Small And Soft Girl A And Overbearing President Man O Chapter 77

Chapter 77:

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Ruan Ruan also began to get nervous as the wedding date was approaching.

She discussed with Jiang Yanzhan to keep a low profile, and the final wedding guests were all friends of the two of them.

Jiang Yanzhan's parents directly turned on the flight mode when they went out to play, and basically only one day was freed up for centralized processing of various information every half a month. They learned that Jiang Yanzhan was going to get married half a month ago, and after more than half a month, they took out their mobile phones and found that President Jiangs wedding date had been set.

This pair of busy parents is heartbroken, because during Jiang Yanzhan's wedding period, they have to go to see penguins with a fleet, and now they have done all the preparations for going to Antarctica.

This opportunity is rare in a lifetime, and the two of them do not intend to give up.

Mr. Jiang's family supports everyone in living the life they want. After children reach adulthood, they are themselves first and then a member of the family.

So Jiang Yanzhan just told them when he was about to get married, and he would notify them when the wedding date was set. And they just sent back a message before they were going to Antarctica to inform the two children.

The date is bumped, and there is no other way.

Ruan Ruan was not too surprised to hear about this.

She still can't understand the so-called "blood relationship" of human beings. After all, Gummy Bear has no blood. For her, other jellybeans are the relationship between "her kind" and "part of her"-there is no similar relationship in human society, so there is no specific adjective. Can be described.

She has no family, nor can she really appreciate the relationship between parents and children.


Before the wedding, Ruan Ruan has been in variety shows twice.

Her update frequency during this period is lower than before, basically only three times in two weeks, but the content of each update has been carefully considered, the content is more mature than before, and the editing has also taken a lot of thought.

In this way, although the update speed has dropped, the speed of increasing fans is faster than before.

Moreover, since Ni Feichen's incident passed... Ruan Ruan found that he seemed to have an extra skill.

She began to feel more and more clearly some maliciousness around her.

This "special ability" became more and more obvious, and even reached the point where it was visible to the naked eye a few days before her wedding.

Malice turned into a gray thing in her eyes, and she could control the color of the thing with her own consciousness.

The scope of malicious coverage is determined according to the size of the malicious.

This ability was initially used in Ruan Ruan's comment area.

Since the number of fans surpassed two million, the malice in the comment section has never ceased. As long as the sprayer wants to spray, no matter how perfect people can spray, there are countless places to spray, not to mention that there is no perfect personthere is no perfect gummy bear.

With this "superpower", Ruan Ruan can effectively...not see malicious comments as long as he controls the malicious colors to a very dark color when surfing the Internet.

Life becomes better because of this.

She can also get more non-malicious and benign suggestions in the comment area, and think carefully about how to improve her creative content.

During this time, she also received several advertisements.

Because the quality of Chafan video was too high, the audience's response was very good. After the advertisement was sent out, there was a large wave of "Let her Cha" and "Duo Duo Cha Fan" comments, which also received more party A Cooperation invitation.

The company helped her filter most of the information, leaving her with the most valuable invitation to cooperate, and then she decided which one to do.

Ruan Ruan has become more and more comfortable with this work. Although she has to take care of her studies, and the quality of creation can't be sloppy. The work is indeed getting harder and harder, but she has begun to realize that after her hard work, there will be rewards, and she has gradually begun to enjoy it.

I also understand more and more why Jiang Yanzhan is such a workaholic.

After all, people go to higher places, and water flows to lower places. A positive life is probably human instinct, and it is also a way for humans to get satisfaction from it.

Ruan Ruan is not the only one who gets busier after entering university.

Fang Xu is even busier than her.

He joined the student union and was as busy as a top every day. It is said that the student union of their school is also quite special. On the one hand, there are so many things to do, on the other hand there are more benefits that can be derived from it.

The qualifications to participate in the competition, the number of internships, the opportunity to work on topics with school professors-the student council is almost entirely responsible for these.

In Fang Xu's words, every day, he was busy playing a chat with the foxes in the student union, and he was about to be squeezed dry.

Even so, the weak little o still won the opportunity of vacation internship.

At the same time Fang Xu also opened his own account. After watching a large number of videos of the same type, he also learned a lot from it and began to prepare to make videos by himself.

When Ruan Ruan called him to invite him to the wedding, Fang Xu hesitated for a while.

"Your wedding..." He thought about it and asked, "Is it a national broadcast?"

Ruan Ruan: "?"

Fang Xu said sadly: "Does others think that I rub your heat! And if you think about it carefully, I'm still a little man, would anyone say that I am a vixen"

Ruan Ruan: "..."

"...Why are you so persistent with vixen now?" Ruan Ruan said with a laugh, "I'm not a big star, nor a political figure... Why do you get a national live broadcast of a marriage?"

Fang Xu silently looked at the video website he had just opened. Ruan Ruans video was summarized into a certain activity on the website, and her head was cut out and posted as a Q-version villain, along with pictures of several other well-known bloggers. Together, it is looping on the homepage...

Seeing Ruan Ruans villain swiped over automatically, Fang Xu closed the web page and took a deep breath to hypnotize himself: Thats your sister, not an internet celebrity or a million-dollar blogger, but your sister, an ordinary, unremarkable. About to marry the wealthy sisters of the overlord

Fang Xu finished his brainwashing, and at the same time he heard Ruan Ruan speak.

