Start With A Fake University Chapter 570

Chapter 548: Global Competition Model Opened

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headline News-

[Europe Mante Technology Group said that new energy battery technology has made significant progress, which is good for the development of new energy electric vehicles!

[Mi Technology Group announced that it will enter the automotive industry!

[Huawei Technology Group and BYD Automotive will cooperate to create a new era of new energy electric vehicles!

[Penguin New Energy Automobile and European Mante Technology Group have reached an order of 21 billion yuan, and the Penguin stock has a daily limit!

this day.

Domestic news and hot searches about new energy electric vehicles are one after another.

Previously, the rice technology group announced its entry into the automobile industry. At this stage, it is entering the automobile industry. Obviously, it is not a traditional gasoline vehicle but a new energy electric vehicle.

After all, new energy is an important field in the national trend of Xia Guo.

And new energy electric vehicles are undoubtedly the trump card in this field, and any large enterprise wants to get a share in this trump card field!

In addition to rice technology.

As early as many years ago, Warwick Technology Group has begun to deploy new energy electric vehicles. Now Warwick Technology Group has self-built chips and self-built operating systems, which can be used in new energy electric vehicles.

In the words of Warwick Technology Group, what they want to build will be new energy smart cars!

In addition, due to the long-term cooperation between Penguin Motors and the European Mantel Technology Group, this time the European Mantel Technology Group can be said to have released a big move and took out their company's core new energy battery technology.

This new energy battery technology will be three to five times the battery life of new energy vehicle batteries currently on the market.

If such "powerful" new energy battery technology is applied to new energy vehicles, it will undoubtedly become a combustion accelerator in the field of new energy vehicles.


Today, both domestic new energy funds and new energy-related stocks have risen sharply. Several stocks have reached their daily limit, including the Penguin Group.

Penguin Group's stock has soared all the way due to the positive wave of Penguin Motors.

Eagle sauce country far away on the other side of the ocean.

Aike Technology Group Building.

After hearing the news of the European Mante Technology Group, Del Ax frowned.

Christopher Brown on the side suggested: "Dell, I think we must make a decision as soon as possible. The war in the new energy field has already begun, and we cannot remain indifferent."

If it was said that it was only a university in Xia Guo that a company had made significant technological progress in the field of graphene, then it was not enough to make Aike Technology Group very nervous.

Because the foundation of Aike Technology Group is too deep.

But it's different now.

Even the European Mante Technology Group has already "amplified", which means that the era of real competition is coming.

To know.

The European Mante Technology Group has always been an old rival of Aike Technology Group.

Now that Mante Technology Group has taken the lead in launching a big move and started a global-scale competition model, if Aike Technology Group chooses to wait and die, then within a year or two, Aike Technology Group will lose a large amount of market.

Among them, even companies such as Fruit and Teyas will choose to abandon Aike Technology Group.

"It is difficult for us to make breakthroughs in the graphene field."

Christopher Brown shook his head helplessly and said: "Del, we must find a new breakthrough."

The graphene field is indeed a very good choice, but as far as the current research progress of Aike Technology Group is concerned, it is difficult to do it in two or three years.

But the current situation is that there have not been two or three years for Aike Technology Group to buffer.

The global competition model has been opened.

At this time, favorable new energy technology products must be introduced.

"At present, among our new energy technology reserves, only the super battery project is the best than the current one, which is only 1 times the battery life."

Del Acres said, spread his hands.

"The competitiveness of the super battery project is probably not as good as we imagined. The new energy battery technology of the European Mante Technology Group is at least three times higher. We must also come up with the same level or better technology. That's fine."

Christopher Brown frowned and said, "It seems it's time for me to find my old classmate."

"The one from Caltech?"

Del Acres asked.

"Yes, yes, that guy may be able to help us, but we need to pay a high cost." Christopher Brown shrugged and said.

"At this time, high cost is already the best choice."

Del Acres understands it well.

If you are not willing to pay high costs at this time, then what is waiting for Aike Technology Group can only be a devastating blow.

Once depressed, it is really difficult to rise again.

The previous Nokia is a lesson from the past, and Del Acres has to learn from it.

"Well, I will go to Caltech now."

After Christopher Brown finished speaking, he called the secretary to prepare for the ticket.

This time Christopher Brown is going to find his old classmates. Just making a phone call is definitely not enough. Christopher Brown needs to personally invite talents.



Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences.

In just two or three days, Ding Yue saw the "big explosion" of new energy vehicles, and he didn't know if the explosion was deliberate or the time had come.

Originally, Ding Yue was preparing to establish his own Feiyue Group's graphene technology industry in an orderly manner, because there are too many applications of graphene.

In some areas, you can cooperate with major domestic manufacturers, and in some areas, Ding Yue even plans to do it himself.

But it all takes time and cost.

But at the critical moment when this fog city high-tech zone is about to be established, the European Mante Technology Group suddenly detonated the pattern of the new energy industry.

Although Ding Yue is very confident that the new energy battery technology of the European Mante Technology Group is definitely not as good as the graphene battery technology of his own Feiyue Group.

But the competitiveness is there.

With the successive announcements of Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group that they will enter the field of new energy vehicles, the competitive pressure on new energy vehicles has suddenly become very strong.

In China, there are products of Teas, Penguin Motors, Warwick Technology, Rice Technology, and new energy electric vehicles of traditional and powerful domestic brands.

If they fail to reach a cooperation agreement with their own Feiyue Group in the end, they will most likely be attracted by the European Mante Technology Group.


Ding Yue's worries began to emerge.

"Principal Ding!"

An Yujia, CEO of Feiyue Group, came to Ding Yue's principal's office again.

"what's happenin?"

