Sorry Im Cheating Chapter 2090

Chapter 2090: Kill a group of spirit emperors

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Jiutian Leijun looked dumbfounded and didn't even know what the long trousers were.

However, the disciples of their Heavenly Thunder Saint Sect, when they fight with people, they do wear skirts.

How indecent.

However, cultivators generally don't care about those details.

Nine Heavens Lei Jun had never expected that Ye Qing, such a strong man, would even care about those details.

"Our disciple of the Heavenly Thunder Saint Sect, when fighting with others, he doesn't care about those details at all! During the life and death battle, who cares what you are wearing!"

Nine days Lei Jun said calmly.

Ye Qing's face was stiff.

Soon, Lei Jun Jiutian turned around and left.

Suddenly, Ye Qing stopped Lei Jun for Nine Heavens again.

"Girl, please stay!"

Ye Qing suddenly spoke, making Nine Heavens Lei Jun stunned again.

"Is there something that can't be said all at once? What are you doing?"

Jiutian Leijun was a little angry.

If it wasn't because he couldn't beat Ye Qing, Jiu Tian Lei Jun really wanted to rush forward and start with Ye Qing.

"Girl, I sincerely invite you to join our Palace of Freedom!"

"Our disciples in the Freedom Palace are all excellent. Your talent is not bad, so you might as well join us."

Ye Qing said with a smile.

The face of Lei Jun Jiutian was extremely embarrassing.

As the high-level of Tianlei Shengzong, how could she join Zizai Palace.

Ye Qing is completely teasing her!

However, Nine Heavens Lei Jun still had no choice.

Can only leave in a dingy.

"Jiutian Leijun, what are you afraid of? Ye Qing, that kid, is just a trash!"

Suddenly, among the crowd, the mad lion sage rushed out.

There is also the Jagged Sage!

The two elders of the Spirit Sovereign realm, working together, exploded with extremely violent auras.

Behind them, there are two Spirit Sovereign realms, both big brothers.

Respectively belong to the Fanatic Sect and the Jagged Sect.

A total of four big brothers in the realm of the Spirit Sovereign, working together, the destructive power that erupted is extremely against the sky.


In an instant, Ye Qing's body was shocked, and a terrible thunder fire was released.

The little yellow book in the sky provides a double increase.

The emergence of epic homicide books exploded with great power.

Shock the audience!

Behind Ye Qing, A Kun gave a thumbs up.

"Look, little yellow book!"

A Kun gave a thumbs up as he spoke.

"Well, it is indeed a little yellow book!"

"Awesome, my boss!"

The brothers of the Azure Emperor Army burst into enthusiastic applause.

They knew Ye Qing was great, so they congratulated Ye Qing in advance.

Naturally, there is no problem in killing the realm of Linghuang in a small area.


Slowly speaking, in fact, everything happened quickly. Almost in an instant, Ye Qing's epic murder book provided a double increase.

In the sky, the coverage of thunder and fire suddenly became larger.

Enveloping the four big brothers of the Spirit Sovereign realm.

The power of the thunder and fire in the early days of Chaos has reached an incredible level.

After Ye Qing's blow, the profound energy in his body was emptied by more than 80%!

For Ye Qing, the consumption of an epic murder book was too much.

Ye Qing could imagine that if he had a chance in the future, he would superimpose the epic homicide book on one hundred layers.

It is estimated that with the cultivation base of Emperor Ye Qingxuan's realm, it is impossible to provide a 100-layer increase at all.

Because Ye Qing could not move.

However, this is not what Ye Qing has to consider now.

When it was said that it was too late, then it was fast, and in an instant, a terrifying thunder fire fell on the four spiritual emperors realm power.

The four spiritual emperor realm powerhouses all released ultimatums and displayed fierce methods.

However, they found that they couldn't compete with Ye Qing at all.

In an instant, the four big men in the realm of the Spirit Sovereign uttered a scream.

Soon, two died.

Only the mad lion saint and the iron-blood saint were left.

