Start With A Fake University Chapter 571

Chapter 549: Build Your Own Car To Break The Deadlock

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Forefoot European Mante Technology Group announced a major breakthrough in their new energy batteries, which will be used in fields including new energy electric vehicles and electronic products.

This hind foot.

Aike Technology Group of Yingjiang Country announced that the fuel cell they cooperated with the laboratory of Processing University of Technology will be launched soon!

The two major energy technology companies appearing together at this time undoubtedly symbolize the official opening of a global-scale competition model.

Ding Yue even wondered for a time whether Europe Mante Technology Group and Aike Technology Group came out specifically to attack the Feiyue Group at this time?


If the graphene battery technology developed by my own Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences can be widely used, it will definitely be a devastating blow to these two companies.

and so.

They attacked at this moment.

And they have to attack, and if they don't attack, it's equivalent to sitting and waiting for death.

"Student Xiaowen, this is really bad news."

Ding Yue couldn't help shrugging his shoulders after hearing the news of Aike Technology Group from Secretary Wen Ruohan, and said.

"Ah this, I..."

Wen Ruohan didn't know what to say.

"Principal Ding, if this happens, the pressure on our side will be even greater, and we must make a good decision."

An Yujia realized that the variables seemed to be coming more violently, so she looked at Principal Ding seriously and said.

In this situation, the leader must make a good decision, otherwise, it can be said that it will be difficult to apply the technology in the graphene field.

The first is that the scale is not large.

If the scale is not large, it will not be able to affect the whole country and even the whole world.

If the scale is to be large, it must have the policy support of the Foggy City Mansion Building to build Feiyue Group's graphene industry into a pillar industry of the Foggy City High-tech Park.

But the problem is still that. There are two necessary conditions for Ding Yue to complete at the Wucheng Mansion Building, but Ding Yue can only complete one for the time being, and the other cooperation order with major manufacturers has been impacted by this variable this time. .

"There is a decision."

Ding Yue touched his chin and muttered softly.

For a time.

The whole headmaster's office seemed exceptionally quiet, as if needles fell audibly.

Ding Yue is thinking about it now.

Now in the world of energy battery technology, its own graphene battery technology is definitely leading.

But even if it is leading, due to the scale of the current stage, it cannot dominate the world. If it is replaced by its own Feiyue Group, Feiyue Technology has the size of Mante Technology Group or Aike Technology Group, or even half. With its excellent graphene battery technology, it can definitely sweep the world.

But the conditions are different.

Feiyue Technology is still too small, not so many people want to believe you.

You said that the graphene battery you produce can be hundreds of times larger than the current mobile phone lithium battery, and the largest can even reach a thousand times!

But others may not believe you, because your influence is not enough.

To talk about the previous words, Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group have the only choice for Feiyue Group's graphene batteries. If they dont choose, they will be easily eliminated by the market. Therefore, they are willing to actively cooperate with Feiyue Technology in graphene batteries. .

But it's different now.

The European Mante Technology Group, and even the Aike Technology Group of the Eagle Sauce Country, may become their choice.

The big manufacturers may be cheaper. If it is you, how would you choose?

In fact, if the National Science and Technology Award is officially confirmed and implemented at this time, there may be a glimmer of opportunities for Feiyue Group.

But the National Science and Technology Award will not officially announce the answer until the end of the year!

At present, the graphene mechanical peeling preparation machine technology and 3D bioprinter technology of Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences are only selected and have not been officially announced.

"Principal Ding, is there any good way to deal with it?"

Seeing what Principal Ding had been thinking about, An Yujia asked for a while, and there was still nothing moving.

If it doesn't work, An Yujia will still mention his opinion again.

That is to take a step back and give Warwick Technology Group, Rice Technology Group, and even Penguin Motors their technical license package for graphene batteries, so that they may be retained, so that Feiyue Group can complete the requirements of the Wucheng Mansion Building. Two necessary conditions, and then establish a huge graphene pillar industry.

"Let me think about it again."

Ding Yue didn't look up, but still lowered his head and replied in a low voice.


Deep city.

Penguin Automobile Group Building.

