Sky War God Chapter 3906

Chapter 3569: Breakthrough Ancient Giant

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[] Ling Tian Ares Chapter 3569 Breakthrough, Ancient Giant God

The aura in the void brought pressure on Ye Feng that was beyond imagination. It was just an instant that the terrifying icy power completely covered his body.

At this moment, the power in Ye Feng's body seemed to be completely silent, and there was no possibility of exerting any abilities anymore.

It's as if to say that the whole person is still, life is completely withered, and no power can be exerted anymore.

"grown ups!"

Seeing the appearance of the man, the surviving people also showed a shocked look on their faces, and then they saluted him very respectfully.

"A bunch of trash."

The Bingcheng City Lord's face was gloomy, and he looked at the ancient giants with a look of disdain.

In his opinion, Ye Feng's strength is nothing more than that, just releasing a little bit of strength is enough to completely freeze Ye Feng, without any resistance at all.

At this moment, Liming Xiuyan was also a little shocked, and quickly adjusted the strength in his body, and walked towards the Ice City City Lord.

"Thank you senior for your life-saving grace..."

"Stop talking nonsense, this kid had to pay a price when he did something to my family.

Your Liming family is just a group of posers. What are you playing with me here? "

As soon as Bingcheng City Master said this, everyone present was shocked and speechless. No one had thought that he had such confidence.

"Don't get in the way of my eyes when nothing is wrong, this matter is not something you can mix."

The Bingcheng City Lord seemed to be a little impatient. He directly mobilized the power in his body, making him so frightened that he was so frightened that he spread crazily at this moment, completely covering the direction where Ye Feng was.

In the next moment, Bingcheng City Lord planned to run the power of space and leave here.

But when the space power was just released, an extremely terrifying shock broke out in the void, and countless waves of destruction were released, madly impacting everything around.

Even Bingcheng City Lord didn't react, and the space powers that he was watching swallowed him directly.

The ice sculpture that Ye Feng transformed was also swallowed by the turbulence of space at this moment, as if it were about to be completely destroyed.

"Small bugs."

Perceiving such a sudden change, the face of the Ice Palace City Lord was also a bit ugly, and then the ice-cold power in his body was directly released, completely covering this space.

The methods that Ye Feng set up before, the extremely tyrannical space formation method, at this moment, can't play any role at all.

The terrifying ice-cold power swept down, and there was no power in any space to resist it, and he was completely frozen.

And those terrifyingly devastating auras directly locked on Ye Feng, and when everyone didn't react, they once again controlled him in his own hands.

Such a change caused the people present to be somewhat unresponsive, and even when they didn't know what happened, everything was all over.

The horrible aura was so calmed down, and the face of Bingcheng City Lord was also more gloomy.

Although he is not very good at the power of space, he didn't even notice the space formation that Ye Feng set up. He even tried to figure it out, slapped his face fiercely.

This made the face of Bingcheng City Lord more and more ugly.

"good very good."

The power in the body of the Bingcheng City Lord was released again, and directly turned into chains of ice crystals, entwining Ye Feng.

The power radiated in this way is also beyond imagination. It is not only the icy cold power of extreme horror, but also the power of a terrifying seal that is incredibly powerful, as if to seal Ye Feng to death.

At this moment, a special force was released in the void.

Those terrifying icy powers, like encountering the summer sun, completely melted in a very short period of time, and could not exert any effect.

However, Ye Feng's body was still stiff, and the power in his body did not respond, as if it had completely disappeared.

"Ouyang, do you dare to stop me?"

The face of Bingcheng City Lord immediately showed an extremely angry expression, and the ice-cold power in his body was also being released crazily.

"Beiluo, don't think you have been promoted to the gods, you can yell with me here, your own life avenue is not stable, if you really do not live or die, don't blame this seat for being polite."

In the void, an extremely terrifying voice came, and the terrible coercive force was completely dissipated.

City Lord Ouyang did not appear, but just a single voice was enough to have a huge impact on Beiluo stew.

The terrifying force surrounding him was also severely damaged, and it was temporarily impossible to exert its full power.

Facing the rampant tone of City Lord Ouyang, Bei Luo Yu's face was also quite ugly, and there was a tremor in his voice.

"The surname Ouyang, don't think that you will be the first to break through the realm of the gods, you can be unscrupulous, this world is not your sole decision.

