirit also burst out an unimaginable oppressive force, and in this short period of time, it has completely released the breath in the body.

Every ancient giant beheaded, the power in the body will be swallowed by a terrifying breath, and countless souls will swarm at this moment.

The original power they control as well as their own soul power will be completely swallowed by those resentful spirits.

The principle of the most powerful soul is to be refined by the power of **** into a soul in the infinite hell.

Under these forces, the terrible pressure formed by these forces has also reached a point that ordinary people can't reach. The breath that radiates has made the power of the surrounding **** more intense.

The power of those strong men is also beyond imagination. After each strong man dies, it will increase the origin of Infinite Hell by one point.

The Ten Thousand Soul Banner floated in the void, swaying constantly, engulfing those dead souls and releasing them again.

In this process, this bizarre treasure has played an unimaginable role.

All the powerhouses present were also completely shocked by the weird methods that Ye Feng displayed.

They couldn't imagine that there were such terrifying methods in this world, which gave them endless fear in their hearts.

Seeing the performance of those strong men, the corners of Ye Feng's mouth continued to rise, and then he said coldly.

"It's just wishful thinking to suppress the power of my domain based on your strengths.

I would like to see what other methods you can use to influence me. "

Even if the terrifying sword light of death was continuously slashed, Ye Feng was still able to sense the aura emanating from the entire battlefield.

In the face of these powerful men, Ye Feng didn't have any pity or sympathy on his face. Since they wanted to completely punish themselves, they would have to pay a huge price for this.

The incomparably terrifying edge power still bloomed in Ye Feng's palm, as if to kill all those strong.

The powerful aura exuding at this moment also made the strong people present almost frantically resist with all their energies, but it had no effect.

Ye Feng's strength is really too strong, even if they fight for their lives, they can't change such fluctuations.

On the contrary, the breath radiating from the body is constantly surging at this moment, and the entire space is turbulent frantically.

Regarding the power radiated by them, Ye Feng came into his eyes and reflected endless brilliance, constantly analyzing the power possessed in their bodies.

Although Ye Feng did not have such a terrifying means as Wanhua Supernatural Power at this moment, the power of Chaos could still reflect all the power of attributes.

With the help of the powerful characteristics of Chaos Power, Ye Feng also has an incomparably deep understanding of the power of those attributes, and must completely master the power in the shortest time.

The power in the void is constantly running, and the power of the attributes it emits is also continuously expanding.

The power of Chaos became purer under this transformation, and the aura that it radiated also formed a more violent influence.

And not only the power of Chaos, but even the power of Ye Feng's divine mind became stronger under such stimulation.

The magical attribute divine consciousness is already one of Ye Feng's nine-fold divine consciousness power, and it has an extremely powerful suppression for those souls.

Moreover, the Hell Heart Sutra has been integrated into the spirit of the magic path attribute, and the power it possesses is extremely precious.

The continuous improvement of the Heart Sutra of Hell has also transformed the attributes of the magic path and the spiritual consciousness.

At this moment, the power radiating from Ye Feng's body has reached a level that ordinary people can't reach. The breath radiating from the palace is also in frantic movement.

Ye Feng's divine power, under the constant stimulation of these two powers, is also growing at an extremely fast rate.

In particular, the final crystallization of divine consciousness that controls the purest spiritual power that can play at this moment has reached a point that ordinary people can't imagine.

The breath emanating from the void was also surging crazily, bringing extremely huge pressure to the elders.

In any case, these powerhouses are all cultivators in the realm of ancient giants, and to seize the power of their souls, it is also an unimaginable help for Ye Feng.

If Ye Feng really refines the soul power of these strong men, then his ten-year power will definitely reach an extremely terrifying point.

Even the ancient giant who has completed the Divine Soul Pass, it is impossible to crush Ye Feng in the Divine Soul Realm.

At this moment, the power of divine consciousness that Ye Feng had brewed had also reached an extremely fierce state, violently rushing toward the depths of the void, and might burst out unimaginable powerful pressure at any time.

"Asshole, asshole."

