Soul Emperor Martial God Chapter 4480

Chapter 4477: Start The Emperor Realm Practice

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"In the world of the heavens, the perfect emperor can even replace the will of the heavens and the earth with his own'spirituality'."

"The reason is naturally the resonance of the stars, or the resonance of the heavens and the earth."

"The Emperor of Consummation is equivalent to a huge star, at least dozens of times the star of the small world."

The ancient emperor paused again.

The nine layers of the emperor realm were unknown to Xiao Yi now, so the ancient emperor gave time to make Xiao Yi joke.

Until Xiao Yi nodded, the ancient emperor spoke again.

The ancient emperor continued, "At the point of consummating the emperor, even the stars of the heavens, in fact, it is already difficult to accommodate his cultivation."

"You can imagine."

"Even the stars of the heavens are hundreds to hundreds of times greater than the stars of the small world."

"But, how can it accommodate a small world that is dozens of times as large as a star to cultivate in it."

"So gradually, the more powerful the Emperor Consummation, the more he left the world of the heavens, and directly existed and practiced in the void."

Xiao Yi suddenly said, "It's no wonder that a large number of hegemonic forces prefer to establish sects in the void, on the barren stars, or create mountain gates."

"It turns out that even if it is as strong as the stars, it can't support their cultivation."

"Yeah." Ancient Emperor nodded, "So, there is the next step."

"That is, the sixth layer of the emperor realm, the emperor of the void."

"The emperor of the void can begin to have the instinct of the heavens and stars, that is, directly absorb the power of the void and use it for himself."

The ancient emperor looked at Xiao Yi and said, "You should, have thought about the method of directly gaining the origin of heaven and earth by killing the emperor realm to cultivate."

"But you are also puzzled, helpless, unable to use these powers."

"Yes." Xiao Yi nodded.

The ancient emperor replied, "Because, after the death of a creature in the emperor realm, its life strength will be scattered in the void."

"Only the emperor of the void can directly absorb the power of the void, and can he also directly absorb the power of these fallen emperor realms."

"So you can see, Emperor Void Lord is extremely powerful."

"They already possess some of the abilities that belong to the Void World."

"They can cross the void, like a powerful and huge star moving fast."

"They generally do not stay in the world of stars, but dominate the void area, absorbing the power of the void for cultivation, while expanding their territory, and if there are those who disagree, they will directly kill them to speed up the cultivation. speed."

Xiao Yi nodded repeatedly.

It's no wonder that the power that has the perfect emperor is only known as the hegemonic power.

Only the power of the Void Emperor can be hailed as the power of the Void.

The new emperor has the first level of the emperor; the small emperor has the second level of the emperor; the great emperor has the third level of the emperor.

The peak emperor, the four layers of the emperor realm.

Consummation of the emperor, five levels of the emperor realm.

Void Emperor, Sixth Level of the Emperor Realm.

So, what happens next?

The ancient emperor paused and said, "Each great realm has nine small realms in it, and the emperor realm is no exception."

"You know the division of the nine levels of small realms."

Xiao Yi nodded, "One, two and three are the initial stage; the four, five and six are the mid-term; the seven and eighty-nine are the late and the peak."

The ancient emperor nodded, "You can see that there are qualitative changes in the early, middle, and later periods."

"The pinnacle emperor is the fourth stage of the emperor realm, naturally it is the middle stage of the emperor realm, and it has undergone qualitative changes."

"So after the sixth layer of the emperor realm, what about the later stage?"

Not waiting for Xiao Yi to ask questions.

The ancient emperor has directly said, "The Seventh Stage of the Emperor Realm, that is, the supreme martial arts in your mouth."

"As an existence who has truly entered the late stage of the imperial realm, this is naturally a qualitative change."

"That's a level that the old man hasn't stepped into yet."

"The martial arts supreme, really has terrible power against the sky, unimaginable ability."

"They themselves are equivalent to a vast ocean of martial arts."

"To be more specific, the old man can't tell you in detail, but after you become the supreme, you will understand it yourself if you want to."

Xiao Yi nodded.

The ancient emperor no longer speaks.

Xiao Yi quietly pondered and recalled.

