Soul Emperor Martial God Chapter 4667

Chapter 4664: Long Chenzhu

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In a moment, within the prison, the strong gathered.

A sharp blade, a pair of cold eyes, surrounded Xiao Yi and the one-eyed bald head.

Xiao Yi held the one-eyed bald head with one hand, looked around, condensed with sword energy at his fingertips.

"My lord." One-eyed bald head said weakly, "Please be merciful."

Xiao Yi glanced, nodded, "Yes."

Xiao Yi glanced at everyone, "If you want to come, you also know who I am."

"Don't want to die, retreat by yourself."

The headed old man, his face was cold and ugly, "Bloodflame world master, Xiao Yi."

"Unfortunately, we have no choice."


The strong of the Liang family is like a tide.


With a move of Xiao Yi's fingertips, for a time, the sword spirit of the big Liang family flew up.

In that instant, the entire Liang family land was turned into ruins.

The depths of the clan.

Xiao Yi helped his one-eyed bald head and walked out.

One-eyed bald head looked at the surrounding scene, smiled bitterly, "My lord, you..."

"Why, do you have an opinion?" Xiao Yi glared.

"No." One-eyed bald head smiled wryly.

The sword aura was flying, but it didn't hurt anyone accurately, and the Liang family strong in the prison just now suffered some injuries.

Whoosh whoosh...

Among the ruins, the old man and several clansmen crawled out, looking more realistic, there was a sword mark on the heels of their legs, blood flowing.

Xiao Yi glanced at him, "Sit down and stabilize your injury, maybe you can still keep that foot."

"Otherwise, that foot will be useless."

"My sword spirit is not as simple as you think."

The old man gritted his teeth and said, "World Master Xiao Yi, you can't leave."

"The lord, he has arrived."

Xiao Yi sneered, "I know."

At this moment, on the sky, there are two figures standing in the sky.

One, it was the old evil emperor.

One, but a young man, fluttering in white, unusually handsome.

The young man looked at the old evil emperor and said with a light smile, "I said, this Xiao Yi realm master will definitely come."

The old evil emperor sneered, "Unexpectedly, the cunning and cautious realm master, like Xiao Yi, would actually leave the blood flame realm and venture into the void for a small dog leg.

"If you come today, you don't have to go anymore."

"Heh." Xiao Yi stared at the two and sneered, "I'll give you back this sentence."

"You..." Xiao Yi looked straight at the young man in white, "It's the legendary Master Wuhen."

The young man in white chuckled, "Meeting for the first time."

Xiao Yi sneered, "It's also a goodbye."

The young man in white frowned slightly, "You seem to know that I will come."

"I know." Xiao Yi said coldly, "I heard that you know everything, so I think you are very troublesome and tricky."

"I'm not interested in scheming with you, so killing you directly is the best way."

"So..." the white-clothed young man chuckled, "Is Xiao Yi's realm master's appearance today just scheming?"

Xiao Yi sneered, "Don't you know everything? Why ask?"

The white-clothed young man smiled a little, "I don't think the realm master Xiao Yi has any chance of winning."

"I still feel that this time, I won."

"This time?" Xiao Yi sneered, "including the last time you appeared in the deep cold heaven?"

The young man in white chuckled, "The last time was the beginning, this time it was the end."

Xiao Yi sneered, "Try it."

"I promise, the Red Desert Heavens will be your burial place."


Outside the stars world, countless auras erupted.

The densely packed giant beasts spread their teeth and claws outside the barrier of heaven and earth.

"Spirit Devouring Race?" In the distance, the old man from the Liang family's expression changed drastically.

On the sky, the old evil emperor sneered, "Lord Xiao Yi, it seems that the Spirit Swallowing clan under my command can't wait to tear you to pieces."

Xiao Yi sneered, "Just rely on these wicked animals?"

The old evil emperor shook his head, and said coldly, "My ancestor will first abolish you and make you a useless person."

"Let you see how you were eaten up by these Spirit Devourers in one bite."

Xiao Yi raised his eyebrows, "I am such a human race, but not enough for these Spirit Swallowing tribes."

The old evil emperor said with a yin and evil smile, "Isn't there still the whole Aka Desert creatures?"

Hearing this, the old man from the Liang family changed his tone and said in shock, "My lord, you promised me that you will never touch us in the desert."

The old evil emperor ignored it.

Xiao Yi glanced at the old Liang family and sneered, "Don't you understand? In their eyes, you are just an ant."

"When it's valuable, let you have it."

"When it's worthless, it's just an ant that doesn't care about it."

"Finding skin with a tiger is a dead end."

Xiao Yi raised his head and looked towards the sky, "An eight-fold supreme, a realm of Taoist ancestors."


Xiao Yi's contemptuous laughter fell.


With a blast of swords, the purple electricity in his hand appeared out of thin air.

However, the sword fell off from the hand and stood on the ground.

Xiao Yi put down his one-eyed bald head, "Sit here and wait for me for a while."


Xiao Yi took out another thing from the Universe Ring in his hand and floated in front of the sword.

It is Sand Zhuzhu.

The one-eyed bald head fell to the ground, but when he looked at the thing in front of him, his eyes widened suddenly, "This...this is not..."

"Dragon... Long Chenzhu?"

"What?" Xiao Yi frowned.

"Forget it, you sit here."


On the purple electric magic sword, a thick khaki kendo power overflowed.

It is Earth Kendo.

The sword of the earth is known as the strongest way of guarding.

The next battle, even if only a little bit of prestige, would be enough to turn ordinary creatures into ashes.

On the sky, Master Wuhen squinted his eyes, "He even put down the sword, so arrogant?"

"Kill you, enough." Xiao Yi sneered, to be precise, "killing you, old evil emperor."

The real threat was nothing more than this old evil emperor.

"Tiny ants, overwhelming." The old evil emperor shot instantly.

Xiao Yi's face stunned, and the flames condensed in his hands.

Before that, Xiao Yi had already crushed his letter-passing jade pendant.

Endless void.

In a certain piece of star world.

Heaven and earth, the evil spirit is awe-inspiring, amazing.

But at the same time, in the Quartet, there are four cold and black air, as solid as a column.

Heiqi, although cold, is not evil.

The four black pillars are like four sky pillars standing on top of the sky, but their breath is like the air of the netherworld.

"Tsk tusk." The ghost was condescending, staring at the earth.

At this moment, there are countless figures on the earth, not only the human race, but also the great races of the heavens and worlds, but without exception, these are all evil cultivation.

It was also because of such a large number of evil cultivators gathered here that Fang let the evil spirits of heaven and earth awe-inspiring.

However, the Quartet Nether Pillar has firmly sealed these evil spirits, and also sealed the countless evil repairs here.

"Against the Lord? That's you looking for death." Guiyi showed a hideous look.

Gui Er licked his lips, "Brother, let's start, I can't help it anymore."

Just at this time.

The jade pendant in the ghost's hand suddenly shattered.

The ghost sneered, "The Lord has come up to signal, start eating."


The four nether pillars suddenly turned into four huge ghost mouths.

For a time, within the confinement, countless evil cultivators were suffering from headaches or severe pain throughout the body, but without exception, they turned into blood and water.

For a time, within the trapped area, ghosts cried and howled, like a purgatory on earth.

The evil repair within it disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye, and finally turned into a gust of yin wind and black air.

Six ghosts opened their mouths and swallowed.

Guiyi said proudly, "The Sifang Guizun Formation of our ghost and monster clan is really amazing."


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