Small And Soft Girl A And Overbearing President Man O Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Ending

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After getting along for so long, Ruan Ruan and Jiang Yanzhan have been very close.

Ruan Ruan seemed to have discovered something when Jiang Yanzhan changed his face. Following her, he watched Jiang Yanzhan get up and quickly walked to the bathroom...

Ruan Ruan also changed his face at this time.

She dropped half of the dessert in her hand, and quickly followed Jiang Yanzhan to the bathroom.

Generally, there is no toilet in a dessert shop, but the owner of this dessert shop lives upstairs in the store, and the shop happens to have a toilet.

This toilet was originally not used by anyone. After Jiang Yanzhan rushed into the omega toilet, a man hurriedly came out from inside. He turned back in a panic as he walked, probably thinking that the person who just rushed in was an alpha...

Ruan Ruan stood at the door and waited for a while, before Jiang Yanzhan came out.

His face was very gloomy, he relaxed a little after seeing Ruan Ruan, and said in a low voice, "Why did you follow me?"

"Are you..." Ruan Ruan whispered, "That?"

Jiang Yanzhan: "?"

The tacit understanding between President Jiang and Ruan Ruan was temporarily down for a few seconds. Jiang Yanzhan didn't understand what Ruan Ruan was talking about for a moment. He just thought the food he had just eaten was too sweet and a bit greasy. Why is Ruan Ruan so cautious?

"What do you mean?" he asked bluntly.

Let the naturally arrogant Jiang always have something to say straight, Ruan Ruan has made great contributions. She was too late to sigh with emotion, because now there are more important things

"Sweetheart, let's go home first." Ruan Ruan said, "I will tell you when I go home."

Jiang Yanzhan: "...Hmm."

President Jiang followed Ruan Ruan out of the door confused.

The dessert shop didn't understand what happened. They saw two people went to the bathroom one after another. They thought it was a very serious low-level mistake that happened when making desserts today-such as treating salt as white sugar. The two major customers have changed faces.

But the probability of this kind of error is almost zero.

And among the two clients, the female alpha, who is easier to talk at a glance and seems to have the dominant power, left beamingly.

Before leaving, she secretly folded back, asked the clerk for a packing bag, and carefully wrapped the biscuit that the omega had bitten into and took away.

What kind of operation is this?

The clerk and the boss were puzzled, Jiang Yanzhan didn't know what happened, only Ruan Ruan was very happy.

When she walked out of the dessert shop, she cheated and glanced at her phone.

The pheromone column during pregnancy is finally lit, and a lot of details have been completed. Ruan Ruan raised his eyes to look at Jiang Yanzhan beside him, and said softly, "Sweetheart, let's take a taxi, or call the driver to drive..."

Jiang Yanzhan: "?"

He seemed extra dull today, and it was only then that he was vaguely aware of something. Seeing Ruan Ruan's expression, Jiang Yanzhan's footsteps stopped.

He was still a little nauseous, because his body was uncomfortable and his thoughts slowed down for a long time. It took several seconds to realize what had happened, and he asked almost hesitantly: "...Do you mean...?"

"Aren't you uncomfortable?" Ruan Ruan went over and touched his belly lightly, "It's likely that there is a baby."

Jiang Yanzhan: "..."

Ruan Ruan was too straightforward. He was just a vague guess, but she suddenly pierced the fragile window paper.

And she said she was still stroking his abdomen, as if there was a little life inside...

Although, it seems, possible, perhaps, it is indeed true.

Jiang Yanzhan didn't speak, Ruan Ruan looked up at him, and saw his Adam's apple rolling up and down, his expression was complicated, and he couldn't speak for a long time.

At this moment, she suddenly felt that perhaps there was indeed a telepathy between parents and children.

Just like before, Jiang Yanzhan hasn't checked her body yet, and she doesn't know that the mobile app can see so much information. It stands to reason that the probability of pregnancy is much higher than it is now, and it is close to 100%...

But both of them seemed very calm at the time.

Calmly think about what will happen if there are children, and even calmly consider the possibility of no children.

