Start Ten Consecutive Draws And Then Invincible Chapter 1541

Chapter 1001: : Complete Ghost Emperor Power The 1st Clan Of The Other Side Has Come

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Chapter 1541 the complete ghost emperor's power, the other side comes

The Yasha clan appeared, and the army pressed the land.

But this was not over yet. Immediately after the Qin emperor's yin figurines and the Yasha tribe, two more powerful people came, and they were the two demons!

The four great tribes went to besiege the Fengdu tribe, and they couldn't help being beaten by the madmen of Chu to lose their helmets and abandon their armor. The Yunmei tribes directly surrendered and became the help of the Fengdu army. Not only that, even the four reincarnation seals sent by the Yin Cao were also Being directly refined by the madman of Chu, for this matter, the Yin Cao powerful people don't know how aggrieved.

"Is this the strength of Fengdu?"

In the Ten Halls of the Yin Cao, the current runner king said indifferently, with a little disdain in his tone.

Although Fengdu's army is huge, the Yin Cao's background is so strong that extraordinary forces can shake them. Only the Daluo Jinxian, they have more than ten or twenty.

"And us!"

At this time, a red and black tripod tripod descended from the sky!


The tripod fell to the ground, and a surging demonic energy spread out from it.

I saw that the eighty demons flew out from the cauldron, and the weakest among them was the cultivation base of the Golden Immortal realm.

The strongest, even has combat power comparable to Ronaldo!

This is Chi You's eighty demon generals who used to cross the fairy world. At this moment, they have almost returned to their heyday.

"We are also willing to help the ghost emperor!"

A large number of dead souls of female cultivators emerged, and the headed woman was dressed in colored clothes, it was Caifeng, and the dead souls of Xuannvzong.

"Chiyou's eighty demon generals and Xuannvzong are indeed extraordinary."

The current Emperor Song said indifferently: "It's just that, if there is only this, trying to shake my yin Cao, it is tantamount to idiotic dreaming!"

"Then, add me!"

An indifferent voice sounded.

Immediately afterwards, a ghost emperor power that had never been seen before, almost inconceivable, descended from the sky and enveloped the entire Yin Cao.

The power of this ghost emperor is so powerful that even Ten Temple Yama could not help showing a touch of shock.

"So strong!"

"What is going on with this ghost emperor power?!"

"I have never seen such a powerful ghost emperor's power, even the ghost emperor of the ancient immortal period, there is no such power!!"

Countless underworld powers and even ghost repairs who watched the battle were secretly shocked.

In front of this ghost emperor's power, they could not help but give birth to a feeling of wanting to surrender, even Jinxian, even Da Luo!


A whirlpool emerged, and from it, walked out in white clothes, billions of celestial splendor, shocking Yin Cao countless Yin soldiers!

The power of the ghost emperor overwhelmed the sky, causing all the soldiers of Yin Cao to kneel on the spot.

The face of the king of the ten palaces changed slightly.

"No, resist this ghost emperor power!"

Before this battle was fought, the soldiers on his side knelt down first. This was definitely an extremely huge blow to Yin Cao.

I saw the Ten Halls of Yama joined forces to urge the power of Yin Cao Yama.

A force that is almost the same as the power of the ghost emperor suddenly exploded and collided in the air.

One is the power of Fengdu ghost emperor, and the other is the power of Yin Cao Yan Wang!

These two forces have absolute oppressive power for the souls of the dead! !

"Mad Chu, this is Yin Cao, it is not your turn to be wild here!!"

With a cold snort, Yama King wanted to use the power of Yama to suppress the Madman Chu.

The ghost emperor of Fengdu has the absolute right to speak in Feng.

The Yin Cao Yan King is in the Yin Cao, so naturally he has the same ability!

However, when their Hades power broke out, they found that this power was actually useless to the Madman Chu! !

He was directly cut off by the opponent's ghost emperor power.

"How is this possible, this is not Fengdu, how can your ghost emperor power be so powerful?!"

Yama King's face changed slightly, and he couldn't believe it.

"Because you don't have the complete power of Hades!"

Madman Chu said lightly.

Then, with a wave of his sleeve, the nine imperial seals of reincarnation flew out and dispersed in all directions. The power of reincarnation contained in it actually resonated with each other, forming a huge enchantment!

It's just like, Feng has come!

"You actually mastered all the reincarnation emperor seals!!" King Yama's pupils shrank slightly.

"I'm afraid, even you don't know, the power of the ghost emperor of Fengdu, the power of the Yin Cao Hades, the power of the Taishan Mansion, these three forces are incomplete."

"Feng has nine ghost emperors, Yin Cao has ten Hades, and Taishan has twelve Manchu monarchs. They have divided the complete ghost emperor, Hades, and mansion powers. If anyone can truly master the complete power, In the underworld, wherever you go, there are Fengdu, Yincao, and Mount Tai!"

Madman Chu said lightly.

And this incident caused the ten palaces to shrink his pupils.

"This secret, you should have guessed it, but unfortunately, none of you will easily hand over the power in your hand, so you will never be able to master this power!"

Madman Chu said lightly.

This secret was already guessed when he merged the eight reincarnation seals, and the integration of the nine reincarnation seals finally confirmed his conjecture.

Under the influence of the complete ghost emperor's power, the Yin Cao at this time is not only the Yin Cao, but also the capital!

The power of the Hades can no longer suppress the madman of Chu, or even the army of Fengdu!

The geographical advantage of the Yin Cao side is gone!

"Chu madman, don't be proud, do you think you can fight us if you have the complete power of the ghost emperor?! You are too naive, even without the power of the king, we are still the big Luo Jinxian, and I am a big brother Luo number is far above you!" Yama King sneered.

"Yes, in addition, Madman Chu, you have moved all the masters in the capital city away from the capital city, which means that there are no masters in the current capital. You are too stupid. Your halberd ruined me for most of the time. I want you to Feng has tasted the same taste!" Zhuan Wang said coldly.

Hearing what he said, it seemed that he had found someone to deal with Fengdu.

But Madman Chu's expression didn't care.

at this time.

In the void, the other shore flowers bloom.

I saw people from the Bi An clan flying into the air, headed by the patriarch of the Bi An clan.

"Ghost Emperor, the troublemakers who went to Fengdu City have already solved one by one."

The patriarch of the other bank said lightly.

"Well, I see." Madman Chu nodded slightly.

This scene stunned everyone present.

"What, has the other side surrendered to Madman Chu? How could this be possible!"

"That belongs to the Bi An clan, the Bi An clan is stronger than the Yasha Clan, the Demon Sprites, how can they even submit to the Mad Man Chu!!"

"And isn't Hua Wuai, the ancestor of Hua Wuai, who is the ancestor of Hua Wuai, sits down?

The only explanation, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is that this is Huawuai acquiesced or even authorized!

Some powers of the underworld could not help but think of it. In the past on Ziwei Star, Hua Wuai once told Madman Chu that he wanted to help him be king!

Now it seems that this statement is true! !

"Damn it." King Yama screamed secretly, feeling bad in his heart.

The Patriarch Bian brought a lot of masters, plus the Yasha tribe, Meimei tribe, millions of Yin figurines, and the original Fengdu army...

This strength is enough to contend with Yin Cao!

Originally, if they had the power of the Yin Cao Yan Wang, they would not be afraid, but now this power has been directly suppressed by the madman Chu with the power of the ghost emperor!

"It's only a few years now, this guy has grown enough to shake Yin Cao!"

(End of this chapter)

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