Special Forces God Level Extraction System Chapter 1884

Chapter 1886: Meet three women

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Chapter 1886

Qian Tong took a letter and walked out anxiously.

He looked at the many guards and shouted: "Separately chase, you must find the young lady. If you die, you must leave her!"


Many guards looked excited and shouted loudly.

This is their future Patriarch, and the Patriarch they agree with from the bottom of their hearts.

When they got out of the gate, they happened to collide with Lin Kai and Lin Xueer.

"It's him!"

Everyone in the Qian family changed their expressions and thought of the man standing behind their young lady.

At the same time, they also saw Lin Xueer next to Lin Kai.

A trace of anger flashed across their faces. This man brought a flowery woman to the door, did he come to provoke him?

Qian Tong's face was ugly, and this man was really not a person to entrust him for life.

He walked up to Lin Kai with a hint of suspicion in his eyes, and asked hardly, "Mr. Lin, did you take Lian'er away?"

Lin Kai said in surprise: "Lian'er has already left, when did you leave?"

Seeing that Lin Kai's expression did not seem to be false, Qian Tong pleaded: "Mr. Lin, since you have such a beautiful girlfriend, why do you have to pester Lian'er?"

"Puzzling Lian'er?"

Lin Kai shook his head, inexplicably.

Qian Tong said loudly, "Mr. Lin, she is our Qian family's hope. Why are you so vicious? How did you confuse her and make her faint?"

Lin Kai's face became cold, and he coldly snorted, "Presumptuous!"

Qian Tong's face flushed, and he took dozens of steps back.

The guard behind him also retreated in embarrassment.

Lin Kai glanced at them coldly, and talked to them lazily.

He directly released his spiritual thoughts and swept away in all directions.

His spirit is like an octopus, crawling in all directions.

Its tentacles quickly extended and enveloped the entire city.

The whole city seemed to become a model in his eyes, with a panoramic view.

Suddenly, his expression moved and he looked directly at a certain place.

There, a girl ran towards Dongxian Mountain at a very fast speed.

"This girl doesn't know how to take a car."

Lin Kai showed a slight smile and looked at Qian Lian'er's figure dozingly.

Suddenly, Qian Lian'er looked up and looked up.

There was a suspicious look on her face, as if to say something.

Looking at her mouth shape, she seems to be saying, who?

Lin Kai showed a look of surprise, Qian Lian'er was able to discover his spiritual thoughts, it was really amazing!

Lin Kai hugged Lin Xue'er's waist and flew directly into the sky, chasing Qian Lian'er.

Before long, Lin Kai saw Qian Lian'er.

Qian Lian'er also stopped and looked over in a fighting pose.

"The son?"

Qian Lian'er saw Lin Kai's figure and showed a surprised expression.

Lin Kai brought Lin Xueer down and landed beside Qian Lian'er.

Qian Lian'er's blooming smile slowly receded, and a pair of beautiful eyes fell on Lin Xue'er.

Lin Xueer also blinked curiously, looking at Qian Lian'er.

Qian Lian'er had a delicate face and asked softly: "My son, who is this young lady?"

Lin Xueer stood up generously, stretched out her snow-white palm, and said, "I am Lin Xueer, and Brother Lin Kai is a good friend."

Qian Lian'er shook her hands gently, and said with a pretty face: "I am Qian Lian'er, the maid of the son. Hello, Miss Xue'er."

Lin Xueer hurriedly waved her hand and said, "Sister Lian, call me Xueer."

Qian Lian'er respectfully said, "Yes, Sister Xue'er."

Lin Kai stood aside, his expression unchanged, and his expression very magnanimous.

These two women, he has no bad thoughts, so he can be frank and magnanimous.

Lin Kai asked faintly, "Xue'er, do you want to take you home first."


Lin Xueer pursed her lips and said unhappily, "When the two bad guys took me away, they didn't stop them. I don't want to see them now."

Lin Kai didn't care, and said, "Then go to my villa first."

Lin Xueer clapped her hands happily and said, "Okay."

Lin Kai said, "Then let's go home by car."

Qian Lian'er hesitated, but nodded obediently.

But Lin Xueer had a simple mind and asked directly: "Brother Lin Kai, can you take us back?"

Lin Xueer said with a face outwards: "It's really happy to fly in the sky."

Lin Kai turned to look at Qian Lian'er.

Qian Lian'er was excited, but his face was very tender, and said, "I listen to the son."

Lin Kai didn't hesitate anymore, so he clasped one waist in one hand and rose into the air.

At this moment, a car happened to pass by.

In the car, a young man is shaking his head, listening to music and enjoying a drive.

He suddenly saw a man and two women standing on the side of the road in front, talking.

The young man's eyes straightened immediately. The two girls were so beautiful, it would not be too much to say that they were fairies in the sky.

The man next to him is also very handsome.

The body exudes an aura like an immortal.

Suddenly, the man embraced the waists of the two girls.

The two girls were shy, letting the man embrace them.

"Dog thief, how can you do this? Please let me come!"

The young man's heart twitched, envy and hatred.

At this time, something that surprised him even more happened, and saw a man and two women directly soaring into the sky and flying into the sky.

After a while, he disappeared into the sky.

The young man widened his eyes, stuck his neck out the window, tilted his head and looked at the sky stupidly.

"My mother, did I see fairies and fairies?"


The young man shook his whole body, and his car twisted directly because no one was controlling it.

Before the young man came back to his senses, the car rushed directly into the ditch next to it.


The airbag popped out, saving the man's life.

The man raised his head dizzyly, looked at the blue sky, and smiled stupidly: "Just now, I was dreaming. It must be!"

In the sky, the two girls were very nervous at first, and their hands were tightly hugged around Lin Kai's neck, and their whole bodies wanted to be rubbed into Lin Kai's body.

The delicate face turned pale in fright, and pressed hard against Lin Kai's face.

After they got used to it, they slowly relaxed.

They looked at the surrounding clouds and screamed.

They looked carefully at their feet again, the tall buildings were the size of a matchbox.

"What a nice view."

The two women admired China's great rivers and mountains, and they were all silly for a while.

Lin Kai didn't fly fast for them to better appreciate the scenery.

An hour later, he returned to Dongxian Mountain.

When they arrived at Dongxian Mountain, the two girls exclaimed again, feeling the magic of Dongxian Mountain.

After Yunwu Avenue separated and walked in, I found a girl here.

The girl leaned on the stone steps in front of the villa and fell asleep deeply.

Beside her, there is a vegetable basket.

It was filled with greens and fresh meat.

Lin Kai slapped his head, annoyance flashed across his face.

He only gave Tang Ying the mark of entering and leaving the big formation last time, but forgot to give her the key to the villa.

Tang Ying moved her ears slightly and opened her eyes.

Lin Kai and the second daughter came into her eyes.

Tang Ying just woke up, her mind was still a little confused.

Seeing the lineup of one man and two women, his expression became tense.

"Lin Kai's fiancee is here?"

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