The only point of excitement is because of the expectation of the child-compared with the current mood, it is less than one ten thousandth.

Ruan Ruan felt very nervous, his heart beating fast.

Jiang Yanzhan was so calm before, let's look at it now, he is as slow as a gummy bear.

Ruan Ruan smiled and hugged him, then took out his mobile phone and called the driver.

Jiang Yanzhan looked down at Ruan Ruan's profile. After Ruan Ruan finished the call, he slowly asked: "Are you sure?"

Ruan Ruan: "..."

His intuition seemed to have become like that of a bear.

Ruan Ruan is not good at lying, not to mention that she never thought of deceiving Jiang Yanzhan. At this time, when he asked him, Ruan Ruan hesitated for a few seconds, and answered honestly: "Well, it's almost certain..."

Jiang Yanzhan was silent for a moment and looked away.

"I can feel it too." He glanced at Ruan Ruan again, if he pointed out, "Part of it is intuition, and there is some evidence."

Ruan Ruan: "..."

Do you always feel that Jiang always seems to be saying that other things are her illusions?

Ruan Ruan blinked and didn't know how to respond for a while.

She thought about it or just talk to Jiang Yanzhan. Although it's a bit uncomfortable to talk about this while standing on the main road, he has already hinted like this. It's a bit embarrassing to say nothing...

At a moment when she hesitated, President Jiang's driver rushed.

This place is not far from the company, and it makes sense for the driver to come quickly. It's just that the timing here is a little too wrong, Ruan Ruan has spoken to his lips, and is forced to swallow it back.

She glanced at the driver sadly.

Her expression made Jiang Yanzhan want to laugh a little, but the topic he almost said just now made him unable to laugh.

Ruan Ruan and Jiang Yanzhan got in the back seat of the car together.

This time Ruan Ruan got in the car first. As soon as she got into the car, she pressed a switch on the back seat of the car. The partition slowly rises between the back seat and the front row.

Jiang Yanzhan tilted his head to look at her.

"That..." Ruan Ruan organized his words, "Sweetheart, I want to confess one thing to you."

Jiang Yanzhan: "Huh?"

Ruan Ruan: "I'm actually not a human being."

Jiang Yanzhan: "......?"

Ruan Ruan: "..."

She felt that her Chinese classes were all in vain.

The language of human beings is so broad and profound, why did she only learn a short and sharp one in the end.

Even Jiang Yanzhan didn't know how to answer this. Although he had discovered a lot of clues a long time ago, he also had a lot of speculation about Ruan Ruan's identity. According to the information Ruan Ruan usually unconsciously revealed, she probably came from another time and space.

I checked her information when I first met, and Jiang Yanzhan felt a little strange at the time. Looking back on her past, almost every piece of information and traces of the past are very clear, but she couldn't find anyone close to her.

The most "close" pair of uncles and aunts was also cut off by Ruan Ruan after uploading Ruan Ruan's information to the matching system.

They tried to contact Ruan Ruan and even contacted him. But both of them ignored it, and the couple quickly forgot about the incident and returned to their livesas if Ruan Ruan had never appeared before.

These little things are not very special when taken out alone, and they can be found in a series of violations.

However, President Jiang has not paid much attention to these details before.

After all, those are only found data, and there are some speculations without evidence. They are just some statistical data, and they are on paper.

And the little alpha who stayed with him every day and smiled at him was the real, real existence.

She was right in front of him, and he remembered everything she did and said every word.

Jiang Yanzhan trusted her, so he would not pursue it, nor did he think deeply.

However, Ruan Ruan really exposed when he received the certificate that day.

She is not very clear about many abo marriages. On the contrary, when she mentioned the words "bride and bride", "mum and dad" and "only men and women", she quickly understood and accepted it, and it did not seem to be listening to something new. Know how.

At that time, Jiang Yanzhan was thinking that she might have come from another time and space.

The other, "in the legend", is a time and space where only men and women exist.

This guess is true in all likelihood. He believed Ruan Ruan, and naturally he also believed Ruan Ruan's reaction at the time.

