Soul Emperor Martial God Chapter 4666

Chapter 4663: Arrived, the red desert heavens

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Blood inflammation world, the mansion of the world.

Outside the hall, in the square.

Emperor Evergreen walked quickly, "See the realm master Xiao Yi."

"Yeah." Xiao Yi nodded.

Emperor Evergreen quickly took out a Universe Ring and handed it to Xiao Yi, with a respectful face, and quickly explained, "World Lord Xiao Yi, this warship was notified to me by the Ten Thousand Realms Firm from the Blood Flame Realm before. ."

"It was my Wanjie Commercial Bank who took the initiative to ask for it."

Xiao Yi nodded, "I know."

A year and a half ago, when he returned from the Seven Regions Conferring Spirits War, he had ordered One-Eyed to take the trading ship back to the Ten Thousand Realms Trading Company.

But by then, One-Eyed had disappeared.

Therefore, it was not until a long time later that the other Xueyan Guard notified the manager of the Wanjie Commercial Bank to retrieve it.

Now, Xiao Yi asked Ten Thousand Realms Firm to send the warship back.

Emperor Evergreen's expression was a little frightened, and he wanted to continue to explain.

Xiao Yi said first, "Don't get me wrong, it was my intention to send the warship back to your firm, so don't worry."

"Now let you send it back, and continue to rent it, and the cost will be paid later."

Emperor Evergreen breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words, and quickly laughed, "The Master Xiao Yi is polite, and I'll be a little help, so why not talk about the cost."

"It's my Ten Thousand Realms Commercial Bank. From now on, there will be more places that need to be taken care of by Xiao Yi Realm Master."

Emperor Evergreen paused and hesitated, "World Master Xiao Yi, can you take a step to speak?"

Xiao Yi nodded and walked into the hall.

Inside the hall.

Emperor Evergreen said bluntly, "The intelligence of my Ten Thousand Realms Commercial Firm shows that the undercurrents of the heavens and Ten Thousand Realms today can be described as turbulent, and there are hidden evil opportunities."

"It seems that if there are constant disputes from all walks of life in the past, in fact, it looks like someone deliberately provoked it, no..."

"In short, everything seems normal, but weirdness is revealed everywhere."

"Today, the entire heavens and all realms are under this weird shroud."

Xiao Yi nodded, "I know."

"The matter of the Void Universe, even if your Ten Thousand Realms Firm knows nothing, you should have heard of it."

"Yeah." Emperor Evergreen nodded, "The fall of the Emperor of Heaven is unusual, and for us who know the truth, it is no less shocking than the collapse of the sky and the earth."

"For this reason, the head office has been worried about it."

"You can guess, the heavens and myriad worlds are going to be unbalanced."

"But our Ten Thousand Realms Commercial Bank is doing business in the entire heavens and Ten Thousand Realms, with branches all over the world. Once the heavens and Ten Thousand Realms are not at peace, our major branches will suffer."

Xiao Yi said solemnly, "I can't guarantee anything else."

"I also want the heavens and the world to be peaceful."

"As for transactions with your Ten Thousand Realms Commercial Bank, and the transportation of commercial goods, our blood inflammation realm will do my best."

Evergreen Emperor has something to say.

Xiao Yi interrupted lightly, "I still have something to do. If Emperor Evergreen is not the kind of important matter that must be discussed with me, you might as well put it aside first, and wait for the one-eyed guy to come back, then you will hand over with him."

Emperor Evergreen nodded and said in doubt, "Speaking of which, the old man hasn't seen the one-eyed man for a while."

"He." Xiao Yi chuckled lightly, "The void is vast, and he is lost outside."

"I'll go and bring him back now."

After speaking, Xiao Yi got up from the throne of the realm master and walked outside.

Although Emperor Evergreen had doubts on his face, he didn't ask any more questions, and then walked out of the hall, then bowed, and then retired.

At the square.

Xiao Yi released the merchant ship.

