Sky War God Chapter 3907

Chapter 3570: Battle Against The Gods

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[] Ling Tian War God Chapter 3570 Battle Against God

At this moment, Ye Feng could clearly feel that the power of horror was coming down crazily, and there was a pure brilliance, converging continuously from above the sky.

"Cold, so cold."

Before those powers were released, Ye Feng already had a very obvious feeling. The extremely cold breath was like freezing his body and soul.

Facing such a change, Ye Feng's reaction was also quite rapid. The chaotic power in his body instantly changed, beating like a flame, generating terrifying heat.

At the same time, the fire of Nirvana and the power of one's own blood also burned up.

It's just that the power that Ye Feng exudes at this moment does not have much effect in such a cold field, but can resist a little bit, the impact of the ice-cold power on him.

In the depths of the void, City Lord Ouyang looked at the battlefield at this moment with a weird look, rubbing his fingers, and the terrifying force brewing was slowly dissipating.

In any case, Beiluo stew is a real god, even if it is severely injured by City Lord Ouyang, the essential power under his control cannot be contended by ordinary ancient giants.

What's more, Ye Feng just broke through to this realm at this moment. I am afraid that his own strength has not been fully discovered, so how can he compete with Beiluo?

Now the various forces in Ye Feng's body are constantly changing under the pressure of the outside world, and the terrifying energy exuded is directly applied to the most extreme realm, and it is also a kind of resistance to the power of the gods.

The terrifying pressure from the outside made Ye Feng's control of the original power also reached an extremely terrifying point.

Gathering all the power together, Ye Fengmi had any hesitation, and directly released a destruction palm print forward.

It also contained most of the power that Ye Feng controlled, and the powerful aura that radiated from it made the entire void continue to oscillate.

That is to say, in such a short period of time, a more powerful force was reflected in Ye Feng's eyes, and the power of his own divine mind was released crazily at this moment, wanting to crush it towards Beiluo.

Seeing that Ye Feng dared to take the initiative to attack, Bei Luo Yan's face also became extremely ugly, and the terrifying energy in his body was directly mobilized at this moment.

The extremely powerful aura immediately diffused from the void, and the space between the heavens and the earth seemed to be filled with a terrifying icy power.

Afterwards, everyone present saw that there was an extremely terrifying frosty palmprint condensed, and he slapped it towards the direction where Ye Feng was.

This kind of power is beyond everyone's imagination. They simply can't understand what kind of terrifying energy is contained in such an attack.

Two huge destruction palmprints, each containing an extremely terrifying aura, had already collided together in a very short time.

Ye Feng also felt the changes in the surrounding environment at this moment, and a rather terrifying icy force was released in this way, giving him no chance to react at all.

The two attacks just collided together, and the rumbling sound of terror and shock resounded instantly.

The extremely terrifying wave of destruction was released, spreading in all directions, as if to destroy everything in the world.

It was at this moment that Ye Feng sensed the powerful force contained in the opponent's attack, that terrifying force was not something he could resist at all.

The extreme ice-cold power followed a certain connection in the void and directly descended on him, and the terrifying wave of destruction also broke out at this moment.

The power of destruction made Ye Feng's face instantly pale.

That kind of ability is simply to completely destroy his body, and the entire human body's skeletal tissue cells are being madly destroyed.

That is to say, under such circumstances, the energy in Ye Feng's body has reached an extreme point, and his body will be completely shattered in the next instant.

The other party was also aware of Ye Feng's state, and a look of disdain appeared on his face.

"With this little strength of yours, you still want to provoke me? It's just a dead end."

Beiluoqi said condescendingly: "I will give you a chance now, and only this time, surrender to me, offer your practice, and let me leave a mark on your soul, and become a one driven by me. dog.

I will think about it and spare your life. "

Hearing this, the look on Ye Feng's face also became colder, as if he didn't put the other person in his eyes at all.


He didn't speak either, just spitting out a mouthful of blood froth with visceral lumps as he turned towards Beiluo with disdain.

Such an attitude even more severely stung Beiluoqi's self-esteem, and the aura in his body burst out at this instant, as if to destroy everything in the world.

"Looking for death, since you don't want to surrender, you can only be completely destroyed."

While speaking, Bei Luo's body exuded a more powerful attribute power, extremely terrifying energy, and rushed towards Ye Feng fiercely.