But Jiang Yanzhan has no direct evidence.

A lot of Ruan Ruans identity information should be false. He didnt know why Ruan Ruan possessed that information, why she appeared here or beside him, and he didnt know Ruan Ruan stayed here for what.

But Ruan Ruan's kindness to him is true. Ruan Ruan has been earnestly enriching his life since he was with him, and has also been serious and wholeheartedly treating him well.

She is not only in this world for a while.

She will not leave, nor does she want to leave.

With this judgment, Jiang Yanzhan is no longer anxious to explore Ruan Ruan's little secret. After all, he knew how much she couldn't hide the secret.

Sure enough, he just thought of it suddenly today, and by the way, she had all the tricks.

It is that the content of the recruitment is a little different from what he thought.

"...No." Ruan Ruan said suddenly, "I should be an individual now."

Jiang Yanzhan: "?"

Ruan Ruan pursed his mouth, like a kid who has done something wrong, looking aggrieved: "You don't hate me, do you? I mean..."

Jiang Yanzhan sighed slowly.

He stretched out his hand and patted Ruan Ruan's shoulder. Although there was still no expression on his face, he moved so slowly as if he was covered with the words "gentle" all over his body.

This scene is extremely infectious, Ruan Ruan suddenly felt like he had made a mistake and was shielded, and he was very moved.

"Don't worry." Jiang Yanzhan said, "I'll talk at home."

Although there is still sound insulation in the car, what if?

After all, what Ruan Ruan wants to say may be something that subverts human common sense...

With Ruan Ruan for such a long time, Jiang Yanzhan was ready to be caught, so he was very calm.

The car drove smoothly to their door.

The house they live in is still rented before Ruan Ruan.

According to Ruan Ruan's current flow and income, she could actually buy a similar house in this neighborhood with a loan. It's just that the house has been in love for a while, and the landlord is really good at talking, and the neighbors around are also familiar with it. There is nothing wrong with living here, so I haven't considered moving.

Now that I think about it, after I have a child, I should move to a bigger house...

Ruan Ruan was thinking about this when she got on the elevator. While considering how and how big the childs room should be, she began to secretly calculate her savings, current income level, and various situations that might happen in the future. Think about when and where she can buy a house of what size...

She was in a daze. Jiang Yanzhan knew what she was thinking at a glance.

"It's still early," he said, "don't worry."

How early! He was pregnant.

The baby will be born in a few months. Buying a house now may not have time to decorate it!

Ruan Ruan muttered in his heart, suddenly remembering something, suddenly raised his head to look at Jiang Yanzhan.

"I, although I just said that I am not a human being, but my body structure should be okay!" Ruan Ruan defended and raised his hand to touch his chest subconsciously, "Did I go to the hospital before and do it completely? Physical examination..."

Jiang Yanzhan quickly raised his hand and pressed Ruan Ruan's wrist.

"I know." Jiang Yanzhan said calmly, "What do you think I'm thinking?"

"Think about some bad things." Ruan Ruan whispered, "I am a human now, like a fake replacement..."

She was a little empty, and her voice became quieter as she went back.

Because the pheromone in the mobile app has not been collected yet. As long as the collection is not finished one day, one day she will not be able to announce in a loud voice-"I am a human!"

Jiang Yanzhan laughed: "I haven't worried about this."

Among so many stories from ancient times to the present, there have been more stories about human beings and gods, demons, and goblins. Besides, when there were no stories about traveling through time and space before, there was a legend of humans and non-human beings together-although this is probably because ancient humans did not have the concept of traveling through time and space-since he can accept traveling through time and space, Can accept more mysterious things.

He always remembered the sentence Ruan Ruan said to him before, "You should be very clear."

Know what kind of good boy you are in front of you.

Jiang Yanzhan smiled slightly.

He took Ruan Ruan's hand, pressed the code, and opened the door of their house.

Ruan Ruan obediently followed behind him. She always remembered that she was now the "child who made mistakes", and she was very quiet and didn't say much.

After entering the door, the child immediately hugged President Jiang's waist and started acting like a baby.

