Sorry Im Cheating Chapter 2031

Chapter 2031: Destroy The West Wind Demon Lord

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"That's natural. I believe in the character of the West Wind Demon Lord. With your guarantee, I am of course willing to hand over the Demon God's battle axe." Ye Qing's face was harmless with a human and animal smile, "Moreover, with my cultivation base, I cant use the power of the Demon Gods battle axe at all. Its a waste to stay in my hands. The so-called treasure sword gift to the hero is perfect for you."

Ye Qing made a long speech, and the West Wind Demon's face was uncertain, thinking that things might be strange.

The opponent has four demon ancestors present. Although it is not his West Wind Demon Lord's opponent to fight alone, it is not a problem to contend against one or two!

Now that he didn't even fight, he just gave him the heaven-defying treasure like the Demon God's Battle Axe?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.

However, Xifeng Demon Lord relied on his strength and was not afraid of Ye Qing's tricks.

"Boy, don't waste your time! You give me the Demon God's Tomahawk now, lest you go to war!" Xifeng Demon Lord urged.

"West Wind Demon Lord, with your wise martial arts, you will surely become the leader of the Heavenly Demon Clan in the future. I will now give you the Demon God Tomahawk. I also hope that our demon and the Heavenly Demon Clan can repair the relationship in the future." Ye Qing said with a smile.

The West Wind Demon Lord suddenly realized that Ye Qing had a purpose in secretly saying that he didn't give him a Demon God's battle axe in vain!

Over the years, the relationship between the heavenly demons and the demon clan has been at odds. As the demon emperor of the demon clan, Ye Qing wanted to repair the relationship with the demon clan, and that was reasonable.

"You are the new Demon King of the Demon Race, ah, I think you are very pleasing to your eyes, don't worry, as long as you get the Demon God's Tomahawk, I will not only repair the relationship with your Demon Race, but also cooperate further!"

The West Wind Demon said with a smile on his face, and wrote a blank check to Ye Qing.

Anyway, the West Wind Demon Lord is not the Heavenly Demon Emperor, and cannot speak on behalf of the entire Heavenly Demon clan. Any promises to Ye Qing are just lip service, and they are innumerable.

"In that case, that would be great!"

Ye Qing smiled, holding the Demon God's battle axe, and wanted to throw it out.

The four ancestors of the Yaozu were speechless. They had already planned to fight the Demon Lord Xifeng desperately. Unexpectedly, Ye Qing suddenly came here!

Ye Qing's actions undoubtedly degraded the prestige of the monster clan. However, several ancestors of the monster clan changed their minds, and Ye Qing did so for the sake of the monster clan's consideration.

After they figured it out, they didn't stop it. Anyway, the Demon God's battle axe was Ye Qing's treasure. To whom Ye Qing was willing to hand him over, the four demon ancestors naturally had no reason to interfere.


While speaking, Ye Qing threw his Demon God's battle axe out, and drew a pitch black luster in the sky, an amazing demon energy that was inadvertently released.

The West Wind Demon Lord looked excited, he grabbed the Demon God's Tomahawk in one hand, felt that there was nothing unusual about the Demon God's War Axe, and suddenly laughed.

"The Demon God's Tomahawk! I finally got the Demon God's Tomahawk! In the future, who else would dare to violate my will?"

The West Wind Demon Lord laughed wildly, holding the Demon God's battle axe in an arrogant posture.

A violent demon energy radiated from the body of the West Wind Demon Lord, shaking the earth and earth.


Just as the West Wind Demon Lord was laughing wildly, Ye Qing didn't prevent him from controlling the Demon God's battle axe and smashed it directly.

The Demon God's Battle Axe has been refined by Ye Qing and is completely under Ye Qing's control. As long as Ye Qing's heart moves, he can launch a terrifying offensive.

Moreover, even if Ye Qing only had the cultivation base of the Profound Emperor's fifth stage, because he had cultivated the ancient magic tactics, he possessed a strong magical power in his body, urging the demon god's battle axe to fully exert its power.

The Demon Gods Battle Axe cut and killed, and the West Wind Demon Lord was caught off guard. He didn't expect that Ye Qing District's Profound Emperor Realm would be able to display the power of the Demon Gods Battle Axe. It was incredible.


In an instant, the Demon Gods War Axe bombarded the West Wind Demon Lord. The West Wind Demon Lord was too close to the Demon Gods War Axe, and he did not react at all. He was directly split in half by the Demon Gods War Axe!

