Starcrafts Strongest Commander Chapter 696

Chapter 678: Focused Dark Energy Cannon

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Seeing Norton, who had almost no trauma in front of him, but had completely lost his vitality, Haig suddenly became furious...

"What exactly is going on?"

A roar instantly spread to the brains of every ethnic-level creature in the Black Family, making them tremble uncontrollably, and even the shield array showed a lot of defects at this moment.

However, before Haig got the answer from the Black Clan, he already felt it, a touch of terrifying murder...

I have locked myself!

This deadly threat, even when Fellman was continuously bombed by zero-point bombs, felt only a threat, not a deadly threat!

Is it possible that there are nine levels in the Kempinian supercluster, or even ten levels are not possible?

For a while, Haig's eyes were full of uncertainties, but it was not so easy to just want to retire at this time.

If it wants to go, it will have to wait for the following army to arrive and turn around and re-enter the ocean current before it can go.

Otherwise, as long as he leaves, then the following army will be a lamb to be slaughtered. At that time, I am afraid that I will become a polished commander, right?

But after all, the entire First Army has a scale of billions, and it is not possible to complete it in a short time if they all retreat.

And within these few hours, can I handle it?

He looked at the tens of millions of Black A tribes who were arrayed around him, and there was a touch of unbearableness in Haige's eyes, but he had become firm, even with a trace of fierceness!

"This is for the entire legion!"

While firming up his own ideas, Haig kept talking to himself in his heart.

Immediately... the order was issued!

Although Haig was not the leader of the Black Armored Clan, none of the remaining ethnic level of the Black Armored Clan dared to object to its orders, even if they died immediately, they would follow suit.

From the sixth to the ninth level, a full three-dimensional suppression, and in the case of losing a clan leader, Haig can easily and completely control the entire black armor clan.

Suddenly, the original spherical shield formation was disbanded, and a large number of Tier 6 race-level beings of the Black Armored clan began to deploy in front of Heige. A neat single-line queue was formed, and they used their black turtle shells to erect their defenses.

Unlike before, it used to be a joint shield mode, but now it is a single defense mode.

With the current defense method, Lin Yu's attack thought of hitting Haig, unless the first one on the single-line array was broken, and he would not be able to touch Haig's body until after 10,000 of them were broken.

I have to say that Haig's brain is quite active.

Cant you cause a fatal threat to me? Then I will put ten thousand shields in front. Even if these ten thousand shields can't stop your attack, it can at least weaken the power of the attack. The point of control, right?

Anyway, there are a total of 50 million Black Armored Tier 6 races. Each time you use 10,000, you can completely resist 5000 attacks. This is enough to get the entire army of the First Legion to withdraw to the Weierster Supercluster. time!

Of course, Lin Yu, who was preparing to attack, also discovered this situation.

"It's really not to look at your hands as human beings, oh no, they are not human in the first place!"

"However, in this case, it is really a bit difficult. Although a single sixth order is not a big deal, but a full 10,000 sixth orders are arranged in a single line, one by one to resist the attack, that is really not a joke!"

You know, even each of the sixth-order is almost the size of the earth!

It's like going through ten thousand planets in one blow...

Not to mention, the defensive power of these Black Armored clan combined with physical strength is definitely stronger than that of a planet.

For such a defensive method, to be honest, Lin Yu didn't know what effect he could achieve with this attack.

The problem should not be a big problem if it is said to penetrate the ethnic level of these 10,000 Black Armored tribes, but the key is...after the penetration, how much energy is left to continue attacking Haig, and the remaining energy, Is it enough to cause harm to it?

Okay, it doesn't make much sense to think about it now, anyway, you'll know when you come first.

"Focused dark energy cannon, launch!"

Different from the induced dark energy compression cannon, the focused dark energy cannon consists of 101 dark energy arrays. The front is a huge dark energy array with a diameter of about 1000 meters, and the rear is composed of 100 small dark energy arrays. The array can be distributed in a circle.

One is to release the attack from the main array, and the other small arrays add special energy attributes to the attack.

On the other hand, the main array does not release any attacks, but acts like a magnifying glass. As for the other arrays, it is like sunlight, shooting at the main array with an evenly distributed circular surface, and finally the main array will The energy is focused and then released again!

These two methods have their own advantages. In Lin Yu's own words, the induced dark energy compression cannon is like a needle that pierces everything, while the focused dark energy cannon smashes everything with brute force.

"EDAC operation rate is 38%."

"EDAC operation rate is 47%."

"EDAC operation rate is 59%."

In the cockpit of the Xuanming Mecha, the system is constantly prompting the value of the sharp increase in the EDAC operation rate.

However, Lin Yu is not worried about the danger of overloading. After all, this Alpha version of the mecha-specific EDAC, even for himself today, is of the type with excess performance.

In the end, even if Lin Yu did his best, it only made the EDAC operation rate reach 64%, and there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Of course, this improvement space does not refer to the equipment, but to Lin Yu himself.

In other words, ~www.wuxiaworld~ Today's Lin Yu can only play 64% of the performance of this Alpha version of the mecha-specific EDAC!

In front of the mecha, after the dark energy main array brewed for about 3 seconds, a bright silver-white beam of light suddenly shot out.

Don't look at this beam of light only about seven or eight hundred meters in diameter, but it is different from the attack released by the induced dark energy compression gun.

The attack of the induced dark energy compression gun is to completely compress and restrain all energy, which means that as long as you don't shoot directly, you will basically not be hurt.

The focused dark energy cannon is completely different. Its energy is not compressed, and it bombards the past in the most violent form. Wherever it passes, the entire space is constantly collapsing, and the scope of its impact is sufficient. There are hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

In the face of this kind of attack, let alone not being shot directly, even if you are hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from this beam of light, you will be affected by the aftermath of the space level.

The bright silver-white beam of light, with the deterrent to destroy everything...

Go quickly towards the location of Haig!

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