In the chairman's office, Kwong Xuejin met a rare guy today, his "colleague", Chen Xueming, chairman of Q Entertainment Media.

Because both Penguin Auto and Q Entertainment Media are subsidiaries of the Penguin Group, they operate in different business areas, and Kuang Xuejin and Chen Xueming as the two chairman of the board are indeed colleagues.

They are just two executive colleagues, both of whom work for Chairman Ma of the Penguin Group.

But obviously, the scale of Penguin Auto is larger than Q Entertainment Media.

Although Q Entertainment Media is a subsidiary of Penguin Group, it includes film and television entertainment novels and other sectors.

However, Penguin Motors is a general direction for the future development of Penguin Group. Chairman Ma attaches great importance to it. Therefore, in terms of status, Penguin Motors is indeed a bit higher than Q Entertainment Media.

Of course.

It is not ruled out that Penguin Auto will not be able to go, and Q Entertainment Media is doing a bigger job and its economic benefits are higher, that is, Q Entertainment Media's status is higher than Penguin Auto.

In the Penguin Group, who can make more money for Chairman Ma, who is naturally the "darling" in the eyes of Chairman Ma.

"Mr. Chen, it's really rare to see, why did you come to our Penguin car in free time?"

Kwong Xuejin smiled and looked at Chen Xueming and said.

"Mr. Kwong, the last time Q Entertainment Media affected you Penguin Motors. I hope Mr. Kwong will not mind and be considerate of us."

Chen Xueming's tone was obviously lower.

Because this time Chen Xueming came, he really came to "apologize".

The last forest farm incident, and Q Entertainment Media before that, did Ding Yue's work with special effects, which led to Ding Yues Feiyue Groups graphene battery technology, which also gave Penguin a certain amount of money. pressure.

Fortunately, Penguin Motors has always insisted on cooperating with European Mante Technology Group, and now there is a new turning point.

But Chen Xueming still had to come over to apologize to Kuang Xuejin.

"Hahahaha, wherever Mr. Chen, the last time has passed."

Kwong Xuejin lit a cigar and said with a smile: "Smoke it, the Guba cigar on the top, taste it?"

"Then I'm not welcome."

Chen Xueming also smiled and nodded. It sounds like Mr. Kwong doesn't mean something like "little belly chicken intestines", and Mr. Kwong Xuejin, Chen Xueming, knows better.

When everything went wrong, this guy might be extremely irritable. It is estimated that Kwong Xuejin often scolded himself in his office of the chairman of the board after that incident happened.


As long as things are beneficial to the Penguin car managed by Kwong Xuejin, this person still holds no grudges.

The current situation basically belongs to the latter.

Kuang Xuejin took a cigar and handed it to Chen Xueming.

After Chen Xueming took the cigar, he cut it and said to Kwong Xuejin with a smile: "Mr. Kwong, I am here this time. Apart from saying sorry for what happened last time, I have to thank Mr. Kwong and go tonight. Where am I? We Q Entertainment Media recently came to a few female trainees, the quality is not bad, you know what I mean, Mr. Kwong?"


When Kuang Xuejin heard Chen Xueming say this, his eyes suddenly brightened, and his eyes filled with a ray of yearning.

"Manager Chen can arrange?"

Kwong Xuejin asked.

Chen Xueming smiled confidently, nodded, and said, "It must be arranged."

"Then talk about it, why thank me?"

When Kwong Xuejin heard this, his eyebrows opened and he smiled.

To say that the quality of female trainees of Q Entertainment Media is quite good, mainly because those little girls are too tender, and Kwong Xuejin just likes this one.

"This time, your Penguin car was a hindrance and brought Feiyue Group into a situation where it was difficult to get off the ground. It was a sigh of relief for me, so of course I have to thank you Mr. Kwong."

Chen Xueming replied with a smile.

The last time that happened in the forest farm, Chen Xueming could be said to have eaten home. He and his younger brother have suffered miserable losses. Jiangjiu Group is still rectifying and reforming.

