Starcrafts Strongest Commander Chapter 697

Chapter 679: I have a bold plan

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The silver-white light beam pierced through the void, accompanied by the collapse of the space level, spreading to an area with a diameter of 300,000 kilometers, because the end is coming.

Just in the blink of an eye, the horrible beam of light has crossed a distance of 5 AU and directly hit the forefront of the single-line array of the Black Armored clan...

It seems that this single-line defensive array composed of tens of thousands of black armor clan does not exist. The silver-white beam of light can hardly feel obstructed in its forward speed. All the black armors trying to defend it have been opened. A big hole of almost 800 meters, and then the rest of the body was torn to pieces by the collapse of the space triggered by the beam of light.

This gave way to Haige, who was behind the single-line defense array, his eyes suddenly widened, his face was unbelievable!

This kind of power is really a bit exaggerated.

Even the level 9 civilization encountered during the last expedition was not that terrifying.

Speaking of the ninth level civilization, although it also masters the use of dark energy, it is not like a federation.

After all, the dark energy auxiliary calculation device that was only accidentally opened is basically a dark energy amplifier, and its amplification rate is 80 times even if it is a personal type.

Otherwise, it's like Lin Yu, just a dark energy enabler level that can be reached in the late stage of the 8th level of civilization, let alone fighting with Haig, even fighting with 7th-order leader-level creatures is enough!




It wasn't until the attack shredded more than 3,000 that its momentum was slightly blocked.

Of course, it was only slightly, the speed of its advancement was still beyond common sense, and only Lin Yu sitting in the mecha could feel it. The attack he released seemed to have been weakened by nearly 10% of its energy!

It can be seen that the method used by Haig is still very useful.

At the same time, Xuanming Mecha has completed the calculation and reached the final conclusion.

After penetrating all Tier 6 Black A clan, the entire attack will consume nearly 40% of the energy.

Don't underestimate this nearly 40% energy, which is enough to make the original fatal demotion into injury, and it may not even be possible to cause injury.

Originally, in the entire purgatory, the Black Armored clan, whose defense was the strongest among its peers, was now like a piece of paper.

Even if each of them tried their best to defend, but after losing thousands of them, they only managed to slightly block the moment, and this moment could not be reached even for a microsecond, even if there were tens of thousands of them. Blocked by the black armor beast, this silver-white beam of light still bombarded Haige in less than a second!

And just not far from Haig, the black armor Norton, who has lost its vitality and its internal body cells and tissues have been destroyed, was torn to pieces by the collapse effect of the spatial level just to resist a brief moment. .

And this scene naturally fell in the eyes of a female scientific research madman who was outside 100AU...

Inside the huge bridge of the scientific research ship, the temperature around someone dropped several degrees in an instant, causing the surrounding group of white coats to shiver involuntarily.

Although enough data has been collected, if the guy's body can be brought back for careful study, the entire research time will definitely be greatly reduced.

As a result, you ruined such an important subject?

After this war is over and you are transferred to the Bayerland Institute, I will definitely "enter" you!

A human-powered refrigerator is swearing bitterly in his heart.

Well, when Lin Yu didn't know, poor he was once again written by someone on a small notebook.

After Lin Yushi released the focused dark energy cannon to shred tens of thousands of black armor beasts all the way, he was blocked for the first time...

Perhaps Haig's defensive talent is not as good as the Black Armored Clan, but in any case, he is a ninth-order biological civilization individual, and his defensive power can still be equal to the eighth-order Black Armor Norton.

Of course, Norton has no chance to be promoted to rank eight!

The energy was conveyed frantically, without any reservation.

Haig has tried his best, and it is very clear at this moment that as long as there is a little reservation, it will be very fatal.

It was already a competition of spears and shields. After a short stalemate, Haig seemed to see something and suddenly his eyes widened!

In front of it, in the defensive field that he deployed, an invisible crack appeared...

Although it is insignificant, it does exist!

Haig knew very well that no matter what race or the defensive shield of technological civilization, as long as such a situation occurred, it was a precursor to the collapse of the entire defense.

Although in the process of this stalemate, Haig can clearly feel that the opponent's attack is gradually weakening, even if the process is very slow, but he is not sure whether his own defense collapses first or the opponent's attack consumes first. Do your best.

After all, although his body is also very strong, he definitely does not have the defensive field strength he has released.

If even the defensive field cannot stop it, then you are really dangerous!

"Damn, why don't I let 20,000 or even 30,000 Black Armored Beasts be a group to form a defensive array?"

At this moment Haig wanted to kill himself, pretending to be a wolf with a big tail!

1 second...

2 seconds...

3 seconds...

With the passage of time, there were more and more cracks in the defensive force field. It was like bulletproof glass that was smashed by a hammer. Although it was not completely broken, it was already full of cracks, and there was almost no intact place. The place.

"Damn, damn!"

"Can't stand it!"

Haig could already feel that his defensive field would shatter in the next second, and there was no way to continue to resist this attack.

The feeling of despair has flooded its body for the first time since its birth.

However, when Haig had just fallen into infinite despair, the spear exhausted all its energy and gradually dissipated into the void.

And the shield...Although it has been damaged and is about to be scrapped, it is still there.

"Am I... alive?"

Haig, who still has lingering fears, even doubts whether UU reading www.uukanshu.com is real or illusory at this moment.


"Sure enough, is it still so bad?"

"However, with the experience this time, next time it won't use only 10,000 snapping turtle creatures to defend it, right?"

In the cockpit of Xuanming Mecha, Lin Yu sighed.

He knows very well that when he attacks next time, the opponent will definitely use 20,000, 30,000 or even 100,000 snapping turtle-like creatures to block him, and he... will hardly have a chance to be fatal to him. Blow!

This is a bit of a headache.

After thinking a little, Lin Yu pressed and tapped a few times on the console... Soon, a mini-version of Lin Fan's figure was projected in front of him.

"Marshal, I have a bold plan..."

Looking at Lin Fan in the communication, Lin Yu said very seriously.

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