Soul Emperor Martial God Chapter 4668

Chapter 4665: Evil repair, perish

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at the same time.

Almost exactly the same situation appeared in other star worlds.

It's just that it's not a big battle.

It was a demon whale that surrounded the entire star.

And inside, the world of stars is full of evil repairs.

A member of the Demon Whale clan asked in confusion, "Patriarch, what does Demon Ancestor want to do in captivity?"

"More than a year ago, since the order was given, our people of all races captured a large number of evil cultivators from all over the heavens and all realms."

"And the devil ancestor also ordered us to do it ourselves, and then we must personally guard this captive star."

"Now there are countless evil cultivators in this area of stars, densely packed, and no demon ancestors have seen them take care of them."

The Demon Whale Patriarch said solemnly, "The Demon Ancestor has his own intentions."

The Demon Whale tribe frowned and said, "We haven't built the Demon Gate Palace for a long time."

Just at this time.


The demon whale patriarch took out a piece of broken jade pendant, his face became cold, "The demon ancestor has an order to swallow these evil repairs cleanly."

Heads of huge magic whales just gathered outside the stars, with their huge mouths that swallowed the sky and the earth.

Surrounded in this way, it seemed to be able to swallow the entire star in a short time.

at the same time.

Countless killings in the heavens and worlds broke out at almost the same time.

Blood Flame Realm, Realm Lords Mansion, in the Great Hall.

The main hall master of Asura looked at the broken jade pendant in the hands of the main hall master hunter, and was a little worried.

"Can you ensure smoothness?" The Master Palace Master Shura asked worriedly.

The head of the demon hunter chuckled, "Then it depends on the wind brake."

The main hall of the wind brake smiled, "I have no problem here."

"All the heavens and the world, more than half of the traces of evil cultivation are in the hands of the old man."

"It depends on the combat power of the blood flame world."

The head of the demon hunter believes, "I have done a comparison of combat power, it is simply the difference between crushing."

"There are many evil repair divisions in the heavens and worlds, but they are more powerful than the current blood inflammation world?"

"Evil repair is strong, but is it stronger than the elite of the blood inflammation world?"

The entire elementary beast force can only act in secret, so what about the evil cultivating force under its command?

In terms of power, the blood inflammation world is the absolute master of the entire heavens and myriad worlds.

The main hall of the demon hunter said, "These traces of evil repairs are all under the control of Fengcha."

"And I, as early as more than a year ago, began to arrange preparations, dispatching elites from various places, issuing secret orders, and monitoring these evil cultivators."

"As soon as I sent out the signal, I am afraid that more than half of these evil cultivators are already in a different place."

The Lord Shura frowned, "Such a huge planning and deployment, it is inevitable that there will be accidents, unless..."

The Master Hunter nodded, "Unless, these elites I extracted do nothing, and only focus on these evil cultivators."

"Invisibly, the forces of the blood inflammation world will suffer a great loss of combat power, after all, it is equivalent to losing most of the elite."

"But compared to Xiao Yi's safety, the loss of power, and the loss of the territory, what counts?"

"In addition," the demon hunting chief said, "The other two forces under that boy's command, the ghost demon clan and the demon whale clan, also secretly captured the evil cultivation for more than a year and raised them in captivity.

"In terms of quantity, it should be enough."

"Also." The Master Fengcha suddenly said, "Over the past year or so, there have been many instances of evil cultivation and weird deaths in the heavens and all realms."

"I've checked, it's not the forces of our blood inflammation world, nor the ghosts and monsters, or the demon whales."

"But the action is much faster than us."

"Tianyu?" The Master Palace Master Shura asked with a frown.

"It's not like." The master of the wind brake shook his head, "After all, the seven heavens are extremely powerful, so there is no need to act secretly like this."

"The old man thinks..."

The main hall of the wind brake was hesitant to speak but stopped.

"What?" The head of the hunting monster and the head of Shura asked at the same time.

The main hall of the wind brake frowned, "I don't know why, judging from the clues of intelligence, this is a mysterious force, like the monsters of the underworld that we have dealt with in the middle."

A crowd of old people frowned upon hearing this.

In a certain piece of star world.

In the mansion of the world master.

This realm master looked at the corpses everywhere in horror, "You...you..."

A middle-aged man armed with a big knife, quickly attacked, "On the order of the Supreme, evil repairs, all kill on the spot."

In the Great Realm Lord's Mansion, corpses ran across the wild in almost a short period of time, and the mutation occurred in a short period of time.

Cloud Atlas of the heavens.

In the family of a certain trading house, the owner of the house looked at the corpses everywhere in horror, and looked at the friends in front of him.

In front of them, the spirit hunting team that had always traded with them had a lot of interaction with each other.

Or suddenly, this spirit hunting team extended a butcher knife towards them.

The Patriarch said in horror, "Here are the clouds and the heavens, it is impossible for you thieves to be presumptuous..."

Leading a middle-aged man sneered, "Since you are evil cultivators, what else can you say?"

Suddenly, countless strange killings broke out in the heavens and all realms.

The dark thread inserted by the main hall master of the hunting monster seemed to be more than expected.

This giant net is also larger than imagined.

Many elites are not even under the command of the blood flame world, but incarnate into or spirit hunting teams, or newly created sect forces, or lone travelers... and so on.

at the same time.

In a certain dark place.

The jade pendant in Wu Ming's hand shattered.

"Huh?" Yuan Xing was startled, "It's the signal from the envoy came back."

This is obviously not Xiao Yi's jade pendant, nor is it Xiao Yi's signal.

Wu Ming nodded, "Xie Xiu, dare to stand in the way of the king? Damn it."

"Ghost mother."

On the one hand, the ghost mother nodded and let out a sneer, "Master Wuming, don't worry, my children have long lived in the heads of these evil cultivators."

"In an instant, they could kill them."

Suddenly, in the heavens and in the world, countless evil cultivation and strange life and death.

Among its corpses, a ghost praying mantis broke open the head of the corpse and flew out.

If anyone could perceive the entire world at this moment, they would definitely be able to see the endless ghost mantis flying out, overwhelming the sky, densely packed.

A ghost praying mantis flew out of one corpse, and countless ghost praying mantises flew out of countless corpses.

The red desert heavens.

The old evil emperor made a sudden move, and for a time, the evil spirit was overwhelming, and the whole world was flooded in an instant.

But it was also at this instant that the old evil emperor's expression changed drastically, and his aura quickly diminished.

That slows down even more than the last time.

"How could it be..." The old evil emperor's face changed drastically.

The momentum of his body faded at an alarming speed, and it seemed that there was no rest.

The old evil emperor gritted his teeth and stared at Xiao Yi coldly, "Do you want to repeat the old trick?"

"Want to bluff the ancestor?"

"This time, you have no chance."

"Even if the ancestor's strength is greatly reduced, it is enough to kill you."

At this moment, the old evil emperor's aura completely fell below the nine levels of the emperor realm, and at best it was only an extreme supreme level.

Who could have imagined that just because Xiao Yi crushed a piece of jade pendant and sent a signal, it would be enough to cause astronomical killings in the heavens and all realms.

The number of Xie Xiu deaths in this instant is also an astronomical number.

This is the absolute master.

"Heh." Xiao Yi grinned grimly, the flames in his hands rising.

"The eighty-thousand talisman, heavens."


Third more.

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