What kind of character is Beiluo Yang, the source of power controlled by it is even more powerful than an ordinary person can imagine. At this moment, the breath exuded by doing his best is not comparable to Ye Feng.

In his opinion, Ye Feng was able to block the attack just now, without being directly killed, he was already doing his best.

Even if he wanted to resist his own attacks, it was impossible to do so.

With this thought in mind, he directly released the most powerful force in his body, and the extremely terrifying aura of attributes exploded in this short period of time, and the terrifying power made the entire space tremble. .

Without hesitation, Beiluoqi took a step forward.

The breath on the body was released to the extreme, the whole body was so violent, and the power displayed on the body was extremely terrifying.

The terrifying power possessed by the whole body was condensed into a dazzling icy light at this moment, and it was released directly towards where Ye Feng was.

The power contained in this brilliance is extremely strong, and the speed is also quite swift, constantly changing in the void, as if to shroud the entire world.

Yue Fangyue sensed this attack. No matter how he mobilized the power in his body, he was terribly unable to escape under this attack.

At this moment, the injuries in his body are also erupting frantically, as if to consume all the power in his body.

Under this circumstance, Ye Feng could only fully condense his last little strength, releasing a chaotic brilliance.

These chaotic powers condensed into dots of sword light, continuously surrounding Ye Feng's body, making Ye Feng seem to be integrated with this space.

At the same time, the tactics in Ye Feng's palm were constantly changing, forming an extremely powerful chaotic vision.

The chaotic golden core in his body was constantly oscillating, making the power contained in Ye Feng's move more powerful.

Especially the power of his own divine mind and the power of qi and blood are also crazy superimposed, I want to push Ye Feng's power to the extreme in the shortest time.

In the face of this terrifying attack released by Beiluo Yan, Ye Feng also slapped it, and the original aura contained in his palm merged with the chaotic realm.

The power carried in it was beyond imagination. In a very short period of time, everyone present once again heard the rumbling sound of terrifying concussion, and there was also an extremely terrifying destructive force, moving towards Crazy spread in all directions.

Such a powerful attack collided together, and Ye Feng also felt an extremely strong pressure.

The power contained in Beiluo's attack is too strong, and the powerful positive pressure it possesses even suppresses Ye Feng's body to death.

The extremely terrifying destructive power is quickly oppressing Ye Feng's body.

Everyone present saw such a scene, and there was a flash of light in their eyes, and a bit of unexpected light appeared on their faces.

In any case, I never thought that the power controlled by Bei Luo Qiang had reached such a terrifying point.

"With your weak strength, wanting to compete with me is simply a big joke."

Belovan's body was suspended in the void, staring at Ye Feng below, and a look of disdain appeared in his eyes, speaking in an extremely cold tone.

This voice was full of strong irony, as if Ye Feng would not be able to persist under his attack.

However, Ye Feng didn't give in at all, he was still running the chaotic power in his body close to full force.

His gaze was extremely cold, staring at Beiluo , the chaotic aura in his body burst out crazily at this moment.

In this very short period of time, the terrifying attribute power has completely exploded.

Those terrifying chaotic auras completely covered the surrounding space, causing the power in Ye Feng's body to become even more violent.

And the chaotic scene surrounding Ye Feng's body, at this moment, also exerted an unimaginable powerful effect.

It seems to be saying that all the forces in Ye Feng's body must be recovered within an extreme time.

The power in the body burst out again, which also made Ye Feng's attack even more brutal.

The extremely powerful Chaos Power rushed towards the direction where Bei Luo Qiang was madly, and directly hit Bei Luo Yan's body.

It was also at this moment that the power in Beiluo's body raised his hand to block such a terrible attack.

Such a powerful force burst out directly in Beiluo's palm, causing its brows to be slightly wrinkled.

The tingling from the palm of his hand made his entire complexion extremely pale, so that a chaotic force was directly attached to his body like a tarsal maggot.

Ye Feng's reaction was also quite rapid, and the power in the body could be fully mobilized in the first time, and that kind of terrifying aura was running wildly.

Now the strength that Ye Feng controls has reached a point that ordinary people can't reach, and the powerful force running in the void is almost crazy.