The body was constantly wrapped in the radiance of colored glaze, Liming Xiuyan's face became extremely pale, and the whole body was trembling crazily.

That stalwart chest is constantly ups and downs, each breath carries a huge wave, and the breath of the whole person is surging crazily.

"You bastard, how dare you do such a thing, do you think that your strength alone is enough to suppress everyone?

Since you are so cruel, then it is impossible for me to let you survive in this world.

Otherwise, there will definitely be another unstoppable monster born in this world! "

Liming Xiuyan's face began to turn red, and the power in his body was also burning crazily, and the glazed radiance surrounding his body was like boiling, spreading crazily in all directions.

Under the influence of such a force, the surrounding space is constantly fluctuating, and the aura that comes out has reached a point that ordinary people can't reach.

Countless glorious forces have completely erupted at this moment, and the exuded strength has reached a point that ordinary people can't reach.

Such a fierce radiant force, constantly moving in the void, is like a jumping flame, and the entire space is illuminated by such a radiant force.

Even the infinite **** released by Ye Feng was suppressed by this breath, and could no longer move forward.

Ye Feng was also aware of such a change, and immediately released the power in his body, wanting to investigate the situation clearly.

That kind of terrifying power, the breath exuding at this moment, is also reaching a point that ordinary people can't understand. The terrifying pressure exuding in the void makes it extremely difficult for everyone present to breathe. .

I saw that Liming Xiuyan had an extra pair of sparkling scissors in his hands, and the sharp aura exuding from it was constantly entangled on it, making everyone present extremely shocked.

This pair of scissors was not shorter than the divine sword of good fortune in Ye Feng's hand. When he swung it lightly, he saw two extremely powerful sharp edges. The aura burst out like this, continuously splitting the surrounding space.

At this moment, Ye Feng also felt the terrifying power contained in it, as if to completely tear his body into pieces in the shortest time.

Those terrifying edge powers are constantly erupting in the void, and they also have a huge impact on the Hell that Ye Feng has constructed.

And not only that, the attribute power in Liming Xiuyan's body has also undergone tremendous changes, and the aura that he exudes is even more affecting his body.

The two powers are constantly intertwined, allowing their own strength to reach an extremely terrifying point, and it is madly breaking through a certain boundary.

In the end, everyone present heard a crisp sound, as if something had broken apart in the void.

In such a short period of time to control the aura that radiated, it has reached a point that ordinary people can't imagine, and such a terrifying force makes the entire space tremble constantly.

Feeling the power emanating from the opponent's body, Ye Feng's eyes also became dignified involuntarily.

At this moment, the aura in Ye Fengqi's body was also circling frantically, and the power reached a level that ordinary people could not imagine. The power of the divine mind in the body was extremely concentrated.

Relying on his own power of perception, Ye Feng can also be sure that Liming Xiuyan at this moment has broken through the triple heaven.

This made the strength she controlled reached an extremely terrifying point, and the force of coercion that broke out even made Ye Feng somewhat unbearable.

Faced with such a terrible influence, Ye Feng's eyes did not change in any way, and the original aura he controlled in his body was surging crazily at an extremely fast speed.

The power of good fortune and the power of magic are combined, and the terrible aura that exudes from the divine sword intertwined, even affecting the operation of the entire space.

Two powerful forces, one black and one white, are intertwined in the void, like two ouroboros constantly rotating.

The terrifying aura exuding from the combination of the two forces that are extremely opposed but balanced is even more unimaginable for everyone present.

That is to say, at this moment, the infinite **** constructed by Ye Feng exerted even more terrifying abilities.

The actions of the death **** war spirits became even more swift beyond imagination, and the entire huge figure seemed to be immersed in the void.

That terrible sickle was continuously beheaded in the void, and every time it was swung, the soul of a strong man would be harvested by him.

This also made the inner control of those ancient giants more crazy, and they wanted to completely explode the aura in their bodies in the first place to deal with this space.

However, the strength of the death **** war spirits became more and more powerful during such killings, even those people who wanted to escape could not leave such a realm.

That is to say, at this moment, the power in Ye Feng's body began to brew wildly, and the terrifying aura exuding made it impossible for everyone present.