"I'm telling the truth." Ruan Ruan said, "I used to be Gummy Bear, and then suddenly became a human. Now my body is no different from a human. I have also studied human knowledge carefully before and proved myself through exams..."

When she said this, Jiang Yanzhan immediately remembered that the obedient child in front of him was the top student in the college entrance examination.

"I didn't mean to lie to you." Ruan Ruan raised his head to look at him and said seriously, "This matter cannot be told to others casually, it needs to be kept secret."

Jiang Yanzhan nodded slowly: "Well, I understand."

Now Ruan Ruan was surprised: "Don't you think it is strange?"

Jiang Yanzhan paused for a while, raised his hand to rub her head, and said solemnly: "It was strange before, but it's not strange anymore."

Ruan Ruan: "..."

Jiang Yanzhan: "..." After all, no human being is sweet all over.

It turned out to be fudge.

... or Gummy Bear.

Although President Jiang still looks calm on the surface, he is still very shocked in his heart. He raised Ruan Ruan's arm and put it in front of him, and squeezed the soft flesh on her arm.

Ruan Ruan blinked puzzledly.

Jiang Yanzhan: "..."

Because it is a little bear, is it so strong?

Because it is fudge, is it soft and sweet everywhere?

... it sounds like an impeccable logic.

Jiang Yanzhan pursed his lower lip, lowered his head and slowly bit down on her arm.

This bite was slowly bitten down next to the meat. Although it didnt use a lot of strength all at once, it grinds down so slowly. The strength is getting stronger and stronger, and Ruan Ruan feels more and more tingling. obvious.

She gave a soft "hiss", patted Jiang Yanzhan's arm in a pleasurable manner, and said softly, "Sweetheart, it hurts."

Jiang Yanzhan slowly relieved his strength.

He looked down at the tooth marks on Ruan Ruan's arm, lowered his head and licked along his tooth marks.

Ruan Ruan shrank his shoulders slightly, and whispered, "What are you doing?"

Jiang Yanzhan paused and replied slowly: "Eat...candy."

Ruan Ruan: "..."

You are tempting me to sin.

She licked her mouth, thinking in her heart that he can't do it if he is pregnant, he must bear it if he is pregnant...

"Have you ever been bitten by other people like this?" Jiang Yanzhan suddenly said this question somehow, "Like this."

After speaking, she touched her arm with her mouth.

At the moment, she probably felt sorry for her, but she pressed her upper and lower lips, not willing to bite her teeth.

"No." Ruan Ruan replied naturally, "If I was eaten by someone, it would not become--"

She suddenly felt scared for a while and did not continue.

Jiang Yanzhan: "Did you become a human from a packaging bag?"

"No, it's not..." Ruan Ruan thought for a while and explained, "I was born from a fudge, but not a specific fudge. Just like Brother Chocolate, many brands of chocolate are His body"

Jiang Yanzhan was expressionless: "Brother Chocolate?"

"Ah, I met when I first became a human being..." Ruan Ruan thought of a more human explanation, "The colleagues I know belong to the same company as me."

Jiang Yanzhan: "?"

"We will have performance appraisal after we become humans." After one metaphor fits, the rest of the analogy becomes easy to grasp. "After the performance appraisal passes, we can officially become humans. Now we can only be regarded as human trainees.

Jiang Yanzhan: "............ Didn't you pass?"

"The preliminary assessment has passed." Ruan Ruan took out his mobile phone, "The remaining task is to collect your pheromone..."

Before Jiang Yanzhan had time to say anything, Ruan Ruan suddenly exclaimed, and quickly added: "Ah! I didn't approach you to collect pheromones. When we had this task, both of us were already well-"

Jiang Yanzhan laughed and patted Ruan Ruan on the head: "Yes. How do I distrust you in your heart?"

"I'm afraid you will think about it and be sad." Ruan Ruan touched his stomach, "I heard that you are very sensitive and fragile during pregnancy."

Jiang Yanzhan: "...really."

He pulled Ruan Ruan's wrist away, and said coldly, "I won't."