Four hundred Xueyan Guards have been waiting here respectfully, neatly.

"Palace Master." Yiming got up and walked.

Xiao Yi shook his head, "This time, you don't have to go, stay in the blood inflammation world."

"Yes." Xia Yiming took his orders.

Xiao Yi looked at Li Shi and the others, and said, "This time, you will be leading the team."

"Drive the warship and follow me."

"Yes." A group of Xue Yan guards responded neatly.


Xiao Yi rose from the sky.

A group of blood flame guards flew on the battleship, and the huge battleship flew out of the stars world in an instant.

Whoosh whoosh...

In the endless void, Xiao Yi jumped all the way.

Cyclops is his follower, and he can sense where Cyclops is.

However, it is not possible to directly find the position of the one-eyed eye, only to perceive the direction.

He just needs to fly and shuttle in one direction.

Three days later.

The red desert heavens.

Xiao Yi's figure appeared out of thin air.

"Huh? The Red Desert Heavens?" Xiao Yi frowned.

In his sense of direction, the end of the direction is here.

And when he perceives the heavens covering the entire Red Desert at this moment, he also instantly discovers where the one-eyed is.

The heavens of the Red Desert were not far from the Blood Flame Realm as far as imagined.

And after he broke through the eighth layer of the emperor realm, his speed was even faster than before.

In just three days, it has arrived.

On the contrary, the blood flame guards on the battleship were afraid that it would take a while before they arrived.

Xiao Yi frowned.

He has found the location of the one-eyed, so the reason for the missing of the one-eyed is self-evident.

He had long known that One-Eyed was a member of the Red Desert Heavenly Liang family.

And one-eyed, and never had contact with his own tribe.

You can probably guess that it must be something of family grievances.

Today, One-Eyed is captured by his family.

"Forget it, wait a minute." Xiao Yi thought for a while and sat down cross-legged on a towering mountain.

Perception, it has been covered to the one-eyed.

After half a month.

Xiao Yi slowly got up.

Looking beyond the sky, the corner of his mouth grinned.

Whoosh... the figure disappeared instantly.

In the depths of the Liang family, in prison.

Xiao Yi's figure appeared out of thin air.

What I can see is the embarrassing and miserable appearance of the one-eyed, bruised and bruised, and his limbs are bound by chains.

"Big...sir?" The one-eyed bald head looked at Xiao Yi who suddenly appeared in surprise.

"My lord, run away..." The one-eyed bald head suddenly changed his face, "This is a trap..."

The one-eyed bald voice was hoarse and weak, but with eagerness and worry.

"Don't worry." Xiao Yi chuckled, "I have the confidence to come if I dare to come."

"It's you...tsk..." Xiao Yi looked at the one-eyed bald head, and shook his head.

"It's miserable enough, this kind of injury, have been tortured for a long time."

"That, really should."

"Back then, I let you break through the emperor realm, so that you can grow and become stronger. You must not listen, you must stay at the emperor level."

"Otherwise, how could they be captured by a mere family of heavens."

"I..." Listening to Xiao Yi's jokes and cold words with one-eyed bald head, he felt a little sad for a while, tears speechless.

"But." Xiao Yi slowed down his tone and said, "With half his life left, and you are still unwilling to crush the jade pendant I gave you, you are considered loyal."

"Adult..." The one-eyed bald head gritted his teeth, with blood between the teeth, "The youngest promised that this life belongs to the adults."

"Hmph, it's still hard." Xiao Yi glared, and the sword in his hand was excited.

Qiang Qiang...

The chain was cut to pieces, but the one-eyed bald head was lying weakly on the cold ground of the prison.

"Sigh." Xiao Yi sighed, raised one-eyed with one hand, and cursed coldly, "Due, deserve it."


Outside, a powerful momentum came.

Whoosh whoosh...a group of figures swiftly arrived.

A loud shout came from the old man, "Who Fang Xiaoxiao, dare to break into my Chimoliang's house."


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