The immense pressure is like a mountain, crushed fiercely on them, constantly tearing their specific desire to take the most terrifying ability from their bodies.

When Liming Xiuyan saw Ye Feng's method, his eyes became extremely crazy, and the terrifying aura exuded reached a point that ordinary people could not reach.

Just stepping out, the power in her body was already surging crazily, and it came directly to Ye Feng's side.

The scissors in his hand cut toward Ye Feng fiercely, and the two terrifying sharp edges that came out came to Ye Feng's side in the first time.

Ye Feng's reaction was also extremely rapid, mobilizing the aura in the concrete in the first place, and the sword of good fortune in his hand swung out at will.

Converging with the two attributes of good fortune and magic, the power is terrifying, and the sword light blooms directly at this moment.

Facing the attack of Liming Xiuyan, he killed him.

The terrifying power at this moment has exerted a power that ordinary people can hardly reach.

The rumbling sound of destruction and shock rang quickly in the void, and the terrifying force of coercion spread in all directions.

Such a powerful force seemed to completely destroy everything in the surrounding space without leaving any vitality.

And in Ye Feng's eyes, there is also an endless bright light, and he will crazily feel the power of the law between heaven and earth.

The sharp power that the opponent slashed indeed brought tremendous pressure to Ye Feng, and the bright sword light he released was severely suppressed in the first place.

Although Ye Feng's combat effectiveness is extremely powerful, his comprehension of various attribute powers has reached an extremely powerful level.

However, Liming Xiuyan had already passed the third Heavenly Pass at this moment, possessing extremely powerful energy, and directly suppressed Ye Feng.

"You are such a demon that you are not worthy of living in this world. I absolutely cannot allow you to continue to live.

Today I will let you die here completely, everything will be completely obliterated, and it will never appear again. "

While speaking, the extremely powerful edge force has fully bloomed at this moment, and the terrifying strength exuded has reached the point of absolute horror.

Ye Feng's expression at this moment also became extremely cold, and the brilliance in his eyes bloomed directly at this moment.

At this moment, the divine sword of good fortune in Ye Feng's hand shook extremely strongly.

The sound of countless swords rang out in the void, and the sharp aura from the beheading reached a level that ordinary people could not imagine.

"It's just a little girl, you can suppress me just because you want to."

When speaking, Ye Feng's tone was also quite disdainful, and the terrible pressure he exuded even broke out in the first place.

Just using the power of good fortune and the power of magical thoughts was not enough to defeat such a strong man, and Ye Feng did not have any convergence, and directly released his own swordsmanship.

In an instant, the terrifying sword light in the void surged crazily at this moment, and the terrifying strength exuded reached a more ferocious level.

Every sword light is more powerful than before. I dont know how many times it was before, especially such a powerful sharp aura, which is even more frightening.

I only saw Ye Feng step out in one step, and the whole person seemed to have passed through the space, descending by Liming Xiuyan at an extremely fast speed.

The closer Ye Feng gets closer, the more terrifying force Ye Feng can feel, brewing in the void, crushing his body fiercely.

Liming Xiuyan passed the Triple Heavenly Pass, and a unique field had formed around him, and the aura exuding made Ye Feng seem to be in a quagmire.

It was in this short period of time that the original power in Ye Feng's body had already started to burn, making the dazzling starlight that he slashed with even more terrifying power.

Liming Xiuyan's reaction was also extremely rapid. The power in his body had been poured into the scissors, and his own destiny soldier released extremely powerful abilities at this moment.

In a very short time, the two attacks have collided together.

Liming Xiuyan directly closed the scissors in his hand, wanting to use the cross power in this to slay Ye Feng in the first time.

And the power that Ye Feng exudes is beyond imagination, and all the power in the space is extracted in the first time, and it is gathered in his own sword light.

The two sets of attacks collided again, and a rumbling sound of destruction immediately broke out in the void.

An extremely powerful destructive force spread in the void, at a very fast speed, to completely destroy everything in the world.

And those strong men no longer have the mood to watch the battle, and the movements of the death **** war spirits have become more rapid, harvesting the lives of those strong men again and again.

