Special Forces God Level Extraction System Chapter 1882

Chapter 1884: Into the Forbidden City

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Chapter 1884-Entering the Forbidden City


Lin Xueer's eyes widened, and she looked at Zhou Yitian in shock.

Lin Xueer said loudly: "What are you talking about, this is your father."

Zhou Yitian raised his head in doubt, and said in surprise: "What's the matter then?"

Zhou Yitian said indifferently: "Kill you kill, just one life. All beings are equal before me, and the so-called father is no exception."

"Haha, good point!"

The two great masters laughed loudly, with joyful expressions on their faces.

To be honest, Lin Xueer's character disappointed them a bit.

However, Zhou Yitian unexpectedly met their appetite and was also suitable for survival in Xuanyin Sect.

Such a person will soon become a real powerhouse!

"Crazy, you are all crazy!"

Lin Xueer shouted loudly and was about to run out, but when the Grand Master reached out a little, she stayed on the spot.

Zhou Yitian frowned and said displeased: "Have the same physique as me, but so fragile. You don't deserve to live at all, can you kill her too?"

The Grand Master shook his head and said with a smile: "That's not good. But don't worry. After returning to the Xuanyin Sect, she will accept the transformation first."

Upon hearing these words, Lin Xue'er showed a look of fear in her eyes. She didn't want to be such a demon.

The Grand Master looked into the air, controlled the tornado to break out, and completely crushed Zhou Haiting's body.

Zhou Haiting never expected that his life would end like this.


The tornado exploded directly, turning into a violent wind and blasting in all directions.

Zhou Yitian looked intoxicated, raised his head, ready to enjoy the next **** smell.

Suddenly, he frowned and opened his eyes displeased.

Why is there no **** smell? This makes his cold blood unable to boil!

I saw the two great masters suddenly stood up and looked out the door with a stern expression.

"Who is it that dare to hinder Xuanyin Sect from doing things!"

Lin Kai waved his sleeves, causing Zhou Haiting to fall into the distance.

He walked in slowly, with a disappointed expression on his face, and said, "Xuanyin Sect, I am very disappointed."

The expressions of the two great masters changed. They didn't expect that the master who saved Zhou Haiting would be so young.

At such a young age, he became a great master?

The two looked at each other, their expressions a bit solemn.

Such excellent qualifications, even in their hidden power, belong to the ranks of peerless geniuses.

Could it be that this person also comes from a certain powerful force?

Thinking of this, the two great masters handed over and said solemnly:

"Under Changwu!"

"In Xia Changlu!"

"My two are the contemporary elders of Xuanyin Sect. I don't know where your Excellency comes from?"

Lin Kai said to himself: "Are you contemporary elders?"

At this time, Lin Xueer confirmed that the man in front of her was Lin Kai.

With a look of panic on her face, she shouted: "Brother Lin Kai, hurry up, these two villains are very powerful!"

Lin Kai smiled brightly and said, "I'm also great."

Lin Kai said lightly: "Originally, I wanted to try to communicate to see if I could become friends with Xuanyin Sect. It seems that the way is different now, and I don't want to seek each other."

After Lin Kai finished speaking, his figure suddenly faded and disappeared strangely.

The pupils of the two great masters shrank violently, concentrating on guard.

Lin Kai's figure flashed and appeared beside Lin Xueer.

When there was no time to react with the two, Lin Kai embraced Lin Xueer's waist and flashed again, appearing more than ten meters away.

Chang Wu, Chang Lu's face instantly became difficult to look.

Lin Xueer was taken away by their side, which was an insult to them.

Lin Kai looked down at Lin Xueer, smiled and said, "I don't think Xuanyin Sect is suitable for you. Don't go, okay?"

Lin Xueer's snow-white face was stained with a pink blush, she nodded shyly, and said shyly: "Brother Lin Kai, can you let me go first."

Lin Kai quickly let go and put Lin Xueer down.

Lin Xueer quietly breathed a sigh of relief, just now, for some reason, her whole body became soft.

Lin Kai let go of her, and she felt much better.

Chang Wu's face was gloomy, and his whole body was like a depressed volcano.

He said coldly: "Who are you, are you going to fight my Profound Yin Sect?"

Lin Kai shielded Lin Xueer behind him, and said lightly: "You can think of me as the guardian of China's land."

"I don't like the way you Xuanyin Sect acts."

Lin Kai's expression was slightly cold, and he said coldly: "I don't care how powerful your Profound Yin Sect is, but when you walk in China, you must abide by China's rules. If you dare to act recklessly, you can blame me for being polite!"

Lin Kai looked at the two and said coldly, "Lin Xueer, you can't take it away."

Lin Kai glanced at Zhou Yitian again, disgust flashed in his eyes, and said, "As for this rubbish, you can take it away."

"What, am I rubbish?"

Zhou Yitian's feminine face suddenly flushed and became extremely angry.

As soon as Lin Kai appeared, his face was full of jealousy.

Lin Kai's unrestrained and unrestrained nature, as well as his calmness and strength in his shots, all stimulated Zhou Yitian's nerves.


As a young man, Lin Kai is so good?

Now, Lin Kai's disgusting gaze made Zhou Yitian go crazy.

"I want to kill him, I must kill him!"

Zhou Yitian's eyes were blood red, and his body was trembling constantly.

"It turns out that it is China's current official power?"

After hearing Lin Kai's words, Chang Wu and Chang Lu showed a relieved expression.

Since it is not other hidden forces, there is no problem.

As for the official forces, they haven't paid attention to it yet!

Toki Lu sneered, and said grimly: "Is the imperial eagle dog so arrogant now?"

"It seems that you have forgotten the fear of being dominated by Xuan Yin Sect."

Chang Wu approvingly said: "The eagle dog of the imperial court is a great master at such a young age. It seems that your qualifications are indeed incomparable."

Chang Wu invited and said: "The imperial eagle dog has been cast aside by others, so let's come to our Xuanyin Sect. Only here can you enjoy the supernatural existence of the ancient martial artist."

Lin Kai glanced at them weirdly, and said silently, "Are all of you Xuanyin sects old antiques like you?"

"Imperial Eagle Dog? Spurned by someone?"

Lin Kaishi smiled and shook his head. Ordinary people in China are generally afraid of ancient martial artists.

But only when the ancient warriors of Jiulong Mountain appeared, the people would feel relieved.

The stronger they are, the happier the people will be.

Because Jiulongshan is the ancient warrior of the people, they are the people's protective umbrella.

Will such an ancient warrior be cast aside?

Chang Lu said coldly: "It's time for Huaxia to change to an emperor. Even our Xuanyin Sect people dare to offend!"

Chang Wu killed the secret cloth on his face and said coldly: "Today we two followed the example of our predecessors and entered the Forbidden City to take the Emperor's head!"

Lin Kai looked surprised, clapped non-stop, and sighed:

"I'm so courageous, where did Xuanyin Sect come from?"

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