Starcrafts Strongest Commander Chapter 698

Chapter 680: Offensive Wave 3

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"Oh... you have a bold idea?"

The classic lines of the previous life were uttered by his own son in this life, and Lin Fan's face couldn't be described as weird.

"Yes, this idea is indeed a little bold, and it will even change our overall strategic goals, so you need to decide on the Marshal!"

"Let's talk about it first!"

Lin Fan looked at Lin Yu with a serious face, nodded and said.

In fact, let alone Lin Yu, Lin Fan himself has a bold idea, but before he can start the deployment, his son's communication request has already come.

It just so happens that you can see if the so-called bold idea of the son is the same as yourself.

"That's it. Originally, our strategic goal was to severely inflict and even kill the other side, a suspected Tier 9 biological civilization individual. After all, as long as we can suppress this side, we have other solutions."

"But now, as far as the current situation is concerned, it is difficult for us to achieve this goal. So, why don't we do the opposite, abandon the original strategic goal, and instead contain the big ones and eliminate the small ones?"

"Finally, let him become a polished commander. At that time, I want to deal with it as easily as possible!"

With a touch of self-confidence, Lin Yu explained his thoughts and thoughts.

Coincidentally, this idea is actually the same as Lin Yu's plan to redeploy just now.

"How do you do it?"

Nodding, Lin Fan continued to ask with interest.

"We can use the characteristic of the zero-point bomb to detonate at the exit of the ocean current by taking advantage of its continuous range killing feature. In this case, the purgatory army that has arrived and will arrive in the future will all be slaughtered at this location!"

"It's interesting, but how can you ensure that the zero-point bomb is not destroyed by that guy before it detonates? You must know that the detonation of the zero-point bomb's carrier depends on the overload operation of the zero-point particles and the jump engine. After the two intersect, they are triggered together Space turbulence effect, it takes time!"

Lin Fan asked with a smile.

Indeed, in Fairmans time, Lin Kexin was able to continuously bomb Haig with zero-point bombs. There was a premise, and this premise was that Haig could not accurately locate the zero-point bomb beyond a few AU and destroy it in advance. , And this benefited from Lin Kexin's initial sneak attack, which severely damaged Douglas and made Haig lose the ability to remotely locate.

But the situation is different now. Douglas is obviously healed. After Haig, it is the second Tier 7 leader-level creature that emerges from the ocean current.

In this case, it is almost impossible to copy Lin Kexin's scene in Fairman.

Of course, direct copying is definitely not possible, but it is not impossible to think about it. It just so happens that Lin Fan knows these ways.

However, he wouldn't say it now, after all, it was a rare test for him at this moment.

Of course, the tested target was Lin Yu.

"We can go in three steps. The first step is to use zero-point missiles to bomb the single-line defensive array in front of the target, not killing, but weakening!"

"The second step is to cooperate with the bombing of the zero-point missile, without giving the opponent time to recover, and seamlessly connect with the focused dark energy cannon."

"In the final step, when the focused dark energy cannon hits the target and stalemates with it, the zero bomb carrier comes on the field and detonates when the target is focused on defense and has no time for him!"

Bang bang bang...

When Lin Yu finished speaking, Lin Fan also applauded.

"Yes, very Zhou Xiang, I passed your combat plan. I will give you three minutes to pass on the detailed combat plan to me!"

"Yes, Marshal!"


In the command center of Xin Gong Gong.

"What's the matter? Happy to be like this?"

After a while on the staff side, Liang Xue came to Lin Fan's side and looked at his expression with surprise.

In her memory, Lin Fan hadn't shown such a happy expression for a long time.

Moreover, there seems to be a trace of comfort in his expression?

This made Liang Xue very curious.

"Is it so obvious?"

"It's already written on your face, Marshal!"

"Well, by the way, the third combat plan is cancelled!"

A word that came suddenly made Liang Xue a little dazed.

Isn't this the battle plan you just thought of? For this reason, I have been busy with the staff for a long time to fill in the details.

The result is just finished, are you going to cancel it?

What happened to this?

After all, having been with Lin Yu for hundreds of years, this was the first time I saw him just after drawing up a combat plan, and suddenly said that the combat was cancelled.

"Well, cancel, as for the reason, you will know in a moment!"

He sold it directly, causing Liang Xue to roll his eyes.

"Well, you are the marshal, you have the final say!"

Looking at Liang Xue's expression, Lin Fan just smiled and didn't say much.

"Marshal, Commander Lin Yu has sent a battle plan!"

At this moment, the voice of the head of the staff group came, and a detailed operation was passed to the staff group in accordance with the procedures.

"Well, I know, according to Lin Yu's operational deployment, it will be executed immediately in one minute!"

"Yes, Marshal!"

"By the way, don't you want to know why the No. 3 plan was cancelled, go and have a look."

After giving orders to the staff, Lin Yu stood up, patted Liang Xue on the shoulder and said with a smile.

With a hint of curiosity, Liang Xue came to the area where the staff team was located.

"this is..."

After reading the battle plan sent by Lin Yu, Liang Xue didn't know what to say for a while.

Are you really a father and son?

"Adjutant Liang, this battle plan..."

"I know that the No. 3 combat plan is abandoned, and Lin Yu's combat plan is used, and it is temporarily called the No. 4 combat plan."

"Yes, Adjutant Liang!"

Although it was said that the No. 3 operation plan was abandoned, in fact, the name of the No. 3 operation plan was changed to the No. 4 operation plan?

Seeing the two identical battles, the head of the staff group also shook his head with a wry smile.

Everyone knew why Lin Fan ordered the abandonment of Operation No. 3 and the use of Operation No. 4 instead.

The marshal... is a father after all~www.wuxiaworld~ thinking this way, while discarding the original Operation No. 3, and taking the No. 4 operation as the lead, he began to deploy.


One minute later.

"Zero Missile 1-36, launch!"

"Zero bomb carrier hyperspace engine starts, waiting for the start order!"

Following the command of the Xin Gonggong command center, the leader of the combat team gave an order, 36 missiles were shot out of a hidden launch slot on the battle star, and after flying for a period of time, they opened a super The space channel directly plunged into it.

At the same time, with more than 90 AU, Lin Yu had already begun his attack preparations, and 101 silver-white dark energy arrays were spread out in an orderly manner in front of the Xuanming Mecha in an instant.

The third round of competition officially kicked off...

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