Soul Emperor Martial God Chapter 4558

Chapter 4555: A deal once and for all

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"The Emperor?" Xiao Yi frowned.

The female emperor of the cold realm stood up suddenly, her face cold, "How does father want to toss Yi'er this time?"

"Yi'er, I will accompany you."

far away.

Bingtang still shrank by the door and said, "Emperor, the emperor said that only the eldest son will go."

"I'm going away." The voice of the Empress of the Cold Realm was firm.

"No need." Xiao Yi chuckled, "I wanted to talk to me."

"He didn't dare to move me anyway."

The female emperor of the cold realm said solemnly, "Father won't move you, but he will put you in a dangerous place."

"It was like this ten years ago, forcing you to go to the sixth floor of Heavenly Hell to die."

"Relax." Xiao Yi chuckled, "It's okay."

Ten years later, he stepped into the cold world again, just wanting to come and see this woman.

He slept for ten years.

But this price was obviously not paid in vain.

At least, the female emperor of the cold world is fine now without the torture of the cold world.

Mind damage, compared with short-term treatment of pill, of course, it will be better to recover in light and calm days when the mood is transcended.

In fact, over the years, he has not spent much time and frequency with this woman.

But today, stepping here again and coming to this courtyard, Xiao Yi really saw the sincere smile on the face of this woman and this man.

Calm, but...maybe the joy called happiness.

Xiao Yi glanced at the Empress of the Cold Realm, then at Xiao Chenfeng, and chuckled.

"I'll take a trip, and I'll return later." Xiao Yi let out a cry, turned and left.

On the side, Xiao Xinghe sneered, "Hehe, it's been ten years. Hugh said that we haven't even seen Grandpa or two in the past. Even in the past ten years, Grandpa has never paid attention to us."

"As soon as you come, Grandpa will send someone from the Heavenly Palace to summon him."

"Bloodflame Realm Master, it's really a big face today."

"Yes, after all, now the blood flame world is very powerful."

"Xinghe." Xiao Chenfeng frowned.

"Yes." Xiao Yi turned around, looked at Xiao Xinghe, and sneered, "Who made my **** inflammation world so powerful now?"

"Who made me Xiao Yi to look down upon the heavens and worlds today?"

"This is the case in this world. Whoever has a big fist will make sense, and whoever has a big face will have a lot of face."

"And you, it's useless, the emperor doesn't see you."

"You..." Xiao Xinghe looked ugly.

"Heh." Xiao Xinghe sneered, "Mother, you see, what kind of attitude is this guy..."

Xiao Yi interrupted in a cold voice, "The Bai family ridiculed you, why were you ridiculing and sarcasm just now?"

"For you, they are so powerful, so they can."

"how about you?"

"Why do you want to be like them?"

"I..." Xiao Xinghe was speechless for a while, thoughtful.

When he reacted, Xiao Yi was already far away.

Xiao Chenfeng chuckled, "Xinghe, have you heard clearly?"

"The **** of the Bai family want us to die and are cynic."

"But now, you have to be like the person you hate the most, and in turn ridicule your loved ones who love us."

"Here today, Yi'er can still reason with you."

"What if you are outside, in a dangerous void, facing your enemy?"

Xiao Xinghe curled his lips and said nothing.

"Okay." The female emperor of the cold realm chuckled, "Xinghe is still young, let him sharpen and think slowly."

"The rare Yi'er is here, I will cook a few more dishes."

"Brother Chen, come and help me."

Ahead, Bingtang leads the way.

The two went to the cold world palace.

It's just that Bingtang is obviously far away from Xiao Yi, and he glances at Xiao Yi from time to time, with a look of fear in his eyes.

Xiao Yi's face was cold, silent, and ignored.

For a long while.

When he almost walked to the Cold Heaven Palace, Bingtang finally couldn't help stopping and looked at Xiao Yi seriously.

"Lord, why are you not talking?" Bingtang asked.

Xiao Yi said nothing.

"Lord, why are you ignoring me?" Bingtang asked.

Xiao Yi remained silent.

Bingtang frowned and approached Xiao Yi a few steps, "Is the old man angry with Bingtang?"

Xiao Yi finally chuckled, "According to my judgment, you are a silly talker, and you will not be able to hold back talking to me."

"On the contrary, if I take the initiative to speak to you, you will be wary."

"What is a chat?" Bingtang asked.

Xiao Yi shrugged, "It's just a long tongue."

Bingtang tilted his head, "My tongue is not long."

"Forget it." Xiao Yi shook his head.

"Tell me, what are you doing so afraid of me?"

Bingtang frowned instantly, with a distressed expression on his face, "Everyone in the palace said, it's the eldest son you dug a hole at the bottom of the sacred tree of Taihan, and stole a lot of the depth of the cold."

"The elders in my clan also said that you are like a thief. You steal wherever you go. You are the most notorious little thief in the heavens and all realms."

Xiao Yi chuckled, "Then you believe me or these people?"

Bingtang blurted out, "Of course it is the elder in the faith."

Xiao Yi's face twitched.

Bingtang added another sentence, "But I believe in the Empress even more."

"You are the child of the Empress. If you don't grab my candy, I believe you too."

Xiao Yi chuckled, "Then if I don't grab your candy, how can I return it to you?"

Bingtang's face was overjoyed, "Then Bingtang likes Big Young Master the most."

"The eldest son is not only the child of the empress, but also the best-looking creature I have ever seen."

Xiao Yi smiled lightly, "Next time, you come to my blood inflammation world, I will give you candy."

"Also, in the future, go to the empress's yard more. If anyone dares to go there to make trouble and make her unhappy, you can help me write down these people."

"Next time you come, you tell me."

"Remember one, I'll give you a pound of sugar, that is the sugar made by the spirit of too cold, and it tastes much better than yours."

"Really?" Bingtang's eyes lit up.

"Of course." Xiao Yi nodded.

This time, the two walked side by side, heading to the depths of the cold heaven.

Along the way, Bingtang resumed his words continuously.

"Lord, why are you so good-looking?"

"Lord, you haven't told me the answer ten years ago."

"Grand Prince..."

"Grand Prince..."

Xiao Yi's ears kept humming as he walked.

Before finally coming to the study, Bingtang closed her mouth, showing respectful expression, and withdrew timidly.

Xiao Yi pushed open the door.

Just like ten years ago, that study, that desk, that most indifferent creature in the void... The Heavenly Emperor of Cold Realm!

Xiao Yi asked directly, "Call me, something?"

Xiao Yi did not salute, nor did he look respectful, but only indifference.

The Emperor of Cold Realm also looked at Xiao Yi indifferently, "This sentence, shouldn't it be the old man asking you?"

"Come to my Bai's house..."

"Heh." Xiao Yi directly sat down to one side and interrupted, "Then I want to ask if there is anything else the Emperor needs to move me."

"The transaction with the Emperor of Heaven is quite pleasant."

In fact, he came just to see this woman.

What material.

The Emperor of Cold Realm actually nodded, "There is a deal, and it's a deal once and for all."

"Oh?" Xiao Yi asked with interest.

But in the next second, Xiao Yi's face instantly solidified.

The Emperor of the Cold Realm said indifferently, "Become a retainer of my Bai family."


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