"We don't plan to do it very grandly. Basically, we are familiar people... and I don't have any other friends who have a better relationship. I would like to invite you to be my partner."

Fang Xu: "!"

He was moved to tears.

"Go and go, I must be there." Fang Xu asked her, "But aren't the common alpha partners always alpha? Can I be an omega?"

Ruan Ruan: "Yes. My sweetheart's partner marriage is also an alpha, we don't care much about this."

Fang Xu: "..."

What a "my sweetheart".

Are dog killings so fair now?

Ruan Ruan and Fang Xu confirmed the date and process, and sent him their wedding theme so that he could choose a more suitable dress.

Accompanied marriage is also called as a bridesmaid, and the effect is the same as the bridesmaid or best man in Ruan Ruan's impression.

Jiang Yanzhan's partner is Duan Si.

If possible, President Jiang actually didn't want to invite this guy over. Duan Si had liked Ruan Ruan before, and talked about it several times in front of him. He didn't know who Duan Si was talking about at the time, and he patiently listened to his complaints.

Later, because of Jiang Xuefei's willful behavior, Duan Si had to devote more time to work.

After that, there is only work exchanges between them.

Jiang Yanzhan said that he didn't want to invite him, so he still sent a text message to Duan Si.

Duan Si answered the news soon, and he was very enthusiastic, even very happy: "Wow! Something went wrong, I know I'm looking for a brother!"

It seemed to be asking him for help.

Although being a partner marriage is indeed a help in a sense.

President Jiang replied as always "."

Duan Si spoke directly, and his tone still sounded very happy: "You can just send me the specific process, and I will tell the assistant myself. Hey, by the way, why don't you call your sister? She is free now."

Jiang Yanzhan: "?"

Jiang Yanzhan: "I heard that she leaves early and returns late every day, and goes to work on time."

"But she's not doing her job properly!" Duan Si was annoyed. "Anyway, she is really idle. If you have anything--"

Before he finished speaking, Jiang Yanzhan heard Jiang Xuefei's voice coming from there.

"Tell me bad things to my brother? Duan Si, who do you think is the family?" Jiang Xuefei said with a smile, "have you been too comfortable recently?"

Duan Si directly hung up with a click.

Jiang Yanzhan: "..."

Although there was a smile in Jiang Xuefei's voice, it seemed to be angry.

The three of them have almost grown up together since they were young, although because each has a very angular personality, they get along very unharmoniously, and they always hurt each other... But the degree of mutual understanding and trust between them is needless to say.

Jiang Xuefei usually bluffs, but he rarely gets really angry, and rarely talks to them in this tone.

Jiang Yanzhan thought for a while, and sent a message to Duan Si. On the one hand, he told him the wedding process, on the other hand, he also asked them what happened.

That night, Jiang Yanzhan went to pick her up at Ruan Ruan's school.

They work hard every day during the day and live happily at their own time at night, and hardly mention any work topics.

Because the wedding date is approaching, they have been talking about some wedding matters recently.

The whole wedding was done by themselves, not by others.

To be sure tonight is one of Ruan Ruan's biggest concerns.

-Desserts at the wedding.

As a jelly, Ruan Ruan is not very demanding when he eats dessert by himself, as long as it is sweet enough, he can capture her.

But during this period of time, Jiang Yanzhan took him everywhere to eat well. After a long time, the requirements became higher. What's more, ordinary desserts are not worthy of our President Jiang.

And Ruan Ruan himself has a special preference for "sweet".

They first ordered a few dessert shops and stated their requirements. The dessert shops made samples, and they went to try them in person.

In fact, the first few companies already have a very good one. Ruan Ruan almost had an impulse to make sure. But Ruan Ruan and Jiang Yanzhan discussed with Jiang Yanzhan that they hadn't tasted anything afterwards. They wanted to eat more desserts before making a decision.

Today is the last two.

One of them is a new store, which is not far from Jiang Yanzhan Company.

There is also an older and more popular dessert shop nearby. Ruan Ruan has eaten small cakes here many times and also eaten with Jiang Yanzhan. The taste is very good.

The store has a very large storefront, and when the business gets better, it also recruits many new employees, which can basically satisfy most of the orders nearby.

Those who dare to open a dessert shop near here either dont want to be too big or investigate the market, or they have the confidence to compete with that shop.

Ruan Ruan came to this store with Jiang Yanzhan.

Their wedding plans are mainly white and orange pink. The dessert table is the same as a normal wedding. Cupcakes, mousses and marshmallows will be placed in most areas, as well as some small puddings and icing biscuits, decorated with macarons in the middle.

There are many types, Ruan Ruan mainly tastes cupcakes and icing biscuits.

The store looked small, but when I made the reservation, it said that it could do everything. The samples not only made cakes and biscuits, but also included their new mousse.

The mousse's sweetness is relatively low, refreshing and not greasy. The cupcakes are just right, the sweet cream is mixed with the soft cake, the sweetness is enough and the taste is great.

Ruan Ruan shared her feelings with Jiang Yanzhan while tasting.

Jiang Yanzhan was as expressionless as ever, but his expression was a bit solemn after eating the cupcakes. When the icing biscuit came, Jiang Yanzhan just took a bitethe sweetness on the surface of the biscuit instantly filled his mouth.

Jiang Yanzhan got up quickly.

Ruan Ruan:?

"wait for me."

Jiang Yanzhan's face was ugly, he said these two words very hard, and at the same time turned around and walked towards the bathroom.

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