Under such circumstances, no matter how strong Beiluo's strength is, it will be affected by the power of Chaos.

What's more, his strength has already been suppressed by City Lord Ouyang.

Now the destructive power that Ye Feng has exploded with his best efforts has indeed brought him tremendous pressure, and even caused him some injuries.

This made Beiluoqi's complexion extremely gloomy, and his body involuntarily took a step back.

Even the destructive power that was crushing towards Ye Feng dissipated.

Without such a terrifying coercive force covering Ye Feng's face, it also became extremely pale, panting heavily.

Countless sweat was released from his body, and the whole person was like being fished out of the water.

However, before he fully recovered his own state, the original power in his body had already begun to tremble again, and the powerful aura he radiated made his face extremely pale.

Countless destructive forces erupted from his body again, as if to completely destroy his body.

The destructive power that Beiluo was still in Ye Feng's body before, also broke out completely at this moment, a very powerful aura of destruction, once again released the force of pressure formed, it is simply unimaginable for ordinary people.

It was at this moment that Ye Feng directly ignited all the power in his body a very powerful Nirvana fire, directly covering his body.

Although it is said that it is not possible to use the power of good fortune in the white jade tower, or even use its own phoenix war spirit, it will receive the attention of some special existence.

But at this moment, Ye Feng directly released the power of chaos under his control, and the aura he could radiate reached a level that ordinary people could not imagine.

In a very short period of time, the life force in Ye Feng's body began to release wildly.

And wanting to destroy the powerful aura in his body, at this moment, it is almost insanely blooming.

The constant impact of the two powers of life and destruction together made Ye Feng feel the changes in his body.

The power of the source under his control is also madly running at this moment.

In the next moment, the phantom of the Phoenix war spirit had already covered Ye Feng's body, and the force of good fortune like a waterfall landed from a certain position at the end of the void.

The destructive power surrounding him was like the flames of a torrential rain.

It was completely extinguished in a very short time, and Ye Feng's body was also nourished by the power of good fortune, and recovered at a very fast speed.

Ye Feng did not give up such a good opportunity, and immediately mobilized the remaining forces of good fortune, exuding an extremely terrifying attribute power.

The power of good fortune and the resonance of the world has made Ye Feng's own control of aura reached a level that ordinary people can't imagine. Such a terrifying destructive force is even more like destroying everything in the world. .

There was no opportunity for Beiluo to react at all, an extremely powerful chaotic force burst out, directly covering his body.

Such a powerful chaotic force came from all directions, completely destroying Beiluo's entire body.

Beiluo's face also showed a somewhat cold look, and it seemed that Ye Feng would still hide such a method.

Of course he would not allow Ye Feng to be so rampant, he had already released the breath in his body in the first place.

An extremely terrifying palmprint of destruction quickly condensed in front of him.

Even more terrible whistling sounds sounded, and countless frost behemoths condensed at this moment, as if they were about to swallow everything.

Such a terrifying attack descended towards the direction where Ye Feng was at an extremely fast speed.

Those terrifying behemoths condensed from ice and snow will release extremely terrible shock power every time they rush, and appear around Ye Feng's body at a very fast speed.

In the next moment, everyone present had already heard a terrifying sound of terrifying shock, and even more terrifying destructive power drove toward the car, spreading wildly in all directions.

The ice and snow behemoth collided with the chaotic brilliance, and the terrible pressure formed between the two was beyond the limit that everyone could bear, and this space was covered by this terrifying force.

It was like saying that everything between heaven and earth would be completely destroyed.

And at this moment, Beiluo stew can only be said to be the power displayed by a strong man worthy of the realm of the gods, and it has reached an extremely terrifying point.

For Ye Feng, the power controlled by the other party was still so powerful that he could not completely defeat him at this moment.

At least the power controlled by Luo Wen still surpassed Ye Feng's ability, making him unable to completely kill the opponent.

In such a short period of time, an extremely terrifying attribute power has already exploded madly.

No matter how powerful Ye Feng was, under such a terrifying attack from the opponent, he was still shocked and retreated, and the aura on his body was constantly floating.

In the depths of the void, City Lord Ouyang, looking at all this, a little haze appeared on his face involuntarily.

Although Ye Feng's performance at the moment is extremely good, but if he continues to do this, it is very likely that Beiluo will continue to be consumed by Beiluo, and eventually be completely killed.