Originally, Chen Xueming was going to keep his own bad breath. After all, Q Entertainment Media and Feiyue Media under the Feiyue Group will inevitably face tit-for-tat.

But before he was ready to clean up Feiyue Media, Kwong Xuejin's actions made Feiyue Group a bit embarrassed.

Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group under normal circumstances may sign a cooperation agreement with Feiyue Group on graphene battery technology within this year.

But at this time, a European Mante Technology Group was killed. There was no meaning to Penguin. Chen Xueming definitely didn't believe it.

"This matter."

Kwong Xuejin laughed and smoked a cigar, and said, "It's a matter of raising your hand."

This made Kwong Xuejin a little surprised. Originally, he was only from the perspective of his own Penguin, competing with Feiyue Group. If he couldn't get the graphene battery of Feiyue Group, Penguin would still have a way out.

The retreat is the European Mante Technology Group.

And I have to say that Mante Technology Group and its boss William Burt, as well as Dr. Holly of Mante Technology Group, are simply too powerful.

The team led by Dr. Holly developed a new energy battery technology for Mante Technology Group. The new energy battery technology applied to the battery of new energy electric vehicles can be three to five times stronger than the current state-of-the-art TEAS about.

And if it is applied to electronic products, it will be more than ten times or more. With the continuous optimization and upgrade of the technology, the effect will be even better.

Although this is a little worse than the hundreds of times the efficiency of the graphene battery of the Lei Yue Group, it can't bear that it is a large international company.

With so many manufacturers in the world, do people believe in the European Mante Technology Group?

Or do you believe that there is no large-scale cooperative Feiyue Group?

Obviously, everyone chose the former in the end.

Even the domestic Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group have chosen European Mante Technology Group products.

"Mr Kwong gave me a sigh of anger this time. Chen Xueming is grateful to me. If there is anything I can help Mr. Kwong in the future, just tell me."

Chen Xueming raised a cup of tea on the coffee table and said to Kuang Xuejin with a smile.

"Since Mr. Chen, you have said so, let alone, there is really one thing. Maybe you need Q Entertainment Media to help me."

Kuang Xuejin said directly.


As soon as Chen Xueming heard it, he immediately became energetic. He just said casually, just a polite, although in the future, if Kwong Xuejin really has something to do with him, he would help if he could.

But what I never expected was that Kwong Xuejin, a good fellow, would not be polite to me.

"Mr. Kwong, what's the matter? Can I help?"

Chen Xueming asked curiously.

I saw Kuang Xuejin nodded and said: "This matter, really, Q Entertainment Media may be able to help us improve the rhythm."

"Public relations matter?"

When Kwong Xuejin said the word "rhythm", Chen Xueming probably understood that it was mostly something he had, and he needed the powerful public relations department of Q Entertainment Media to help them bring the rhythm and public relations.

"Yes, a few days ago, the owner of one of our flagship electric cars has been arguing with our Penguin car on the grounds that the brakes have failed. If its a hot search, its too big for us to deal with, so Lao Chen, isnt your Q Entertainment Media claiming to have the strongest PR capability in China? Look at this matter..."


At this time, Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences is here.

Ding Yue has probably made a decision in his mind after a lot of deliberation.

Facing such a "dilemma", Ding Yue thought about it for a while, but it was actually not an unparalleled road.

"Principal Ding, have you made a decision?"

An Yujia on the side asked softly again: "It really can't~wuxiaworld.online~We still..."

"Do not!"

Before An Yujia finished talking about the best method, Ding Yue raised his hand and refused: "Although we cannot get the cooperation order from Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group, this may not be our loss In my opinion, this may be the loss of Warwick Technology Group and Rice Technology Group."

Seeing Principal Ding say this, and his tone and expression full of confidence, An Yujia felt that Principal Ding should have a way.

"Principal Ding, what shall we do?"

An Yujia asked curiously.

Ding Yue suddenly raised his head and said: "We can provide graphene batteries for military and state-owned industries to obtain orders. In addition, whether it is Warwick Technology Group, Rice Technology Group, and Penguin Motors, it is not all about building new energy electric vehicles. Cars, we also build our own new energy trams to break the deadlock!"

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