The breath of Beiluo's body surged crazily, and a series of terrifying icy powers were released, hovering beside him.

Those ice and snow powers, madly condensed at this moment, gathered into a chain of incomparably powerful order gods, continuously extending in the void, and even directly expanding toward the city of swallowing sky.

Seeing such a scene, City Lord Ouyang also showed a little impatient look on his face, and the original power in his body was slightly rotating.

At this moment, there was a burst of power in the void, and the power was so terrifying that it was unimaginable, and it directly collided with those chains of ice and snow.

In an instant, the breath in the void exploded in an instant, and the chains of the ice and snow gods broke every inch, and the power of the shock followed this connection and directly bombarded Bei Luoxue's body.

Beiluo Yang also didn't have any resistance, and the whole person flew out directly, his body trembled like an electric shock.

The various primordial powers in the body are gradually eroding under this kind of operation, and they can't resist the power released by City Lord Ouyang.

It was just such a little trick that made everyone present extremely pale, and their bodies were trembling involuntarily.

In any case, Beiluo Yang is already a peerless powerhouse who has broken through the realm of the gods, and his strength has reached an unfathomable realm, which is not what people like them can imagine.

Didn't see Ye Feng, who was fierce and mighty, was completely suppressed by the ice at the moment Beiluo Yan appeared, didn't he have any resistance?

But even such a strong man, under the oppression of City Lord Ouyang, was like an ant, unable to resist it at all. It was just one move and he was hit hard.

The ancient giant god's five-fold heavenly pass, after the completion of cultivation, there is almost no weakness, especially after reaching the realm of the gods, it will gather these powers together to form the prototype of the world, with unparalleled power.

But at this moment, Beiluo's destiny soldier was damaged, and his body suffered a terrible blow. The strength of his body was ten and one, and the power that could be exerted directly fell into the realm of the gods.

"you you"

Feeling the change of power in his body, Bei Luo's face showed a light of hatred, and the resentment in his eyes was almost condensed into substance.

"Ouyang, hello, you are fine."

Bei Luozhen almost gritted his teeth and said such words, the original power in his body was constantly boiling and surging, as if it was about to burst out the strongest power, and completely punish Ye Feng. same.

However, City Lord Ouyang, who was sitting in the City Lord's Mansion, did not take such an attitude to heart at all, and a strange brilliance was reflected in his eyes.

He discovered that there seemed to be some special changes in the void, which had already affected the surrounding void in the first place.

It's just that everyone present focused their attention on Beiluo's body, but no one paid attention to such a change.

"Okay, shut up, no one cares about the snarling barking of a defeated dog."

City Lord Ouyang looked indifferent and spoke again.

The magical aura emanating from the void is also about to condense into the essence at this moment, and the terrifying coercive force continues to expand, and even everything between the heavens and the earth is completely destroyed.

Beiluo stew was even more manifested by City Lord Ouyang, his body wrapped in anger, his own source of power was madly agitated.

He did not realize that Ye Feng, who had been frozen by him, had undergone a slight change at this moment.

"No, I can't die... I still have a lot to do!"

In the eternal ice, the power of Ye Feng's divine mind is still running continuously, it seems that there is a certain terrifying attribute power, which is slowly recovering.

Ye Feng's several spiritual powers had already reached an extremely high level. At this moment, under the influence of that terrifying ice-bound power, they were indeed running quite slowly.

But for someone else, he has already been frozen forever by this force, and there will be no reaction anymore.

At this moment, the nine divine powers in Ye Feng's sea of consciousness worked together, like nine big stars, blooming with endless brilliance.

With the power of chaos as the center, the spear and the sword, the magic path and the good fortune, the dragon **** and the phoenix god, the space and the soul, and the eight divine powers are arranged around, forming an incomparably mysterious formation prototype, which is moving slowly at this moment With.

All the powers of the divine mind are gathered together, and they are constantly splitting and changing, as if all the attributes of the heavens and the earth must be brought into one's control.

At the same time, the power of the divine mind that was released spread toward the body, directly activating the power of chaos.

As a powerful energy that can open up the world, the power of Chaos is the origin and ultimate of a world. No matter how terrifying the power of ice and cold, it is impossible to completely freeze him.

At this moment, under the guidance of Ye Feng's overbearing divine power, the chaotic qi in his body was also spinning like a thread.

