Sorry Im Cheating Chapter 2033

Chapter 2033: Life Withering Array

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This is the case with this ancient large formation. If you don't get close, you won't be able to sense it at all, and when you get close, it will be completely late.


Soon, the West Wind Demon Lord took the fifteen heavenly demons around him, came from the sky, and hurried towards the location where Ye Qing was.

Not long after, the West Wind Demon Lord broke into the life withering array, but the West Wind Demon Lord himself did not even react at all, and did not know that he was in a desperate situation.

"Demon clan brat, you'd better hand over the Demon God's battle axe immediately, so I can spare your life. If you are stubborn, there is only a dead end waiting for you!"

The West Wind Demon laughed wildly, his eyes bursting with terrible killing intent. With the help of fifteen powerful demons around him, the West Wind Demon Lord was absolutely sure that he could suppress the power of the monster race present.

In fact, with the strength of the West Wind Demon Lord alone, he could resist the four ancestors of the Demon Race.

The remaining demon clan elders, handed over to the elders of the sky demons clan, enough to deal with.

"West Wind Demon Lord, are you annoying, aren't the lessons I taught you last time enough?"

A cold light burst into Ye Qing's eyes, which contained murderous intent.

"Boy, this time, do you think there is still a chance to attack me? Let me wait, your end is coming soon!"

The West Wind Demon uttered a cruel word, the intense killing intent in his eyes, which made people shudder, and there was a violent wind in the desert, making it even more desolate.

"West Wind Demon, before you do it, I kindly remind you that you have fallen into the dying array of life. If you insist on doing it, you can only speed up your death!"

The ancient green snake demon stood out, and a divine thought came out, and the voice was full of gloating.

The four ancestors of the demon race were in a very bad mood at first, because they were caught in the dying formation and couldn't get out of them at all.

However, now that the West Wind Demon Lord and many elders of the Seventh Realm of Spirit Sect of the Sky Demon Clan came to accompany him, the ancestors of the Demon Race were of course happy.

"Ancient Green Snake Demon, what are you joking about, what ancient big formation is there that this seat can't recognize?"

The West Wind Demon sneered, he didn't believe what the ancient green snake demon said, and thought that the other party was simply delaying time.

"West Wind Demon Lord, if you don't believe it, you might as well feel it carefully for yourself and see if the life essence in your body is constantly passing by?"

The ancient Phoenix Demon said coldly. As soon as he reminded him, the West Wind Demon Lord immediately changed his face and realized something. According to the rumors, there is indeed a very mysterious formation called the Great Life Withering Formation!

And in the life withering array, the vitality in the body will pass thousands of times faster than the outside world!

"Life withered? No, I don't believe it. How could I meet that kind of formation? It can't be such a coincidence!"

The West Wind Demon Lord grinned, no matter what the impact of the life withering array, now he only sees the Demon God's War Axe, everything else is imaginary, no one should stop him from taking the Demon God's War Axe.


With an order from the West Wind Demon Lord, the fifteen elders of the Celestial Demon clan on the scene joined forces to attack and kill. The aura that erupted was exceptionally strong, and they cooperated with each other tacitly. Compared with the elders of the demon clan, it was completely The situation of crushing.

"West Wind Demon Lord, don't be rampant, we will meet you for a while!"

The ancient green snake demon, dead vine demon and others of the demon race directly killed them, and the four ancestors joined forces, and the power that erupted reached an incredible level.

The West Wind Demon Lord scrolls anime and the sky is violent, and he fought fiercely with the four ancestors of the monster race, but he still did not lose the wind!

You know, their cultivation bases are all the nine peaks of the Spirit Sect, and with the strength of the West Wind Demon Lord, they also haven't broken through to the realm above the Spirit Sect.

In the same realm, it was a miracle that the West Wind Demon Lord was undefeated with one enemy and four.

"Wind Demon God Technique!"

The West Wind Demon roared wildly, running the technique, the eternal spiritual power in his body surged wildly, a violent force burst out, shocking the world.

However, facing the fierce attack of the West Wind Demon Lord, the four demon elders appeared very cautious, and did not fight desperately with the West Wind Demon Lord, but completely adopted a defensive attitude.

The West Wind Demon Lord can't attack for a long time, even with the power of his Wind Demon God Art, it is impossible to win in a short time.

"You four tortoises with shrunken heads, will you only be able to defend?"

The West Wind Demon Lord was angry, and the opponent's guard was not leaking, and now he couldn't find any chance at all.

"West Wind Demon Lord, even if you are ready to do it, let go of all your big moves. If you don't let go, you are the grandson!"

The ant demon with strong golden stripes taunted.

The West Wind Demon Lord was about to use his trump card. Suddenly, his face changed drastically and he realized that something was wrong. He came here only for a short time, and the vitality in his body was much less. It is very likely that he really fell into death. In the big battle!

"Something's wrong! There is something weird here!"

The West Wind Demon Lord stopped the offensive, and the four demon ancestors all looked at him with a smile. Although the four ancestors had no way to go out, they didn't know why. They were very happy to see the West Wind Demon Lord coming in.

On the other side, the elders of the Celestial Demon Clan, as well as the mighty powers of the Demon Clan, did not continue to do it.

With their strong strength, of course they all noticed something wrong at the scene, and now there is no intention to continue fighting.

"Leader, we seem to be really trapped in the life withering array!" A demon came up to remind.

Xifeng Demon's face became more gloomy and ugly.

On the other hand, the demon clans camp seemed a lot more relaxed, perhaps because a new backer came, so they were in a good mood.

Ye Qing's face was full of joy, and it seemed that he was not worried about being trapped in the formation at all.

"Recently, the vitality is lacking, but it doesn't matter, brothers, have you forgotten that I am a third-tier supreme chef!"

Ye Qing said with a smile, for the power of the Spirit Sect realm, chefs are extremely rare. After all, everyone is busy practicing and will not waste precious time on cooking.

The food cooked by the third-order supreme chef is mainly aimed at the warriors of the Profound Emperor Realm, and is of great help to the Profound Emperor Realm.

However, the third-order supreme cuisine is also effective for the spirit sect realm. Of course, the quality of the food that needs to be cooked is good enough.

As for the food above the third-tier supreme level, in the real spirit realm, it only belongs to legend.

In ancient times, there were very few amazing chefs who could become eternal chefs and cook eternal cuisine.

However, by now, the glory of the ancient times is no longer there, and timeless cuisine only exists in the records of ancient books.

When the four ancestors of the monster race heard this, their eyes brightened, and they knew that Ye Qing was good at cooking, and might be able to make heaven-defying food to greatly increase their vitality? In this way, we can last longer in the life withering array!

The four ancestors of the demon race didn't know that Ye Qing still had an eternal pagoda. What they were counting on was that Ye Qing could save them through superb cooking skills.

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