Small And Soft Girl A And Overbearing President Man O Chapter 76

Chapter 76:

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The wedding dress that Ruan Ruan selected was designed for a taller male omega.

...In other words, President Jiang fits perfectly.

The well-cut wedding dress is almost close to the curve of his body. The skirt of the wedding dress is very long, but the side slits are very high. When you lift your leg, you can see the muscle lines of his leg, and it is faintly half-covered. It makes people feel more exciting.

The upper layer of the skirt is covered with white gauze. No matter how beautiful the design of the skirt is, the whole wedding dress still gives people a very holy feeling.

When Jiang Yanzhan changed her wedding dress, Ruan Ruan also changed her night skirt.

When she walked into the room in her nightdress, Jiang Yanzhan had also changed into her wedding dress. He sat on the edge of the bed and stared at her blankly and with red ears.

If in normal times, Ruan Ruan would not help but want to laugh when he saw his expression.

But now it's different.

The warm yellow light from the bedside fell on him, as if covering him with a golden soft edge.

He is like an angel.

Thinking of this, Ruan Ruan stepped closer to Jiang Yanzhan, lowered his head and dropped a kiss on his forehead.

"Sweetheart, I feel like I'm dreaming." Ruan Ruan murmured, "Even kissing you like this makes me feel like a blasphemy."

Jiang Yanzhan sat on the edge of the bed, Ruan Ruan gently held his face.

He raised his head.

Even if his position is down at this time, even if he is still wearing a skirt full of gauze and lace-his eyes are still full of cold arrogance, almost like a **** who never bows his head or loves others .

Until Ruan Ruan's figure appeared in his eyes.

God is willing to fall into the earth.

Jiang Yanzhan tilted his head, half of his face was pressed against her soft palm. The hard and cold gaze that was just now softened. The end of the eye that was originally a bit mean and slightly raised, looked like a hook from this angle. The little hook of the heart.

He licked his lips, raised his hand and held Ruan Ruan's wrist.

"If you kiss, it's blasphemy." Ruan Ruan saw Jiang Yanzhan's long and curly eyelashes trembling and drooping slightly, casting a small shadow, "Then what have you done before?"

He curled up his lips and smiled, then tilted his head and kissed her palm.

Ruan Ruan didn't answer, Jiang Yanzhan raised his eyes and looked at her again, with some provocation, lowered his voice and asked: "Huh?"

I always learn badly.

Ruan Ruan grasped his hand with his backhand, and his delicate fingers penetrated between his fingers, and quickly clasped his fingers.

She stepped forward again, kneeling on Jiang Yanzhan's side of the bed, and her other arm hooked his neck.

Jiang Yanzhan's veil and lace on his skirt clung to him because of her movements, as if to deliberately remind him of what shame he is wearing now.

But he has long been used to restraining himself.

Even though his face started to get hot, a hazy powder appeared under the dim light and pure white wedding dress. Even the other hand hidden on the edge of the skirt slowly gathered his fingers and pinched the sheet underneath him tightly.

His expression was still very calm, and the hand that had just squeezed the sheets wrinkled up just now, wrapped Ruan Ruan's waist, and took the initiative to draw her closer.

Ruan Ruan was pulled close by him almost obediently, his warm breath clinging to his ears, with the gentle sweet pheromone slowly wrapped around him, and his voice was too soft: "What do you think? ...What did you do?"

She licked Jiang Yanzhan's ears, and asked him gently and slowly: "Is it profanity or..."

...Satisfy you?

Ruan Ruan couldn't say it, because Jiang Yanzhan turned his head and kissed her.

She was surprised by this action.

Ruan Ruan thought that Jiang Yanzhan would be weaker today-probably because of this wedding dress.

His tall body was submerged between the layers of heavy skirts, and his already fair skin was wrapped in pure white lace, showing a little pink mark. Even the broad shoulders were trapped by the veil.

These things gave Ruan Ruan an illusion, and she suddenly thought that the person in front of her was indeed a beautifuland very weak bride.

Thinking of this, Ruan Ruan smiled a little.

Jiang Yanzhan's kiss was as hot as usual, and his lips followed her smile, followed by his fingers touching the hem of her nightdress.

He is not a passive person himself.

Rather than waiting, he is better at proactively attacking.

Ruan Ruan sat on his lap in accordance with his movements, and pushed him down on his back with a slight effort.

The veil spread out behind him.

Jiang Yanzhan's hair was suddenly messed up, his veil and ends were curled together, and a small part of broken hair was scattered messily between his eyebrows.

His sharp eyebrows were softened by this drop of hair. He opened his lips slightly, his breath filled with the smell of orange.

The pheromones of two people are mixed together and form a ball.

The sweet pheromone penetrates into the heavy skirt, and the skirt also seems to bring the sweetness of orange.

Soft fingers peeled away the outer skin of the orange, and the fingertips touched the soft flesh inside.

The flesh is ripe, plump and full of juice.