After all, the power controlled by Beiluo stew, but the real power of the gods, although suppressed by him, the speed of recovery is also extremely fast.

With the passage of time, the power of the gods in his body will continue to recover the aura that it exudes, and it has reached a point that ordinary people can't imagine.

And the power in Ye Feng's body will continue to be consumed over time, eventually reaching an unmanageable level.

At that time, even if City Lord Ouyang was secretly helping, I am afraid that there would be no way to suppress Beiluo stew.

"Stop fighting with him, as long as you can get out of here, I will guarantee your safety."

Finally, City Lord Ouyang couldn't help but speak, and this voice resounded directly in Ye Feng's heart.

When he heard these words, Ye Feng's heart was also quite surprised, but soon he had completely concealed these things.

Although City Lord Ouyang's help to him was enormous, he hadn't made such a plan.

The power of good fortune burst out, but it is just a little means to delay time.

Ye Feng's more powerful strength is still quite deep, and it has not completely erupted at this moment.

At the moment when he heard this sound transmission, Beiluo's face became extremely ugly.

The voice of turning his head to Beiluo braised directly resounded in the void, and the oppressive aura that it exudes reached an extremely terrifying state.

"Ouyang, if you dare to point fingers at me, then you're welcome to blame me.

What do you think you are, dare to influence my plan? "

Beiluo was also quite angry. He said such words at the first moment, and the breath that came out reached a level that ordinary people could not reach.

However, City Lord Ouyang didn't take such a change to heart at all, he just spoke casually.

"Don't take the things you have done too seriously. Your identity is not enough to affect me."

City Lord Ouyang's voice was full of irony, and it even more severely pierced Beiluo, making his body start to tremble constantly.

The aura in the body is floating fiercely at this moment, as if the power in the entire human body is about to collapse.

"Well, since you dare to humiliate me so, then I will kill this kid first, and then settle accounts with you."

As he spoke, the power in Beiluo Yan's body became more turbulent, and there were endless roars of beasts in the void.

It seems that the sky and the earth have been completely covered by the howling wind and snow, and the power radiated is simply beyond imagination.

Without any hesitation, Bei Luo Yan directly released countless destructive powers towards Ye Feng.

These destructive forces came directly down like a stormy sea, as if to completely destroy his body.

Seeing these terrifying destructive powers, Ye Feng's expression was also extremely plain, without any change.

The source of the body, the power is constantly brewing at this moment, and the powerful aura that it exudes has reached a point that ordinary people can't imagine.

This kind of power is getting stronger and stronger, and it also makes the surrounding void constantly tremble, as if this space will be completely shattered and destroyed.

Ye Feng's eyes also became extremely cold, and the depths of his pupils created an extremely tyrannical brilliance, as if to say that everything between heaven and earth would be completely destroyed by it.

Then I saw Ye Feng's palm digging into the depths of the void, and the terrifying power of the magic way was released from all over his body, and the voice of the dragon's chant was howling madly.

In such a short period of time, an extremely terrifying attribute power burst out like this, bringing the power controlled by Ye Feng to an extremely terrifying point.

Faced with such a terrifying magic power attribute, Beiluo Yan's face also showed a look of surprise. It seemed that Ye Feng could still possess such a powerful strength.

Even City Lord Ouyang's face showed a touch of surprise.

Such a force even made him feel the origin of touching his body, and his breath was running wildly.

For the first time, City Lord Ouyang had already mobilized his most terrifying attribute power, and his pupils reflected extremely powerful brilliance, carefully observing the changes in the battlefield.

Ye Feng is also quite clear that with his own strength, it is impossible to defeat a powerful cultivator like Beiluoqi.

At this moment, there is only one thing he can rely on.

The incomparably terrifying power of the magic path was entwined on the will of the gun, and Ye Feng directly drew an extremely scarlet destruction spear in the void.

When seeing this weapon, the faces of everyone present became extremely frightened.

The powerful combat power that Ye Feng exudes with the holy magic spear before is simply beyond their imagination.

In particular, such a crazy and powerful aura of destruction filled their hearts with unimaginable pressure.

If it weren't for City Lord Ouyang's timely action, coupled with the suppression of the power of the gods, I am afraid that Ye Feng would have fallen into a state of madness long ago.