The nine powerhouses of the Celestial Demon clan present were all taken aback for a while, but Ye Qing didn't expect that Ye Qing would suddenly get into trouble!

"The Demon Emperor of the Demon Race, you are too much!"

"Dare to hurt Lord West Wind Demon Lord, looking for death!"

The nine elders of the Celestial Demon clan roared again and again, and the killing intent in their eyes was not concealed.

Ye Qing pretended to present the Demon God's battle axe, but suddenly started to kill people, but the method was so powerful that the nine heavenly demons were extremely angry.


At the moment when the West Wind Demon Lord's body collapsed, the ancestors of the four monster races all saw the situation clearly and immediately launched an offensive, not wanting to give the West Wind Demon Lord any chance to resurrect.

The strength of the four demon ancestors is so tyrannical. The power they burst out with a single blow is truly destroying the world.

The physical body of the West Wind Demon Lord had just shattered. Under the influence of the Demon God's War Axe, the magic power in his body was drawn out, and he was in a weak state. For a while, he couldn't immediately reconsolidate his body.

But at this moment, the attack of the four demon ancestors came, and at this moment, the West Wind Demon Lord was even more unable to resist.

Just hearing a bang, soon, the body of the West Wind Demon Lord completely turned into a mass of flesh and blood!

Upon seeing this, the nine heavenly demons went crazy and killed them, guarding the West Wind Demon Sovereign firmly.

Unfortunately, their speed was a little slower, and the body of the West Wind Demon Lord was still shattered.

A mass of minced meat, floating in the void, is still trying to reconsolidate.

I have to say that the vitality of the West Wind Demon Lord is really extremely strong, even the flesh is blown up, and even a whole piece of flesh is not left, and it can still reconsolidate the body.

This is still under the influence of the Demon God's War Axe, and has been absorbing the magic power in the West Wind Demon Lord.


The nine heavenly demons all have horror in their eyes. Where can they still be in the mood to continue snatching the Demon Gods battle axe?

The most urgent task is to save the life of the West Wind Demon Lord!

The nine heavenly demons were relatively loyal, and did not take advantage of the difficulties of the West Wind Demon Lord.

However, they also knew in their hearts that with the strength of the West Wind Demon Lord, even if his body was blasted, it was a non-provoking existence, and there were horrible means, and it was not so easy to die.


The nine heavenly demons ran at the extreme speed, and the four ancestors of the demon race had already prepared and swarmed over.

"Boom boom boom!"

The formation of the nine heavenly demons was instantly broken up, and two of the heavenly demons were left behind.

They are all the powers of the Seventh Realm of the Spirit Sect, and they are considered extremely heaven-defying existences, but they are still quite choking in the face of the four ancestors of the monster race.


A violent roar sounded, and the four demon ancestors showed terrifying means, and soon, the two demon were seriously injured and dying!

If the Heavenly Demon of the Seventh Realm of Spirit Sect were placed in the True Spirit Realm, it would definitely be the overlord of one party.

However, the four demon clan ancestors were too terrifying, and directly beat them into an inhuman form, and the demonic energy all over them would be dissipated.

"go with!"

Suddenly, Ye Qing's heart moved, and he sacrificed the Supreme Invincible Brick Emperor.

Just hearing a snap, one of the demon's body was blown up immediately.

The destructive power of the Supreme Invincible Brick Emperor is very terrifying. As the Supreme Treasure of the Foolish Stone Emperor, it is much more powerful than the general eighth-revolution sacred artifact.

A brick bombarded the past, and the severely wounded Spirit Sect Seventh Stage Heavenly Demon, no matter how he could resist it, his body collapsed in an instant.

There is another demon who is running frantically, but unfortunately, his speed is too slow.

With a bang, the body of the heavenly demon burst, and the Supreme Invincible Brick Emperor directly exploded it.

The remnants of the two heavenly demons left, rushing into the distance, trying to escape.

Ye Qing's thoughts moved again, releasing the terrifying power of the soul, condensing a soul sledgehammer.

Going down with a hammer, the two heavenly demons who fleeed, their spirits collapsed.

The two Heavenly Demons of the Seventh Stage Spirit Sect were completely finished.

Ye Qing waited for a while, but there was no ding sound in his mind, and he couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

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