Ruan Ruan remembered how someone was acting softly and coquettishly when he came to his aunt, and silently swallowed the words that came to his lips, and indulged: "Yeah."

Jiang Yanzhan satisfactorily let go of the hand holding Ruan Ruan's wrist, and turned to hold her palm, leading her into the room.

Ruan Ruan didn't expect this topic to pass so quickly, and most people should be shocked for a while when they suddenly heard of such things.

What she didn't expect was that President Jiang was not an ordinary person when he arrived, and he didn't hear it suddenly, but was a little psychologically prepared. Secondly, she was very sincere from beginning to end, Jiang Yanzhan kept watching whether it was to him or to others around her.


Early the next morning, Ruan Ruan took Jiang Yanzhan to the hospital he had been to before.

Although he had guessed it a long time ago, Ruan Ruan was still very happy after receiving the inspection results. She saw Jiang Yanzhan pursing her mouth next to her, as if she wanted to laugh or not, the master boss was very hard to maintain.

Ruan Ruan hooked his neck, kissed his chin, and said happily, "Sweetheart, I feel so happy."

Jiang Yanzhan felt so too.

But he didn't speak, just looking at Ruan Ruan's happy face, he put his arm around her waist.

"Happiness?" he asked, "is it because of the wedding or because of..."

Ruan Ruan glanced at his flat lower abdomen, hesitated for a moment, followed the reaction, and quickly replied: "Of course it is because our wedding is coming!"

Jiang Yanzhan: "Hesitated."

Ruan Ruan: "..."

Jiang Yanzhan: "Oh."

Ruan Ruan: "..."

No, this, does this begin! ? She is not ready yet!

Yesterday, who said that he was not sensitive or vulnerable during pregnancy!

Ruan Ruan hugged Jiang Yanzhan and quickly picked up his desire to survive: "I'm not, I don't have to talk nonsense, sweetheart Bobobobo"

Jiang Yanzhan indifferently: "Bobo."


It didn't take long for the day of their wedding.

The two said that they were only inviting a few people, but in the end, the friends still dragged the family.

Jiang Xuefei and Duan Si came in a car. When they came, they had their noses and eyes erect, as if if it weren't a wedding, they would have been fighting on the spot.

The paper was followed by the original paper.

When filming variety shows before, Zhiyuan once told Ruan Ruan that there will be many cooperation opportunities in the future. Sure enough, during this period of time, the two people made a live broadcast together, and also co-produced two videos.

However, the reaction during pregnancy became more and more serious before the original paper, and it was difficult to eat and sleep well, so I had to let go of work.

Now the child is almost five months old and finally stopped.

A round shape can be seen in his stomach. Everyone knows that he is pregnant and is very polite to him.

The paper was always pretentious and unpleasant to anyone, only listening to gossip made him react a little.

But now, everyone is very polite to him, but he is embarrassed to show his face anymore, and the whole person is much gentler.

It was Teacher Song who came with Zhiyuan.

Ruan Ruan did not expect that his high school teacher would appear at his wedding.

She greeted Song Liangzhe and asked the waiter to take him to his seat.

The partner Xu, who was standing next to her, almost fainted. He followed Ruan Ruan holding Ruan Ruan's handbag, with an expression of death at any time: "Ruan Ruan, your wedding guest list is very curious..."

Ruan Ruan scratched his head: "Really?"

"I never thought I could see Teacher Song. I almost left this beautiful world." Fang Xu raised his head, "Is Teacher Song finally married to the boss of Wakahara?"

"...This word is not used like that. They are all single, and they didn't want to get together." Ruan Ruan reminded him, "Zhiyuan is not alone with the baby. Teacher Song has known him for a long time. By the way, take care of... it's the same as taking care of us both when we were in school."

Fang Xu looked away silently, "Suddenly I really want to send a few good people cards to Teacher Song."

Ruan Ruan: "Huh?"

"...Nothing." Fang Xu said, "Why hasn't President Jiang come out yet? I think the guests are all here"

According to their tradition here, at ao weddings, alpha is usually standing at the door to greet the guests. After the guests arrive, the omega will appear again.