At this moment, in fact, he is already open and cheerful.

The predecessor of the ancient emperor is worthy of being hailed as the emperor of the ages, capable of being monstrous.

With such short words, the entire long road of martial arts, from its starting point, all the way to the last part of the journey.

Mortal realm, acquired, congenital, Dongxuan, Poxuan, earth element, celestial element, earth pole, celestial pole.

To the entire Promise Holy Land, Holy Land, Holy King, Holy Emperor, Holy Lord, Holy King, Emperor Realm!

Living beings become warriors and become stronger step by step, and then imitate the birth, perfection and peak strength of stars step by step.

The pinnacle emperor can smash the stars with one punch.

The consummation emperor can replace the will of heaven and earth by his own will, and can do what a capable person can't, and even condense something like the Essence of the Emperors Realm, allowing the warrior to have the strength of the Imperial Realm for a short time.

The emperor of the void is strong enough to possess a part of the void world, can cross the void, and speed up his cultivation by killing other emperor realms.

Supreme, has entered the late stage of the emperor realm, I am afraid that it is only a few steps away from the end of the martial arts where the martial **** is.

For a long while.

Xiao Yi stopped thinking.

The ancient emperor said solemnly, "Next, start your cultivation."

"The old man will guide by your side."

"If you don't know, the old man will answer your questions at any time."

"Yes." Xiao Yi nodded.

"But senior." Xiao Yi smiled bitterly again.

"The small world in my body is so huge. According to you, it is much larger than the inner world of a pinnacle emperor."

"I am afraid it will still be very difficult for me to practice."

The ancient emperor nodded and shook his head.

"Difficult, that is natural."

"But don't you practice? You have no choice."

"In addition, even though you have absorbed the origins of the entire eight heavens and stars, you have only succeeded in breaking through."

"But you don't have to be scared about it."

"Among the eight heavens, there are only the amber heavens and the ten thousand demons heavens. It is considered that the origin of the heavens and the earth is relatively strong and huge; the other six heavens are far behind."

"In addition, what is the complete origin of the heavens and earth of a party?"

"That is from the birth of the heavens to their prosperity, and in these long years, there have been no creatures to absorb half of the origin of the heavens and the earth, and that is complete."

"But it's obvious that there are emperor realms in all the heavens, and all beings absorb them, which leads to lapse and consumption."

"And this is far beyond the recovery speed of the stars themselves absorbing void power."

"So, even if the Amber Heavens and Ten Thousand Demon Heavens are included, the Bafang Heavens are dissatisfied with their origins, but we can't just say that they represent the origins of the Bafang Heavens."

"Don't be scared."

"Yeah." Xiao Yi nodded, closed his eyes completely cross-legged, and began to practice.

On the road of martial arts, the fog ahead is gone.

So next, it's just the absorption of power, cultivation and growth.

He only needs to communicate with the giant elephant king to mobilize the giant elephant tribes scattered in various star territories.

The 3,333 giant elephant tribesmen would naturally absorb the power of Void Heaven and Earth, then transform it into the origin of Heaven and Earth, and pass it back to the Blood Flame Realm.


Now, if someone who can snoop into the void appears nearby, and perceive it carefully; you can definitely see that an invisible giant hidden in the void appears in the sky above the blood inflammation world. Although it does not exist, it does not exist. It's real again.

Xiao Yi practiced with all his strength.

The origin of heaven and earth in the world of the small world in the body is increasing.


Time passed slowly.

The ancient emperor protects the law on the sidelines and sometimes solves doubts.

Three months later...

The ancient emperor slowly got up and left.

Xiao Yi quickly opened his eyes and asked in confusion, "Where are the seniors going?"

Gudi's face was a little weird, "What do you think?"

"I thought I needed to instruct you for a long time, but you will understand everything in March."

"The old man has nothing else to solve your doubts. What are you still doing here?"

"Um, this..." Xiao Yi was stunned.

The ancient emperor shook his head, "One point is clear, and one understanding is clear. It seems ordinary, but it is the most incredible of the ordinary."

"Fortunately, the old man didn't become your master. If you do, it won't be long-term."

The ancient emperor shook his head, then crossed away.


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