Soul Emperor Martial God Chapter 4478

Chapter 4475: The Martial Arts System Originated From The Seven Heavens

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"Are the three void artifacts?"

Xiao Yi frowned.

In the past, he had many powerful inheritances and powerful methods.

However, either it is not easy to use it to avoid the coveted disaster.

Or, it is limited in self-cultivation, and it is useless if it is used, which is of little use.

But now it seems that as he broke through the emperor realm and stepped into the last great realm of this martial art realm, these methods gradually began to exert their light.

And gradually began to wait for Xiao Yi to let their light fully bloom.

Step by step, the powerful and helpless methods of the past have begun to be applied to him inadvertently.


Xiao Yi smiled, "I understand, I should have thought of these things long ago."

The ancient emperor gritted his teeth, "It seems that you have been depressed for too long."

"You have always come here, relying on yourself, one person, one sword, and the many identities and methods on your body have been suppressing."

"After a long time, you subconsciously left behind."

Xiao Yi nodded, "Yes."

"I suddenly remembered that I, Xiao Yi, except for my own ability, but I am full of treasures."

The ancient emperor chuckled, "You, a warrior who grew up on your own, are actually very good."

"Through hard work, suffered many setbacks, and walked through life and death all day long."

"This is something that the tianjiao of the great powers, and even the tianjiao of the major heavens, cannot have, and it is not as good as you."

"They may be strong."

"But in terms of the ability to survive, and the ability to stand alone, no one compares you."

"But, you are inferior to them."

The ancient emperor said solemnly, "The guidance of a martial artist is enough to save a martial artist from making many detours and go straight ahead."

"What's more important is to remove the layers of mist on the road of martial arts."

"They can move forward without any confusion in their hearts, they can move forward unscrupulously, with high spirits and their talents and abilities, and move forward with all their strength."

"And you can't."

"Don't say anything else, the doubts on the road to martial arts alone are enough to get you into distress."

Xiao Yi frowned slightly.

The ancient emperor continued, "It is not in the martial arts problem, but in front of the martial arts."

"To put it bluntly, you lack systematic and complete martial arts guidance."

"The world has just opened, there is no realm of martial arts."

"This martial art realm, in fact, was discovered by countless innate creatures over the long years."

Xiao Yi frowned, "Artificially?"

Gudi shook his head, "It's artificial, but it's not."

"Do you think people like Invincible Monarch Realm, Extreme Monarch Realm, Emperor Monarch?"

"No, no, no."

"The martial arts realm, each one is made according to the heavens, and the heavens and the earth stipulate this."

"It's just that the innate creatures have discovered step by step from the perception of heaven and earth."

"Up to the perfection of the martial arts realm, the glory days of martial arts have come."

"It was a truly distant time, I can only look up."

Xiao Yi pondered for a moment, "Does martial arts multiply?"

The ancient emperor nodded, "Next, what I will tell you is the secret, and it is also the thing that the person told me."

"When the world is in chaos, the void is lonely, and only the law flows."

"Nine ultimate laws, seven of them are attached to seven huge and barren stars, and the seven heavens are born."

"You know all this."

Xiao Yi nodded, "Senior Yanlong told me."

The ancient emperor continued, "But since the universe is born, there are no creatures in it. Where did the creatures come from?"

"If there are no creatures, then how can you come to this martial art realm?"

Xiao Yi gave a wry smile and shook his head, "I don't know."

The ancient emperor's face was condensed, "When the void is chaotic, before there are seven great universes, there are already signs of creatures in the void."

"It's just that when the seven heavenly realms are actually born, these oldest creatures will begin to conform to the heavens and be completely born."

"At the moment when the void was born, the oldest creature in the void was completely born, and controlled the law of nothingness that fell in the void."

"This creature is the Void Emperor."

"At the same time, in the darkness, creatures shouldn't have appeared, but the Mo Qilin family was born as a result."

"This is the ancestor of the Supreme Palace, the birth of the Void Heavenly Mother."

"Nothingness and nothingness, the virtual home is nothingness, and the night home is nothingness."

Xiao Yi was startled, "Doesn't it mean that the Void Heavenly Emperor and this Void Heaven Mother are the first creatures in the void?"

The ancient emperor shook his head and nodded, "Yes, but at the same time, other creatures are also being born."

The ancient emperor took his hand and said solemnly, "No one knows that when the void is chaotic, the lonely void has actually experienced an ancient ice covering the entire endless void."

"May you imagine that situation? This vast and endless void is completely frozen by ice."

"The ancient cold ice is deep and unpredictable, the strongest, and the coldest."

"And the one who was born out of this deep cold is the Heavenly Emperor of Cold Realm."

Xiao Yi squinted his eyes, "Senior means that when the seven heavens are suddenly born, the seven heavenly emperors are also born in this one."

"They were the first seven creatures born, and then they respectively controlled the laws of one universe, so they naturally became the emperor of heaven."

"Yeah." The ancient emperor nodded, "They are not only the oldest creatures, but also the most powerful creatures."

"They began to multiply their offspring. Some were multiplying offspring, and some were awakened from this chaos and gave birth to their own'clan people', or'brothers and sisters'."

The ancient emperor frowned slightly, "I said so..."

Xiao Yi smiled and said, "It's okay, the predecessor said it quite plainly, I can understand."

"Yeah." The ancient emperor nodded and continued, "As the oldest creatures, martial arts multiply from their hands."

"They are born powerful, but they are still full of doubts about this vast martial arts road, so they also need to explore."

"The seven heavens are the first places where creatures were born."

"With the exploration of the seven heavenly emperors, and the perfection, reproduction, and prosperity of their own universe, this period has gone through an unimaginable long time."

"The martial arts system is finally perfected."

Xiao Yi was taken aback, "Senior means that the martial art system originates from the seven heavenly emperors; the martial art is brilliant, from the seven heavenly domains?"

"Yeah." Ancient Emperor nodded, "So, this is a point where you are far inferior to Tianyu Tianjiao."

Xiao Yi temporarily pressed these doubts in his heart, and said in shock, "No, in this way, are the Seven Heavenly Emperors older than Senior Yanlong?"

The ancient emperor chuckled and shook his head, "When the Seven Heavenly Emperors were born, other creatures were naturally born in this void."

"Like the Void Race, and like the birth of twelve Void Origin Beasts."

"Of course, there is also the former Valkyrie."

"They are the earliest creatures born in this void world."

Suddenly, Xiao Yi asked, "Senior Yanlong too?"

The ancient emperor gave a wry smile, "I don't know this."

"I asked that one too, and that one's answer is that it doesn't know it itself."

"It said that when it seemed to be in the void and chaos, it was asleep."

"When it opens its eyes occasionally, it sees the birth of the Seven Heavenly Emperors."

"When it opened its eyes from its sleepy eyes for the second time, it has already seen the seven heavens prosperous."

"It sleeps soundly in the void and chaos, and has been too lazy to pay attention to it."

"When I opened my eyes for the third time, I was awakened by Shengsheng knocking his head."

Xiao Yi was shocked, "Senior Yanlong at that time, absolutely the pinnacle of prosperity, who dares to offend..."

Before Xiao Yi finished speaking, he suddenly thought of something.

The ancient emperor chuckled and nodded, "Yes, the third time that he opened his eyes, he also welcomed its master, Valkyrie."


The first is more.

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