Jiang Yanzhan closed his eyes, he subconsciously wanted to bite his lips, but Ruan Ruan had already kissed her, and he bit her lip without seriousness, itching and tingling.

Ruan Ruan licked his lips and teeth, blocking his low breath between them.

The finger suddenly plunged into the depth of the pulp, and the juice dripped and the sweet fragrance overflowed.

Ruan Ruan raised his body and stroked the complicated and exquisite design on the chest of the skirt with his other hand, rubbing his fingertips along the lines on it, and sighed softly, "Sweetheart, do you think the skirt I chose has a beautiful lace design? ?"

Jiang Yanzhan opened his eyes a little.

Under the dim light, Ruan Ruan saw a watery piece in his eyes, like a clear spring sparkling in the sun. After opening his eyes, he was squinted by the light, and at the same time a teardrop rolled out of the spring.

He held Ruan Ruan's hand that he was touching on the wedding dress, his waist sank, and the flesh was put into her hand.

Ruan Ruan let out a "huh".

Jiang Yanzhan also let out a muffled hum.

He took her hand and put it down on the hard candy against the hem of his skirt, and said in a hoarse voice, "What skirt do you still have in mind?"

He let go of Ruan Ruan's hand, took a deep breath, turned around and picked Ruan Ruan up and put it on the bed.

Ruan Ruan leaned against the head of the bed, still looking at him with a little surprise.

After he finished this action, he lay down on the bed.

Ruan Ruan saw his skirt spread out, covering his calf and feet. Immediately afterwards, the soft and pure white veil was also covered...


It's rare for President Jiang to take the initiative again so rationally and soberly.

And he was proactive from start to finish.

Ruan Ruan also enjoys this process very much. In the previous few times when Jiang Yanzhan took the initiative, he had a momentum of "I want to win", and it will soon become "I want to make you so cool that you can't find North".

The second point he did.

The first point is a bit difficult to say.

After all, its hard to tell who is cooler with such things.

The next day, President Jiang had to go to work, helping his old waist to get up early to brush his teeth. Ruan Ruan woke up when he got up, so he just got up with him.

When Jiang Yanzhan brushed his teeth, Ruan Ruan was behind him, very intimately reaching out to help him rub his waist.

He turned his head, holding a toothbrush in his hand, and a little white toothpaste on his lips.

Maybe it was too crazy last night, Ruan Ruan started to feel contemplative when seeing the toothpaste foam. She hugged Jiang Yanzhan's waist and looked away, and changed the subject: "Sweetheart, do you want the wedding to be grand or low-key?"

Jiang Yanzhan looked down at her.

Ruan Ruan couldn't hide his mind at all, especially in front of him. Her little eyes floated around, and he immediately knew what she was thinking.

Jiang Yanzhan turned his head and rinsed his mouth again, then took a towel and wiped his mouth and calmly said, "I have one hour left before I go to work."

Ruan Ruan looked up at him, blinked, and didn't understand what he was talking about.

"If you want it, there is still time." He swept down his gaze and spoke calmly, "It's really easy to be impulsive in the morning."

Ruan Ruan: "..."

She was only itchy at first, but Jiang Yanzhan's gaze was like his wide palm, and he swept over without shy.

Ruan Ruan took a half step back, then paused two steps forward, raising his hand to cover his eyes.

"Don't look at it." She stood on tiptoe and bit his mouth. "It's time for you to have breakfast."

Wasn't it just to get up so early to take another shower and eat a good breakfast?

Since Jiang Yanzhan was told by the doctor that he needed a good rest, Ruan Ruan has been working hard to supervise him to eat breakfast, not stay up late, drink alcohol and drink less coffee.

Jiang Yanzhan took Ruan Ruan's wrist and pulled it away. Before he could say anything, he just glanced at the place he had just seen subconsciously.

Ruan Ruan looked at him innocently: "...I didn't mean to let you eat this breakfast?"

...Just, weirdly cute.

Jiang Yanzhan's Adam's apple rolled, bowed his head and kissed her mouth.

"Let's eat together." He straightened up, helped Ruan Ruan squeeze toothpaste and handed it to her, "Are there classes this morning?"

Ruan Ruan shook his head while brushing his teeth.

"Then go to the company with me." President Jiang stood behind Ruan Ruan, raised his fingers and curled the ends of his hair, "With that... wedding dress."

Ruan Ruan: "Huh?"

"...I have an appointment for a dry cleaning." Jiang Yanzhan said blankly, "Someone will pick it up in the morning. I might be in a meeting at that time."

When President Jiang said this, his ears were red again.

Ruan Ruan didn't think much about it at first. Anyway, she also has a computer in Jiang Yanzhan's office. Now she often goes to play with him and cut videos in his office.

But looking at his blushing face, Ruan Ruan understood afterwards-he was shy, he was embarrassed to give the wedding dress to someone else.

So cute.

Ruan Ruan brushed his teeth, stood on tiptoe and kissed him on his lips, and said with a smile, "Okay. Then let's go together."

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