That is to say, under such circumstances, the strength in Ye Feng's body is increasing at an extremely stable rate, so that he can face the dawn and repair his face without losing the wind.

Seeing the power of the death **** war spirit at this moment, Liming Xiuyan was even more angry, and immediately mobilized all the abilities in his body madly.

Countless terrifying brilliance powers fully bloomed at this moment, madly shuttled toward where the death war spirits were.

Seeing such a scene, Ye Feng's expression also became extremely angry, and finally he laughed disdainfully.

"Silly girl, when you were fighting with me, you were still in the mood to take care of others, don't you know that your life has fallen into my hands at this moment?"

At this moment, the aura in Ye Feng's body broke out again, and the terrifying power exuded reached a point that ordinary people could not imagine.

The extremely terrifying aura of destruction was released from Ye Feng's body, and the sword light in his hand slashed forward fiercely, seeming to completely shatter Liming Xiuyan's body in the first time.

Feeling the terrifying power that Ye Fengzuo slashed, Liming Xiuyan's face also became extremely pale, and he didn't seem to expect Ye Feng to still possess such terrifying strength.

Doing my best to mobilize the power in the body also made the breath of Liming Xiuyan surge wildly, and the terrifying power exuded once again climbed to a higher level.

Forcibly breaking through her own realm before, has already damaged the foundation of Liming's beauty, but at this moment she has no choice.

At this moment, the source of power controlled by Ye Feng began to surge crazily, and the terrifying aura exuded was directly crushed towards Liming Xiuyan.

I only saw an extremely solemn coercive force descending fiercely, directly covering Liming Xiuyan's body.

At the same time, the Divine Fortune Sword in Ye Feng's hand slowly stabbed forward, and a very condensed sword light was released just like that.

Combining the two forces together, the coercive force exuded reached an unimaginably powerful state, and the defense of Liming Xiuyan was completely torn in the first time.

Liming Xiuyan's reaction was also extremely rapid, madly mobilizing the original source of his body, wanting to burst out the most powerful aura in this short period of time, in order to resist Ye Feng's attack.

Numerous radiant powers bloomed in his body, and they had already collided against Ye Feng's terrible attack.

But she still somewhat underestimated Ye Feng's strength, that sword light still penetrated her body, raging crazily in her body at an extremely fast speed.

At this moment, Liming Xiuyan's face also became bloodless, and his body was trembling crazily, as if he had been electrocuted.

The breath in the body lies in a crazy drop at a very fast speed, as if it is possible to completely disappear at any time.

Ye Feng also sensed the power in Liming Xiuyan's body, his expression finally became a bit relaxed, he wanted to burst out of his own strength again and completely kill Liming Xiuyan.

However, at this moment, Ye Feng felt an extremely dangerous aura, and that kind of terrifying pressure directly fell on him.

It was like saying that he was going to wipe out his body in the shortest possible time. That terrifying strength was almost beyond the reach of an ordinary person.

Before he could fully explode his own power, an extremely terrifying frost power had already descended on him, and he wanted to completely freeze his body in the shortest possible time.

The extremely terrifying contained power even made his consciousness extremely slow.

"Exactly... is... what... power?"

The incredibly slow thoughts keep turning, seemingly to completely destroy everything around him in the shortest possible time.

But no matter how powerful the power of divine consciousness is, it can't operate under such a terrifying pressure, and even all the power in the body is becoming extremely weak.

It's like saying that all the original power in the body ~wuxiaworld.online~ is under an extremely huge pressure, and it may be completely sealed off at any time.

"Little thief, when you released your attack on my son, why didn't you have such a gesture?

Do you think that with this little strength of yours, you can really survive in this world?

If you offend me, your end result is nothing but death.

Even to say that your own soul will suffer endless torture, show it to everyone in this world, let them know, offend this seat. "

Hearing such a voice, Ye Feng's body also trembled involuntarily, and the power inside the body was completely sealed at this moment and could no longer be mobilized.

"Oh it's you"

At this moment, Ye Feng's eyes were pitch black, as if he was about to pass out.

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