The two of them were not new to the realm of the Spirit Sovereign, so they could hold on for a longer time.

"Boy, do you dare to kill me, I will definitely not give up with you!"

"My Fanatic Sect is at odds with you!"

The two elders of the spirit emperor realm threatened.

However, Ye Qing's face was cold, and he didn't mean to let them go.

"It's so lifelike!"

"Please, can you say something nutritious? Can you innovate? There is no balance between heaven and earth..."

Ye Qing's voice fell, controlling the chaos and thunder.

In an instant, under the shroud of thunder and fire, the two peerless figures in the realm of the spirit emperor completely became the past, and disappeared in smoke.

Those strong in the spirit sect realm of the Iron Blood Sect and the Mad Sect were all pale with fright!

The leader of the team is dead, and they are panicked!

However, the ancient dragon crystal in Ye Qing's hand attracted their attention.

The eyes of many powerful people in the spirit sect realm showed greed in their eyes.

Knowing that he was against Ye Qing, he might end up miserably.

However, the seductive power of the ancient dragon crystal was so great that they couldn't bear it at all.

"In my opinion, the profound energy in that kid's body is almost consumed!"

"That is, he is only in the Profound Emperor Realm, how can he compare with us?"

"Even if his sacred artifacts and eternal spirituality are powerful, how can we fear him?"

"Let's go together and use the human sea tactics!"

The spirit sect realm of the Jagged Sect and the Fanatic Sect rushed forward.

There are close to two thousand people in total.

However, the powerhouses of the Heavenly Thunder Saint Sect did not do anything.

Under Nine Heavens Lei Jun's order, they watched from the sidelines.

Just now, Nine Heavens Lei Jun had seen Ye Qing's strength, and now if he went to fight Ye Qing again, it would almost be an act of dying.

Many spirit sect realms of the two major sects joined forces, and their combat power was extremely terrifying.

After all, there are more than two thousand Spirit Sect realms, and they are not Ye Qing's opponents when it comes to fighting alone.

But more than two thousand people joined forces, and Ye Qing was exhausted.


Just as the war was about to start, a beautiful shadow in the sky descended.

It is the saint of Zizai Gong, Zhu Qing!

Zhu Qing has been paying attention to Ye Qing's movements in the Huanglongshan mine.

Knowing that Ye Qing initially occupied the Huanglongshan mine, Zhu Qing rushed over immediately.

Of course Zhu Qing knew that after the Huanglongshan mine was occupied by Ye Qing, the three major sects would not give up.

Therefore, Zhu Qing brought a group of strong men in the free palace to come to help.

This is also the meaning of desertedness.

The situation of the Huanglongshan mine veins is deserted and naturally known.

Now, Ye Qing has done a great job for the Freedom Palace, and of course he wants to strike while the iron is hot, and win the Huanglongshan mine in one fell swoop.

In the future, Zizai Palace will be able to have greater development.

Under the leadership of Zhu Qing and an elder of the Spiritual Emperor Realm of the Freedom Palace, a thousand powerful men from the Freedom Palace were killed.

They are all in the realm of Lingzong.

The powerhouses of the Jagged Sect and the Fanatic Sect all have solemn faces.

With the help of Zi Zai Gong, they also wanted to kill Ye Qing and **** the ancient dragon crystal from Ye Qing's hands, it would be very difficult.

"Brothers, let's go together!"

"While now, the army of Zizai Palace hasn't done anything yet, let's kill Ye Qing first!"

Two strong men of the Fanatic Sect raised their arms and shouted, leading the way.

The next moment, the two heads flew directly.

In the sky, a sword of punishing the sky appeared, blooming with terrifying coercion.

Ye Qing started to kill two people instantly.

A smirk appeared on his face.

"You think that my profound strength is exhausted."

"Yes, my consumption is very high! But for you, why use Chaos Early Thunder?"

Ye Qing smiled indifferently, and in the next instant, he stepped out, like a phantom, and rushed into the crowd.

A sword of slaying the sky, carrying the meaning of being against the sky, dancing beside Ye Qing!

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