Those chaotic auras expanded once again, also permeating Ye Feng's whole body, especially those hidden secret orifice spaces.

The Qi and Blood Golden Pill that was sealed in it was pushed by the power of Chaos, and immediately mobilized the power of Qi and Blood in the body, and the powerful force it radiated was even more shocking.

While the Chaos Spiritual Mind was running, it was already suppressing all the power in the body.

In the face of such a powerful force, even the ice-bound power of Beiluo stew was strongly affected.

Moreover, at this moment, Beiluo stew itself has been hit hard by City Lord Ouyang, how can he still be in the mood to pay attention to Ye Feng?

It was under such an opportunity that the power in Ye Feng's body was constantly recovering, and the terrifying power that radiated from it reached an extreme point.

At this moment, the power in Ye Feng's body was boiling frantically, as if that power was about to burst his body.

The power between divine consciousness, vitality, body, and the three continue to combine, rise, and grow endlessly, which also made Ye Feng feel the tremendous pressure. At this moment, he urgently needs a vent to let him release this power.

The Divine Sword of Good Fortune hidden in the body, as well as the Spear of the Divine Demon, all felt such power and oscillated spontaneously.

In the sea of consciousness, the dragon **** divine mind, the magic way divine mind entangled with the spear divine mind, swept the power in the body, and entered the holy magic spear.

On the other side, the phoenix **** and the **** of good fortune were also combined in one place. Together with the **** of kendo, they were consuming those energy crazily to further refine the **** of good fortune.

Whether it is the Holy Demon Spear or the God Sword of Good Fortune, they are all extremely high-quality magic weapons, and in the first time, they are also crazy about these terrifying energies.

However, Ye Feng's accumulation is really too strong, which makes people's hearts constantly shocked.

The power consumed by these two gods was less than one-third of Ye Feng's own energy growth.

No matter how strong their power was, they couldn't maintain Ye Feng's own balance.

That endless power still grows at an unimaginable terrifying speed, and the pressure emitted becomes even more crazy.

However, the artifacts in Ye Feng's body no longer have the ability to help him resist such a powerful force. He can already perceive that the power in his body may blow his body to pieces at any time.

Ye Feng also realized that at this moment, he couldn't completely consume these powers, and it was not even enough to make the growth and consumption of these powers equal.

In his consciousness, he could constantly hear, and the very subtle sound of breaking sounded one after another.

Such terrifying power means that his body is constantly breaking down, as if it is about to be completely destroyed.

Controlling the changes in his body, Ye Feng has also been keenly aware that his body has reached an extreme at this moment, and the bodies that have been destroyed seem to be unable to recover forever.

If this continues, Ye Feng

At this moment, the brilliance in Ye Feng's consciousness seemed to be completely extinguished.

"Yes, is that over?"

"Impossible, I will never allow it!"

"Give me control!"

His own will is almost insane, and the terrifying power exuded has reached an uncontrollable level.

At this moment, a chaotic spiritual bead suddenly appeared in the depths of Ye Feng's body, exuding a faint aura.


In the void, there seemed to be a roaring sound, a powerful force radiated out, and the surrounding energy rushed towards that spiritual orb crazily.

Not only these energies, but also Ye Feng's remaining three powers of divine consciousness, chaos divine consciousness, space divine consciousness, and the purest soul divine consciousness, all merged together, moving towards the chaotic spirit orb Converge.

Almost in an instant, the terrifying energy behind Ye Feng's body directly converged in the Heavenly Mixing Spirit Orb at a crazy speed.

The incomparably pure energy is being consumed quickly.

Ye Feng's perception has also reached a special state, and the whole person's consciousness seems to be integrated into the void.

Countless attribute forces converged, and finally they were swallowed by the Tiantian Lingzhu.

The power of the attributes that have been madly transformed is also constantly attached to the three peerless gods.

At this moment, Ye Feng could perceive that his power seemed to have reached a certain extreme.

The radiated power has undergone a fundamental change.

Ye Feng can also clearly feel that the power of the gods in his body has finally undergone an essential transformation, and this transformation is finally fed back to him.

The power of divine consciousness was once again condensed, and nine crystals of divine consciousness of one hundred and twenty eighthedrons gleamed in the sea of consciousness.

Chaos Gang Qi is indeterminate and uncertain, but the Chaos Golden Pill in the Dantian is like the prototype of the world, in which chaotic phenomena have evolved.

