Sorry Im Cheating Chapter 2089

Chapter 2089: Defeat the Nine Heavens Lei Jun

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Ye Qing was stunned for a moment.

I thought that Lei Jun of Nine Heavens was the same as the other big brothers in the realm of Spirit Sovereign present.

To say a few words, threaten Ye Qing.

For example, surrender the ancient dragon crystal, or it will kill you.

Or surrender the ancient dragon crystal, everything is easy to say.

Or the ants in the realm of Emperor Profound Emperor, don't dying and struggling.

However, Lei Jun Jiutian did not.

On the contrary, her attitude is quite different from that of the other big brothers in the Spirit Sovereign realm.

First of all, she said that Ye Qing is very handsome.

This is a great recognition of Ye Qing.

In addition, Ye Qing was also invited to join the Heavenly Thunder Saint Sect, and he obviously valued Ye Qing extremely.

However, Nine Heavens Lei Jun also wanted the ancient dragon crystal.

Had to be an enemy with Ye Qing.

After all, the ancient dragon crystal is extremely valuable.

Since I saw the existence of the ancient dragon crystal with my own eyes, there is no reason to miss it.

"How about it, little guy, you can think about it. My Heavenly Thunder Saint Sect has always only accepted female disciples. Of course, we also accept very few very good male disciples!"

Nine Heavens Lei Jun said with a smile.

"Sorry, just because I am so good, Ye Qing, I can't join your Heavenly Thunder Saint Sect."

"I'm already a disciple of Zizai Palace, an excellent person, it is absolutely impossible to betray my sect!"

Ye Qing said solemnly.

Even he himself believed it.

In the process, many of the brothers of the Qingdi Army were released by Ye Qing.

There is no other purpose, of course it is to watch the battle.

There are a total of seven or eight strong people in the realm of the spirit emperor, and now Ye Qing is besieged.

Such a splendid battle, A Kun, the brother of the Qing Emperor Army, and the grass mud horse and others, of course, will not miss it.

Soon, the face of Lei Jun Jiutian changed.

Originally, Nine Heavens Lei Jun still admired Ye Qing, and didn't want to tear Ye Qing completely.

However, since Ye Qing didn't give her face, then there was no need to say too much.


In Nine Heavens Lei Jun's body, an extremely violent thunder power broke out, directly bombarding Ye Qing's body.

The cultivation base breath of the spirit emperor realm bloomed out, and the terrifying eternal spiritual power raged everywhere.

The eternal spiritual power is far above the profound strength. This is the realm of the spirit emperor, and the realm of the spirit sect, which has a huge advantage when fighting against the profound emperor.

It stands to reason that Ye Qing is only a Profound Emperor realm, and it is impossible to cross two great realms and fight against the Spirit Emperor.

But, there is no way, who made Ye Qing a super-smasher.

The various methods of his own are very against the sky, and now he has obtained an epic murder book, which is even more powerful.


In an instant, Ye Qing released a chaotic primordial thunder.

In the sky, a small yellow book floated up, bursting with a monstrous light, providing a super boost to Ye Qing's skills.

The current epic homicide book has been superimposed on two layers.

In theory, it is to provide twice the damage increase.

However, Ye Qing can choose by himself.

It is also possible to only provide double the damage increase.

Because, the higher the increase in damage provided, the greater the consumption for Ye Qing!

The power of the Chaos Primordial Thunder and Fire itself is very against the sky, providing a double increase, which is enough to deal with the powerhouse of the Spirit Sovereign realm.


It was too late and then soon, a terrifying thunder fire shrouded in the sky.

In an instant, the flames released by Nine Heavens Lei Jun completely collapsed.

Nine Heavens Lei Jun's strength is very strong.

However, her accomplishments in Thunder are not as good as Ye Qing!

Because Ye Qing possesses super **** level savvy, he has cultivated the Chaos Primordial Thunder Fire to the pinnacle a long time ago.

A burst of thunder and fire was released, and the effect could be described as ruining the world.

Soon, Nine Heavens Lei Jun was beaten to vomit blood, and most of his clothes were burned.

Among the skills Ye Qing released, not only thunder, but also fiery flames.

Nine Heavens Lei Jun failed to resist, and his clothes were burned, which was normal.


Nine days Lei Jun was angry, and soon he took out a piece of clothing and put it on again.

Fortunately, by the side of Jiutian Leijun, thunder was surrounded.

Many people outside couldn't see the appearance of Lei Jun Jiutian. They could only see the thunderous sky, but they didn't see the embarrassed appearance of Lei Jun Jiutian's clothes.

However, Ye Qing is different.

Ye Qing is fighting fiercely with Lei Jun Jiu Tian.

It is very close to Leijun Jiutian.

Just now, Nine Heavens Lei Jun's almost perfect body appeared in front of Ye Qing, extremely attractive.

However, Ye Qing is very clear about a truth.

That is, a woman will only affect the speed at which he can release his big moves.

No matter how good the figure is, Lei Jun Jiutian looks beautiful.

What does it have to do with Ye Qing?

Ye Qing just looked at Lei Jun for Nine Days with an attitude of appreciating beauty, and had no other meaning.

Nine Heavens Lei Jun's face blushed. He didn't expect that the elder of his own dignified Heavenly Thunder Saint Sect, the elder of the Spirit Sovereign realm, was defeated by Ye Qing.

Not reconciled!

She is very unwilling!

Want to fight again.


The terrifying power of thunder spread out beside Lei Jun Jiutian.

Nine days Lei Jun intends to enlarge his move.

"and many more!"

Suddenly, Ye Qing interrupted Lei Jun's movements with a big wave of his hand.

"Life and death battle, where else is there, wait, come here and die!"

Nine Heavens Lei Jun roared, eyes full of chills. Obviously, her clothes were burned by Ye Qing just now, and her heart was suffocated. She wanted Ye Qing to suffer a bit and find her place.

"If I go on this thunder and fire, you will die!"

Ye Qing's face also became cold.

He looked at the little yellow book in the sky.

The epic homicide book, just now only doubled the damage, and wounded Lei Jun for nine days.

It is conceivable that if the damage is increased by twice, Lei Jun Nine Heavens will probably not survive.

Jiutian Leijun looked solemnly at the little yellow book in the sky.

With Nine Heavens Lei Jun's eyesight, one can naturally see that the little yellow book in the sky is extremely extraordinary.

Presumably, it may be the sacred artifact of Rank Nine, with terrifying power!

"What do you want to say?"

Nine Heavens Lei Jun did not continue to do it for the time being, his expression was full of vigilance.

"I want to say, you are not my opponent, and I don't want to lose too much profound energy to kill you."

"If you retreat now, I will not embarrass you from the Heavenly Thunder Saint Sect!"

When Ye Qing's voice fell, Nine Heavens Lei Jun frowned in thought.

She must admit that Ye Qing is very strong and qualified to negotiate with her!

In fact, Nine Heavens Lei Jun still has some hole cards.

However, she knew very well in her heart that even if she used her hole cards, she might not be able to beat Ye Qing!

"Okay! My Heavenly Thunder Saint Sect, I'm planted!"

After Nine Heavens Lei Jun finished speaking, he turned and left as soon as he moved.

"and many more!"

Ye Qing said suddenly.

"What else is there?"

Jiutian Lei Jun looked ugly and gave Ye Qing a stare.

"I strongly suggest that in the future, you disciples of the Heavenly Thunder Sacred Sect come out to fight, don't wear skirts! It is best to wear long trousers.

"Of course, I just kindly reminded that I really didn't see anything!"

Ye Qing said with a smile all over his face, so he said in a leisurely manner.

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