At this time, alpha can walk across the red carpet and walk towards his omega under the attention of the public, in the dazzling light.

Generally, alpha will appear strong and domineering when walking this way, and omega will stand obediently on the small stage at the front of the banquet, waiting for alpha to walk around.

Ruan Ruan glanced at the time and found it a little strange.

"Will he not come?" Fang Xu looked at the red carpet on the ground, "Maybe he suddenly rolled over from the other side to another red carpet, and then he turned towards you... After all, your wedding is very likely Take an unusual step"

Ruan Ruan: "..."

No way? Jiang Yanzhan has always respected her, how could he do this without saying a word.

She didn't have time to answer Fang Xu-only a "click" was heard, and the lights in the hall suddenly went out.

Immediately afterwards, a beam of chasing lights suddenly lit up and hit Ruan Ruan accurately.

Almost at the same time, on the other side, the same follow-up light was also lit.

The hall was dark, only Ruan Ruan and Jiang Yanzhan on the stage not far away were shrouded in the light of the chasing light.

Jiang Yanzhan is wearing a white suit and holding a bunch of flowers in his handsthe champagne roses that Ruan Ruan gave to Ruan Ruan when he proposed to him.

He stepped on the red carpet and walked towards Ruan Ruan, and the chasing light hit behind him, as if he was shining.

But behind her there was the same light at the same time.

Ruan Ruan was stunned for only a second, and soon smiled clearly.

She was also holding a bunch of flowers in her hand. After Jiang Yanzhan walked a few steps toward her, holding the flowers in one hand and lifting the skirt with the other, she also walked in the direction of Jiang Yanzhan.

There was a sudden applause in the darkness, and I didn't know who was taking the lead and clapping vigorously.

As Ruan Ruan and Jiang Yanzhan approached, the applause rose one after another and became more enthusiastic.

Ruan Ruan felt that her eye sockets were a little hot, and she saw Jiang Yanzhan, who was shining not far away, walking towards her, getting closer and closer.

And she was walking in his direction.

The two people met in the middle of the red carpet, just like the day of the proposal, the edges of the two bouquets collided gently, and the package of the bouquets made a light noise.

The two chasing lights merge together and finally become a beam of light.

Jiang Yanzhan held the bouquet with one hand, and touched Ruan Ruan's face with the other hand. He looked down at Ruan Ruan, with a smile on his face that had always been cold and stern, but he was still standing with his head high, only looking down, this smile was quite arrogant.

There is no witness or host.

Jiang Yanzhan lowered his head, and the finger that had just touched her cheek fell to her ear, helping her pin a little broken hair behind her ear.

The applause from all around stopped.

The dark hall became silent, only two people stood under the chasing lights. One of them put the flower in the other's arms and embraced her with an open arm.

No one said some well-designed lines, and no one asked.

Jiang Yanzhan leaned against Ruan Ruan's ear and whispered: "...I am willing."

Two bouquets of flowers were sandwiched between them, Ruan Ruan simply let go of his hand, raised his arm to hook Jiang Yanzhan's neck, and said softly on his lips: "I do."

Jiang Yanzhan finally showed a real smile.

The hall that had just fallen silent again came to applause. The band that had been invited to play at the beginning of the banquet also played suitable music just right at this time.

The atmosphere is lively and grand.

This is not an exceptionally grand wedding, and there are not too many witnesses.

But everyone present felt that it was a great wedding.

Everyone seems to have forgotten the customs and regulations at the same time. No one cares whether their actions to each other are not in compliance with the rules, and no one cares about them who is the alpha and who is the omega.

Obviously it was a smooth red carpet road, but they seemed to have gone through countless rugged prejudices and jealousy.

I don't know who tossed the bouquet between the two people high-bright flowers scattered.

The orange clivia and the cream rose are like a shower of flowers, and together with the sincere and warm blessings of everyone, they fall one after another.

Surrounded by flowers and applause, they kissed slowly.

(End of text)

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