And the power of blood boiling in the body was completely silent at this moment, becoming extremely dignified.

It's just that his heart beats slightly, Ye Feng has already heard it, inside his body, the sound of Qi and blood rushing like a wave.

At this moment, Ye Feng has also transformed from the inside out, and his own strength has undergone earth-shaking changes.

In such a time, Ye Feng was also aware of the power covering him.

It was just that his divine consciousness was slightly activated, and a terrifying coercive force had been released from his body.

As the chaotic aura surged, it directly shattered all those ice-cold powers, and any sealing power could no longer restrain Ye Feng's body.

Subsequently, the vitality between heaven and earth also sensed the changes in Ye Feng's body. In the first time, a powerful breath was released, frantically gathering towards Ye Feng's body, as if to take his body. , All melted down the same.

Countless bright brilliance gathered around Ye Feng, and a large number of attribute powers changed around his body, just like celebrating him.

Under the interference of this force, Ye Feng also noticed that the power he controlled had finally reached a state of consummation.

At the same time, he also turned his gaze to Beiluo.

"How is this possible?"

Seeing that Ye Feng suddenly broke through the seal he had set, Beiluo's face also showed an extremely shocked expression.

The icy method he set up was already a slight seal between heaven and earth, even in the realm of the ancient giant god, it was one of the best.

Moreover, there is still his god-level power in this.

These abilities are superimposed, and the effect that can be exerted is definitely not that simple.

But at this moment, Ye Feng, without any help, broke through such a realm, how could he not surprise Beiluo?

Afterwards, Beiluo braised also reacted and looked at City Lord Ouyang with a bitter look.

"It's you, it must be you, it's you who are plotting against me behind your back, wanting me to be completely suppressed, it's you who want to kill me!"

Bei Luoyang roared frantically, and the power radiating from his body was even more terrifying. Such a terrifying energy burst out in a very short time, and it also brought tremendous pressure to everyone present.

Ye Feng didn't react at all, just standing in front of Beiluo Yan, looking at him quietly.

A fairly pure breath was released from Ye Feng's body, as if to bring this space under his control.

Perceiving the aura emanating from Ye Feng, Beiluo's expression changed again.

"Impossible, you have just been promoted to the realm of the ancient giant? This is simply impossible.

You were not an ancient giant before, but you can control such a powerful strength. Why? "

Feeling the fear and doubt on the other party, Ye Feng also walked towards him step by step.

At this moment, Beiluo braised also felt the strong pressure from Ye Feng's body, which made his pale complexion even more gloomy.

It's like saying that such power may kill him at any time.

If it were before, of course Beiluo stew would not take Ye Feng to heart, and even the aura emitted at random would be enough to suppress Ye Feng.

However, at this moment, he was deeply hit, and he was completely suppressed by a stronger attribute force, and he could no longer resist such a powerful force.

And Ye Feng just broke through the strength of the ancient giant himself, and it was also the terrifying power that he had reached a peak, and it had unimaginable energy.

For the first time, Beiluo brazen wanted to mobilize the power in his body to completely suppress Ye Feng.

However, he did not expect that Ye Feng's strength had reached an extremely terrifying point at this moment.

At the first moment, he had already noticed that the attribute power emanating from Beiluo Yan, the attribute power in his body was running fast.

The power of Chaos had already exploded with an extremely terrifying aura in the first time, and wanted to completely kill Beiluo in the shortest possible time.

It was at this moment that the power in Ye Feng's body had reached an unimaginable powerful state, and the aura of attributes that radiated even more shocked everyone present.

It was in this short period of time that Ye Feng directly mobilized the power in his body and released it forward fiercely.

The extremely terrifying attribute power burst out in such a short period of time, forming a rather terrifying destruction palm print, which immediately descended toward the opponent's location.

The power that Ye Feng possesses has reached an extremely terrifying point. For those powerhouses who have just entered the realm of ancient giants, they cannot be his opponents at all.

Even a strong man like Liming Xiuyan used special means to break through to the realm of the third heaven pass, he couldn't compete with Ye Feng.

He could only watch Ye Feng radiate the power in his body, and the pressure of destruction formed a fiercely impacting where they were.

In this short period of time, Ye Feng World felt the limit of his own power.

The chaotic palmprint released, and the aura of destruction contained in it, reached a point beyond the reach of ordinary people.