But at this moment, Ye Feng had already broken through to the realm of the ancient giant, and the ferocious power that could radiate was extremely terrifying.

Even if the gods make a move, I'm afraid they can't suppress him.

That is to say, at this moment, the extremely terrifying attribute power was completely released at this time, and the powerful aura exuded even more so that everyone present was completely shocked.

The incomparably terrifying Blood Gorilla's edge was released at this moment, and gathered at the direction where Ye Feng was at an extremely fast speed.

Ye Feng was holding the holy magic spear in his hand, and his body was surrounded by an extremely terrifying magic power attribute, and there were bright red spear lights continuously released by his side.

At this moment, the power he controlled had reached an extreme. In the first time, he moved his steps and rushed in the direction of Beiluoqi.

A bright red radiance bloomed at this moment, directly locked onto Beiluo's body, and wanted to penetrate his body completely.

Beiluo's heart was even more angry, and he once again summoned an extremely terrifying chain of frost while waving his hands.

Although there is no substantial body, the terrifying contained in this, the power of ice has reached an extremely terrifying point.

If you don't dodge in time, any ancient giant will be completely sealed by the icy power in it, and in the end there will be no traces left.

That is to say, at this moment, the power in Ye Fengqi's body has reached an extremely terrifying point, and the holy magic spear in his hand is roaring frantically.

Even Ye Feng's huge divine power was affected by this terrifying magic power, and the original power in his body began to explode frantically.

In a very short period of time, such a terrifying force of coercion was already completely destroying everything in the world and exuding a terrifying aura, directly colliding with that frost chain.

Everyone present immediately heard the rumbling sound of terror and shock, and the extremely terrifying destructive power spread in all directions.

The destruction spear light released by Ye Feng this time was so powerful that it was unimaginable. Even if Bei Luoqi projected his own destiny soldier, it was greatly affected.

There is no need for the terrible shock power to be released at this moment, it seems that it is to completely destroy everything in the world in the shortest time.

There is also an extremely strange edge force, which directly penetrated Bei Luo's body along the Frost Chain.

Such a terrifying power is simply to completely freeze his body and completely sink him into an extremely terrifying realm in the shortest possible time.

Such a powerful edge force traveled wildly in Beilun City Master's body without any restriction at all, and it also brought huge damage to his body.

What is even more frightening is that the scarlet spear light is even constantly devouring the power in Beiluo's body, as if to bring it into a bottomless abyss.


Feeling the influence of that power on himself, Bei Luo's face also became extremely gloomy.

The power of the origin in the body surged crazily at this moment, trying to completely destroy the power of that holy demon.

At the same time, he constantly waved his palms, unleashing one after another destructive force toward Ye Feng.

And Ye Feng was also extremely indifferent, as if he hadn't seen such a terrifying power.

The extremely terrifying breath was once again completely released, as if to destroy everything in the world.

However, now Ye Feng has completely fallen into the power of the Demon Dao attribute, and the power of the attribute revealed in his eyes has become extremely crazy.

As Ye Feng broke through to the realm of the ancient giant god, the power in the holy magic spear was further recovered, and the power of the magic path attribute released was extremely violent.

Even a strong person like Ye Feng couldn't resist the powerful demon nature in it, and was affected by the spear demon in the holy demon spear.

The people present also did not expect that Ye Feng had such a terrifying means, and the first time he had already activated his aura.

This kind of power can't change anything, and that terrifying aura spreads wildly in the void.

It was at this moment that the extremely terrifying attribute power exploded, and the body of UU Reading www.uukanshu.com Beiluo could not withstand such a powerful force. There were signs of collapse in the first time.

"Just relying on you as a trash, and want to stop me, who gives you such courage."

Now Ye Feng's voice has also become abnormally hoarse, and the terrifying power exuding has shocked everyone present.

It was like saying that Ye Feng had completely changed his individual at this moment, and that terrible coercive force was even more unbearable for everyone.

Not only these ancient gods, but even City Lord Ouyang, who was hiding in the depths of the void, couldn't help but frowned.

He also didn't expect that after Ye Feng's full power burst out, he would have such terrifying strength, even the true **** of heaven would not be able to suppress him.

At this moment, he was also interested in the holy magic spear in Ye Feng's hand.

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