Soul Emperor Martial God Chapter 4559

Chapter 4556: Finally...reunited

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Xiao Yi squinted his eyes, "If I didn't guess wrong, to be more accurate, it is Bai Wujing's retainer."

"It's up to you how you understand." The Emperor of the Cold Realm said coldly.

On the contrary, Xiao Yi sneered, "Then I don't know what the Emperor of Heaven is going to use to impress me?"

"Everything." The Emperor of the Cold Realm spit out the word Leng Li.

Xiao Yi squinted.

The Heavenly Emperor of Cold Realm said indifferently, "As you said back then, there will be many more places where I will move you."

"I don't deny that you are very strong and outstanding."

"Otherwise, how could you be taken by that one."

"Looking at the heavens and myriad worlds, including the enchanting evildoers of the seven heavenly realms, no one can compare with you, including Wujing, including the other six emperors' successors."

The Heavenly Emperor of Cold Realm stared at Xiao Yi, "Rather than doing transactions again and again, it is better to do them all at once."

"You become the retainer of my Bai family, and I promise you everything."

"In a huge cold world, except that the position of the emperor will never belong to you, you can get everything else, and the old man can give it to you now."

"All other requirements, the old man will also agree to you, and you can also agree to it now."

"Haha." Xiao Yi smiled, "In this way, I will be the second person in this universe."

"Yes." The Celestial Emperor of Cold Realm nodded, "It's definitely not a false name, but power and status, including everything that this heaven possesses, you will have it."

"In less than a hundred years, the old man guarantees you will enter the realm of the emperor."

"Do everything to make you stronger."

Xiao Yi sneered, "Then what if I regret it later?"

The Emperor of Cold Realm shook his head, "The old man has his own means to restrain you, and you must complete it now."

Xiao Yi sneered, "Same as the means to restrain the Emperor Origin Beast?"

The Emperor of Cold Realm shook his head, "It will be stronger."

As one of the first creatures born at the beginning of the chaos, he has his own unpredictable methods.

Xiao Yi shook his head, "This is not just a transaction, but a gambling. Is it worth it?"

The Emperor of Cold Realm also shook his head, "For ten years, the power of the evil beast in Emperor Jiang hasn't killed you, but it has eliminated all of you."

"This skill is worth the old man's gamble."

Xiao Yi frowned, "So you knew ten years ago that I was seriously injured."

"Yes." The Cold Realm Heavenly Emperor said indifferently, "The old man thought that after stepping out of my cold realm, you would gradually fall from serious injuries."

"Unfortunately, you are not dead."

"Fortunately, you are not dead."

"Heh." Xiao Yi sneered, "Since you are sure that I am so good and strong, I will even be able to enter the realm of the Emperor of Heaven."

"Think about it, this deal is not fair to me."

"The price you give, I will get it myself in the future."

The Emperor of Cold Realm said indifferently, "But you still can't get it yet."

"Also, it's been too long for you to step into this level by yourself."

"And Yanlong is about to fall, it can't give you these things, so you need to enter the void and grow by yourself."

Xiao Yi touched his chin, got up slowly, and paced back and forth again.

For a long while.

Xiao Yi stopped pacing.

The Emperor of Cold Realm asked indifferently, "Have you considered it?"

"Yeah." Xiao Yi nodded, but chuckled, "I have a better deal."

"Better?" The Heavenly Emperor of Cold Realm frowned slightly.

"Yeah." Xiao Yi smiled, "That person, not only won't fall, it can't give me these things, but I will let it live and restore it to full prosperity."

"Next time, I will ask that person to come and talk to you in person."

Words fall.

Xiao Yi sneered, turned and left.

The cold world's emperor's eyes were cold, "Are you playing an old man?"

Xiao Yi knelt down and turned his head, "You know if you are playing tricks."

"By the way, I forgot to tell you what I discovered after I stepped into the void."

Xiao Yi smiled, somewhat playfully, "Of course, this is not a secret to you, the Emperor of Heaven."

"The Seven Heavenly Emperors actually yearn for that one to live more than anyone else. Not only does he live well, it would be even better if he could return to prosperity."

The Emperor of Cold Realm squinted his eyes, "You know..."

Xiao Yi snorted, "Originally I was not sure, but the expression of the Emperor of Heaven tells me that I guessed it right."

"So, whether you want to make this transaction or not, you should consider it for yourself."

Words fall.

Xiao Yi didn't say much, and left.

Go back to the remote courtyard.

The Empress of the Cold Realm and Xiao Chenfeng just cooked their food.

The dinner table.

The female emperor of the cold realm first asked, "Yi'er, what is it that father is looking for you this time?"

"Don't listen to him, mother will not be able to move back to the cold and miserable land."

Xiao Chenfeng also nodded, "It's enough to have these ten years together, and I'm satisfied for my father."

"If you have to ask Yi'er to do things for him, I would rather go back to the Yanlong League again and be alone."

Xiao Yi chuckles, "Don't think about it, don't worry."

"I'm not a fool like Xinghe, how could I be slammed."

"This time, the Celestial Emperor of the Cold Realm just asked me to chat a few times."

Xiao Chenfeng sneered, "His indifferent people won't talk to you about family affairs."

"Yi'er." The Cold Realm Empress frowned, "Don't want to lie to us."

"Ten years ago, we all know the deal you made with your father."

"I can leave the cold and bitter land, and Brother Chen can come to live in my Bai's house, all because you traded for the Void Origin of the Sixth Floor of Heavenly Hell."

Xiao Chenfeng looked at Xiao Yi earnestly, "You haven't shown up for ten years, you should be dissolving the power of the Emperor Origin Beast."

"A few years ago, your mother sent someone to the Blood Flame Realm to look for you. Although she couldn't see you and was kicked out, your mother and I were also relieved."

"Because of that proof, although you have an accident, at least you are not in danger of life."

"What and what?" Xiao Xinghe was puzzled.

"Stupid," the female emperor of the cold realm whispered, "since my mother knows the existence of the source beast of the emperor, it is not difficult to guess these."

Xiao Chenfeng also said, "I haven't told you about this in these years, I'm just afraid that you will have a big mouth and let it go."

Xiao Chenfeng looked at Xiao Yi again, "Fortunately, since you came today, your mother and I have found that you are not injured, but your breath is even worse than it was ten years ago. Only when you know that you are okay, I really feel relieved."

The female emperor of the cold realm showed a look of fear, "The power of the source beast of the Emperor Territory is similar to the power of the deep cold blood of my Bai family."

"The difference is that the power of the Origin Beast of Emperor Frontier is extremely cold and terrifying."

"Yi'er." The female emperor of the cold realm grabbed Xiao Yi's palm in one hand, "Promise mother, don't do such dangerous things again in the future."

"Father, he will only look for you for purpose, and will never care about your life or death."

Xiao Yi chuckled and nodded, "Don't worry, don't worry."

In fact, he stepped into this courtyard long before him, and heard the words of the Empress of the Cold Realm, "You're fine, it's fine" and the expressions of relief on their faces, he knew that they had actually guessed it a long time ago. What happened to him in the past ten years.

Whether it is the Empress of the Cold Realm or Xiao Chenfeng, they are all first-class smart people in this void.

Xiao Yi glanced at Xiao Xinghe, "This is the difference between an idiot and a smart person."

"Okay." The Empress of the Cold Realm smiled, "Today, I can finally reunite with a family of four and have a meal."

"Don't talk about those bastards."

Xiao Chenfeng chuckled, "I have waited for decades for this day."


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