Sorry Im Cheating Chapter 2091

Chapter 2091: Kendo invincible

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Ye Qing's kendo attainments are very strong!

Although not comparable to the achievements in flames.

But Ye Qing's swordsmanship is completely self-understanding and self-creating.

In the previous practice, Ye Qing mainly improved his combat power in terms of fire attributes, and swallowed a lot of flames against the sky.

However, in terms of kendo, Ye Qing is also against the sky!

The sword of Zhu Tian is the physical sword condensed by Ye Qing's kendo.


The sword intent against the sky was released, as if to pierce the sky!

Under the sweep of the sword intent, many spirit sect realms, without even screaming, had moved their heads and died unexpectedly!

Ye Qing's thirty-six sword styles are displayed, and every sword stabbed can kill the strong in the realm of Lingzong!

The killing is in progress!

Since the Fanatic Sect and the people of the iron blood sect, they don't know how to make a difference, and they have to struggle with Ye Qing.

So, what reason does Ye Qing have to spare them?

It just so happened to take the many powerful spiritual sect realm present to brush up the epic level of murder books.

Just now, Ye Qing killed four peerless figures in the realm of the Spirit Sovereign. The epic murder book turned out to be only two levels.

It is estimated that Ye Qing killed not enough people, not strong enough!

Therefore, the epic homicide book has been unable to advance for a long time.


In the void, a stunning sword light flickered, and the sword energy shocked the sky.

Soon, the more than 30 strong men of the Spirit Sect realm who besieged Ye Qing were all severed by Ye Qing with a single sword.

If the power of the Spirit Sect realm is placed elsewhere, it is definitely not a weak one.

Unfortunately, in front of Ye Qing, it was useless!

Sword thirty-six style, infinite power!

It doesn't belong to any powerful eternal spirituality, but Ye Qing created it by himself.

Ye Qing, who possesses super-god savvy, has no difficulty in creating swordsmanship.

The power of the thirty-six style of the sword, through Ye Qing's continuous strengthening and derivation, has reached an extremely high level.

Suddenly displaying it, that power can only be described with the word horror.

As the sword light passed, heads of people flew up.

Soon, Ye Qing slaughtered at least five hundred spiritual masters.

As for Ye Qing's body, he couldn't even see the slightest injury.

Not far away, Zhu Qing, the saint of Zizai Palace, lost her eyeballs. The horror in her heart was beyond description.

Saint Zhu Qing knew that Ye Qing was very strong.

But he didn't expect Ye Qing to be so tyrannical.

Raising your hand, you can kill hundreds of powerful people in the realm of Spirit Sect.

Even the four spirit emperors realm were killed by Ye Qing in seconds.

"Go together, protect Brother Ye!"

Zhu Qing yelled, her beautiful eyes staring at the figure of Ye Qing in front of her with brilliant colors.

In Zhu Qing's mind, Ye Qing's figure was already deeply left, lingering.

Ye Qing's stalwart figure and invincible swordsmanship can be called an evildoer.

More importantly, Ye Qing's appearance is still so handsome.

It's so good that there are no friends.

Zhu Qing really didn't know what shortcomings Ye Qing had.

If so, maybe it's that Ye Qing is too attracted by girls!

However, this is not Ye Qing's fault either.

It's too good, there is no way.

With the joining of the strong in the Freedom Palace, the battle became even more one-sided.

Ye Qing is too vigorous.

It's a mess!

All the spirit sect realms that dared to attack Ye Qing have become the past, and died.

Soon, the battle was over.

The remaining strong men of the Mad Apostle Sect and the Iron Blood Sect were so frightened that they did not dare to do any more.

He wanted to **** Ye Qing's ancient dragon crystal, just thinking too much.

Even if Ye Qing consumed most of the profound energy in his body and killed the four strong men in the realm of the Spirit Sect, it would not be a miscellaneous fish in the realm of the other Spirit Sect, which could threaten Ye Qing.

The use of swordsmanship does not consume much of the profound energy in the body.

Ye Qing can continue to fight, and completely punish the madman sect and the strong men of the iron blood sect!


Zhu Qing came from the sky and stood beside Ye Qing. He felt Ye Qing's masculine breath at close range. He couldn't help being intoxicated. For a moment, he forgot to speak.

"Sister Zhu Qing, are you doing something?" Ye Qing said lightly, and glanced at Zhu Qing.

"Senior Brother Ye, congratulations, you have completed the sect mission! Next, our Free Palace will send more powerful people to guard the Huanglongshan mine!" Zhu Qing said with a smile.

"Then you can go back to collect Zongmen contribution points, right?"

Ye Qing smiled, feeling very happy.

Zhu Qing nodded.

After completing the extremely difficult task of the sect, Ye Qing can directly get 200 million contribution points.

It is very close to the achievement of one billion contribution points.

As soon as he moved, Ye Qing walked away from the sky, leading a group of brothers from the Azure Emperor Army, and soon disappeared into the sky.

Freedom Palace.

When Ye Qing came back, he was greeted in a quiet and quiet person, and there were many high-ranking elders in the Palace of Freedom who came in person.

Express my respect for Ye Qing.

You know, Ye Qing completed the task of the sect and successfully occupied the Huanglongshan mine, killing the three sects and fleeing!

From now on, the resources of the Huanglongshan vein will all belong to Zizai Palace.

This is a great asset.

Cultivation resources are undoubtedly very important to a sect.

After occupying the Huanglongshan mine, Zizai Palace can develop rapidly.

Compared with the three major sects, the foundation and strength of Zizai Palace are a bit worse.

And now, because of Ye Qing's arrival, Zizai Palace has hope of rising.

"Ye Qing, because you accomplished the task of the sect well, after discussion with the Presbyterian Church, I decided to double the reward for your contribution points!"

Seeing Ye Qing's return, Leng Qingyou walked forward and said very enthusiastically.

Even in the process of speaking, Qingyou still grabbed Ye Qing's arm, and his expression was a little ambiguous.

No way, Ye Qing is too handsome.

The kind that is so handsome.

With a desolate state of mind, I saw a peerless handsome guy, but I couldn't keep calm.

"Ahem, Palace Master, please be more solemn." Ye Qing coughed dryly and said with a smile.

Calmly reacted and sneered.

Let go of Ye Qing's arm.

"Palace Master, you said you doubled my contribution points, then I can get 400 million contribution points after completing the task of the Huanglongshan mine vein in the war?"

As Ye Qing spoke, there was a bright light in his eyes.

I have to say that a quiet decision is still very wise.

The 200 million contribution points don't match the difficulty of the task a bit.

You know, if you want to occupy the Huanglongshan ore vein, you must start with the powerful Spirit Emperor realm.

Ye Qing can accomplish his mission entirely because of his powerful strength.

If you switch to other disciples in the Zizi Palace to do it, there will be ghosts if you can complete it.

Even the best disciple of Zizai Palace is just the Ninth Level of Lingzong.

Not at the realm of Linghuang, wanting to compete for the Huanglongshan mine, there is no hope at all.

Of course, Ye Qing is not in this list.

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