The endless destructive power, madly whistling, and the terrifying pressure exuding, shocked everyone present and could not speak. It was impossible to imagine that Ye Feng could have such a powerful force.

In their view, Ye Feng had already broken through to the realm of ancient giants, and his own strength was quite powerful in the same realm.

But they never expected that Ye Feng hadn't reached the realm of ancient giants at all, and now that his cultivation base broke through, his strength would grow wildly.

That is to say, at this moment, the breath that Ye Feng exudes has reached an extremely terrifying point, directly descending towards Beiluo.

Beiluo's reaction was also quite fast, and the power in the body was mobilized and gathered around the body in the first time.

Such a powerful attribute power has already exploded in a very short period of time, as if to completely destroy everything in the world.

The two powerful attacks collided in a very short period of time, and the rumbling sound of destruction resounded madly.

At the same time, extremely powerful destructive forces spread in all directions, as if to completely destroy everything in the world.

Beiluo Yang thinks that he is powerful, and he is a strong man in the realm of the gods anyway.

Even if it was Ye Feng's cultivation base, no matter how much he improved, he couldn't compete with him.

But at the moment when the two attacks collided, he suddenly realized that the power controlled by Ye Feng was simply terrifying beyond imagination.

An extremely powerful chaotic force directly descended on his body, as if it was going to completely destroy his body in the shortest possible time.

The terrifying impact directly descended on his body, raging on his body madly. Such a powerful shock force also brought tremendous pressure to his body. In a very short time, let him The body is on the verge of collapse.

Beiluo's complexion has also become more ugly, and the original power in his body is mobilized crazily at this moment.

That is to say, in this short period of time, Ye Feng directly released the power under his control, and a powerful coercive force spread wildly in the void.

Everyone present had no way to react, and Beiluo stew was completely covered by this force.

In an instant, an extremely terrifying oppressive force descended on her, as if to completely destroy his body.

Such a terrifying destructive force continued to recover in the void, and the powerful oppressive force radiated, even the people present were completely shocked.

In a very short time, Ye Feng's footsteps lightly stepped into the void, and his figure quickly appeared around Beiluo's body.

The terrifying oppressive power burst out in an instant, and at the same time, there was an extremely terrifying attribute, and the power spread wildly in the void.

Ye Feng grasped the fist in his hand and slammed down directly towards the direction where Beiluo stew was.

Originally, Beiluozhen didn't realize that the power contained in Ye Feng's fist directly released his own attribute power.

He wanted to rely on his own strength to resist Ye Feng's attack.

However, at the moment of contact, he suddenly noticed the powerful force fed back in the void, which made his body a little unbearable.

The extremely powerful force of destruction continued to spread in the void, making North Luocheng unable to feel the existence of the body.

The terrifying power of Chaos, once again spreading from his body, exuded the powerful force, and everyone present was shocked and speechless.

It was at this moment that Ye Feng directly exploded his own power and poured it into Beiluo's body severely.

Beiluo stew couldn't withstand such pressure, it was just a spurt of blood, and the body kept retreating.

The strength that Ye Feng controlled was too terrifying. After breaking through to the realm of the ancient giant, it made the power in the body reach a level that ordinary people could not imagine.

Every time the various attribute powers in the body operate, his strength will increase by one point again, as if it can grow endlessly.

What's more, the exercises that Ye Feng cultivated have reached a very special point, and the amount of coercive force emitted every time is enough to make the surrounding space crazy turbulence.

In this short period of time, the attributes that filled the void, the aura had reached a point that ordinary people could not reach.

Beiluoqi's face has become extremely pale~wuxiaworld.online~ The bone tissue cells in the body have been almost wiped out.

"Bold thief, who gave you the courage to do this to me?"

Feeling the coercive aura radiating from Ye Feng's body made Beiluo's face extremely angry, and the remaining power in his body began to circulate wildly.

In an instant, Ye Feng also felt an extremely powerful oppressive force directly descending on his body.

This force comes from the energy available between heaven and earth, and it exceeds the limit that Ye Feng can control.

Even if the power of Chaos continues to operate, it is still unable to resist such power, and can only watch him completely block his body.

"You are a kid who has just stepped into the realm of ancient giants, don't think that you can do whatever you want with a little skill.

Today, let you see the real power that the gods control after surpassing the ancient giants! "

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