Ding Yue looked at An Yujia, who looked a little panicked, and asked.

"The cooperation intentions we have reached with Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group before may have changed."

An Yujia frowned and said very worried.

Earlier, An Yujia basically talked to Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group about the future electronic product business and new energy electric vehicle business of the two large companies. They reached a cooperation with Feiyue Group and ordered Feiyue Groups graphite. It is exclusively for batteries.

But the talk is almost the same, the business is almost the same, if the final contract agreement is not signed, then there may be changes at any time.

Some even after signing the agreement, there may be changes.

For example, after the Warwick Technology Group and Feiyue Group negotiated earlier, they signed a first batch of order agreements. However, if Warwick Technology Group does not plan to use Feiyue Groups graphene batteries, at most it will sign the first order agreement. The batch order is completed, and then I will not cooperate with you in the future.

It can even be more rude, that is, direct breach of contract. With the strong strength of Warwick Technology Group, there is no problem in shouldering the cost of breach of contract.

"There are variables?"

Ding Yue frowned upon hearing this, and then asked, "Is it related to the European Mante Technology Group?"

At this stage, regarding the cooperation of graphene batteries, except for the European Mante Technology Group, there is basically nothing that can shake the influence of Feiyue Group.

But as soon as Mante Technology Group announced their new energy battery technology, the variables came.

One is the Mante Technology Group that dominates Europe, the world's top energy technology company, and the other is Feiyue Group, which is still a little-known company.

Those large domestic and foreign manufacturers naturally know how to choose.

"I think it should be, maybe there is a Penguin car in it."

An Yujia analyzed: "Penguin Motor had reached a united front with Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group before, and we later defeated them. But now the European Mante Technology Group has released favorable news, then Penguin Motor will definitely It will also pull Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group over."

"This is a little tricky."

After Ding Yue heard the words, he couldn't help but become a little worried.

It's not because I didn't get the order from Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group to make this money.

This is second.


Ding Yue needs to get orders from these big manufacturers to show it to the Wucheng City Mansion Building. Li Chengzhu said that the graphene part of the Feiyue Group depends on whether the graphene group can be bigger.

Secondly, it depends on whether there can be a clear market prospect.

The most intuitive performance of the so-called clear market prospects is undoubtedly the cooperation orders with several large domestic manufacturers that need graphene batteries.

But the problem now is that the typical representative large manufacturers such as Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group have begun to have variables due to the "emergence" of the European Mante Technology Group.

The order may not be available.

"President Ding, the situation is really tricky now. If we can't get the cooperation orders from these big manufacturers, the Wucheng City Mansion Building may not be able to fully support us."

An Yujia is also very clear about the current situation.

For Feiyue Group, it seems a bit unfriendly.

"Europe Mante Technology Group has come up with a killer at this time. It really has a hand. The global competition model has begun."

Ding Yue couldn't help muttering.

"President Ding, should we take a step back and license the graphene battery technology to Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group, so that we may be able to restore their intention to cooperate with us, and I will try to win the future as soon as possible. Years order contract."

An Yujia put forward his own suggestions.

Although this proposal is a bit contrary to the original plan, the current situation has changed.

No matter how powerful the graphene battery technology is, people don't think so. If people first use the new energy battery technology of the European Mante Technology Group as a springboard, it will be terrible.

"Is it this far?"

Ding Yue's eyes were also filled with a trace of confusion.

At this time, it is really difficult to make a decision.

Originally, I was thinking about using this opportunity to succeed in graphene technology to directly build Wucheng's and graphene pillar industry bases. As a result, I didn't expect it to be met with resistance.

If the Wucheng Mansion Building is to give policy support, there are two necessary conditions. Now Ding Yue's Feiyue Group and Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences can only fulfill one of the necessary conditions for the time being.

Another necessary condition is really great variables.

Just when Ding Yue and An Yujia were worried about this matter, the secretary Wen Ruohan suddenly came over.

"Principal Ding, the latest news!"

Wen Ruohan knows the current troubles of President Ding, so he pays attention to important information in related fields on the Internet in real time.

And just now, Wen Ruohan saw the latest news from abroad, but this latest news may not be good news for President Ding.

"What's wrong with Xiaowen, classmate?"

Ding Yue raised his head, looked at the secretary Wen Ruohan and asked.

"Principal Ding, this is probably not good news." Wen Ruohan was very embarrassed. I saw the news for himself, so I can't help but tell Principal Ding the first time, right?

But this is obviously bad news. If you tell Principal Ding, it can only be the annoyance of Principal Tu Zengding.

Wen Ruohan is so entangled.

"It doesn't matter, let's talk!" Ding Yue took a deep breath and said, "Is there anything more difficult than the current situation."

"Well, President Ding, the Eagle Technology Group of the Eagle Sauce Country announced that their fuel cell cooperation with the Processing Science and Technology Laboratory will be launched soon."

Wen Ruohan muttered. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

But even with the muttering sound, Ding Yue and An Yujia could have heard it because the office was very quiet.

After the two heard the words, their faces became paler again.

"Aike Technology Group? Fuel cell?"

After Ding Yue heard the news, he felt a blockage in his heart and felt a little bit uncomfortable.

Needless to say more about the Aike Technology Group, this Ding Yue is very familiar with it. In the last incident of an international student at Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences, Ding Yue had evidence that Aike Technology Group did the job.

But the Eagle Sauce country has always been shameless. How could Aike Technology Group admit to the last incident involving foreign students at Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences. In the end, this incident only caused a wave of waves on the Internet at home and abroad, and then it became calm.

And this time just now Secretary Wen Ruohan said that the fuel cell announced by Aike Technology Group this time is undoubtedly a new energy source compared to traditional batteries...

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