Start Ten Consecutive Draws And Then Invincible Chapter 1542

Chapter 1002: : Fight Against The King Of Wheels Compare Treasure With Me You Are Not Qualified

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Chapter 1542 Fighting the King of Wheels, Comparing Treasures With Me, You Are Not Qualified

The other side clan, the two demons, and the Yasha clan, all major forces merged into the Fengdu army.

Coupled with the army of a million, the current Yin Cao is extremely dangerous!

The faces of the kings of the ten temples were all solemn as never before. They knew that the catastrophe that Yin Cao was facing would really be over if he couldn't survive it.

Thinking of this, King Yama took a deep breath and said, "The High Priest of Yin Division has an order that the three major underworlds must not attack each other. Madman Chu, are you going to disobey the order of the emperor?"

Hearing this, the madman Chu couldnt help but sneered, "The Order of the Son of Heaven, why didnt you think about the Order of the Son of Heaven when you calculated my capital before? Now that the army is under pressure, do you want to beg for mercy? You have disappointed me too much."

"If there is a fight, Madman Chu, your Feng is not going well, don't forget, there is still a Taishan watching." King Yama continued.

"No need to say more, fight!"

Madman Chu waved his hand.

Millions of shady figurines took the lead, tens of thousands of cavalry, armed with spears, smashed into battle!

One by one Yin soldiers, torn by this force, turned into ashes one after another.

"Mad Chu, if you want to go to war, then stop blaming us, kill!!"

The King Yama roared, and the Yin Cao Yin soldiers had already rushed out, but how could they be opponents of the Yin Warriors?

Yin figurines are machines specially built for war.

They don't know the pain, they are not afraid of death, and they cooperate with each other in an endless stream.

Under such power, Yin Cao's Yin soldiers quickly appeared declining.

"The yin figurine is extremely powerful. To defeat this yin figurine, multiple big Luos must act together."

Said King Chujiang, one of the Ten Hades.

However, when they were about to take action against the Yin figurines, Patriarch Bi'an, Ye Yunluo and other Da Luo Jinxian also took action and intercepted them.

A large-scale battle of Da Luo broke out directly.

And Madman Chu was sitting on the throne of a chariot with an indifferent expression. In front of him, there was also a person standing in the air.

That is the king of runners.

Among the Ten Temples Yama, his cultivation is not the strongest, but it is also the existence of the late Three Flower Stage in the Great Luojing.

"Chu madman, I heard that you have broken through to the realm of Da Luo, then let me try your jinliang!!"

Runner King roared and shot instantly, Da Luo Yi burst out!

That wave of reincarnation great Luo Yi, containing the majestic Yin Qi, seems to have turned into a huge grinding disc, to completely wipe out Madman Chu!

"Reincarnation Da Luo Yi, huh, come and try mine too."

Madman Chu smiled faintly.

Between raising his hands, the same great reincarnation exploded, and it was played out with the magical powers of reincarnation celestial bodies in the form of reincarnation calamity light.

Divine Light and Samsara Great Mill crashed together.

The Quartet World made a bang and exploded immediately, and then turned to the king to bear the brunt, and couldn't help but retreat several tens of meters.

"This guy's big Luo Yi is actually so powerful?!"

Although Madman Chu Da Luo Yi is also a reincarnation Da Luo Yi, but in terms of quality, it is far better than him. This is not incomprehensible, after all, Madman Chu possesses a reincarnation celestial body.

There is a natural advantage in the way of reincarnation.

But what made him even more surprised was that Madman Chu's Xianyuan was not inferior to him at all.

You know, he is the late Golden Fairy of Daluo Jinxian, who condenses the flower of the fairy yuan, the flower of longevity, and the flower of the soul.

Madman Chu, just stepped into the Golden Immortal of Daluo, the 12-Rank of the Flower of Immortal Yuan, it is estimated that there are not a few grades condensed, the strength of the Immortal Yuan is not inferior to him, which is too shocking.

"It's the golden jade fairy radiance contained in the Jinyu Jade Lake Immortal Body!"

The King of Wheels noticed something, his eyes condensed slightly when he looked at the Dao Dao Xianhui that was permeating the Madman Chu's body.

Each kind of supreme fairy body is extraordinary.

The extraordinary of the Jinyu Yaochi immortal body is reflected in the speed of cultivation and the strength of the immortal element.

With the blessing of Jinyu Xianhui, this has allowed Mad Chu, who has just stepped into the realm of Da Luo, to have an immortal element that is no less inferior than that of the late Sanhua!

"Come again!"

The King of Wheels' eyes condensed, and he didn't believe that he would lose to a Da Luo Jinxian who had just stepped into the realm of Sanhua in the late stage of Sanhua.

He blasted out with a punch, the powerful Yin Qi gushing out, and Da Luo Yi was urged to the extreme by him.

Madman Chu wanted to try how powerful his Samsara Da Luo Yi was, so he didn't use other means, and directly used Da Luo Yi to confront the opponent.

Bang bang bang!

The void exploded one after another, and the endless meaning of reincarnation flooded the world.

After a confrontation, Madman Chu's Da Luo Yi didn't fall under the wind, on the contrary, there was a faint tendency to suppress the runner king.

"It seems that you are not as good as me in the attainments of Samsara Da Luo Yi."

Madman Chu smiled faintly.

He has reincarnation celestial bodies in his body, and fighting him against the power of reincarnation can be said to be self-inflicted.

"I don't know who loses and who wins. Just like this war, do you think you can win me with a lot of help?!"

The King of Wheels snorted coldly, and then he squeezed the Xuanmiao Fajue in his hand, "The world of Zhuan!!"

In an instant, I saw the surrounding void change.

The black wheels condensed by the runes of the avenue appeared around Madman Chu, surrounded him round and round, and then rolled towards him!

Each of these runners contains the big Luo Yi of the runner king!

"Oh, is it a realm-type fairy law? I don't know how to do it either."

Madman Chu said lightly, only to see a big Luo Yi surging in him, "Six Ways of Reincarnation in the Great World!"

The six different brilliances are intertwined in the void, turning into an invisible field, spreading in all directions!

The world of reincarnation confronts the world of runners!

The two forces collided violently, and the surrounding void was turbulent frantically.

"Press me!!"

The King of Wheels roared, pushing Xian Yuan and Da Luo Yi to the extreme, trying to crush the reincarnation world of Madman Chu.

But the two forces are competing against each other, and no one can do anything about it.

"Hades Book!!"

Suddenly, a booklet flew out of King Zhuan's body. It was the Book of Hades, which was a token similar to the seal of the Emperor of Reincarnation.

And under the blessing of the Hades, the power of the Lord of the Wheels increased, "Madman Chu, in order to build this enchantment that can contend with the power of the Yin Cao Hades, you have all used your Nine Sides Seals, I Look at you, what can I use to contend with my Hades, and, do you think I have only this?"

"Roller pen!!"

A black brush flicked out of the runner king's body, the ink dripped, and the thick Yin Qi spread out.

Wave after wave, they hit the reincarnation world of Madman Chu one after another!

"Who gave you the illusion that I only have the reincarnation seal to use?"

Madman Chu snorted, and saw nine golden dragon qi rising into the sky inside him.

Between raising his hands, nine Kyushu tripods flew out.

Jiuding fell everywhere in the world of reincarnation, and the world of reincarnation that was crumbling was once again becoming extremely stable under the suppression of Jiuding.

Not only that.

A bronze halberd was already in the hands of Madman Chu, it was a great wild halberd!

"Compared with me, you are far from qualified!"

(End of this chapter)

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